5 Seconds of Summer - Amnesia


  1. Nicolle Rangel O.

    Nicolle Rangel O.時間 前

    Whenever that I watch this video I feel that I want to cry...They grown up so quickly. They always gonna be my babys

  2. Jana Ramy

    Jana Ramy時間 前

    Watching this in 2019 is PAINFUL😢😢😥😥

  3. Jana Ramy

    Jana Ramy時間 前

    Michael?engaged Luke?dating sierra Ashton?red hair Calum?blue hair Me?crying Hotel?trivago

  4. slippin stan

    slippin stan5 時間 前

    I've been crying about this girl for almost the same amount of time that our relationship lasted😂every night for the past 6 months I've been In agony over a relationship that lasted 8 months

  5. Yadira Garcia Coca

    Yadira Garcia Coca12 時間 前

    No puedo superar esto

  6. Lorena Garcia

    Lorena Garcia13 時間 前


  7. zeus niedo

    zeus niedo22 時間 前

    2019 everyone?

  8. Mawi Xuala

    Mawi Xuala23 時間 前

    Septe,15,9,2019-Time,1.06,im lonely

  9. Yana Paguio

    Yana Paguio日 前

    Me: *is crying over this because of a relationship i never had*

  10. Juan Pablo

    Juan Pablo日 前


  11. Erin Hall

    Erin Hall日 前

    This reminds me of my late jack Russell puppy Billy, I miss him so much :'(

  12. Teegan Bentley

    Teegan Bentley日 前

    This song still makes me cry😪

  13. Rosa Scarlet

    Rosa Scarlet日 前

    So this song is about a girl who has left the guy and now is happy with some other guy. So now he wants to wake up with amnesia so that he could forget the pain and the trauma that caused him when she left. He looks at old memories and pictures and thinks that she left him so easily so did she really loved him like he loved her? They had dreams and plans but she left him and pretended that she is sad but quickly moved on to some other guy and claimed to be happy. So he is questioning that why only he till now feels the pain. Also there are three girls in the video so the fourth girl is recording everything I guess. Really a great and meaningful song.

  14. charlie #bravesound

    charlie #bravesound日 前

    I can‘t believe I‘m still crying about the same guy I was crying about when this was released lmaO

  15. bram Mesland

    bram Mesland日 前

    She texted me: it's over you don't even care about me Me:if what we had was real how could you be fine cause i'm not fine at all i told everyone and my Brother said: it's oké put your phone down she was already not a good person for you and i cried harder she forbidden me to hang out with Friends and now i hang almost every day out but i'm still heartbroken😥😪💔

  16. Hannah Vance

    Hannah Vance日 前

    anyone listening in 2019?

  17. team brandon

    team brandon2 日 前

    This makes me miss the old 5 seconds of Summer

  18. Carmen Saravia

    Carmen Saravia2 日 前


  19. Taerrific pjms

    Taerrific pjms2 日 前

    8th grade me was sobbing so hard to this

  20. σlíνισ σlινєιяα

    σlíνισ σlινєιяα2 日 前


  21. kirstin hobs

    kirstin hobs2 日 前


  22. Ayaan Afzal

    Ayaan Afzal2 日 前

    Still crying

  23. RTX RBX

    RTX RBX2 日 前

    This kind of hurts me, I miss my crush, I left the country at summer

  24. Lane Miller

    Lane Miller3 日 前

    This song reminds me of my 2 bffs that died the first one died from a car crash I miss him :( the other one sleep walked and his door was opened and he got ran over from a truck I just hope he did not feel pain yet forget me I miss them :(

  25. curryna ;

    curryna ;3 日 前

    they’re so youngggggg omg

  26. fefe

    fefe3 日 前

    Stills a good song anyway

  27. fefe

    fefe3 日 前

    I would like to know why all the songs I used to listen to has become my story lol

  28. hayley 2019

    hayley 20193 日 前

    This used to be on replay in my ipod touch😂😍😍

  29. Tasya Ptr25

    Tasya Ptr253 日 前

    After 5 years ago, I can't stop listening this song. Because this song is very good, nice to hear, always imagined and the meaning is very fitting for people who find it difficult move on. Ps: akhhhh I really miss you guys :(( btw your faces are very cute in this video :)

  30. Nana rain

    Nana rain3 日 前


  31. Cloud Kicker

    Cloud Kicker3 日 前

    One of my fav. I can still listen it in 2019,2020 and coming years of my life

  32. Julia Stevens

    Julia Stevens4 日 前

    Life is. Great

  33. sevenan

    sevenan4 日 前

    im thinking about you L.

  34. Lea Arellano

    Lea Arellano4 日 前

    ... I wish I could wake up with amnesia. 💔

  35. mun zz

    mun zz4 日 前

    2021 here anyone like if us still here it on 2021

  36. Aljan Cuya

    Aljan Cuya4 日 前

    Sept 2019 anyone?

  37. Eddie knotts

    Eddie knotts5 日 前

    This the first I’m listening to this song completely LMFAOO

  38. Solange Otrilla

    Solange Otrilla5 日 前

    OMG Ashton is so cute and perfect !!!!!

  39. Arpit Jawalkar

    Arpit Jawalkar5 日 前

    I wish I can have the Girl of My dream back in my life. I am writing it here because I want to let this out.. I miss you My Papiya 😔

  40. Lexi Parker

    Lexi Parker5 日 前

    2014 crying to this song 2019 still crying

  41. Speedster Wolf

    Speedster Wolf5 日 前

    2014 was the good year istg

  42. celyn Ja

    celyn Ja5 日 前

    캘럼 잘생겼노

  43. celyn Ja

    celyn Ja5 日 前

    4명다 애기애기 하네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  44. Tayli Morgan

    Tayli Morgan5 日 前

    There hair was so luscious like dude CALLUM AND ASH like what heck cutiesssss and baby Luke

  45. Yuno ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Yuno ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ6 日 前

    You know exactly where u where when u first listened to this song when u where in your feels


    KKENNEDYY6 日 前

    i have been up all night holding my best friend while she cry’s on my shoulder after losing her dad...

  47. Jesse Mandella

    Jesse Mandella6 日 前

    When you win your first solo win in fortnie

  48. Two Crazy

    Two Crazy6 日 前

    Alguien 2019? Yo amo esta cancion uwu

  49. Kashif Ali

    Kashif Ali6 日 前

    After watching *Fifty Shades Of Grey* "I Wish that I could wake up with Anestisia"

  50. scp-overweight

    scp-overweight7 日 前

    I thought this was that creepy thing

  51. Ems

    Ems7 日 前


  52. NirmaLa Sari

    NirmaLa Sari7 日 前

    2019 and still crying?

  53. Rahmi Putri Emnur

    Rahmi Putri Emnur7 日 前

    9/9/2018 still my favorit song

  54. Biakmawia Pachuau

    Biakmawia Pachuau7 日 前

    Still remember the day you told me you were leaving....

  55. hemmoindaeyo

    hemmoindaeyo7 日 前

    i miss 2014 5sos 🥺

  56. hey man

    hey man7 日 前

    I think I’m the only person listening to this that’s not crying.

  57. Lea Pasion

    Lea Pasion7 日 前

    Crying harder than girl cry 😵😳😭😫

  58. Emily Long

    Emily Long8 日 前

    Who else misses the old 5SOS 😭😭😭 👇🏻

  59. trixieanne lustado

    trixieanne lustado8 日 前

    I want to forget a stupid things

  60. Daniels Atobatele

    Daniels Atobatele8 日 前

    2019 life still sucks... oh well see ya'll next year