5 Reasons Why The REVERIE ARC Will Be Amazing - One Piece Chapter 903+


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    *BDA Official Discord invite:* discord.gg/Kp2S9Bg discord.gg/YjW2et3 is no longer working.

  2. Haris Vassios

    Haris Vassios2 年 前

    What if ,after Cobra dies, Vivi recommends Luffy for the next king of Alabasta (in the papers of cource not practically)...that justifies Cobra's dialogue with Vivi regarding her choosing a suitor as well as Vivi pairing with Luffy and Luffy gaining territory... Its just something i thought just now and dont really believe it will happen or lead to anything substantial but i do think oda could do something like that

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    This video is FIRE!!!!! Love It!!!!!

  5. Josh W.S

    Josh W.S2 年 前

    im thinking another military draft to make up to 10 admirals to fill the power vac of the shichibaki

  6. Dedoria

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    Your analysis is fucking awesome dude

  7. Chrisfragger1

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    If I owned a house and sold or gave that house away 30 years ago. I cannot just go back to this house I used to own and take it over...

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    luffy senpai!!!

  9. Rocks D Boat

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    Considering the love Oda has for Game of Thrones I'm getting deep Eddard Stark vibes with Cobra, dude's gonna get his head chopped off for digging too deep into "secret royal affairs"!

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    Great Video Brago! Are you the 5th Yonko now?

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    Love the Vid Brago, but there's one thing you missed,... C P 0

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    The intro is lit

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    Yo is your intro mazoku Yusuke and Katakuri?

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    LOL Pell and Chacka are going to be revealed to be part of CP0 agents who are sent to spy on Alabasta royal family.

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    ya diggg

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    7 Super Vice Admirals and Upgraded Pacifistas Brago

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    I'm mostly excited for the Reverie because Monkey D. Dragon tho.. He better be there lol

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    ElfenLiedLucy yeah he will be

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    1.5billion. Luffy. 5th.

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    This chapter is fucking nuts what the actual fuck

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    That intro is lit

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    if doffy and kata ever fought it would be one of the best anime fights in history unless we see two yonko fight

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    Chapter is out!!!

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    Chapter's out and please Brago l i v e s t r e a m t h a t s h i t n o w

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    Chapter was amazing 💯

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    alert!alert!alert! Chapter 903 IS OUT!!!!!!

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    903 is out!!!! Jaiminis

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    Lookin forward to Shorahoshi in Reverie, remember Caribou was ready to snitch like ya boy did to Smoky on Friday

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    chapter is out. its the best since kaido reveal.

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    LMAO: Cuzzo, I'm starting to wonder if you be wearing your One Piece stocking cap, backwards? 😆

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    Chapterrrrrrttttttrrrrrr isnoutttttt at jaimini

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    Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the next chapter is fire (i read the spoilers and it was worth it)

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    Where at

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    nvm the chapter is out!!!!!

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    Chapter is out brago

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    Lol f*** the reverie we going to wano

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    The Reverie will put the anime back on Toonami!!! MARK MY WORDS 😐🔥✍🏼

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    Yes Sir 😎7

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    Eiichiro Oda keep it up Oda. I will continue to expect greatness from you!

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    Eiichiro Oda 😂😂💀

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    I think JPreporter reverie next month a bit too soon but I guess yall can go over whole cake and what we learn in coming weeks.

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    THE CONFIRMATION. BIG FUCKING NEWS <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="147">2:27</a>

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    when bravo tweets i stop beating my meat and go on yt yeet

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    That intro.... DAMN

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    Next Reverie at Brizzys!!!!

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    Beware of spoilers everybody!

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    Spoilers are out and if its true wow

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    Clutchest JPreporterr fasho. Just walked out the door to go to work. And my journey is about 25 minutes 😩😩😩🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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    I was just about to say where is that intro??? 😱 And now you need a shirt that says "ningens" lmao

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    Can’t wait for your reaction when this chapter is translated you guys are either going to be so piss off or very happy hyped and confused 903 could be the chapter of the year

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    Chapter is out!

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    go check out flying panda he predicted all of this 3 months ago

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    BungeeBoy some of them will be pissed. It makes sense to me but they will question it so much

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    I dont think they'll be pissed. It makes sense.

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    yo please take extra care to not spoil yourself maybe for the comments

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    Anyone else watching this in 2016?

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    okibumfl who watching in 1345

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    Gerard w. Hehe thanks bro

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    Nami.D.Busty yes, it’s cool to get it right again

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    Yooo my boi panda with the prediction👌

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    FlyingPandaTV / One Piece Theories flying panda you is katakuri bruh u predicted 1.5 billion bounty 3months ago