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    Hey guys, thank you for watching! We're very active on Twitter so make sure ya follow us on there @YesTheory :)

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    He said she loves chess, right? I'm a chess coach, in case she wants to improve, so if they need a chess coach, you can contact me!

  3. Djbdnid is doo doo

    Djbdnid is doo doo6 ヶ月 前

    Im sorry but im not trying to budge in but what made amaars dad say "Quit Yes theory or your no longer my son"?

  4. D

    D6 ヶ月 前

    john garcia Id honestly just save that 5k and use it on investing lol

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  6. Naughty Leopard

    Naughty Leopard年 前

    Awesome video 😀

  7. Selena Enriquez

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    Everytime I see this video it's a different age?????

  8. Abbi Mia

    Abbi Mia2 日 前

    What a kid thanks parents to raised him this way 💕💕

  9. GNCT

    GNCT3 日 前

    Them parents raised this boy right

  10. laura harte

    laura harte3 日 前

    would be amazing to take my nicest... young 10 year old Emma out on this mission ..... The video was amazing the part that s the best was the child donating money to the homeless..


    ADURHMN4 日 前

    This kid is so freaking cute...

  12. Larissa Zens

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    Omg this video is way too cute... love what you guys are doing! Your guys videos make me so happy and inspired ❤️❤️😊

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    Aw such a sweet little guy

  14. Zentallian

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    Ryan trahan but 6 years old

  15. Amrita Singha Ray

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    😙😙😙😙😙so cute it made my day cause I've exam tomorrow And after watching the latest video i was so sad that Xavier died and we're watching this and he's not with us and he couldn't see the video 😭😭

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    Can any one tell me the movie name he was showing in between?

  17. Bryan frye

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    I would like this 1000 times if I could....

  18. Ran Full

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    Now thats one cute kid, heart of gold

  19. Mark

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    Im surprised he didnt say i want vbucks

  20. Ida Fruitboot

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    This is the cutest thing I swear

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  22. that funny guy

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    That's Sooo cute when he got all scared and started explaining that this guy's gave me 1000 dollars and all......after that what the.. He felt like he did something wrong he was waiting for he's parents reaction that means all the way doing all those things he was thinking what he's parents would have done 😭 really a great kid!

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    Such a cute little kiddo😍😊 you're so kind💗❣

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    He look like Gordon Ramsay

  25. Beata

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    damn Ammar is amazing. im inlove with him

  26. Katie Faavae

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    That kid deserves move than $1000

  27. Domino_Emery

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    First thing kid wants to do:create the limbo scene from Home Alone. Respect.

  28. dennis 13

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    give it to a billionaire so we can all see what he would spend it on

  29. Nathan Frank

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    rip toys r us

  30. Jonathan E

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    Adorable. Omg this kid is awesome. So generous.

  31. Allia Mesa

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    matt doesn't have Instagram apart from yes theory??

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    I cried so hard! Oh my God this is adorable 😊


    JAYBANDS23 日 前

    What if he said weed and backwoods

  34. Lukey

    Lukey25 日 前

    1k? I thought you would do 10k at least

  35. Marinated Pasta

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    I would be forever jealous if i was his sister

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    Your big fan from Romania i with oi could be there!

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  38. julie regnier

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    Hey , super video ! Vous êtes la meilleure Team, ce petit bout de chou est adorable 😊. By the way, je suis aussi bonbons addict : Matt, un conseil pour ne plus craquer sur les bonbons ? Amar sera sûrement un excellent papa 👍😉

  39. Bush Wookie

    Bush Wookie27 日 前

    Buy weed, whiskey, food and games boom 1000 dollars gone

  40. Evo is a qt

    Evo is a qt27 日 前

    1:57 just have a nice named book on the table

  41. Jadon720

    Jadon72028 日 前

    What a nice kid...

  42. Sambhav Jain

    Sambhav Jain28 日 前

    Now do the same with a teenager (15-16 year old)

  43. ItsJustXJ

    ItsJustXJ28 日 前

    This 6 year old has better personality and manners than lots of adults.. his parents raised him well

  44. wasabisazzdafirst

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    omygod i dont want huck to ever grow up

  45. Beautybeez

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    Man i can’t believe I didn’t know about this channel before . Been binging for a week! Best JPreporter channel ever

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    *sana OiL* 😩😭

  47. Alex

    Alexヶ月 前

    Actually one of the cutest things I've ever seen on JPreporter, thanks for the huge smile on my face now.

  48. Paris Girl

    Paris Girlヶ月 前

    I smiled the whole time

  49. megan

    meganヶ月 前

    this kid is so smart and good what the HECK. I love how he wanted to get stuff for his sister

  50. Alisa Voss

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    This is the sweetest thing!

  51. John Costello

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    That kid was raised right :)

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    Buy a limbo with 1000$ 😂😂

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  54. Blair Peron

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    I'd love to see the parents react to this video! I could imagine some proud tears.

  55. BitterSweeFRS

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    “Thank you for giving me this money” what a sweet word from a kid nowdays 🥰

  56. The One Above All

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    Imagine if he said cocaine and1 hookers

  57. @amarsblog folgt mir auf Instagram

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    He is a great little guy i love him ❤️ thank you guys to made this happen

  58. Shailendra Yadav

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    That's THE BESTEST*( LOL) video I seen on JPreporter ever...

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    "I feel so guilty"😂😂😍😍

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    I think this is actually my favourite hes theory video, so wholesome absolutely amazing ❤️

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    So cute😭😍🦋

  62. Esha K

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    That was carolina right??greatest creators

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    I want pizza now

  64. chen chen

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    he's adorable, I usually skip forward on videos but I didn't do at all in this one!

  65. TheyCallMeRanchCauseIbeDressing

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    That limousine driver was so happy that he didn't have to drive around 9 people or drunk people xD