45 missing children recovered during largest statewide anti-human trafficking operation in Ohio


  1. amataratsu006

    amataratsu00612 時間 前

    propaganda.... if it was real, I am sure we could see thier faces. They display criminals faces for less!

  2. maddy d

    maddy d日 前

    Why is it so hard to give Ghislaine Maxwell a life sentence? These people are caught and handcuffed, with such ease.

  3. Sia Gats

    Sia Gats日 前


  4. Sara

    Sara2 日 前

    Praise God! God bless our law enforcement agencies¡!!!!!!! It's time to pay!!!!

  5. Tina Franklin

    Tina Franklin3 日 前

    Why do they get the kindness of having their face blocked out?

  6. S P

    S P3 日 前

    Just put them thru a wood chipper

  7. No Face

    No Face3 日 前

    No wonder Ohio voted trump.

  8. Jay D

    Jay D3 日 前

    I never saw this on Network news wtf not suprising

  9. Anita Dutzler

    Anita Dutzler5 日 前


  10. Janet Jackson

    Janet Jackson5 日 前

    America needs to fall...

  11. christin pope

    christin pope5 日 前

    last sentence should have read " the next door you knock on could be an officer waiting to KILL you"...sick, evil lowlife basturds

  12. ocean386

    ocean3865 日 前

    God bless the heroes who rescued these children!!! ❤️💙💜💛💚

  13. Nicole Villarreal

    Nicole Villarreal5 日 前

    Thank God🙏 Imagine the mental pain that these children will have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Traumatizing experiences. Thank u for getting these pedophiles off the streets💖

  14. John c Oddity

    John c Oddity6 日 前

    Most of this is FAF

  15. Katherine Andrades

    Katherine Andrades6 日 前


  16. Sarah Savarino

    Sarah Savarino6 日 前

    Our officers are true guardians of the innocent!! I wish everyone would see the selflessness!

  17. Lisa Stevens

    Lisa Stevens7 日 前

    Save our children

  18. Derf the Khemist

    Derf the Khemist7 日 前

    Don't blur the faces we wanna see these terrorist

  19. wytwabit

    wytwabit7 日 前

    I think there should be a death penalty for trafficking children and stealing their childhood. If death was the penalty, that might be a good deterrent.

  20. Rubi Bolivar

    Rubi Bolivar7 日 前

    Dont even forget all this under the presidency of Trump. God bless America and the president re-elected Trump

  21. Saint Walker

    Saint Walker7 日 前

    If these were blk men their faces would not be blurred. The complexion for the protection.

  22. tracy michaelsen

    tracy michaelsen7 日 前

    drain the swamp

  23. I N

    I N8 日 前

    All white. Also why are you telling them your tactics? We all know you are part of the ring and are eating a piece of the cake.

  24. cant stopthemusic

    cant stopthemusic8 日 前

    was wayfair shipping them

  25. Richdollabill

    Richdollabill8 日 前

    Good job people..u police afr doing good work. Keep it up and leave us black guys out of it.

  26. Shawn R

    Shawn R8 日 前

    Blurred faces...lol. If they were black they'd be showing individual mugshots.

  27. Texas Antiaging Center

    Texas Antiaging Center8 日 前

    thats exactly waht i was thinking. these discusting people..smh

  28. Delirium Dream

    Delirium Dream8 日 前

    Ewww those men were so scary and ugly looking how nightmarish for me imagine how bad it is for the kids and it’s not in the news intentionally people are starting to wake up

  29. dora brown

    dora brown9 日 前

    Any good news or what trump do for the country is showing up because all channels news are against trump

  30. Monique Jeffery

    Monique Jeffery9 日 前

    Thank God! This she be on a national tv!

  31. Jill Harding

    Jill Harding9 日 前


  32. Melanie Moodley

    Melanie Moodley9 日 前

    Check this out jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-olWGxcBvQ-Y.html

  33. McconnellsTRUMPUTINinc

    McconnellsTRUMPUTINinc9 日 前


  34. McconnellsTRUMPUTINinc

    McconnellsTRUMPUTINinc9 日 前


  35. Ana Grey

    Ana Grey9 日 前

    Am I the only person confused, as to why this was not BLASTED on all Channels, Paper and ALL social media, With their FACE in 3D!!?!

  36. Sweet Tee Lemon

    Sweet Tee Lemon10 日 前

    Now take the operation to Washington DC to the Clinton residents. How many will be recovered then?

  37. Barbara H

    Barbara H10 日 前


  38. Wendy S. King

    Wendy S. King10 日 前

    THey need to be castrated and sentenced to death immediately! THey are murdering these children - totally destroying their lives.

  39. Cool Clide

    Cool Clide10 日 前

    There face should be shown

  40. Knc Delivery

    Knc Delivery10 日 前

    Look your local propaganda media hates this coverage

  41. Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall

    Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall10 日 前


  42. Dire Wolf

    Dire Wolf10 日 前

    Death penalty for all of them..

  43. Daniela Williams

    Daniela Williams10 日 前

    Creepy Joe doesn't care about this. Stop the steal!

  44. Heidi Pomeroy

    Heidi Pomeroy10 日 前

    Keep up the good work. These people don't belong in society.

  45. greenladee

    greenladee10 日 前

    Good work keep rescuing those poor babies and catching those monsters.

  46. Latanya Bowens

    Latanya Bowens10 日 前

    I'm happy on kids getting save amen thanks for the police

  47. Bee J

    Bee J10 日 前


  48. Abdullahi BrightTuber

    Abdullahi BrightTuber10 日 前

    Why I don’t see this every where imagine if this was one of our children or your sister and brothers . Stay safe out there people and watch your kids all time .

  49. Another GaAcct

    Another GaAcct10 日 前


  50. helal tariq

    helal tariq11 日 前

    Epstein didn't commit suicide.

  51. Linda Scheele

    Linda Scheele11 日 前

    Praise God those babies were set free

  52. Sandra Onorati

    Sandra Onorati11 日 前

    God bless the people who saved these children. Bravo 🙏

  53. Kristina M Flynn

    Kristina M Flynn11 日 前

    People are highly disturbed to even think of having anything sexual to do with a child that sickens my stomach. God will punish them for sure!

  54. Sheilah Dang

    Sheilah Dang11 日 前

    What a deception. The United States traffic's children everyday, all day long through the family courts. I speak the truth. This is done for government funding and various incentives. Countless babies and youth are handed over knowingly to pedophiles/so called care givers who abuse, rape, mentally and or physically torture these little helpless souls. The proof is abundant while they comment atrocities with impunity. These demons will be made to pay. To all the victims know that we are fighting for you. may The Almighty One give us strength and aid

  55. Nona McCollough Lang

    Nona McCollough Lang11 日 前


  56. P G

    P G11 日 前

    Great job!

  57. Sylvia Street

    Sylvia Street11 日 前

    You’re right Earth ocean, the faces of these monsters should be shown! We the people need to see who they are!

  58. Joshua Holt

    Joshua Holt11 日 前

    Awesome keep up the Good work Law Enforcement .. i support our cops for legal activities and not illegal harrassing individuals and envading on the rights.

  59. Dannunaki Fuque

    Dannunaki Fuque11 日 前

    819 pedos thumbsed this down.

  60. Lilihilou

    Lilihilou11 日 前

    Do you wanna know what is behind this child trafficking, souls offerings. If we talk about founding fathers vision, this is going towards wrgong plans, watch Myron Fagan: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-KrUXPn7HCjM.html

  61. Juan Gomez

    Juan Gomez11 日 前

    So this is real? I always thought it was what happened in movies

  62. Kenny Barton

    Kenny Barton11 日 前

    Two things good job law enforcement second is they won't let me thumbs up your video

  63. Bismillah Rabbani

    Bismillah Rabbani12 日 前

    Oh now you finally start telling about this. smh

  64. Consuelo Varela Narvaez

    Consuelo Varela Narvaez12 日 前

    Thank you

  65. Godismercyful2012

    Godismercyful201212 日 前

    We need to see their face

  66. lia lorenzo

    lia lorenzo12 日 前

    that means level zero out of the entire country is 0hio

  67. Rob Zombie

    Rob Zombie12 日 前

    45 kids safe from joe👌

  68. Amanda White

    Amanda White12 日 前

    Thank goodness police officers 👮🏼👮🏿and everyone else that was able to hear them get safe in August 13 of this year 2020 I was finally able to get of a very very bad abusive group home I am in a new 1 now and I am safe and it’s very Close to my wonderful family thank you so much to everyone that keeps everyone safe god bless you all

  69. LaToya Hodges

    LaToya Hodges12 日 前

    Not playing the race card but if a black man was arrested for anything. His face is never blurred out on the news media. Thought I'd point that out.



    You wont see it on mainstream news... They don't want you to know the truth. Follow the Pizza, Ice Cream & Hot Dogs....

  71. Sheila Pickard

    Sheila Pickard12 日 前

    Sick,sick,why disgusting

  72. daniel rodriguez

    daniel rodriguez12 日 前

    This is big news why haven't we seen this in the main media. I think I know why because the people at the very top are pedophiles.

  73. Jessye Roux

    Jessye Roux12 日 前


  74. Tracy Birden

    Tracy Birden12 日 前

    Yay save those precious babies 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊

  75. Aidan Gasoul

    Aidan Gasoul12 日 前

    This is very bad news for Joe Biden. He lost his date for tonight.

  76. vin judah

    vin judah12 日 前

    Click bait! We want the real traffickers...The elites of the world. Stop trying to redirect the attention.

  77. Joyce Coker

    Joyce Coker12 日 前

    Thank you for returning the children to their family.

  78. St 1111

    St 111112 日 前

    You know if they did something like this in India I think the world would be horrifically shocked just how many pedophiles are running around in that country that country is full of a bunch of sick motherfuckers

  79. Teresa Kenton

    Teresa Kenton12 日 前

    Thank you Trump administration for supporting this with funds to save these children.

  80. brown power ranger

    brown power ranger12 日 前

    Thank you

  81. Arpi Tarkhanian

    Arpi Tarkhanian12 日 前

    Why are we not hearing this through CNN and other social media????? Why is this such a kept secret?... Trump did talk about it and brought it to the surface and they tried shutting him down and suddenly everyone is against trump❗️❗️ What a corrupt world we live in ❗️❗️

  82. Christina Lucero

    Christina Lucero12 日 前

    Get those disgusting humans!!



    anybody who gets caught doing this stuff deserves to get turned out in jail

  84. Sharon Stanley

    Sharon Stanley13 日 前

    Jesus we pray for continued rescue for children and innocence world wide. Thankyou for hearing our prayers. We command PAEDOPHILIA EXPOSURE AND JUSTICE BE DONE WORLWIDE IN CHRISTS NAME AMEN

  85. Cavalli Davis

    Cavalli Davis13 日 前

    Save our Children!

  86. Bawldy- NOT!

    Bawldy- NOT!13 日 前


  87. Robs c

    Robs c13 日 前

    Was Archie amongst them?????

  88. windows10suxalot

    windows10suxalot13 日 前

    Now that Biden/Harris are in charge surprisingly we will start finding less missing children 😢

  89. Arienne Barrow

    Arienne Barrow13 日 前

    Thank God and God bless all the police officers that were involved catching these sickos and garbage to America that hurt children. I just want to know why can't the traffickers and the dirty cowards that take advantage of the children get harder and longer sentences??? That is a life long tragedy for all the kids that were harmed by the trash of these kids.


    QUANTUM ARMY13 日 前

    this is just the start world..wake up and pick sides..we going world..its live


    QUANTUM ARMY13 日 前

    about time there doing there job...knot stoping until all woman and childern are found..we are at war with this blockchain..mission taking over the world killing 1 diddler at a time..eye for an eye..gov,T keep the energy up..or the new Kov.std on big data will be leaked..Active Knights Lights and speed..

  92. billyum braskey

    billyum braskey13 日 前

    Did they get Podestas and Clintons, also???

  93. 0n3 D33P

    0n3 D33P13 日 前

    It's a lot of this going on in Dallas ya have these mojos taken advantage of kids to make

  94. MilesLover03

    MilesLover0313 日 前

    This needs to be on the news

  95. All Nine Livez

    All Nine Livez13 日 前

    More kids would be rescued if the media did their job. Instead "orange man bad".

  96. missy leroy

    missy leroy13 日 前

    Joe Biden there to?

  97. Anela Tea-ana C

    Anela Tea-ana C13 日 前

    Somebody said these Trump children after seeing the video I said I doubt that

  98. Sheila Fort

    Sheila Fort13 日 前

    We hope that the Human/Child Trafficking will still become a Continuum. No matter who's in office. And not be Ignored.

  99. Jodii Capo

    Jodii Capo13 日 前

    I'm getting videos from 13 years ago youtube do your job and reccomend this for everybody how is child trafficking going under the radar like this smh

  100. Bill Williams

    Bill Williams13 日 前

    This right here is the one reason is join law enforcement this right here😡

  101. Navajo Auckland

    Navajo Auckland13 日 前

    Hang them then burn their remains