5 Ways I've Failed As An Entrepreneur


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    i love this video! its true happiness is an inside job and we should fall in love with the process not the product. Such an inspiration! Thank you :)

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    Jenn, I am using you for a paper in one of my classes!! I watched both of your speeches again, and I noticed a big improvement! You are much more calm and collected in this public speech. I love the growth and I can't wait to learn more from you! Note: I wanted to clarify that your previous speech "How to Become a Boss" was NOT bad! I loved your presentation just as much as this one

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    This is great advice :) Love you, Jenn!

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    Every point was either such a good reminder or a new lesson learned! I really loved the anecdotes that highlighted and further explained each scenario! This was an amazing speech - I can tell you have a lot of self awareness. Well done, Jenn :)

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    Thanks Jen for sharing this! Just wondering if you're an ENFJ person? because the personality traits you mentioned the problems/worries you had are so similar to mine, and they're common ENFJ traits.

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    I rarely find seminars or speeches have any true takeaways to apply in one's life. It feels like the same cliche regurgitation most individuals put forth.That said, Jenn always has such inspiring and meaningful points in her talks. Thank you so much Jenn for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. They always motivate me to think in a new way and make active changes in my life. Please keep putting out content like this. Sending all the love.

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    I’ve only watched a few videos of this girl and she seems so wise. Keep being you girl, don’t get caught in the negativity, there’s so much wisdom and positivity inside you

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    Love watching your journey, my goal is to get a clothing line as you, be able to inspire and impact others!😍 -CHARMINAROSE (fashion student youtuber, sharing my journey trough the world of fashion)

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    Jen! You're so awesome and I saw you here in Toronto a few years ago! I've been following you for forever and love your energy and love of books!

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    So much for social distancing Jenn. Glad I saw your presentation on YT.

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    everything you've mentioned i happen to make the mistakes of too :/ they are still the things that i struggle with and try to improve on them...but it is hard when you wanna make everyone happy.

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    "You are the only one that can make failure feel like a failure." I love this.

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    지금 가지고 있던 고민들이었는데ㅠㅠㅠ정리가 되는것같아요!! 저도 목표를 위해 달려가는게 행복하고 살아가는 이유가 될 수 있다고 생각했는데 부딪히며 좌절하는 나를 보며 어떻게 해야될지 모르겠더라구요😭😭😭 젠님의 이야기를 듣고 다시 계획해봐야겠어요!!! 다시 일어서고 싶다는 생각이 드는 유용한 시간이었습니다!!! 감사합니다❤️

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    Hi Jen, Im from the Philippines and just want to tell you that inspires me a lot as a team leader. One for the books 😊

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    Honestly one of the most engaging and inspirational speeches I have ever watched! Thank you for sharing this Jenn, I will definitely be reminding myself of the 'get to vs have to' on a daily basis!

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    Can anyone explain the word “entrepreneur” clearly for me ? I’m an English learner. 🥰

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    Was someone reading your amazing speech to you on your ear piece? Your body language and facial expressions say so. Lol. Just curious. Nothing wrong with it because I think it helps with stopping the uhh, umm, etc.

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    This was incredible, Jenn. I think about the "get to vs. have to" everyday.

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    Bruh the story of the logos is really funny because I had a similar email interaction where I was on the other end. lol so basically I sent a project to the gallery director that I volunteer for and she asked for quarantine videos of what artists are doing during quarantine, but when I submitted my video she literally said "let me sit with this for a bit", and my mind immediately understood that she was trying to be considerate and honestly it was kinda funny that I could see what she was doing

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    Hey Jen, Thank you so much for this talk, it can be challenging to talk about your mistakes and imperfection yet you have done it so beautifully. As a young naive professional I am trying to figure it out daily how to go about in a corporate setting. Your tips were not only inspiring (really enjoyed the anecdotes and story with each tip) but also actionable. You were honest and most importantly showed your human side, which I don't see in all the 'success driven guru's ' out there. I will definitely save this video for future reference. Thank you for your words and efforts, Sending love from India : )

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    Love hearing everything, especially the boundaries part, yet I think telling women to smile or focus on their face when they are lease expecting it was not the best move. This is a crowd full of presumably women. I do understand that you aren't trying to say something about beauty, but I agree with everything else you said, about not wearing your arm on your sleeve and not being too emotional open in certain situations.

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    Jenn always inspired me like SHE BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN ME. Once i wanted to read a book but its 5 days after exam szn and i feel exhausted, but when Jenn dropped her quarantine video and told us to read some books, i literally grabbed that mystery ass book i've been avoiding to read and finished it in 2 days 😭 i love her so much, only Jenn can do this 😭💞

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    Jenn am so happy for how much you have accomplished. I ve been following you since your early videos when I was in high school, and truly you´ve been like a mentor for me. When I moved by myself and was traveling back and forth to my parents place I felt so desoriented and really all your words just hit the right spots with me. Currently am going through my graduation project and damn it has been a journey getting to this moment(I graduated highschool in2012) and now am struggling with knowing what I want to do. Thanks for all the honest help you had put out for poeple like me, and I just want to keep on being inspired and work hard to get to bigger places. You are amazing. Greeting form Honduras.

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