1. Aliza Fatima

    Aliza Fatima9 時間 前

    Guys plzz do people in tiny car having KFC

  2. CatLover23

    CatLover2311 時間 前

    I had a stroke readying comments

  3. Michael Ojeda

    Michael Ojeda日 前


  4. Michael Ojeda

    Michael Ojeda日 前

    The cars behind them waiting:👁💧👄💧👁

  5. DoughnutPeopleGaming AndAnimation?

    DoughnutPeopleGaming AndAnimation?日 前

    Has anyone else not ever been to Jack in the box?

  6. * Frosty

    * Frosty日 前

    "They have eggrolls??" "That's what I call my diock!"

  7. * Frosty

    * Frosty日 前

    I don't like the "Jack in the fiat"....it makes me unconfortable 😂

  8. FS Broadwaychild

    FS Broadwaychild3 日 前

    I’m sorry I related so hard to Shayne yelling “I just ordered my nuggets and curly fries!” at Noah

  9. Bie '

    Bie '4 日 前

    I love there friendship

  10. Belliira

    Belliira6 日 前

    The smallest person in the shotgun seat, while 4 dudes cram in the back...

  11. abby ankrah

    abby ankrah7 日 前

    Wow! I've never seen the inside of a clown car!

  12. Ethan Simard

    Ethan Simard7 日 前

    I'm glad I wasn't in that car because I wouldn't have had any patience with that worker. I'm fine if you need someone to talk to, but if you force your bad day on my time of enjoyment with your bad attitude you can bet I'm going to have something to talk with your manager about. What pisses me off even more is when they pull up to the window she then gives an excuse.

  13. Jo Reid

    Jo Reid8 日 前

    Noah is crazy and does this every time 😂😂

  14. Lorena Trancoso

    Lorena Trancoso8 日 前

    Just finished watching bandersnatch. Now I know what shayne meant when he said "we've been bandersnatched" EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW😂😂😂

  15. chloe

    chloe9 日 前

    The lady taking their order kinda sounds like yanny from that one day job video

  16. Bluekiss 25

    Bluekiss 2511 日 前

    I Can't help it but I still Ship Olivia and Shayne 😍, I mean he makes a joke and looks at Olivia's reaction first, dude yah body language can't fool me 😜

  17. Mermaid Mama

    Mermaid Mama11 日 前

    This is the only muk bang I've ever enjoyed watching

  18. Marlen Geronimo Juarez

    Marlen Geronimo Juarez13 日 前

    Literally Noah in the back😑🤣

  19. Edwin Palomares

    Edwin Palomares14 日 前

    No one: Absolutely no one: Keith: *only person who will claim his food back*

  20. Mason Robles

    Mason Robles15 日 前

    I can’t stop watching this

  21. Tristan Perri

    Tristan Perri15 日 前

    12:37 Don't worry Olivia, I understand.

  22. Tristan Perri

    Tristan Perri15 日 前

    "someone pepper-sprayed in here." Normal person: Oh that's so bad Shayne: does that season our food.

  23. Todoroki kun

    Todoroki kun16 日 前

    They should do vlogs often

  24. Jesse Pinkston

    Jesse Pinkston16 日 前

    Jack in the Box is the shit though

  25. Macky K

    Macky K16 日 前

    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

  26. Rice

    Rice16 日 前

    "They sell pepper spray here" Im officially dead

  27. Bunny Rabbit

    Bunny Rabbit17 日 前

    this is too small of a space but god do i support them

  28. John Arabidis

    John Arabidis17 日 前

    a fiat 500? interesting

  29. Lil Lime Gaming

    Lil Lime Gaming17 日 前

    "My burrito looks like airplane shit" 😂😂😂

  30. Justin Kim

    Justin Kim20 日 前

    Legit the girls did most of the work

  31. The Chillhop Raccoon

    The Chillhop Raccoon22 日 前

    Ian: the dad Shayne: the oldest brother Courtney: the mum Noah: youngest brother Oliver: daughter Keith: the other son

  32. The Chillhop Raccoon

    The Chillhop Raccoon17 日 前

    @DentalFlan sos Olivia

  33. DentalFlan

    DentalFlan17 日 前

    Keith: *The adopted one.* Also who is Oliver?

  34. Ryan Chung

    Ryan Chung19 日 前


  35. HaZzeR Gaming

    HaZzeR Gaming22 日 前

    There can not be a Food challenge without Courtney spilling food

  36. Edward Mullee

    Edward Mullee24 日 前

    I want jack in the box so bad now

  37. ITS A LIE !!

    ITS A LIE !!25 日 前

    olivia: "guys they love me so mu-" keith: *"nonono-"*

  38. Arissa Tu

    Arissa Tu28 日 前

    I’ve watched this video soo many times but I can never get bored of it. Idk why

  39. Tø - Kūń

    Tø - Kūń28 日 前

    *“My burrito looks like an airplane shit”* Sorry Noah, that’s me.

  40. RAINESest2005 _

    RAINESest2005 _29 日 前

    *Me watching this while eating Hawaiian bread*

  41. Friendly Potato

    Friendly Potato29 日 前

    they must've spat in the food

  42. Karish Chrysanthemums

    Karish Chrysanthemums29 日 前

    This is just amazing.

  43. Aiven Baun

    Aiven Baunヶ月 前

    i'm literally watching this because these are the things that i can't do right now: friends with foods without being feet apart

  44. Alexa K Vick

    Alexa K Vickヶ月 前

    9:35 this is the reason I watched this video like 20 times. I live for this 10 seconds. I quote this daily. (Sung chy my frychichen owi try ur fryeschcuchsn nagnagnagna cokanybodie *burp*Ahhhh coke me )

  45. Zifrom78

    Zifrom78ヶ月 前

    Ian in the back

  46. Bryce Ramirez

    Bryce Ramirezヶ月 前

    no one: Olivia: AHHHHHAHAH. that was hilarious.

  47. Guadalupe Estrada

    Guadalupe Estradaヶ月 前

    That's probably what clown cars look like on the inside everyone squished

  48. Dancer_ louisa

    Dancer_ louisaヶ月 前

    11:06 aka the quietest Smosh has ever been

  49. Demon _08

    Demon _08ヶ月 前

    9:15 what the fu## is that silence

  50. Lucky Wolves

    Lucky Wolvesヶ月 前

    Damn they didn’t get courtneys order 😧

  51. Mackenzie Burke

    Mackenzie Burkeヶ月 前

    What dose pepper spray taste like :0

  52. bubble guppy

    bubble guppyヶ月 前


  53. SUPERIOR GAMER Li Yong 30

    SUPERIOR GAMER Li Yong 30ヶ月 前

    Is that a flat 500?

  54. braelyn barlow

    braelyn barlowヶ月 前

    i live for these mukbangs. noah: "so how is it?" olivia: *spits out* noah: "oh, oh, okay"

  55. braelyn barlow

    braelyn barlowヶ月 前

    the person taking the order was not passing the vibe check

  56. Kevin Wong

    Kevin Wongヶ月 前

    I mean they probs should’ve told them they were gonna order a ton in hindsight

  57. Mia J

    Mia Jヶ月 前

    Shayne trying to eat the sauce packet is MEE

  58. 100 Years

    100 Yearsヶ月 前

    Has anyone else just watched this like 6 times?

  59. OilyEmuOnly 17

    OilyEmuOnly 17ヶ月 前

    Most of this video was just weird staring from Shayne, Keith, and Noah.

  60. Jordan Houle

    Jordan Houleヶ月 前

    They’ve been quarantined together in Courtney’s Fiat for one year! This is there life!

  61. Carly_Berger •

    Carly_Berger •ヶ月 前

    I don’t have a jack in the box or even an in and out where I live 😢 I’ve “never lived”

  62. Gagagga 123

    Gagagga 123ヶ月 前

    I really wanted to work in smosh

  63. Mchelaa

    Mchelaaヶ月 前


  64. Jeremia Rivaldo

    Jeremia Rivaldoヶ月 前

    I like their friendship :)

  65. Fallen Killjoy

    Fallen Killjoyヶ月 前

    Either these guys are the sweetest ever letting the girls sit in the front or the girls took control and forced the guys in the against their will

  66. Alyssa Adams

    Alyssa Adamsヶ月 前

    Me seeing Shane’s face during the whole process 😂

  67. Addison Moran

    Addison Moranヶ月 前

    Noah: I need a straw Shayne: No, you need JESUS.

  68. Utube Fren

    Utube Frenヶ月 前

    Ian is just a head and Noah is just a forehead

  69. Aarush Walia

    Aarush Waliaヶ月 前

    Go to Panda Express!

  70. heavymetalnhardrock

    heavymetalnhardrockヶ月 前

    13:28 THE LSD KICKS IN

  71. BONES AP

    BONES APヶ月 前

    I like how Olivia is from China and there telling her that she eating it wrong

  72. Marilyn Blanco

    Marilyn Blancoヶ月 前

    Sorry idc if they were having a bad day if I ordered and paid for food and you forgot to put it in I’m gonna go back and get my damn food. Like what?

  73. Caitlin Taylor

    Caitlin Taylorヶ月 前

    Olivia: just want her pancakes Courtney:just being mama bear Keith: just wants to eat Ian: want to try everything Shane: wants chicken nuggets Noah: wants to be noticed

  74. Stubaru

    Stubaruヶ月 前

    That check engine light is giving me OCD

  75. Harmony Morris

    Harmony Morrisヶ月 前

    I was so worried when the lady yelled at them and told them to be serious, I don't know why but I got so scared

  76. Marc Baroud

    Marc Baroudヶ月 前

    6:46 no one is complaining about the check engine light ?

  77. Nugget1205

    Nugget1205ヶ月 前

    🤣😂🤣 they’re at their best

  78. Axorision '

    Axorision 'ヶ月 前

    Im just surprised that they got all of that for under 60

  79. Jazha J

    Jazha Jヶ月 前

    When it got dead silent in the care when they were eating it reminded me of when kids are loud then they’re quiet when they eat.

  80. Angela Wilson

    Angela Wilsonヶ月 前

    Corona could never

  81. Fuyu Usagi

    Fuyu Usagiヶ月 前

    When you fervently try to hide your eating disorder by making everyone else eat your sandwich but then you accidentally spit out a single bite of egg roll on camera

  82. Coffecruiser To go

    Coffecruiser To goヶ月 前


  83. Greer Dellinger

    Greer Dellingerヶ月 前

    Smosh should legitimately do a Panda Express mukbang.

  84. Chris Isaac Shelton (965ChrShel)

    Chris Isaac Shelton (965ChrShel)ヶ月 前

    I’m surprised they survived