6 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED THE FOOD! | Kitchen Nightmares COMPILATION


  1. Kitchen Nightmares

    Kitchen Nightmares2 年 前

    Gordon Liked the food, why not Like our Facebook page? facebook.com/ramsaykitchennightmares/

  2. D'AthVader

    D'AthVader6 日 前


  3. Kalel Gt

    Kalel Gt17 日 前


  4. Kartik Kaushik

    Kartik Kaushikヶ月 前

    Paid paid..paid...paid

  5. Joshua T.

    Joshua T.ヶ月 前

    *R* *A* *W*

  6. lawrence wei

    lawrence weiヶ月 前

    Facebook bad

  7. yaboi_cash

    yaboi_cash時間 前

    Fed gordan Ramsay and he finished his plate Everyone: f this shit am out

  8. Peta Mary

    Peta Mary3 時間 前

    What episode and season was that last one?

  9. 「Matghast55」

    「Matghast55」5 時間 前

    If Gordon Ramsey like ur food, u must be open a restaurant and just wait for the business

  10. KezGamer2008

    KezGamer200813 時間 前

    Only 6 times? There's frickin' 100 episodes and there's only six nah im not watching it

  11. Mohamad Rizal

    Mohamad Rizal21 時間 前

    I bet he always like food from his mom

  12. mark nathaniel

    mark nathaniel23 時間 前


  13. Ruru

    Ruru日 前

    "Finally some good fucking food" "I fed Gordon Ramsay, and he cleaned his plate!" Everyone: NANDA KORE WA!! BAKANA!

  14. Eagle 130

    Eagle 130日 前

    2:11 what the hell is that woman's problem!

  15. Ky Villamor

    Ky Villamor日 前

    Okay, now I'm satisfied to see episodes of Kitchen Nightmares where Gordon actually likes the food.

  16. Please enter a name.

    Please enter a name.日 前

    3:03 Aww she’s so cute. Bless.

  17. Rupak Ravi

    Rupak Ravi日 前

    Gordian you should TASTE Jun's food!!!

  18. Sneaky Boi

    Sneaky Boi日 前

    I want Ramsay to eat my grandma's food Meanwhile:I HAVE HAD F****** ENOUGHHHHH! ok that was a joke

  19. HyperTristan GT GT VIDS ON WEEKENDS

    HyperTristan GT GT VIDS ON WEEKENDS日 前

    Gordon: Wow, that is delicious. Finally, some good fucking food.

  20. Mr.Sucki

    Mr.Sucki日 前

    This is once in a lifetime lol

  21. Yanmachi [YT]

    Yanmachi [YT]2 日 前

    Oh so it was from here that the meme "finally some good fucking food" was born...nice

  22. Bilzy -

    Bilzy -2 日 前

    He like the food

  23. YSWG1

    YSWG12 日 前

    2:14 i hope that woman shuts the fuck up

  24. Booger Bread

    Booger Bread2 日 前


  25. Olaf Arnold

    Olaf Arnold3 日 前

    If i got a nickel for every person commenting that she is tasting jealousy, i‘d be a rich man :D

  26. HTL REAL

    HTL REAL3 日 前

    Oh come on , he likes more food from many restorants

  27. Professor: RegOo

    Professor: RegOo3 日 前

    4:06 Owner : dirty hands Chef Ramsay : How dare you ?!

  28. Valfalk

    Valfalk3 日 前

    She: It's okay, I'm sure your fetish isn't actually that bad Me in bed: 4:48

  29. Oğuzhan Aslıtürk

    Oğuzhan Aslıtürk3 日 前


  30. kris lee

    kris lee3 日 前

    Why did they serve watermelon with burger?

  31. Mayhamsdead

    Mayhamsdead3 日 前

    Gordon eats the food: "THIS IS FUCKING... Really good, actually. Perfectly cooked. Mm, yes...quite nice. Lovely."

  32. margareth michelina

    margareth michelina3 日 前

    "Suck on this burger, Gen and you too, Alan." You're telling them, boy!

  33. Starscream

    Starscream4 日 前

    At 1:50 the womens face after he said it was delicious was funny and like she was like “whaaat?”

  34. Matilda

    Matilda4 日 前

    Plot twist: it was actually his long lost identical twin

  35. SimranYT ツ

    SimranYT ツ4 日 前

    Lady: What is that strong taste I'm tasting? Me: Well its called flavour, a bitter person like you would not know the taste of flavour

  36. Ok

    Ok4 日 前

    "Im a medium rare girl" Bitch shut yo ass up you aint o girl youre A grandma

  37. Vicgames Vt

    Vicgames Vt4 日 前

    Is the momma Cherri place a actual restruant?

  38. Nikola Rus

    Nikola Rus4 日 前

    *Finnaly some good fucking food*

  39. Феликс Гильманов

    Феликс Гильманов4 日 前

    А хде пельмени?

  40. StaT1C Gaming

    StaT1C Gaming4 日 前

    There is no such thing as rare food, there is only food made with pure skill.

  41. Communist Doggo[GD]

    Communist Doggo[GD]4 日 前

    Who tf eats a burger piece by piece? With a fork?

  42. AkSTRIXWarrior 117

    AkSTRIXWarrior 1175 日 前

    1:49 nani!

  43. arcon

    arcon5 日 前

    A rare video that is

  44. parsgg g

    parsgg g5 日 前


  45. kiwisen

    kiwisen5 日 前

    He likes the food. Omg never seen that