5 Winter Dishes to Warm Your Cockles | Gordon Ramsay


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    typical games6 時間 前

    Some body else better hungry And not know how to cook

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    TheBestUsername2 日 前

    Awlv Ole, justa splahsh

  3. kopfgeldjagar

    kopfgeldjagar2 日 前

    I've never seen that much work put into grilled cheese and tomato soup

  4. TheBestUsername

    TheBestUsername4 日 前

    cockles warmed

  5. Fabricio Vieira

    Fabricio Vieira6 日 前

    that beef brisket looks dry af

  6. TheBestUsername

    TheBestUsername4 日 前

    so does your mom

  7. Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    Legend Gotta Catch Em All6 日 前

    Holy shit he said “doesn’t need salt.”

  8. Razor Wolf

    Razor Wolf8 日 前

    I don’t like tomatoes but the first looks good

  9. Toadstkr

    Toadstkr9 日 前

    Since you didn’t peel the tomatoes I would definitely use a machine.

  10. Laron Cullum

    Laron Cullum10 日 前

    I swear the title of this video weirds me out.

  11. D.G. Blades

    D.G. Blades11 日 前

    Just made your roast tomato pesto Delicious Highly recommend

  12. Garfuck

    Garfuck11 日 前

    What does "cockles" mean though, is it another word for asshole?

  13. Ariadne Wolf

    Ariadne Wolf12 日 前

    sometimes I wonder who I would be if I'd had parents who could cook like this

  14. Adrionna Grace

    Adrionna Grace12 日 前

    At 4:40 this becomes a lot more than a cooking tutorial..👀😅

  15. thomas77000retour

    thomas77000retour13 日 前

    chugah !

  16. Mom Vaz

    Mom Vaz15 日 前

    What’s the calories of each thing? How high do you 🤔 think? 💭

  17. Master J

    Master J15 日 前

    Oysters clams and cockles!!!!

  18. Bocrillz

    Bocrillz15 日 前

    This man oozes talent.

  19. Dillon Robinson

    Dillon Robinson16 日 前

    1000 quid tomato soup. Fucking tosser

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    Two trailer park girls go... 9:01

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    This guy is good, he should get his own show or something

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    It Won’t let me subscribe

  23. Michael Hargis

    Michael Hargis17 日 前

    A little bit of Icy Hot in your jock will warm your cockles as well... Just saying



    3:09 *all deaky fans screaming*

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    nMeX Trapstar19 日 前

    My cockles lol

  26. TheRokkis

    TheRokkis19 日 前

    "5 Winter Dishes to Warm You Cockless" That rice is just fucking beautiful..I need to buy some spices man.

  27. Rohann Van Zyl

    Rohann Van Zyl20 日 前

    Think I need some epilepsy meds after the shepherd's pie vid, wow!

  28. Weeb

    Weeb24 日 前

    the shepherds pie prob NOT FOR KIDS because it has red wine in it

  29. Yousef Zalfa

    Yousef Zalfa24 日 前

    Ramsey nice : me can I have your skills : Ramsey yes : me in to days I'm so fu died

  30. Merchant Ivory

    Merchant Ivory24 日 前

    Please Help! Ive tried sevreal of his dishes, all great, but he always throws the garlic in first and for some reason my always burns! Burnt garlic is the worst as its flavor kills the dish, but he never burns his, i use the same oil and tempetures he uses, what the hell am i doing wrong or is he leaving out some kind of moistening technique? like adding a little water here and there

  31. AtlanticRock 354

    AtlanticRock 35424 日 前

    Love it

  32. david alpha

    david alpha25 日 前

    Normal people say grilled cheese. No not Gordon, he’s an intellectual. He says cheese on toast 😂

  33. Colt Powell

    Colt Powell26 日 前

    my eyes started watering after he made the roux.... then he said, "it almost brings a tear to your eye" I have goosebumps

  34. I oloroso. و لا حتى الآن في مصر في Ana

    I oloroso. و لا حتى الآن في مصر في Ana26 日 前

    هو مفيش حد عربى يترجم هو بيقول ايه 😭

  35. 3fr3n A

    3fr3n A27 日 前

    The best winter meals are pozole,tamales, and menudo🤘🏼

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    samuel rakse27 日 前

    You need yoga

  37. samuel rakse

    samuel rakse27 日 前

    Sick editions, not a pleasure experience watching. Great recipes. Ler things go calm. Enjoy

  38. nothing everything

    nothing everything29 日 前

    *i'm so fucking jealous and mad i'm not a part of Gordon's family where they can eat very delicious food cooked by a professional chef uneffortly everyday just by living*

  39. Brittney Singleton

    Brittney Singleton29 日 前

    He's just cooking but it looks like frickin witchcraft to me.

  40. Slimey Annihilation

    Slimey Annihilationヶ月 前

    Shepards pie starring gordon ramsay

  41. luz mojica

    luz mojicaヶ月 前

    It looks so good but i can't make it because i have to see the ingredients write it so i can buy it. I can't hear the word of ingredients😭😭😭.

  42. Yosafat Kushariandi

    Yosafat Kushariandiヶ月 前

    I wonder if the food gets orgasm when Ramsay literally whisper every time he pours olive oil and put some garnish

  43. Vanessa Fernandes

    Vanessa Fernandesヶ月 前

    I had to watch the shepered's pie part at 0.5 speed so I could understand what's happening

  44. BlueRice

    BlueRiceヶ月 前

    i want gordon ramsay as my dad. can you imagine waking up every morning and he cook for you for free?

  45. Vanessa Fernandes

    Vanessa Fernandesヶ月 前

    That would be amazing. I just hope he wouldn't make me do all those dishes.

  46. Alison Baunoch

    Alison Baunochヶ月 前

    And here I am eating Campbell's tomato soup and grilled cheese

  47. GB Biddy

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    Alison Baunoch nothing wrong with that 👍

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    he made a carrier out of food, genious

  49. Down L

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    I wonder how your kids criticize cheap food.. probably screaming at the chef like fu@k off you twat

  50. Down L

    Down Lヶ月 前

    Fu@k off!!

  51. Bird Dog

    Bird Dogヶ月 前

    Proper welsh rarebit has a few bits of anchovy or pilchard hidden inside.

  52. Eva Weiand

    Eva Weiandヶ月 前

    I'm always afraid to use wet ingredients in my mortar because I think the stone is porous, isn't it? I'm afraid I won't get it cleaned properly after. Does anyone have any experiences to share with cleaning the mortar after grinding wet ingredients in it?

  53. VPMH video tổng hợp

    VPMH video tổng hợpヶ月 前

    can you show me some more recipes about pumpkin

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    Loki CDXXヶ月 前

    This video makes my cockles hard

  55. Ollie Kins

    Ollie Kinsヶ月 前

    Just made apple crisp in my basic Foods class and we used frozen apple slices that were 7 months old :,) You couldn't pay me enough to put that in my mouth

  56. Neil Barnes

    Neil Barnesヶ月 前

    Greetings to all from Australia, a once wonderful country. What a delight this bloke is on You Tube, a pleasure to watch. I WILL NOT however, watch him on TV. If I want to hear language like that I'll go to the nearest pub. Don't get me wrong, I'm no prude, but I don't use that language in front of women, and on TV, you are in everyone's living room, mum's, grand mothers, sisters, daughters et al. I'll let it go like Gordon, but there's a time and a place. I realize of course, that he's doing it to get notoriety, you don't have to point that out, but why doesn't he use pure talent, which he has in truck loads, instead of filthy language?

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    Fuck me runnin i want to eat his food every day

  58. Method Man

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    The Shepard’s pie scene was intense to me for some reason

  59. Lynn Garibay

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    Is pudding rice just white rice

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    Peas Porridge hot. ..Peas Porridge cold..Peas Porridge in the pot..nine days old..lol

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    What the actual flip

  63. Delta280

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    "little touch of sugar" *proceeds to put a whole spoonful on*

  64. A Person Using Youtube

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    Oh please, spelling the word “shepherd” isn’t hard! What kind of fucking idiot would spell it as “shepard”?!

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    *Reads title* It’s going to warm my -c o c k-

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    Who wants to shokugeki this elite ten sit number 1?

  67. Jhones Damasing

    Jhones Damasing2 ヶ月 前

    Who wants to shokugeki this elite ten sit number 1?

  68. Jhones Damasing

    Jhones Damasing2 ヶ月 前

    Who wants to shokugeki this elite ten sit number 1?

  69. Jhones Damasing

    Jhones Damasing2 ヶ月 前

    Who wants to shokugeki this elite ten sit number 1?

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    What the hell are cockles?

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    I read cockles as cock

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    Such a god

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    Who is watching but not actually making?

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    RAMSEY...All Wrong..For God's Sake Man!!!! Can't you do anything right. I bet you're hands shake when you pick up your cheque.

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    Meanwhile I sprinkled dry basil on my Campbells creamy tomato soup & put Kraft cheese on my hillbilly bread then 1 min in the toaster oven.

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    R U S T I C

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    Gordon Ramsay smokes pole



    0:17 Brrururuyn

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    My cockles r so warm

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    Warm my what?

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    Ur 🅱enis

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    To warm your what?!

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    your dick

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    Gordan i really wanna try your cooking 💯

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    1:03 "A little sprinkle of AIDS"

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    My cockles are ready for your recipes, Gordon.

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    This video set my cockles ablaze!

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    Chef do you not drain the fat from the meat on a shepards pie, I'll have to try the egg but use a British cheese instead of parm

  92. alex gerling

    alex gerling3 ヶ月 前

    Guarantee I'll never eat rice pudding haha. When I was a chef I hated custard obviously I tried it every time I made it for quality but. That's the only reason I would eat it at all

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    I would inhale all this shit

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    Jesus Christ that Shepherds Pie scene got me ready for the gym.

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    Gordaddy’ warming your cockles’

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    you didnt scoop the apple crumble what the frig

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    I'm a big fan. I have a milk allergy and wish you had some milk-alternative recipes.

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    cockles warmed

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    Pregnant, hungry, nothing in my fridge is satisfying.... this video was a very bad idea!!

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    yes my cockles

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    *cockles have been warmed*

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    “Whats not to love about my SUCCULENT beef brisket.”