5 Unrealistically HARD Vocals That are Not Made for the Singers


  1. Emily Zhou

    Emily Zhou15 時間 前

    Someone: *Throws A Cockroach At Me* Me: *Hits The Highest Note In Human History*

  2. afrizak

    afrizak日 前

    I'll take their flats any day and probably still make hits!

  3. Vladislav Kosenyuk

    Vladislav Kosenyuk日 前

    Excuse me but why dont I see Ariana Grande here? 👀

  4. Felecia Kpou

    Felecia Kpou日 前

    Imagine sweating your butt off to try and sing these notes to see a JPreporterr put "???" 💀💀💀

  5. Kassie Grace

    Kassie Grace2 日 前

    And then there’s musical theatre vocals....

  6. Darya Kravchenko

    Darya Kravchenko2 日 前

    Unrealistic and Little Mix are words that do not belong into the same sentence. You legit picked out the worst performances of them.

  7. Dave Mathew

    Dave Mathew2 日 前

    Fake ass bitches haha. I'm not hating ur hating on my comment.

  8. Sew Perfect

    Sew Perfect2 日 前

    I’m just impressed by how hard the dudes at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a> are feeling themselves 😂

  9. T e a P o p

    T e a P o p2 日 前

    That "???" Tho😂😂😂

  10. Billy & Louie

    Billy & Louie2 日 前

    the fall in line note is crazzzzzzyyy!!!! Love Tina and Demi!!!

  11. Denise De Vera

    Denise De Vera3 日 前

    all i care about is how can they hit it

  12. shout out to my ex

    shout out to my ex3 日 前




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  14. Amsi Hernandez

    Amsi Hernandez4 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="250">4:10</a> head voice. Not falsetto

  15. Prentice Barlow

    Prentice Barlow4 日 前

    omg omg little mix bitch bitch!!!

  16. Jay Sijak

    Jay Sijak4 日 前

    ai vc ta lá ralando pra performar suas música ai vem uma pessoa no youtube que não deve fazer nem metade do que vc fez te julgar, já pensou

  17. tonyssolosymphony

    tonyssolosymphony4 日 前

    Mariah still sounded amazing singing "Fly Like a Bird" live! Honestly I feel for all these singers though, it can be hard to hit notes when you're nervous. My throat automatically tenses up sometimes when I know I "have" to hit a note in front of people, but when I'm in the studio by myself it's much easier. And I've never performed in front of a crowd nearly as big as these!

  18. Tiana mcfadden

    Tiana mcfadden5 日 前

    As a soprano some of those notes I can hit when I'm not moving around and when they dodge it is because they are moving around on stage and can be out of breath and only have that one shot



    Vitas and dimash : amatures

  20. cher cher

    cher cher5 日 前

    filipinos can easily do that

  21. hope andrea mikaelson

    hope andrea mikaelson5 日 前

    Me too just walk on glass or Lego

  22. srita Patir

    srita Patir5 日 前

    Camila is fabulous

  23. Luna Pearl

    Luna Pearl5 日 前

    I can actually hit all of these notes except Mariah’s whistle (cause I’m still learning to use my whistle register and I don’t have enough control yet, and I can’t work on it for long stretches of time or I’ll hurt myself)

  24. MEB bbb

    MEB bbb5 日 前

    Mariah hitting those whistle notes like it's nothing 😳 *geez*

  25. La ra

    La ra5 日 前

    The“???“ made me laugh 😅

  26. Christianne Bealey

    Christianne Bealey6 日 前

    No one, and I mean absolutely no one can sing every note perfectly. Not even Demi. They arent super beings, just normal people who can sing

  27. Mareliz Gonzales

    Mareliz Gonzales6 日 前

    You know who you should add to the vid v,jin,jimin,and Jungkook from bts

  28. Cara Nalbandian

    Cara Nalbandian6 日 前

    It’s technically incorrect to say that those high notes are belted because they are way out of the belt range. They are singing with a strong mix, which when done correctly shouldn’t even be strained or sound forced. One of the problems is that some of these singers aren’t trained properly and think that you need to scream to belt when you can sound like you are belting with a strong mix but you aren’t hurting your vocal chords.

  29. Carrotzisx

    Carrotzisx6 日 前

    shawn mendes, he did a really good falsettto on his show

  30. Kelcea Turner

    Kelcea Turner6 日 前

    This is the funniest video I’ve ever seen, the SHADE

  31. Mariel López

    Mariel López7 日 前

    For everyone saying that singers can't hit notes that high while performing live, that's far from the truth. Soprano singers hit some very very high notes while dancing, moving or performing an act. It depends on the preparation and the training the singers should have to actually hit this notes. It's not impossible, yet I know it's difficult to perform and sing, but as I say, Natalie Dessay dances, jumps, run around the stage while performing "Les Oiseaux dans la charmille" and it's a f'n very difficult song because of the high notes.

  32. Llama Blama

    Llama Blama7 日 前

    Ummmmm where's ariana ?

  33. Squigglzy Squigglzy

    Squigglzy Squigglzy7 日 前

    They really did Leigh dirty, she’s hit that note so many times live

  34. Geek Yeet

    Geek Yeet6 日 前

    That's so unfair to our queen

  35. Platelet chan

    Platelet chan7 日 前

    The “FLAT” hurts me

  36. Травести дива ᗰISS ᕼIᒪTOᑎ

    Травести дива ᗰISS ᕼIᒪTOᑎ7 日 前

    SUBSCRIBE TO ME !))))))

  37. henrique jesus

    henrique jesus8 日 前

    ariana grande be my baby belted bb5?

  38. Peggy Schuyler :P

    Peggy Schuyler :P8 日 前

    𝑂𝑢𝑐ℎ 𝐷𝑒𝑚𝑖..

  39. hala weller

    hala weller8 日 前

    I can do this easily just throw a cockroach in front of me ☻😂😂

  40. Living In Christ

    Living In Christ8 日 前

    So many fake singers out there it's all about money an deception in the studio.

  41. Sobi Rahman

    Sobi Rahman8 日 前

    Lol.....if these are like this, then where is my Ariana Grande?!! These were pretty much easier than hers.... Not that much hard to sing :)

  42. Giovanna Maria

    Giovanna Maria8 日 前

    Giovanna Maria 1 segundo atrás KKKKKKKK pegou só as performances que a camila fugiu do high note, vá toma no seu cu meu filho kkkkkk

  43. I dont like you

    I dont like you8 日 前

    The first clip of fly like a bird was live sis, that wasn't studio.

  44. Chelsea Green

    Chelsea Green8 日 前

    What about the queen of vocals Sia.

  45. Black Wiskers

    Black Wiskers9 日 前

    Wrong i can hit all of these easily the reason they cant is bc they have gotten older weaker and some more bitchy and dont think they need practice

  46. María Camila Polania

    María Camila Polania9 日 前

    Zayn would never ☠️ Directioners know 😭



    my dreams of being a singer have been crushed I just realized that I have no talent when it comes to singing high

  48. moonch1ld

    moonch1ld8 日 前

    that doesn’t mean that you won’t make it tho. not all singers need to be able to have such a well established high register to be a good singer

  49. Depressed Towel

    Depressed Towel10 日 前

    This bitch acting like she’s the next Simon Cowell or some shit.

  50. Lexy Gray

    Lexy Gray10 日 前

    I didn't see Yma Sumac :(

  51. Nicole Zamora

    Nicole Zamora10 日 前

    demi could so easily hit those notes id she just bent her knees and widened her mouth down more instead of to the side

  52. Rohit Kastuar

    Rohit Kastuar10 日 前

    I can actually hit these

  53. Melody Lin

    Melody Lin10 日 前


  54. Bushra Khan

    Bushra Khan10 日 前

    My queen camilla is so damn talented

  55. Issa Morne

    Issa Morne10 日 前

    When Mariah came first, then yeah. I cant argue anymore. Hahahah

  56. prqmises roblox

    prqmises roblox10 日 前

    i am proud to say i can hit the Bb5

  57. Eli Rodz

    Eli Rodz11 日 前

    I can hit these high notes... ...just put a mirror in front of me!

  58. New Hope

    New Hope11 日 前

    Unrealistically hard vocals, even the original singers can't sing it😂😂😂😜

  59. Gacha Moody

    Gacha Moody11 日 前

    filipinos be like: *laughing as a singer*

  60. ankaratıpistiyorum

    ankaratıpistiyorum11 日 前

    demi, youre making me fall in love

  61. Amber Martin

    Amber Martin11 日 前

    What bothers me about this is that sometimes singers can begin a phrase thinking they can hit the high note and fail for a multitude of reasons...it's not a fail especially if they hit it and don't hold it... running out breath when you running like a maniac in front of thousands of people isn't a shame... it's an accomplishment... people need to stahp

  62. SpaceymarStars

    SpaceymarStars11 日 前

    God how does one hit these notes. Oh! I know, step on a spider

  63. Kiela Kalamau

    Kiela Kalamau11 日 前

    I hate that everyone thinks that chicks version of “let’s do it again” is the original

  64. Vicki Zhang

    Vicki Zhang11 日 前

    I seen a bunch of people hitting high notes even when their not singers basically like when they step on a Lego or glass

  65. Charles Batchelor

    Charles Batchelor11 日 前

    With all dancing it's not surprising that they can't hit the note live.

  66. Lanie Abellar

    Lanie Abellar11 日 前

    i can those notes in the bathroom

  67. Julia H2o

    Julia H2o12 日 前

    I need Billie Eilish singing no time to die in brit awards

  68. Natalie van Toren

    Natalie van Toren12 日 前

    Just gonna point out that Little Mix never lip sync any of there stuff. They always perform it live so saying that Leigh-anne didn't hit the note is a lie.

  69. Chonky Thicc

    Chonky Thicc12 日 前

    This channel is straight up attacking singers 💀

  70. Liam Carrazon

    Liam Carrazon12 日 前

    how to get views 1: put Camila Cabello in the thumbnail 2: done

  71. Sena Zane

    Sena Zane12 日 前

    Unimpressed *Sohyang* appears

  72. Sena Zane

    Sena Zane12 日 前

    I'd say only Mariah's was unrealistically high bcz the way u need to belt it n then do whistles, thats extreme

  73. It's Cecilia

    It's Cecilia12 日 前

    noticed Ari isn't in this video

  74. Ray Thomas

    Ray Thomas12 日 前

    No one comes close to young Mariah. MC 💜

  75. Jayde Ritchey

    Jayde Ritchey12 日 前

    Giving songs really tough arrangements puts the performers in such a tough spot. If they lip the note(s) on tour for consistency, people give them shit. If they attempt it live but can't hit it, or they dodge, people give them shit. Singing live on tour is such a different setting than singing in studio. That being said, I don't think videos like this gives the performer too much flak; it's interesting to hear the comparisons of studio vs live, and to see what the singers come up with or how they handle everything.

  76. Drusilla 29

    Drusilla 2913 日 前

    Your video is very misleading. Mariah definitely sang this song live on Grammy and slayed it. Your fav could never.

  77. Khadijah Ahmed

    Khadijah Ahmed13 日 前

    Ariana grande???

  78. Amelia Morgan

    Amelia Morgan13 日 前

    Higher notes don't automatically make a song harder though..

  79. Safa Maqsood

    Safa Maqsood13 日 前

    Funny because the person who made this probably can't hit high notes...just saying...

  80. Bella Life!

    Bella Life!13 日 前

    my Dad can sing these notes when he sees How many money I spent on robux.

  81. xStuffed_edits :p

    xStuffed_edits :p13 日 前

    Mila still slayed tho 😘

  82. Tiffany Leung

    Tiffany Leung14 日 前

    Brendon Urie: *i can do that easily on every live*



    Watch me hit those notes when a flying cockroach sets off.