5 Gamers vs 1 Fake Gamer | Odd Man Out


  1. Philip Stilwell

    Philip Stilwell8 ヶ月 前

    Hi everyone thanks for watching the video if you watched it. I directed this episode so if anyone has any questions about how it was made or what I’m doing rn at my desk for work let me know or reply with “hey” if you want to say hi or whatever, bye thank you.

  2. cris midnight

    cris midnight日 前

    I would like to know, how can you tell that a person is a gamer? For you to be a gamer does it require PC or console only? Because I was being mock by someone I know behind my back.

  3. Woolf Girl_124

    Woolf Girl_1242 ヶ月 前


  4. Tcg1921

    Tcg19214 ヶ月 前

    Did Nola secretly get a share of that cash because she deserved it

  5. Bruno Chinchilla

    Bruno Chinchilla4 ヶ月 前

    Nola Carried

  6. o HeLoCaRo o

    o HeLoCaRo o4 ヶ月 前

    NOLA should have gotten money

  7. AliciaBrownSugar

    AliciaBrownSugar7 時間 前

    Love how the girl gamers got voted out and the one who actually exposed the mole and picked up on the mole and showed knowledge on the game got voted out. Like, she actually listed champions she played and what roles they were...smdh. I bet I'd get voted off if I said I play OW & VR Games even if I listed all the heroes in OW and what roles I played...smdh... sexist. "Girl gamers don't exist..."

  8. Speedy Boi

    Speedy Boi11 時間 前


  9. Reol Choi

    Reol Choi日 前

    Just because they did the T-Pose or know the emote doesn’t mean they are gamers..

  10. Noxijamer

    Noxijamer日 前

    This is literally among us

  11. Skippysgotmail

    Skippysgotmail日 前

    I could just feel the "try hardness" resonate from Nola

  12. oliver max

    oliver max2 日 前

    They dont deserve the money

  13. Eun Woo

    Eun Woo2 日 前

    I think i know why they voted that girl out they are scared of what the girl is gonna question them and make them sus at all. Its not even fair

  14. KJ SINGH

    KJ SINGH2 日 前

    So this is like the Among us game See imma gamer........

  15. Marc Debés

    Marc Debés2 日 前

    Those guys are crap. They don't deserve the money

  16. Julian Joensen

    Julian Joensen3 日 前

    10:00 that`s a gamer moment

  17. Dumbin theHouse

    Dumbin theHouse3 日 前

    There is 1 imposter among us

  18. Alex Fergus

    Alex Fergus3 日 前

    There are no Veronicas in Until Dawn

  19. vFreeAim-_

    vFreeAim-_4 日 前

    nola was annoying but she should’ve won cause she got the mole out her self tbh

  20. De La Pena, Jaime

    De La Pena, Jaime4 日 前

    To know who’s a gamer or not just ask them if they’re loners and if they are then they’re gamers

  21. Verbalicous !

    Verbalicous !5 日 前

    That was not cash money :(

  22. Kaitlyn Pleasants

    Kaitlyn Pleasants5 日 前

    The smell of B.O. in that room must have been so LOUD

  23. Corey Halford

    Corey Halford5 日 前

    My favourite game will always be Mario galaxy 1 and 2 best games I've ever played anyone agree

  24. wt f

    wt f5 日 前

    What? She's never had a game advanced?!?! A revolutionary console made my the Nintendoes!!! Not. A. Gamer!!!!!

  25. max52321

    max523215 日 前

    This is why we need bullies

  26. Nami

    Nami6 日 前

    The lady did all the work and these useless pathetic guys just stood there and got all the money. Ok.

  27. Andrea Jimenez

    Andrea Jimenez6 日 前

    He was a gay-mer

  28. VANITY

    VANITY6 日 前

    ⬜️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬜️ ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️ ⬜️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬜️

  29. VANITY

    VANITY6 日 前

    Bryce arguing with sayin its Veronica the 3 bois: “T”

  30. Gigatn

    Gigatn7 日 前

    Can we point out the girl who literally answered to "What's your rank" :" Master's at best" she ain't a gamer c'mon

  31. scumbag stonie

    scumbag stonie7 日 前

    Epic Gamer Moment kicking out the one person that carried them

  32. spaluci

    spaluci8 日 前

    After playing among us for a week i can feel that girls pain

  33. GradeFtt 123

    GradeFtt 1238 日 前

    so not having a game boy advance means your not a gamer. That makes no sense, they dont even sell those anymore. they are very hard to get

  34. bisexual horse

    bisexual horse9 日 前

    those guys made me cringe with the t pose ewww

  35. Rice Cum

    Rice Cum10 日 前

    They did not deserve that money tho

  36. shinbu121

    shinbu12110 日 前

    She was right in the humble bundle tho, why vote her out haha

  37. chrqvity :D

    chrqvity :D10 日 前

    Nola is SCARY. how did they even have the confidence to kick her out? also it was so obvious she’s a gamer, like seriously?

  38. Sonam Jhaa

    Sonam Jhaa11 日 前

    h a i 💕✨🤪✌️🌈🥺🌻🥳

  39. TypicalNora

    TypicalNora13 日 前

    this was so stereotypical. they just eliminated everyone that didn’t look like a typical gamer

  40. Rett Mast

    Rett Mast13 日 前

    How did they get zero gamer card

  41. Arash Shadravan

    Arash Shadravan14 日 前

    Nola and Bryce be arguing but da boi be vibin

  42. Liam Inc.

    Liam Inc.14 日 前

    From the start it was very obvious who the mole was

  43. 69clan

    69clan14 日 前

    that outro was so cringe i feel bad he was so worried LOL

  44. Mace LeBouef

    Mace LeBouef14 日 前

    Real gamers know kunami code

  45. DØLØ

    DØLØ15 日 前

    Hell yeah! Die hard KH fan here, got Sora tatted on my right shoulder

  46. Link 24

    Link 2415 日 前

    Congratulations to those who won, well deserved

  47. Need Friends

    Need Friends15 日 前

    Jessica is in masters!?!?! Wtf, just by the way she sounded she sounded like she was in iron 😂 “At best mastersssss” “the turret thing” “farming” wtf😂😂 You have to have sooooo much knowledge being in Plat and she talks like that in Masters??? Btw masters makes up like the top 2-3% percent of people playing competitively.. maybe even less. I’m in diamond and literally thought she was the mole when she said that. She sounded like Masters is no big deal “at most Masters” 😂😂 bro you’re practically saying you’re challenger and one of the best players in the world. No hate it’s just this game is VERYYYY competitive and complex and you need to know a lot to get out of bronze and silver let alone gold, plat, diamond, masters, and challenger 💀

  48. AB Marchand

    AB Marchand15 日 前

    i died when they started arguing about until down 😂

  49. iSeaBlu

    iSeaBlu15 日 前

    yooo it’s i5K

  50. yeah y

    yeah y15 日 前

    My favorite part was when the virgins let out their inner comedian and t posed that was funny as fuck lol LOL hahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 it was even funnier when they kept doing it over and over and over and over and over and over again lmfaooooo hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  51. Jolyne Dev

    Jolyne Dev16 日 前

    yoo is that i5k

  52. Jaaziar

    Jaaziar16 日 前


  53. MC Mokujin

    MC Mokujin12 日 前


  54. Irsyaad Kenway

    Irsyaad Kenway16 日 前

    No one play CS:GO?

  55. MC Lord Farq

    MC Lord Farq16 日 前

    Battledome is really hard to heat ngl

  56. Plush ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Plush ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ16 日 前


  57. Playgamerbox745 :3

    Playgamerbox745 :316 日 前

    1:08 the way Bryce stood there, kinda give it away

  58. BurntToastyくらぶ

    BurntToastyくらぶ16 日 前

    The girl should have had the money she discovered the mole she’s the true gamer the winners are noobs bro 😑

  59. Wakuwaku Guy

    Wakuwaku Guy10 日 前

    the girl didnt let anyone esle talk, while other 3 are trying to converse, she got facts wrong and trying to be aggressive. so she out

  60. Aaa

    Aaa16 日 前

    Calling yourself a gamer if you play video games is like calling yourself a guitarist if you know how to strum to smoke on water or wonderwall.

  61. useless secondary account

    useless secondary account17 日 前

    Pro tip for ya: get real gamers

  62. MC Mokujin

    MC Mokujin17 日 前

    YOOO IS THAT I5K??!??? 0:14

  63. Maria Buoro

    Maria Buoro17 日 前

    I love the music they put when they were arguing the others are there watching like.🙄🙄😏😬

  64. Kripon

    Kripon18 日 前

    i already knew when he answered the first question "iloveblood3000" like what KEKW

  65. offsid popsie

    offsid popsie18 日 前

    **there's no Veronica**

  66. []Raider0uinn []

    []Raider0uinn []18 日 前

    Wow- my fav is resident evil- their favs are so different uwu

  67. Noodle Dragon

    Noodle Dragon18 日 前

    There is always someone or some people in these videos who doesnt really deserve the cash

  68. Mazin Ahmed

    Mazin Ahmed18 日 前

    God I hate this episode. The three winners didn’t deserve it, Nola was really annoying (even though she should’ve won), and the mole could not be more obvious.

  69. Frenczx Zen

    Frenczx Zen18 日 前

    When three twenty year olds who still t pose amazing

  70. Jacob

    Jacob19 日 前


  71. 255kx

    255kx19 日 前

    Idk why everyone is mad bec they voted the girl who made them win *they r games what did u except???*

  72. Hey_

    Hey_19 日 前

    NovaLightSky did awesome no lie.

  73. Stefani g

    Stefani g19 日 前

    I wouldn't kick her after she quoted so much knowledge about other peoples favorite games lmao

  74. 255kx

    255kx19 日 前

    *I would honestly vote her out she has too much power*

  75. boss vuciterna

    boss vuciterna19 日 前

    this video makes me so angry

  76. boss vuciterna

    boss vuciterna19 日 前

    what selfish 3 fuckers in the end

  77. mrAngles

    mrAngles20 日 前

    Lol, go see the minimum wage workers episode, girls did the exact same thing and called it "girl power" just spotted this in the comments and went to watch that video, you know how its funny Here everybody is crying sexism but I don't see that in the minimum wage video. DOUBLE STANDARDS is always funny Yes, there are a bunch of people complaining about what the girls did. it was crappy (just like these guys) But not a single one about them being sexist, but its what everyone in this comment is saying rather funny. and shows a lot about today's society

  78. Hahwh Zhgsgs

    Hahwh Zhgsgs20 日 前

    This video is cringe

  79. Samir Geiger

    Samir Geiger21 日 前

    So is noone gonna talk about how the first girl wasnt the mole? "A lot of farming... uh and turrets too". I mean was she actually masters?

  80. Almond_Dart8108

    Almond_Dart810821 日 前

    I automatically knew the ginger guy was a gamer if he knew t pose😂

  81. AlienInterest

    AlienInterest21 日 前

    ok i hate that Nola was voted off but Finn is just vibin

  82. Hi! My name is Dawn

    Hi! My name is Dawn21 日 前

    One dude looks like he sits on the couch and eats Cheeto’s all day. 😂

  83. IlIlIl

    IlIlIl21 日 前

    Barely talk at all, vote the person who got the mole. Virgin blood pact wins.

  84. TheNinja778

    TheNinja77821 日 前

    Overwatch 👁👄👁

  85. Mr Mobile

    Mr Mobile21 日 前

    59% people are here because of sssniper wolf

  86. Gritmtastic

    Gritmtastic21 日 前

    Bruh 5:19 kinda cracked me up

  87. Rzxvng

    Rzxvng21 日 前

    Them 3 guys who won are hella smart letting the woman find the mole then kicking her out to get more money for themselves

  88. Voli

    Voli21 日 前

    2:50 no way is she master if she calls out 2 most played starter champs and says "turrets". I understand ashe because she was really op then but like come on lol

  89. AveryPlays Roblox and More!

    AveryPlays Roblox and More!21 日 前

    A lot of boys think girls aren’t gamers but that’s not true :(

  90. Milena C.

    Milena C.21 日 前

    The three guys at the end are the reason why a lot of girls don’t turn their mics on in multiplayer games, bc we’ll carry them and then they’ll tk us 😤🙄

  91. Sina Miah

    Sina Miah21 日 前

    Honestly props to Nola for questioning the other girl bout the games so she could get a better idea if that girl is the mole, but also allow the girl to prove that she’s not lying. I feel that when she says she forgets everything under pressure

  92. Andrew Lai

    Andrew Lai22 日 前

    Bryce and Nola should marry hahahaha (i know he's probably gay, just kidding)

  93. JoJo's Cultist Leader

    JoJo's Cultist Leader22 日 前

    they look like your average redditors

  94. Chariot

    Chariot22 日 前

    7:00 fights there's no veronica 3 guys just standing Tpose

  95. Jennie Plays

    Jennie Plays22 日 前

    these last three boys they probably know each other ,and the kicked the girl just because to take the money all to their self. thats just my opinion

  96. Ashbrringer

    Ashbrringer22 日 前

    Not really fair towards Nola, she basically revealed the true mole, and was voted out..

  97. Innocent L

    Innocent L22 日 前

    Reason why they voted off Nola: Nola was suspicious of Bryce since the first round and immediately questioned him about after dawn, a game she also likes. Bryce gave an Incorrect answer which made her more suspicious therefore confident that he’s the mole. If you were the three winners you couldn’t look up who the Asian girl in after dawn was so they had three options: 1) Vote off Bryce cause he gave a wrong answer and Nola tried to show it. 2) Vote off Nola cause Bryce gave a correct answer and Nola tried to make it seem that he was the mole by arguing or 3) Vote them both off for 100% safety (Or you could be Finn and think that the mole is still in the box after both suspects got kicked out wait wtf)

  98. Innocent L

    Innocent L22 日 前

    The intro shows 7 people when there’s only 6

  99. Lord_Starkiller

    Lord_Starkiller22 日 前

    I'm seeing a lot of hate for the three dudes at the end but Nola was being wayyy too aggressive. I would've voted for her too because in some of these the most aggressive/talkative one is the mole.. also I don't play until dawn or league so I would have had no idea if either of them were right. It has nothing to do with the fact that she was a woman.

  100. OneTrickH

    OneTrickH22 日 前

    You just know that they are gamers, because they can't handle a conversation.

  101. Sasikumar Shamiksha

    Sasikumar Shamiksha22 日 前

    WAIT A SEC HMMmMmM -_- the intro has seven humans but it is only six humans :> LOL

  102. Izzy Animates

    Izzy Animates22 日 前

    I honestly see both sides of this argument. On one hand, Nola carried the whole team yet they still had the audacity to finish her at the end, but on the other hand, Nola was WAY over the top when she talked to the mole. Like they tried to say let's move on, but she just really wanted to destroy this poor guy so bad lmao Now do I believe they were sexist doing this? A little bit but probably cause I'm a woman (not a feminist though) BUT while she was arguing, it was obvious they formed a friend circle. I think she deserved the win for her hard work, but she was trying a bit too hard to the point it made everyone uncomfortable.. Sorry this was long but this is my honest opinion and pls don't attack me lmao

  103. Izzy Animates

    Izzy Animates20 日 前

    @mrAngles yeah for real but people are just so sensitive now n days 😅

  104. mrAngles

    mrAngles20 日 前

    thank you ! what they did was rather really crappy, but it isn't what gamer wouldn't. I get why people say its sexist but I think its a bit crazy. Yes, they might have been, but not in the way these people are making it like some equality thing/feminist patriarchy thing.

  105. Trust aint Real

    Trust aint Real22 日 前

    nah bruh the yellow blue guy is an complete fortnite diehard fans that searches on incognito ninja and dr.disrespect romance breeding

  106. Jasiyer Gamer

    Jasiyer Gamer22 日 前

    **random t-pose intensifies**

  107. Husky

    Husky22 日 前

    Bryce is a the uglier Lil Huddy and he dos not look like a gamer at all

  108. Paw

    Paw22 日 前

    Whos the biggest virgin competition

  109. Carmel_ QUACK

    Carmel_ QUACK22 日 前

    The most put together one I think..? IDK MAN OKAY??

  110. Uri Sarmiento

    Uri Sarmiento22 日 前

    UGG I hate those 3 now Im a fan of Nola