6 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED THE FOOD! | Kitchen Nightmares COMPILATION


  1. Kitchen Nightmares

    Kitchen Nightmares3 年 前

    Gordon Liked the food, why not Like our Facebook page? facebook.com/ramsaykitchennightmares/

  2. Ali Nader S Abdulla S Shbar Al Mousawi

    Ali Nader S Abdulla S Shbar Al Mousawi日 前

    Kitchen Nightmares nah

  3. super mods

    super mods17 日 前

    So cringe

  4. Timur Chef

    Timur Chef25 日 前

    1 like 2 follow 3 write done 4 with me the same

  5. Russell Payne

    Russell Payne26 日 前

    Kitchen Nightmares finally Gordon likes the food

  6. Dillan Mistry

    Dillan Mistry28 日 前


  7. its Ye Boi Ketchup

    its Ye Boi Ketchup10 分 前

    i litteraly ate my laptop screen because of that burger lol

  8. Top Hat

    Top Hat時間 前

    Just this looks like I’m so hungry I’m so so hungry

  9. Amy Nicole

    Amy Nicole2 時間 前

    0:57 he probably got scared because it tasted so good and he got lost in the moment 😂🤣

  10. Mr Crow

    Mr Crow2 時間 前

    "Finaly some good f*****g food" is wat I came for

  11. snow Xwolf

    snow Xwolf2 時間 前

    Next 19 days... Gordon:this taste like shit!!!


    THOMASU6 時間 前

    Ramsay is a Jalapeño mouth but I still like him anyway

  13. Soul Gen

    Soul Gen8 時間 前

    It's NOT rawww

  14. A. Vllasaliu

    A. Vllasaliu9 時間 前

    That kiss made my day!

  15. Rahmad Fauzinoor

    Rahmad Fauzinoor9 時間 前

    Impossible 😮

  16. Bees nest

    Bees nest10 時間 前

    Yt: 6 times Gordon Ramsay actually liked the foods Me: CLICK BAIT!

  17. ッPewDieFan

    ッPewDieFan12 時間 前

    If you want positive stuff from gordon just watch these👌

  18. Margaret Coyne

    Margaret Coyne14 時間 前

    WhAt Is ThAt StRoNg TaStE tHaT iM tAsTiNg That's flavour woman

  19. GreenStrqfe

    GreenStrqfe22 時間 前

    when gordon says it like mums cooking thats like being crowned by the pope in the cooking world

  20. Joaquin Paredes

    Joaquin Paredes23 時間 前

    This makes me happy

  21. Roland C

    Roland C日 前

    It must be so bad for the person Gordon was speaking to while he describes how delicious those dishes were. I bet that person wasn't eating anything at all. LOL

  22. Legendary Mode

    Legendary Mode日 前

    showing a vid of Gordan Ramsay liking food, Instant million views

  23. Sammuel Vrys

    Sammuel Vrys日 前

    Gordon Ramsay's Like the food "Mmmhh...i like the taste,hmmm....not bad ey!" Angry "You fucking USELESS,Get OUT,GET OUT!" FUCK OFF!

  24. Erco Freeshard

    Erco Freeshard日 前

    Is there a f****ing Hole in the Wall at 2:38 and then they covered it with a Vinyl Record at 2:55 :D ?!?!?

  25. iYoUsIfx

    iYoUsIfx日 前

    **SO TENDUH**

  26. BEN !!

    BEN !!日 前

    what is this taste that I am tasting? hmmm this floor here is made of floor

  27. Crab AppleKitty

    Crab AppleKitty日 前

    Omg it's hard watching and thinking he might actually have an outburst

  28. LightsOfDark

    LightsOfDark日 前

    4:09 i love this girl

  29. Nikolas Gunadi

    Nikolas Gunadi日 前

    "ILL GO FOR THE CAKE." I ROTFL'D 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀☠☠☠

  30. NOU TFF

    NOU TFF日 前

    It's really funny how people started judging food 🤣

  31. Opinions

    Opinions2 日 前

    Wowowowow wow.

  32. The Laugher

    The Laugher2 日 前

    First word i hear “wow wow WOW!”

  33. Regal Eagle

    Regal Eagle2 日 前

    the title should say the only 6 times Gordon likes the food

  34. fortygritte

    fortygritte2 日 前

    I watch this just to calm myself after watching him cursing at everyone

  35. Huma Shah

    Huma Shah2 日 前

    Gen : what is that strong taste that I am tasting Me: taste ,spices and jealousy


    BARAKATAK2 日 前

    He's the best chef outhere, i hope.someday i can eat one of his dish

  37. DenRayver Picar

    DenRayver Picar2 日 前

    Gordon ramsay likes it So she likes it to Stop pretending lil bitch

  38. DenRayver Picar

    DenRayver Picar2 日 前

    This bitch tryna get this burger restaurant closed

  39. Vibe Town

    Vibe Town2 日 前

    Gordan: This is delicious Woman: *surprised pikachu face*

  40. Holy Gaming

    Holy Gaming2 日 前

    6 Times is all they could find

  41. Antonio Karam

    Antonio Karam2 日 前

    This cough is faker than my money. Okay gonna go now. 😖😣Me? No....im totally not getting chased by the cops *dies of realistic fake cough*

  42. PxchyClouds

    PxchyClouds2 日 前

    I didn't know I was smiling through the whole video

  43. Carys

    Carys3 日 前

    Idk why I watch these because they make me hungry

  44. kunime :3

    kunime :33 日 前

    We can count it in our hand..

  45. David Ida

    David Ida3 日 前

    Shes a medium rare girl

  46. Jacky boy 95

    Jacky boy 953 日 前

    The cough is faker them my imagined friend.

  47. Jacky boy 95

    Jacky boy 953 日 前

    Cloudless hahhaha mate no subscriber and I didn’t fucking copy u bastard ever listen and I’m called oscar

  48. Cloudless

    Cloudless3 日 前

    @Jacky boy 95 lmao just admit it lOser

  49. Jacky boy 95

    Jacky boy 953 日 前

    Cloudless aww shut up

  50. Cloudless

    Cloudless3 日 前

    @Jacky boy 95 doesn't seem like it

  51. Jacky boy 95

    Jacky boy 953 日 前

    Cloudless also I have a brain

  52. B A S S

    B A S S3 日 前

    2:59 finally some good fucking food

  53. Why you bully me?

    Why you bully me?3 日 前

    Gordon: "Finally some good food" Me: really Gordon are you sure about that? Gordon: *"FINALLY SOME GOOD FUCKING FOOD"* Me: *BETTER*

  54. angry lolbit

    angry lolbit3 日 前

    These people who able to make gorden ramasy like there food are god level at chef

  55. bonyahoney

    bonyahoney3 日 前

    "Finally, some good fucking food!"

  56. Just a Cat

    Just a Cat3 日 前

    That red velvet cake needed to be good cause grandma made it

  57. Can Get 1K subs before corona ends ?

    Can Get 1K subs before corona ends ?4 日 前

    2:17 "i'm a medium *girl* "

  58. ReynPlayz

    ReynPlayz4 日 前

    Gordon with eew food: *UuEeAK ThIs Is DiSguSting "spits" Fu*K U* Gordon with heavenly God sent food: *OOoh LalA One KisS fOr Da lAdy pLeS*

  59. jacob lawson

    jacob lawson4 日 前

    I wish I could have gone to momma cherri’s while it was open

  60. lavishlyDecorated

    lavishlyDecorated4 日 前

    That last clip is from the British version of the show. See anything different? They're not cutting every half seconds and putting stupid sound effects on it.

  61. Syed Marghub

    Syed Marghub4 日 前

    6 times Gordon Ramsay like the food 59M people:noice

  62. Sad Face

    Sad Face4 日 前

    2:01 Karen alert 🙄and 1:50 look at her face LOL

  63. Rangya Alif

    Rangya Alif4 日 前

    He remains me about Anton Ego

  64. ThePHANTASMiCMoon - The Planeswalker of Knowledge

    ThePHANTASMiCMoon - The Planeswalker of Knowledge4 日 前

    2:01 Bretman: “That’s the fakest shit that I’ve ever seen.”

  65. Ibidefredi

    Ibidefredi4 日 前

    Some rare footage right there

  66. Nathan Crusader

    Nathan Crusader4 日 前

    your made love to the carrot cake! -Gordon Ramsay

  67. jin william

    jin william4 日 前

    *cuts the burger in half* Gordon: Bloody hell. Now that's what I call a burger.

  68. Am I A Skull?

    Am I A Skull?4 日 前

    the foods were actually a paid actor

  69. Just Airplaneees

    Just Airplaneees4 日 前

    There's only 6?? What the hell.

  70. Random human

    Random human4 日 前

    wHaT iS tHaT sTrOnG tAsTe In ThE bUrGeR

  71. Anthony Atkinson

    Anthony Atkinson4 日 前

    I find this strangely heartwarming❤️

  72. Alexander Pronk v.H.

    Alexander Pronk v.H.4 日 前

    2:00 that is what i call a big karen

  73. Maia Urquiza

    Maia Urquiza4 日 前

    He always sais bloody...

  74. mafe

    mafe4 日 前

    for some reason this is so cursed

  75. Redo Arceneaux

    Redo Arceneaux5 日 前

    yo anyone know the full ep of the fake coughing twat

  76. Quack

    Quack5 日 前

    5:51 Hello, my name's NINOOOOOOO

  77. CronicKnight3

    CronicKnight35 日 前

    Black people's Food is so good Gordan Ramsy likes every food made by them

  78. ツrichie

    ツrichie5 日 前


  79. Grace Welfred

    Grace Welfred5 日 前

    She ask what is that strong taste that im tasting. Well i guess it is just yr strong fukin mouth

  80. M1ntty

    M1ntty5 日 前

    I never knew that he had a soft side

  81. Oisin O Duffy

    Oisin O Duffy5 日 前

    Lol I just realised that I have a yt account with vids..... oh no😬

  82. Cpr1234

    Cpr12345 日 前

    So.... What really was the strong taste she was tasting?🤔

  83. Goukeban

    Goukeban5 日 前

    3:06 - I wanna give that lady a kiss too, the cake looks beautiful!

  84. Izzy Sanxter

    Izzy Sanxter5 日 前

    “Melissa, does a nice job” Yeah at microwaving food😭😂

  85. Kewl Ferret

    Kewl Ferret6 日 前

    2:01 **amazing burger gets served** Woman: **fake coughs and fake hates it** Gordon and the chef: 👁👄👁

  86. Hun171ter

    Hun171ter6 日 前

    Yukihira : hold my bear..

  87. Zurada

    Zurada6 日 前

    4:55 so tendah

  88. Jax Studios

    Jax Studios6 日 前

    You know. Normally i would se epeople with high likes saying "Thanks for the likes" like come on

  89. Captain John Price

    Captain John Price6 日 前

    That cough faker than my dad when I was 6

  90. A P

    A P6 日 前

    It’s interesting that they didn’t include the cake from Amy’s Baking Company considering that he did actually it