1. skyguy

    skyguy日 前

    At lears the tortilla looks like real mexican tortilla de un abarotes

  2. Youknowwhoiam

    Youknowwhoiam2 日 前

    The president of the company is shoved in the back🤣🤣

  3. Sonvis

    Sonvis4 日 前

    Courtney: “Were hungry” Me: “I’m claustrophobic”

  4. Lanujungla Imsong

    Lanujungla Imsong5 日 前

    This squad is the best🔥

  5. Zoe Towner

    Zoe Towner6 日 前

    10:59 Noah's eyes: oH dOeS tHaT hAvE a cReAM fiLLiNG? *eyebrow raise*

  6. Cercea Mark

    Cercea Mark8 日 前

    You guys made me be sooo hungry

  7. tamar Itiel

    tamar Itiel10 日 前

    No.. your burger looks weird

  8. Brennan Vega

    Brennan Vega10 日 前

    Is this some sort of LA joke that I’m to Maryland to understand?

  9. Riley brown_for the soul

    Riley brown_for the soul11 日 前

    aw, Ian is such a dad.

  10. M i s s P a s t a

    M i s s P a s t a11 日 前

    This is just what I order by myself.

  11. Alexander Long

    Alexander Long11 日 前

    I totally eat like Shayne.

  12. Zenon Empire

    Zenon Empire11 日 前

    "Not trying to be *that* b^tch but ummmm" E: Keith: *Snatches Olivia's fries* Ian: *nomming noises* Shayne: *Wide-eyed taco wild taco eating* Olivia: *egg roll eating* Courtney: My caaaaarrrrrr

  13. Kim Jin Ae

    Kim Jin Ae11 日 前

    this is my fav video ever

  14. Eric Domínguez

    Eric Domínguez11 日 前

    Why does everyone look so good in this video... especially Shayne , but then again when doesn't he? 😂😂

  15. Jay Elieisar

    Jay Elieisar11 日 前

    I remember when i was young n watching old smosh n wanting courtney n olivia to be girlfriends so badly, honestly courtney is responsible for my gay awakening, i had the biggest crush on her, she literally confirmed my sexuality

  16. Marija Kostadinovska

    Marija Kostadinovska11 日 前

    9:19 i like how they all went silent 🤣🤣❤️

  17. speedblaze

    speedblaze12 日 前

    Taco Bell..........or Roberto's

  18. Hayley D

    Hayley D12 日 前

    There is not even a jack in the box where i live 😂

  19. Dani Lampkin

    Dani Lampkin13 日 前

    you gotta dip the tacos in the buttermilk ranch!!

  20. Daniel Pierce

    Daniel Pierce13 日 前

    Burger King

  21. Daniel Pierce

    Daniel Pierce13 日 前

    Never laughed so hard at people eating

  22. The Pringles guy

    The Pringles guy13 日 前

    you know that scene in family guy with the TNG cast? thats what this reminds me of

  23. XxBrianna GachaxX

    XxBrianna GachaxX13 日 前

    The fact that there is 6 of them and non awkward silence that’s true friendship.

  24. Kevin Koger

    Kevin Koger16 日 前

    Dayum that lady is wild for snapping just for hearing giggling while Noah was ordering.

  25. Theve 20

    Theve 2016 日 前

    No one: Shayne:Wait we can order pepper spray?! 6:25

  26. xd Brxtz

    xd Brxtz17 日 前

    13:39 when your on acid

  27. kennedy kitty

    kennedy kitty17 日 前

    Noah:Sauce it up! Shayne: omnomanomanom.

  28. Sugarly Sweet

    Sugarly Sweet18 日 前

    20 *Seconds of silence* and Shayne's Face

  29. Brianna Will

    Brianna Will19 日 前

    I'm allergic to cinnamon soooo I've never had a chero, cinnamon bun, honey bun, apple-pumpken pie, sum gram crackers, ANYTHING WITH CINNAMON except I've had a freaking cinnamon PICKLE it was disgusting and I got it at a store 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  30. SugarDaddy 91

    SugarDaddy 9121 日 前

    When Olivia said they called Noah meat lover in prison it KILLED ME 😂

  31. Barry McKockenor

    Barry McKockenor21 日 前


  32. Zofia Opolska

    Zofia Opolska21 日 前

    11:30 when it said *helps* i laughed so hard that u couldnt breath XDD

  33. Larry Page

    Larry Page21 日 前

    Would love to see you guys try the Tiny Tacos!!!!!

  34. Preston Payne

    Preston Payne22 日 前

    I feel bad for the Fiat LOL

  35. Preston Payne

    Preston Payne22 日 前

    Y'all should have ordered the Teriyaki Bowl. They're surprisingly good. Put extra teriyaki on it.

  36. Nayan B

    Nayan B22 日 前

    I laughed for like a minute because of the way that Courtney said "Coke, anybuddy?" 9:35

  37. Legend Player

    Legend Player22 日 前

    9:16 What smosh is really like

  38. Legend Player

    Legend Player22 日 前

    i have never had jack in the box so i don't live

  39. Nicholas Louis

    Nicholas Louis22 日 前

    Beat that I got 7 people

  40. Jeremazing

    Jeremazing23 日 前

    Pick it all happen in antique fianc cinquecento and go through the drive-through together

  41. S Wanicur

    S Wanicur25 日 前

    Just look at Keith’s eyes. 😂

  42. Lizzy Official

    Lizzy Official25 日 前

    *They got eggrolls here?* *THATS WHAT I CALL MY DIACK*

  43. Mckayla Robar

    Mckayla Robar25 日 前


  44. Dat Schwifty Boi

    Dat Schwifty Boi25 日 前

    This is a small model representation of Tana con.

  45. lupita

    lupita25 日 前

    why is everyone's skin so nice

  46. Joyce Lyn

    Joyce Lyn25 日 前

    the girl didn't give them what they paid for and had the audacity to get angry.

  47. Bbbd Bdbddnd

    Bbbd Bdbddnd26 日 前

    Lmao lemon laid

  48. Connor Lee

    Connor Lee26 日 前

    if coronavirus was around at this time......

  49. Swag Turkey

    Swag Turkey26 日 前

    This might be the closest we'll ever get to another episode of lunchtime with Smosh.

  50. Anastasia S

    Anastasia S26 日 前

    As someone who works in food service, I understand why that woman got mad..

  51. Nina

    Nina27 日 前

    Whenever i feel lonely i watch this lol Anyone else?😂

  52. Griffin McDonnell

    Griffin McDonnell27 日 前

    Bro when ian said first bite it made me smile so big

  53. The Cave

    The Cave27 日 前


  54. Mckenzie Colson

    Mckenzie Colson27 日 前

    That solid fifteen seconds of chewing and rustling made me genuinely uncomfortable

  55. Isobel EDMONDSON

    Isobel EDMONDSON28 日 前

    Yo why dose this have 54k likes

  56. Nathan Castile

    Nathan Castile28 日 前

    Notice how shayne is in the center of the camera at all times

  57. Miku

    Miku28 日 前

    Can we talk how much Shane looks like a hamster at 9:17

  58. Righteous&Meed IDK

    Righteous&Meed IDK29 日 前

    They had *2 NUMBER NINES*

  59. The Dolphin King

    The Dolphin King29 日 前

    It’s the magic Hyundai

  60. Dark Oasis

    Dark Oasis29 日 前

    12:40 😂😂😂 Noo Olivia