1. Omar Omar

    Omar Omar7 時間 前

    Where are your seat belts

  2. Galexymasterforever Gacha

    Galexymasterforever Gacha7 時間 前

    Woman : can you guys take this serious Smosh: no 😜😜😜😝😛😋

  3. Wolfie Plays

    Wolfie Plays8 時間 前

    shayne for some reason looks like captain America

  4. Keira Kosacz

    Keira Kosacz11 時間 前

    9:26 everyone looks like there on crack

  5. Sophia Gedman

    Sophia Gedman12 時間 前

    I’m depressed cuz I don’t have jack in the box where I live

  6. Romy Graham

    Romy Graham12 時間 前


  7. Christian Aguilar

    Christian Aguilar12 時間 前

    Find twitter question twitter questions😭😭😭 i miss Antony

  8. Bella Kelly

    Bella Kelly13 時間 前

    12:38 Phew I thought they all ate it like that 😂

  9. Bella Kelly

    Bella Kelly13 時間 前

    10:06 That’s literally my sister

  10. JellyJallabo

    JellyJallabo17 時間 前

    Noah's got a whole ecosystem up back.

  11. Eliza Smith

    Eliza Smith21 時間 前

    I’ve never been to jack in the box.....

  12. cat lover

    cat lover日 前

    It looks like a family of 6 and cortney and Olivia are the parents, Shane is the 3 year old, Ian and Noah are the oldest and twins and Keith is that weird middle child

  13. Claire_the_ person

    Claire_the_ person日 前

    Bro please make more of this I laughed my ass off like😂😂😂😂

  14. Yeet Required field cannot be left blank

    Yeet Required field cannot be left blank日 前

    Jack in the box mukbang.... with jack in his box 🌮 📦

  15. Amy Keller

    Amy Keller日 前

    Does anyone else think Shayne always looks depressed in these food eating videos😂😂 I’m like Y WUD U B SAD EATING FOOD 😂

  16. Lulu Playz

    Lulu Playz日 前

    Wait, do you have claustrophobia? B*tch better get out the car

  17. Starzy

    Starzy日 前

    Ian has a history with egg rolls....

  18. Mia Vontego

    Mia Vontego日 前

    I have never been to jack in the box

  19. Layla Namba

    Layla Namba2 日 前

    you can tell Shayne is food high 😂

  20. Lukas Roelke

    Lukas Roelke2 日 前

    where I live we do not have a jack in the box

  21. Lula Girl

    Lula Girl2 日 前

    8:37 Why shayne, just WHY?!

  22. Error

    Error2 日 前

    I watch this video anytime I feel sad or in a bad mood Makes me smile every time❤



    Ooh She’s Mad

  24. Isabella Marìa Gòchez Lara

    Isabella Marìa Gòchez Lara2 日 前

    I've never had a Jack in the box tacos... My country doesnt even have Jack in Box

  25. Sawyer Pfau

    Sawyer Pfau2 日 前

    *watches them eat while I eat McDonalds*



    What has the internet come to



    Wait we can order pepper spray??

  28. Izuķų Miđøŕiyã

    Izuķų Miđøŕiyã3 日 前

    I may or may not have alresdy said this a while ago, but courtneys shirt is amazing and i'd love to know where you/she got it!

  29. Moondrop

    Moondrop3 日 前

    Kirby fries

  30. • Jade’s gacha studio •

    • Jade’s gacha studio •3 日 前

    Y’all should go to Mcdonalds next!!

  31. • Jade’s gacha studio •

    • Jade’s gacha studio •3 日 前

    I want a friend group that is this close together.😂

  32. • Jade’s gacha studio •

    • Jade’s gacha studio •3 日 前

    If y’all just sat in a car all together and smiled I’d still laugh. Idek why

  33. Aswin Biju

    Aswin Biju4 日 前

    *Plot Twist* They haven't eaten anything in the last 3 months and they just want to eat

  34. joshmx28

    joshmx284 日 前

    My burrito look like an "airplane shit" lol

  35. Mary Seitz

    Mary Seitz4 日 前

    This is so chaotic bro

  36. Kaci McDaniel

    Kaci McDaniel5 日 前

    That car is small like mine. Volkswagen Beetle

  37. BL4Z3

    BL4Z35 日 前

    One big family awww

  38. Annie Scarpin

    Annie Scarpin5 日 前

    Imagine if the next person in line was doing the ‘ordering what the person in front of me orders’ challenge and then got all of this lol

  39. Trisha Davis

    Trisha Davis5 日 前

    9:17 is just straight up ASMR

  40. Courtney Hopson

    Courtney Hopson5 日 前

    That whole minute of not talking and just eating is a big mood

  41. Pando

    Pando6 日 前

    Courtney: ONYUN RYNGSSS

  42. Trinity Tries

    Trinity Tries6 日 前

    Shane: *takes a drink of Courtney's drink. Keith: *takes Olivia's really curly curly fries.

  43. Amanda Lee

    Amanda Lee6 日 前

    This is so chaotic but in all the best ways

  44. Simply Angie

    Simply Angie6 日 前

    the sounds that they are making makes it seem as if they are part of an exorcism

  45. Blackmail567

    Blackmail5676 日 前

    Remembers a party I went to with friends and my gf and had to stuff 8 people in a car close to a fiat in size **PTSD kicks in**

  46. Rosey Carr

    Rosey Carr7 日 前

    "Lemon Laid"

  47. Sadie Shroyer

    Sadie Shroyer7 日 前

    Y’all should go to taco belle next 😱🌯🌮🛎

  48. Ricky Gerhardt

    Ricky Gerhardt7 日 前


  49. jadd A

    jadd A8 日 前

    Kinda curious what cars do you guys drive

  50. Payton Redman

    Payton Redman8 日 前

    Ian - 8:58 gave me major food battle flashbacks

  51. Cody Hatheway

    Cody Hatheway9 日 前

    I wish I can have friends like you guys lol

  52. Amelia Playz

    Amelia Playz9 日 前

    I feel hungry now

  53. Corin Wish

    Corin Wish9 日 前

    If I’m gonna be honest shayne was a mental mess the last half of the video

  54. Gogeta Ssgss blue

    Gogeta Ssgss blue9 日 前


  55. Elise Bruce

    Elise Bruce9 日 前

    There not friends there family! ♡

  56. Mischa Bedson

    Mischa Bedson9 日 前

    This is the best video on the internet 😂😂😂😂😂💖💖💖

  57. Kitty Katie Boss

    Kitty Katie Boss11 日 前

    8:58 omg the nostalgia, I remember that

  58. Owen Dixon

    Owen Dixon11 日 前

    Isn't Courtney a veeeeggaaaaan???

  59. Unicorn Marschke

    Unicorn Marschke11 日 前

    When their quiet they look like squirrels that haven’t seen food in 48 hours. LMAo 😂

  60. falloutboy9993

    falloutboy999311 日 前

    This was a bad idea from the start. SMH