50 Ways To Mess With Your Friends In Minecraft


  1. اات بب

    اات بب21 分 前


  2. Jemo Rasmussen

    Jemo Rasmussen22 分 前

    The lava there is falling down and the TNT sound

  3. Ryan Chou

    Ryan Chou59 分 前

    I did the first one and my friend got mad at me 😂

  4. Noems Saj

    Noems Saj時間 前

    How to get a friend is be respectful to get friends.You don’t even need a little bit you can just have a lot of friends if not then a little.So make some friend ship And.Do you?

  5. Ray warlock

    Ray warlock4 時間 前

    ik avery annoying thing. ya only need 3 things. 1:red stone 2:observer 3:piston unlimited noise under their home. very small and quick build

  6. Fnaf is life

    Fnaf is life7 時間 前

    Mumbo jumbo you are afk pickles on the seafloor

  7. Kumii16

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  8. Lyricalmaster 09

    Lyricalmaster 099 時間 前

    Number 3 would be good if they would need some wood

  9. Hs Nyberg

    Hs Nyberg9 時間 前

    I’ve seen these done on Mumbo Jumbo and Muselk

  10. Extreme_FinYT Minecraft end coming

    Extreme_FinYT Minecraft end coming9 時間 前

    The chicken one is my fav XD

  11. Ethan Mattingly

    Ethan Mattingly10 時間 前

    Mumbo mumbo mumbo afk

  12. yoyoPlayz

    yoyoPlayz10 時間 前

    11:53 Free Food!!!

  13. Karebear 412

    Karebear 41211 時間 前

    My favorite was the last one

  14. George Ransley

    George Ransley15 時間 前

    These are the reason i stay awake all night

  15. norman reyes

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  16. zackery 159

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    I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved the last one!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Trenty Boi

    Trenty Boi16 時間 前

    Do some of these for hermit craft! Like troll games or something? ( a world wide mini game)

  18. zocken und hocken

    zocken und hocken16 時間 前

    I love 7

  19. Sophocles SHOUTS!!!!!!

    Sophocles SHOUTS!!!!!!16 時間 前

    I did the chicken scaffolding one, and they all came down stuck together. It just looked like 2 chickens falling, but when it got to the bottom, they all expanded. It was hilarious.

  20. EvilDemonBoy Gaming

    EvilDemonBoy Gaming17 時間 前

    24:36 when you want to lay in a bed in Minecraft without the time speeding up

  21. tankist_dm

    tankist_dm19 時間 前

    +1 for renaming diamons and +1 for the AFK up and down piston



    Thats all pranks on your friends.....

  23. Tan Heng Quan

    Tan Heng Quan20 時間 前

    19:29 Where did that arrow hit him? (Edit: It's 19:29.5)

  24. Franco Simon

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  25. Gray Rabbit

    Gray Rabbit20 時間 前

    Why u messing with ur friens

  26. GD Usefully

    GD Usefully20 時間 前

    number 51. go someones house and build an Obsidian or an Barrier to Security your friend's House

  27. BisbongDude4u 2

    BisbongDude4u 221 時間 前

    My favourite was 50

  28. 刘】【刘Gacha Frenzy

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  29. Marshmallow King

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    24:1o rowanantifex is pregnant

  30. nopi lay

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  31. Mysterious Pro

    Mysterious Pro日 前

    Breaking nether portal because we play in hard core mode lol

  32. Lil Baldr

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  33. Xx The Savage xX

    Xx The Savage xX日 前

    What sucks is 31M people saw this so I’m sure you’re friend did then

  34. Death Watch_YT

    Death Watch_YT日 前

    50th time I’ve seen this vid

  35. SwEg Instinct

    SwEg Instinct日 前

    None of these worked on my friends I tried 14 19 23 42 45 46 and 37

  36. Monique Alvarez

    Monique Alvarez日 前

    I will lose my friend if I do that

  37. Noreen Benally

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  38. Noreen Benally

    Noreen Benally日 前

    it's a bird no it's plane no ITS CHICKENS. lol

  39. arti dogra

    arti dogra日 前

    I liked the last one XD

  40. Anna J

    Anna J日 前

    14 is the BEST!

  41. Tung Nguyen

    Tung Nguyen日 前

    I like All of them

  42. TheBeast94 YT

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    Grian: And they will probably have a bad time. heehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehhehehheh

  43. Maqdil Home

    Maqdil Home日 前

    You could’ve also used lava on #.19



    Brian, can we minecraft on a Samsung tablet?

  45. Falcon mafia

    Falcon mafia日 前

    If your looking for tricks that will make you laugh step one make a backwards skin step 2 use the eletry

  46. Explosion Daddy

    Explosion Daddy日 前

    Scaffolding table: exists Grian: *its big brain time*

  47. assanator 42

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    My favorite is number 42

  48. Geoffrey The Giraffe

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  49. Geoffrey The Giraffe

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  50. Geoffrey The Giraffe

    Geoffrey The Giraffe日 前

    9:57 Grian: with *sigh* a big risk involved Me: *crouch places creeper egg on trapdoor* Me: *troll face*

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    This is jks 😂

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    hi bro I have a ps3 add me

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    and yet not one add

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    You were in odd1sout

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  57. Gacha is me &more

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    So amazing 🤪

  58. Michelle Anugrah

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    Why don't you use the bone meals for the saplings

  59. Michelle Anugrah

    Michelle Anugrah日 前

    I'm confused with the first prank

  60. iijess

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    only real og’s know “RowanArtifex” was a gym teacher ((: