5 Winter Dishes to Warm Your Cockles | Gordon Ramsay


  1. bobbobbens 88

    bobbobbens 884 時間 前

    i don't think this guy knows what a cock is

  2. Micheal Croclet

    Micheal Croclet5 時間 前

    Who every read this. just want let you know god love. Your blesses are coming!!!!!😘😘😘😄😄🏦

  3. Gabi Aleksinko

    Gabi Aleksinko6 時間 前

    Pan, hot. Oil, in. Cockles, warmed.

  4. Arnobization

    Arnobization7 時間 前

    What about the tomato skin? Shouldn't that be separated out and taken out?

  5. TheLesserEne

    TheLesserEne8 時間 前

    Making a fresh tomato soup in the winter is silly. Tomatoes should be enjoyed in late summer when they are in season. Any other time just use canned.

  6. Richard Lynch

    Richard Lynch23 時間 前

    He is much better when he isn't an asshole.

  7. Richard Lynch

    Richard Lynch23 時間 前

    First dish looks fantastic. Why does he have enough produce in the kitchen to feed like 50 people?

  8. Cara Cole

    Cara Cole日 前

    For some folks, life goals are wealth, success, family etc. For me, I just want to eat pretty much anything this man makes! Someday I will make that happen!

  9. Jan Pietraszewski

    Jan Pietraszewski日 前

    Keep the focus, bloody cameraman!

  10. Mammie Barry

    Mammie Barry日 前


  11. The Barbell Philosopher

    The Barbell Philosopher日 前

    This has to be one of the tastiest (and most relaxing) cooking vids I've ever seen. Gordon mate, you're killing it, ss always. And as much as i loved watching you spool profanity at inept imbeciles in the past, I must say I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate this refined, more chilled side to you. Keep being awesome mate. I'm so looking forward to try this recipes out myself (especially that rice pudding and the Shepherds Pie). Cheers! 🍻🤙

  12. pudi5858

    pudi5858日 前

    honestly the close up at 12.31 really makes me think the editors are just self aware of how ridiculusly close their close ups are

  13. Albi

    Albi3 日 前

    4:34 JUST GRATE!

  14. Samuel Dylan Cooper

    Samuel Dylan Cooper3 日 前

    by the way, pudding rice is "arborio" rice

  15. Drew Rabbit

    Drew Rabbit4 日 前

    Idk what a cockle is, but you better believe it's going into my daily vocabulary.

  16. Robert Pruitt

    Robert Pruitt3 日 前

    Drew Rabbit It's a small boat, and a mullosk.

  17. Jerod Burnett

    Jerod Burnett4 日 前

    The shepherds pie video was the most accurate representation of an anxiety attack I've ever seen on video

  18. Skye Chavis

    Skye Chavis30 分 前

    I was freaking out 😂😂😂

  19. Jack Lockwood

    Jack Lockwood4 日 前

    What the fuck is a cockle

  20. Robert Pruitt

    Robert Pruitt3 日 前

    Depending on which version of the word's definition you use, it's a boat, or a mullosk. How they got the phrase "cockles of my heart" out of either of those meanings is beyond me.

  21. David R.

    David R.4 日 前

    Stay away from my cockles or I'll see you in court

  22. killer french fry

    killer french fry4 日 前

    5 winter dishes to warm your cock

  23. Grim Sambo

    Grim Sambo4 日 前

    Please warm my cockles, Gordon.

  24. Ruwini Fonseka

    Ruwini Fonseka4 日 前

    yum yum 😋

  25. Dahenda

    Dahenda4 日 前

    The camera work on the shepards pie was awful. I felt like I was having a seizure.

  26. cute neko

    cute neko5 日 前

    Did anyone else hear 50lbs of butter when he was making the rue lmao

  27. Stannington

    Stannington5 日 前

    Lee and Perrins? :-( Bloody southerners

  28. Thisnamestillsucks

    Thisnamestillsucks5 日 前

    I know he's not saying it but it sounds like he keeps saying *Roger Rabbit* in the first recipe.

  29. Bonnie Gruesome

    Bonnie Gruesome5 日 前

    I am so gonna make the shepherds pie! looks scrumptious!

  30. No Body

    No Body6 日 前

    You just left the pods and cinnamon stick in the pudding...?

  31. Miyuki Teishi みゆちゃん

    Miyuki Teishi みゆちゃん6 日 前

    When you hire an action movie editor/filmmaker to record a shepherd's pie video

  32. Mary-Ellen Durkin

    Mary-Ellen Durkin6 日 前

    Now I’m starving

  33. Michael Fiyalko

    Michael Fiyalko6 日 前

    Watching the Sheppard Pie was the same as Neo learning Kung Fu in the Matrix.

  34. Kearifamous C

    Kearifamous C6 日 前

    Ready to eat it! Thank you.

  35. D

    D6 日 前

    When someone asks what my preference in women is 4:17

  36. Immortal Redneck

    Immortal Redneck4 日 前

    D lmao I don’t know why I’m laughing so much

  37. Bored guy

    Bored guy7 日 前

    6:46 "what's not to love about my succulent beef brisket"

  38. Gabe K

    Gabe K7 日 前

    This is all chemistry!! Cooking is chemistry in a nutshell!!!

  39. Vital Glory

    Vital Glory8 日 前

    Warm my cock?

  40. SheyD78

    SheyD788 日 前

    I do love his passion for this. Simple, elegant descriptions with real feeling. If it wasn't all so rich I'd have to do a 10k run to eat it without turning into a fat bastard I'd love to eat all of these. Maybe just that shepard's pie........

  41. juan torres

    juan torres8 日 前

    They'll warm my WHAT!?

  42. abhijit shah

    abhijit shah8 日 前

    egg???? nope u missed saffron and some condensed milk !!!

  43. H.v Nova

    H.v Nova9 日 前

    Excuse me my _what_

  44. Patrick Fernandes

    Patrick Fernandes9 日 前

    Yeah, my cockles are warm. Thank you, Gordon. :)

  45. Радинела Дамакова

    Радинела Дамакова9 日 前

    *The bread was cooked to fuck*

  46. ann dillon

    ann dillon10 日 前

    Pudding rice?

  47. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump10 日 前

    Only if my cooks could make food like that.

  48. teppo tulppu

    teppo tulppu10 日 前

    Do not warm your cockle in any food you are about to serve me. I can recognize the taste anywhere.

  49. Doctor who Fan 02

    Doctor who Fan 0211 日 前

    It warms the cockles of heart

  50. Zenthex

    Zenthex11 日 前

    two trailer park girls go 9:01

  51. Baret

    Baret13 日 前

    it's the middle of the night and I'm torturing myself by watching Ramsay cook delicious food whilst starving.

  52. K1 Fighter-88

    K1 Fighter-8813 日 前

    Kurdish food in iraq turkey and syria are best food in the world.

  53. Alex Mendez

    Alex Mendez15 日 前

    I’m just mad that I’ll never try any of this from him

  54. Heavenly Demon

    Heavenly Demon15 日 前

    Man gordon really knows how to warm a man's cockles UwU

  55. Mike Honcho

    Mike Honcho15 日 前

    It’s tomato not tmaaatos

  56. Aodh Macraynall

    Aodh Macraynall16 日 前

    oi! I don't know what cockles is or if I have some, but I'm sure this would warm 'em

  57. IanHimself

    IanHimself17 日 前

    I love my cockles warmed.

  58. Ramakrishna Appicharla

    Ramakrishna Appicharla17 日 前

    Sir... Lots and lots of love from India...

  59. bennies fried chicken

    bennies fried chicken19 日 前

    gordon ramsay is like my level 70 skyrim character but if he was a chef


    OMNI KAIZER19 日 前

    Why is he so calm in this video


    OMNI KAIZER19 日 前

    Is he okay?

  62. Kristy Hayward

    Kristy Hayward19 日 前

    Is this guy famous??

  63. urbex2007

    urbex200720 日 前

    Stop playing music each time people are talking, no one can hear what they say. Music adds no value, it makes people switch off.

  64. nickname

    nickname20 日 前

    11:14 yeah i haven't only had my grandmas and it was the best