50 Ways To Mess With Your Friends In Minecraft


  1. Archie Averre-Beeson

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  2. pandie is weird :T

    pandie is weird :T45 分 前

    You can do 9 with a cauldron but you won’t be stuck Even with water in

  3. Sam Hawes

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    the tree one aswell

  4. Sam Hawes

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  6. LouisAyy

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    He should’ve titled this video “How To Lose Friends Using Minecraft”

  7. Ł1Ł_J4Y_ 0729

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    Mumbo Is Shookith

  8. Lionel kemmler

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    I liked number 50

  9. milo cross

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    #6 is so evil but so good lmao

  10. Joey Campbell

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    hi grian

  11. Andrew Nguyen

    Andrew Nguyen2 時間 前

    For the bamboo and tree pranks, just go up through your roof and bridge over.

  12. Kerry Stephens

    Kerry Stephens2 時間 前

    When I did 38, I added dispensers and Pistons

  13. Karia The husky

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    Carpet color of this video purple brown blue

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    it's funny this video

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    Blame the delinquents if you know what I'm saying.

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    You triggerd me at number 24

  17. Molly Fitzpatrick

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    12:04 Chicken army!!!

  18. Vahlok

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    why am i watching this I don't have friend's

  19. Blue Venus

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    I'm kind of a noob to MC (I've been playing since January 2019) and I was in a friends house and she had an end crystal floating there. Of course, being the curious person I was, I clicked on it :/ yeah. I spent an hour helping her repair her house omg #21 if I heard that, I would see if tere was a village. If there wasn't one, I'd assume the world was haunted and exit immediately LOL



    I you put a lava bucket in the composter then when someome opens it the lava spills out

  21. Charlie Spurr

    Charlie Spurr4 時間 前

    That was a good vid, I watch your channel all the time!!!!! Your channel is one of my favourite channels EVER!!!!!!!!!

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    50 Ways To Lose A Friend In Minecraft

  23. J-Chugz Gaming

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    Number 12:u can always sleep outside???

  24. J-Chugz Gaming

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    I saw this video a while ago and... from then on I watched a whole series of hermit craft for like 2 weeks straight and that was probably the best thing I’ve seen I so wanna join that server!

  28. Brazzy

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    This video title should be; "50 ways to end your friendship"

  29. John Ellis

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    🌾 is that what you r

  30. Oofsword gg

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    13:14 snowmen: this is my house

  31. Pxnocchio

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    the lava scafoldding one

  32. Utku Zayim

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    my favorite is "The Angry Lectern"

  33. Stephanie Blossom

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    I did the chicken one and my cousin said FREE FUD!!!! OMG!!! THANK YOU! Me: ;-;

  34. Ken Pascual

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    50 ways to mess with your water sheep next

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    A friend that afks a lot. Hmm I think I know who that is.

  37. Derp Nerd

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    4:34 or the /Teleport command!

  38. Dayfenix Roberson

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    Ok, first of all *flat earthers* the horizon looks round when you look at it, second of all, astronauts take photos and can prove it, third of all, you don’t do any science, and outthink of all, it’s called gravity, people say “it’s flat because if it was round the water would be going down or we will all fall!” Bruh, it’s called gravity!

  39. 10,000 subs with no video challenge

    10,000 subs with no video challenge8 時間 前

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that fortnite unvaulted the pump shotgun

  40. Zoë Nightshade

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    This is the reason why you don't teach Grian how to do redstone.

  41. Mrr Rathnak Official

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    wow amazing

  42. ArchiPLays

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    Grian: *does redstone* Mumbo Jumbo: *HOLD MY PISTON*

  43. lol power

    lol power8 時間 前

    6:56 When i was 9 i thought that it was a decoration I didn’t liked it so i destroyed it. Best choice ever!

  44. KITKAT The fox

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    The last one 😂😂

  45. xyz Destruction

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    20 ways to not have friends

  46. Coolpro663804

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    Those Innocent eyes on your skin can really tell your friend it was not you (It was lol)

  47. malek ahmadi

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    By 3 you can just dig under the ground easyyyy

  48. İnternetsiz Dino

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    11. prank dont work for me cuz I keep voices closed so if a friend do that as a prank I just dont know or notice

  49. Anime&MangaGirl////Amelia

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    11:23 I did this to my friend and when she saw the chikens, she just wrote "FOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!" in the chat and started killing those chikens.

  50. YouTube Destroy

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    I did this on my cousin and he punched me LMaO

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    Thinking with portals Easter egg to portal???