49ers vs. Saints Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2019


  1. taher tufenkeji

    taher tufenkeji2 時間 前


  2. Brian Andrade

    Brian Andrade5 時間 前

    I see critics and Chiefs fans say "Garrapolo only made 7 pass attempts in the NFC title game, he's not capable of winning in a shootout". Well here's your proof

  3. Shakester71

    Shakester7112 時間 前

    Sanders shouldn't have had a TD. Instead of going for an easy tackle, Bell goes for the strip and gets nothing but air and Sanders ends up in the end zone. He should have been tackled at the 11 yard line. I see this in every game.

  4. Shakester71

    Shakester7112 時間 前

    If the Super Bowl is half as entertaining as this game, America's gonna get one hell of a show.


    LOYAL 2 THE SOIL15 時間 前

    So much pass interferences against the niners weren’t even called .

  6. Brandon Deoliveira

    Brandon Deoliveira22 時間 前

    If only they got the two point conversion

  7. Dunn Alison

    Dunn Alison日 前

    Jimmy G’s Performance Kinda Reminded Me Of A Classic Playoff Brady Performance.

  8. Ammar Alha

    Ammar Alha日 前

    One of the best games this season

  9. RAIDERS 24

    RAIDERS 24日 前

    6:20-6:30 they didn't show the 49er TD

  10. Andy Lam

    Andy Lam日 前

    The 49ers secondary ain't that good if their front 4 can't get pressure. Patrick Mahomes is going to expose them in the SB.

  11. Brian Andrade

    Brian Andrade5 時間 前

    Lmao this was when Tarrt was out, and Witherspoon was starting over Mosely not to mention we didn't have Dee Ford and Alexander. If you came to here to do some scouting 👀 you should realize this was a banged up 9er Defense. This game also proves Garrapolo and the 9ers Offense can beat you in a Shootout in hostile noisy environment. Shanahan will use his full playbook against the Chiefs

  12. Pier Graham

    Pier Graham日 前

    49ers are gonna stomp the Chiefs.

  13. VaChiefin

    VaChiefin日 前

    Here scouting Jimmy G for my Chiefs. 😮

  14. no one

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  15. Delvon Robinson

    Delvon Robinson日 前

    Who here after the 49ers won the nfc championship game

  16. Andrew Cordova

    Andrew Cordova2 日 前

    But jimmy can't throw lol



    Should’ve been a holding call, but good game to the 49ers they played tough

  18. Connie K

    Connie K2 日 前

    I was at buffalo wild wings when this game was on... my fiance a cowboys fan don't like the saints (because one of his friend is a die hard saints fan and he kept rubbing it on my fiance's face) and was rooting for 49ers... I'm also a 49ers fan we stayed there through the whole game... we were literally on the edge of our seats scared and excited lol I was like 49ers lost they're gonna lose, but my fiance was like nope they're going to win.. and what do you know they won.. everyone at BWW was rooting for 49ers and we live in Kansas lol.

  19. Chris Wyatt

    Chris Wyatt3 日 前

    Best game in the last 10 years, just think they would have never been here if colin were there quarterback.



    This was the best Niner game of the regular season in my opinion

  21. akamouse100

    akamouse1003 日 前

    8:29 OPI shouldn't had a fg

  22. Anonymous Anonymous

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  23. Seitrey King

    Seitrey King3 日 前

    Came here before the big game tomorrow

  24. Phixation

    Phixation4 日 前

    No defense on either side. Still don't know why NO went for 2. 49's 2nd TD big time pushing off. First turnover, Sanders should have caught that. Big time pass interference on fake punt by NO. Personal foul on 22 for NO, bad call. Bosa and Kittle are BEAST'S. I wish the official's were as good as both these teams.

  25. The Luke Show

    The Luke Show4 日 前

    They didn’t show the Niners td

  26. Jeff Garcia

    Jeff Garcia7 日 前


  27. crispy

    crispy7 日 前

    49's v Titans Super Bowl - my guess before the Conf Championships, lets see.

  28. Henry Wkmon

    Henry Wkmon7 日 前

    Now, if u want to no the truth about the whole darn thing between the two- powerhouse! This is our year baby, The 49's

  29. Eric Henry

    Eric Henry7 日 前

    This game came down to whoever had the ball last would win. Kittle is a beast.

  30. Jerome Penn

    Jerome Penn8 日 前

    Such a great game that I watched from start to finish!! This is such a special team!!#NINERNATION

  31. Henry Wkmon

    Henry Wkmon9 日 前

    C u all at the winning circle chumps, I mean champs!!!!! ☯️

  32. Henry Wkmon

    Henry Wkmon9 日 前

    My, 49's since 65 years ago! Wouldn't trade those boys' inn for nothing! To be the man, you got to beat the (Man); (sha-zam) tht my coach new name (sha-zam) we going all the way- up! 😎🤠🤓🔫

  33. Henry Wkmon

    Henry Wkmon9 日 前

    The Best game ever this year! Between two Superbowl champions, the 49's and the Saints 🤪

  34. MarioEaglesFan 700

    MarioEaglesFan 7009 日 前

    What a h*** of a battle

  35. Razia Rahman

    Razia Rahman10 日 前

    9:23 could not believe that is not a flag

  36. TheOneAndOnly

    TheOneAndOnly日 前

    Razia Rahman well my good sir, if I may explain to you the rules of football. In a fake punt scenario, there is no such thing as pass interference for the outmost receiver. This is because if there was such a thing, every team would fake a punt and it would be an easy way to draw a flag. The man blocking the gunner has no way of knowing if it is a pass or fake, therefore pass interference does not apply for him.

  37. Shantel Fullerton

    Shantel Fullerton10 日 前

    I know the best way to watch it live this year. Look for ScreenVariety Tv mates!

  38. Jeff Thayer

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  39. Prince Blancarte

    Prince Blancarte10 日 前

    Best game of the season ☝️

  40. GR1M

    GR1M11 日 前

    Niner Nation bay bay

  41. bhongtastic

    bhongtastic11 日 前

    Regular season game of the year.

  42. James Moore

    James Moore11 日 前

    in chael sonnes words. just how good are the forty niners...

  43. L Vaj

    L Vaj12 日 前

    9ers secondary did not look good


    BANG BANG 9ER GANG #49ERS12 日 前

    Thats why saints lost to Vikes


    BANG BANG 9ER GANG #49ERS12 日 前

    The curse of Ted Ginn Jr.. Hes talented but man is cursed

  46. Ed Kama

    Ed Kama12 日 前

    11:41 god damn that boy is fast

  47. mkellsoo24

    mkellsoo2412 日 前

    These Refs will not stop cheating the Saints, WTF is going on!

  48. freeweights101

    freeweights10110 日 前

    How. U was told millions of time it was not pi and it was explained

  49. The Lord of Shadows

    The Lord of Shadows13 日 前

    9:15...No flags? Now watch their game with the Seahawks...no flags at that pass interference that would have given Seahawks that victory.

  50. tom thorn

    tom thorn13 日 前

    Bill Belichick is arguably the greatest coach of all time and HE personally picked Jimmy G to replace Tom Brady as his quarterback! That's pretty high praise! LOL He was forced to trade him by Robert Kraft so he went out of his way to send him to the best possible team and he chose the 49ers!! The 49ers and their fans have yet ANOTHER GREAT quarterback who will be going to the Hall of Fame and will be winning some more trophies for this team! Years from now people will laugh at how stupid Robert Kraft was for letting this guy go!!! I wouldn't at ALL be surprised to see Jimmy bring three more trophies back to San Fran!!! He will surpass Steve Young in the greatest 49ers quarterbacks!!

  51. Anthony p

    Anthony p14 日 前

    Imagine saying Niners got lucky will beat them at the NFC championship game and loss to the Vikings not even making out there😂😂 saints fans yall deserved both the L's for the cockiness 😂😂

  52. Mike DeNicola

    Mike DeNicola15 日 前

    I honestly wonder if this New Orleans loss to San Fransisco honestly foreshadowed, The Saints falling and choking to the Minnesota Vikings a few weeks later in the Wild Card Playoffs, which happened only yesterday??

  53. TheRealYoshi

    TheRealYoshi15 日 前

    5:39 This game is bonkers! 😂

  54. Clutch Boy

    Clutch Boy15 日 前

    why do refs hate the saints

  55. Luis Alvarado

    Luis Alvarado16 日 前


  56. Isidro Villegas

    Isidro Villegas16 日 前

    Who here after the saints lost

  57. gor9027

    gor902716 日 前

    I’m here bc the Saints (maybe) overlooked the Vikings and we probably won’t get a NFC title game this good with the Seahawks and Packers as the only teams the Niners could face in two weeks.

  58. Chukky

    Chukky16 日 前

    I guess we won’t be getting a rematch in the playoffs😅

  59. Arthur Anderson

    Arthur Anderson8 日 前

    @Left Turn Productions [LTP] Lol...nawww. It's RED 'n GOLD going to the bowl for that SUPER GOLD!!!😉😉

  60. Left Turn Productions [LTP]

    Left Turn Productions [LTP]9 日 前

    @Arthur Anderson You get to play GB. It's a green and yellow ticket to the Super Bowl.

  61. Arthur Anderson

    Arthur Anderson9 日 前

    @Chukky Yep!! And thx to Titans we need not worry about the Ravens either. BUT the next weekends game...lookout. Seattle or GB!!! HOPE WE PLAY GB.

  62. Chukky

    Chukky9 日 前

    Arthur Anderson Niners did their part but the Saints choked against the Vikings lmao

  63. Arthur Anderson

    Arthur Anderson9 日 前

    Nope! We WON'T

  64. Stephen D. Van Kooten

    Stephen D. Van Kooten16 日 前

    Best one 49ers Oakland Raiders

  65. Adrian Ro123

    Adrian Ro12317 日 前

    Great game for both teams

  66. 卩尺ㄖㄒ乇ㄩ丂

    卩尺ㄖㄒ乇ㄩ丂18 日 前

    Anyone notice #43 is the same guy that allowed for the Minneapolis Miracle to happen?

  67. Dallas Myers

    Dallas Myers18 日 前

    I have a feeling that was a classic game and I'm glad I got to watch it. This season has been incredible.

  68. sausau ia

    sausau ia18 日 前

    The people's tight end. Bang bang