4 Pieces by Ludovico Einaudi | Relaxing Piano [20min]


  1. Viktoria Naprutkina

    Viktoria Naprutkina11 時間 前


  2. Russ Carl Moret

    Russ Carl Moret13 時間 前

    You play this with such understanding of what the music is about.Great feel.Really enjoyed listening!

  3. Ghislaine Arvik

    Ghislaine Arvik16 時間 前

    Those fingers on the keys are floating like a dancing river

  4. Disnaida Paulino

    Disnaida Paulino17 時間 前

    I loved this video...I cried with the last one... touch my heart.... you play amazing... I'm really amazed :)

  5. Lil Riv

    Lil Riv19 時間 前


  6. Karla Ramirez

    Karla Ramirez21 時間 前


  7. presentacion valenzuela

    presentacion valenzuela日 前

    Brilliant. So beautiful.

  8. Herr Rabe

    Herr Rabe2 日 前

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  9. Spypota

    Spypota2 日 前

    Listening to this on a rainy night and they bring tears to my eyes. So much emotion but eventually it's love and happiness. Thanks for your great work.

  10. tram le

    tram le2 日 前


  11. gloria capriles fanianos

    gloria capriles fanianos3 日 前

    Like si lo estás escuchando en cuarentena y te pone triste la situación que estamos viviendo

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  14. Carminha Piñeiro

    Carminha Piñeiro6 日 前

    I think I've never felt this peace before. Just wonderful...

  15. Inemesit Eton

    Inemesit Eton8 日 前

    I've fallen in love with his fingers and I have no idea who he is.

  16. Silvinha

    Silvinha18 時間 前

    @Vaishnavi Patil can you explain what is "dp", please? Thanks!

  17. Vaishnavi Patil

    Vaishnavi Patil7 日 前

    You can see him in the dp.

  18. Carrie Lim

    Carrie Lim7 日 前

    same here

  19. Pritha Bhunia

    Pritha Bhunia9 日 前

    U killed it man ..superbb..loads of luv from INDIA

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    Kenny Vawter2810 日 前

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  23. William Bernal

    William Bernal10 日 前

    perrea papi perrea , suena muy bien, curiosamente you tube no inunda de basura publicitaria estas rolas , si te gusta ludovico dale , acercate a mi pantalon dale ..

  24. Emma Pello

    Emma Pello10 日 前

    Es tan bello de escuchar que emociona.

  25. julieth rosas

    julieth rosas11 日 前


  26. Cihat Akkuş

    Cihat Akkuş11 日 前

    this piano music make my soul feel as a flying bird in the sky...God bless you

  27. eva veronica

    eva veronica12 日 前

    Love this music. I feel relaxed and my daughter sleeps right away when we listen to this one. Only irritating thing is the JPreporter adds in between.

  28. Bad Apple

    Bad Apple4 日 前

    Hypothetically if I was a ad would you skip me ahaha

  29. vilma rodriguez

    vilma rodriguez13 日 前

    Chopin o no !! Lo Más importante es el maravilloso sentimiento que produce ! No existen palabras para expresar la belleza

  30. Siren Williams

    Siren Williams13 日 前

    I Giorni is used to making a new Bengali SONG. That is the reason this melody was so familiar to me.

  31. Nina Fenati

    Nina Fenati14 日 前

    lindo, classico e inovador.

  32. Agustin Mansilla

    Agustin Mansilla14 日 前


  33. Elizabeth Tran

    Elizabeth Tran14 日 前

    I absolutely love your playing, I can hear and feel your passion and emotion in the music. I purchased your tracks on iTunes but my iTunes won't let me play them for some reason, so I just sit on this JPreporter page and replay it over and over again. Good for view count. :)

  34. J Z

    J Z14 日 前

    How anyone could possibly 'thumbs down' this video is beyond me........or should I say, beneath me!

  35. Die Schau-Christi-Ausdehnung-Ein-Kurs-in-Wundern

    Die Schau-Christi-Ausdehnung-Ein-Kurs-in-Wundern15 日 前

    great Channel

  36. Ishie Perls

    Ishie Perls15 日 前

    I like

  37. Jibon Babu

    Jibon Babu15 日 前

    Thik emon ebhabe..tui theke ja shobhabe..chor arindam

  38. chicagofan76

    chicagofan7616 日 前

    Put me to sleep in 10 minutes. That’s a good thing.

  39. rbert ss

    rbert ss16 日 前


  40. rbert ss

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  41. foongching soo

    foongching soo17 日 前

    Thanks for the nice piano song.

  42. Gabriel Sampaio

    Gabriel Sampaio19 日 前

    A vida é como um piano.as Teclas brancas representam a felicidade e as pretas a angústia. Com o passar do tempo você percebe que as teclas pretas também fazem música.

  43. Lola Jørgensen

    Lola Jørgensen21 日 前

    You play with so much sole. Love it! My favorite piano play Nuvole Bianche - your versionis wonderful Maby youcompose you self? If you do pls. post it, when you can play others music with this much feeling, I would for one love to hear you play you own.

  44. ScaeanGate

    ScaeanGate22 日 前

    Beautiful playing of beautiful music. And now I want to buy one of those pianos.

  45. Su Pro

    Su Pro23 日 前

    sonidos que elevan el alma a los ilimitados estadios del cielo. gracias.

  46. Sheena Stewart

    Sheena Stewart23 日 前

    Wow! Positively gorgeous! I love to listen to this while I am writing my novels. I find it so soothing and inspiring. Excellent job!

  47. Tylak

    Tylak23 日 前

    you have beautiful hands


    Rosa DOMINASTUDIO23 日 前


  49. Tatin Bhowmick

    Tatin Bhowmick24 日 前

    Bengali One Song Copy this Giorni Music... Song:-Thik Emun Evabe

  50. Nina Zhang

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  51. Feminax V2.O

    Feminax V2.O24 日 前

    put the lights off, i can see clearly the good times and the bad times at the same time... thank you.. hatur nuhun

  52. SFPA Studio

    SFPA Studio20 日 前

    sunda gening mang

  53. Rakesh Patel

    Rakesh Patel24 日 前

    So had you on a JPreporter playlist whilst I was relaxing. I couldn't tell this was you until I saw the screen. You sound exactly like him. You can often tell when it's someone else, but this sounds spot on! Do you write your own music?

  54. Mikael Oterhals

    Mikael Oterhals24 日 前

    I make original piano music and piano covers. It would mean the world to me if you spent a few minutes to check it out! jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-g__sPfl8Zi8.html

  55. Antonino Imanuel Piano & Orchestra Music

    Antonino Imanuel Piano & Orchestra Music24 日 前

    very good work! enjoy the music from my channel too :) •*¨ ♫ *¨*•.¸ .•*¨*♫♫ ♥ ♫ *¨*•.¸ .•*¨*

  56. Sancar Ceylaner

    Sancar Ceylaner24 日 前


  57. Isaiah Smith

    Isaiah Smith26 日 前

    Here you go, Hope it helps :) 00:02 I Giorni 06:50 Le Onde 12:00 Una Mattina 15:25 Nuvole Bianche

  58. Frida Aguilar Per

    Frida Aguilar Per26 日 前

    Como se llama la cancion del min. 16:30

  59. Luca Melfitano

    Luca Melfitano15 日 前

    nuvole bianche

  60. eXplorer

    eXplorer27 日 前

    Good movie!

  61. Mauricio

    Mauricio27 日 前

    20 min de musica e propaganda no meio não dá

  62. Nature Music

    Nature Music29 日 前

    The song is very nice, I like it, how about you?

  63. Family Critchfield

    Family Critchfield29 日 前

    Me as I'm trying to sleep to this music: Ad: HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED- Ye okie I'mma turn dis off now That was me saying goodnight Goodnight!

  64. Bxjqbdjq dkqbxkwbfkwbf :0

    Bxjqbdjq dkqbxkwbfkwbf :029 日 前

    I already know how to play the last one, but my goal is to be able to play all of these by the end of the year. Hopefully I can do it ^^

  65. Ben

    Ben15 日 前

    im stuck on the last bit of the first half. you can do it.i learned perfect in 5 minutes (you wont believe me but whatever)

  66. Limke Casemier

    Limke Casemierヶ月 前

    I love this kind of music,enjoyable

  67. Adriana Gil Solorzano

    Adriana Gil Solorzanoヶ月 前

    Oh! Está pieza es mágica! La sientes hasta en los huesos. Thank´s Jacob.