4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  1. Movies HD

    Movies HD2 時間 前

    At least she puts hot sauce instead of ketchup 😂🥫🌶

  2. Beau Artzer

    Beau Artzer2 時間 前

    No one Level 3 chef I pick my egg from a egg tree on Neptune at the perfect time when the star b3-92 passes the center of the B3-43 galaxy and the universe grown for 3.1 nano second then is transferred to the kitchen I made out of wood all the way from the moon 58*9el3039 and then is treated with a special treatment on Jupiter

  3. EdgeTo Everything

    EdgeTo Everything3 時間 前

    Nooo what happened to the scientist

  4. Violet Julianne

    Violet Julianne3 時間 前

    nobody: level 3 chef: *i dont go to sleep until i know all my eggs are grow*

  5. Violet Julianne

    Violet Julianne3 時間 前

    0:27 who tf is that.....? that is not my usual gran sis

  6. L J

    L J4 時間 前

    It's a scientific fact that lefty's cook better

  7. NACHOhuevon1

    NACHOhuevon14 時間 前


  8. Armeezy Kunzu

    Armeezy Kunzu5 時間 前

    I don't know. I like how sophisticated the level 3 Chefs are. They used simple ingredients, I mean, not a huge variety, but very specific like Italian parsley, which I don't really care...BUT LORENZO HAS TO BE MY ALL TIME FAVORITE! Everything about him and his food man!

  9. Qualah M

    Qualah M5 時間 前

    she said “UN-QUAIL” when talking about the eggs 😂 Ok no? I guess I’m the only one one who noticed lmao

  10. ToffeeCakes

    ToffeeCakes6 時間 前

    Lorenzo is best 100% final answer.

  11. Bob ibn

    Bob ibn6 時間 前

    Level 2 is always the best cause none wants to breed their own cow for level 3

  12. Bob ibn

    Bob ibn6 時間 前

    Who's this food scientist

  13. Hazel

    Hazel6 時間 前

    I always want outsiders to taste test and guess which is which and/or rate their favorite. Find out what the people really like! 😉

  14. Hazel

    Hazel7 時間 前

    Who doesn’t add milk to their eggs??

  15. Y A

    Y A7 時間 前

    I feel like I am a combination of all three when I cook

  16. TurboAalgaEntertainment

    TurboAalgaEntertainment7 時間 前

    I think Emily put hot sauce on her omelete just because she likes hot sauce, not because it neutralises some of the salty taste from the salt..

  17. yaboisaf 3301

    yaboisaf 33018 時間 前

    i love the dramatic stick extension

  18. Teddington Bear

    Teddington Bear8 時間 前

    Hi I'm faggy boy and I'm a level 4 chef. Why? Because I know the only way to cook a good omlette is to use the techniques of a level 100 chef; Jacques Pepin.

  19. BoB n fishy

    BoB n fishy8 時間 前

    one had bacon. he's the winner.

  20. Jade Dallion

    Jade Dallion8 時間 前

    Lazy way: Crack an egg into a microwaveable bowl and "cook" it in the microwave. Get that rubbery and light taste and add the bacon!I like the level 1 Omelet: Simple and easy. Level 2 maybe but I like the Chef's zeal. Level 3 Too much herbs.But I'm a scrambled eggs kind of a gal. Great vid!

  21. Tim Liu

    Tim Liu9 時間 前

    Level 4: are you smart enough to piece it together and try your own hypotheses? Level 4 is the best!!!!! Copy the techniques from level 3. But make your own decisions using the information from level 4. Level 4 is gangster.

  22. Nero Rojas

    Nero Rojas9 時間 前

    Level 3 omelet had my mouth watering

  23. Torrey Jones

    Torrey Jones9 時間 前

    Surprisingly, I've seen worse omelets, and even Emily did well this time. One of the few times I'd say "Yes, I'll eat that" to something Emily's made.

  24. Noonymous

    Noonymous10 時間 前

    I’m gonna add in a generous pinch of my fresh herbs... *_adds basically a handful_*

  25. Lysergicidal Maniac

    Lysergicidal Maniac10 時間 前

    BUTTER! God I always expect someone to say margarine. Thank god not here.

  26. ShojoBakunyu

    ShojoBakunyu10 時間 前

    I still wish the Scientist tried the food.

  27. CountdownSmiles

    CountdownSmiles11 時間 前

    Level 2 chef is my fav

  28. *AI Duty

    *AI Duty11 時間 前

    No one: Literally not a soul: Emily: so I found this cheese laying in my grandpas dog house-

  29. Martin Law

    Martin Law11 時間 前

    These recipes are a little too elaborate. Delia Smith's excellent omelette recipe takes about 60 seconds: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-AJ2uBYCVHik.html

  30. Nikolai Belinski - Raiden

    Nikolai Belinski - Raiden11 時間 前

    The home cook version looks more appetising than the expert one

  31. Bailey Brogan

    Bailey Brogan12 時間 前

    Anyone else stop watching immediately when the "scientist" comes on? No cook, no opinion.

  32. Sharkus

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  33. DrowsyStars AJ

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  34. Paul allen

    Paul allen13 時間 前

    Level 2 for me goat cheese tastes like a barn floor

  35. Paul allen

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  36. Beenz

    Beenz14 時間 前

    Barb's omelet looks like that healthy version you never want to eat.

  37. Mr. Jordan

    Mr. Jordan16 時間 前

    level 3 isnt looking delicious

  38. CaYlYa

    CaYlYa16 時間 前

    That’s a young scientist, she must be very smart

  39. Caden Young

    Caden Young16 時間 前

    I’ve lost all faith in Emily after the ketchup incident

  40. Natasha Zinzan

    Natasha Zinzan16 時間 前

    nobody: *lorenzo: so im going to start with bacon*

  41. pseudop

    pseudop17 時間 前

    raw vegetables make omelets soggy but not high moisture goat cheese?

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  43. starbucksprincess

    starbucksprincess17 時間 前

    LORENZO NEEDS HIS OWN SHOW! I’ve said it in every video he’s been in in hopes SOMEONE from food network will notice

  44. J M

    J M17 時間 前

    Just thought I know how to cook omlet then saw chefs cooking... panic mode 50% .... saw this science stuff we need to remember panic mode 100%..😅 well I concluded I don't know how to cook omlet

  45. Michael Thomas

    Michael Thomas18 時間 前

    Where tf is the 4th level of omelet?

  46. Pyrus McDougz

    Pyrus McDougz18 時間 前

    idk why but that food scientist pisses me off !

  47. smart one

    smart one18 時間 前

    I’m sure level 3 tastes fine but it looks horrible compared to the other two.

  48. Somali Pirate

    Somali Pirate18 時間 前

    Nobody: Frank: I birth and butcher my cows

  49. Zubair 93

    Zubair 9319 時間 前

    Don't forget the BACON folks.

  50. xX_Savitar_Xx -

    xX_Savitar_Xx -20 時間 前

    This Is the least generic level 3 chef ever

  51. Arnav Rawat

    Arnav Rawat20 時間 前

    Lorenzo is a beast for level 2

  52. Noor Ahmed

    Noor Ahmed20 時間 前

    Amazing BTW I can make all three omelettes🌟🌟

  53. 666 Noel

    666 Noel20 時間 前

    I Litterly Just Watched This Then Right After That We Had Omelet For Dinner

  54. blue Flames

    blue Flames20 時間 前

    Nobody: Lorenzo: omg WOOOOOOOW!

  55. Leonaidas Yexel Gabral

    Leonaidas Yexel Gabral21 時間 前

    food expert: Eggs are composed of two different parts me: testicles and pen*s? food expert: the egg white and the yolk

  56. Dancho Danchov

    Dancho Danchov22 時間 前

    where is Rose??

  57. selena gomez tapi fake

    selena gomez tapi fake22 時間 前

    5:26 if you think that laugh is creepy, you should hear mine

  58. Planet Art

    Planet Art日 前

    Level 2 looks best, level 1 was OK too, but I really hated the level 3 one 😂

  59. David Chestnut

    David Chestnut日 前

    I HATE Lorenzo, get that guy outta here. His energy is annoying.

  60. Kei

    Kei日 前

    I hope lorenzo never runs out of recipes so we can see him forever

  61. sharita sarmah

    sharita sarmah日 前

    I loved Lorenzo's omelette 👌👌

  62. Jayden Domenech

    Jayden Domenech日 前

    Level 2 chief had the best looking one

  63. Taneleer Tivan

    Taneleer Tivan日 前

    Wheres the food expert?!!!

  64. kira berg friis

    kira berg friis日 前

    Leve 3

  65. Amresh Kumar

    Amresh Kumar日 前

    What is this, omletto de universtei ...... ??

  66. Android3k

    Android3k日 前

    Everytime I make an omelet it ends up as franken scrambled eggs.

  67. Mark C

    Mark C日 前

    Hi, I'm Marq and I'm a level 99 chef.

  68. Ernesto Vladimir Aguilar Paravicino

    Ernesto Vladimir Aguilar Paravicino日 前

    i prefer the chinese guy one

  69. DRK_V1RO

    DRK_V1RO日 前

    dad:son who do you want to be when you will be older me:i want to be lorenzo dad:why me:because il be happy

  70. Daniel Lugo

    Daniel Lugo日 前

    Wow I've been doing this for 30 years I gotta say the first 2 "chefs" really suck!

  71. FinallyAFreeUsername

    FinallyAFreeUsername日 前

    That's... not a Spanish onion.

  72. Figmental

    Figmental日 前

    Well... I guess I have been making omelettes (and yes that is the CORRECT spelling) wrong all this time: 1. Crack eggs into bowl 2. Remove shell from egg mixture because it is inevitable that some will get in (life hack: wet the tip of your fingers before trying to get the shell out, it makes it so much easier!!) 3. Add salt and lots of pepper, and a splash of milk (trust me) 4. Chop up fillings (usually all colours of capsicum) 5. Add in filling 6. Using small whisk, whisk everything together 7. Melt a small amount of butter in the pan 8. Pour in omelet mixture and let cook 9. When it is only slightly jiggly on the top, slide omelet out of the pan and onto plate making sure to fold it as you slide Eat!

  73. ailatoivay

    ailatoivay日 前

    im glad she didnt put ketchup in there

  74. duolingo bird

    duolingo bird日 前

    Why dose level 3 look so disgusting

  75. Bjørn Aslak Dallmann

    Bjørn Aslak Dallmann日 前

    Level 5: Nutritionist. Level 6: Holistic hipster gardener. Level 7: Food philosopher. Level 8: ... suggestions?

  76. Bjørn Aslak Dallmann

    Bjørn Aslak Dallmann23 時間 前

    Chicken Fight first thought that was an insult comment 😂

  77. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson日 前


  78. Chicken Fight

    Chicken Fight日 前

    your mum

  79. forgiveness denied

    forgiveness denied日 前

    $4 $8 $28

  80. Praesepi×

    Praesepi×日 前

    Oh god MOIST omlet



    I am a level suck my nuts i live in Japan and always have real wagyu in my fridge chef!

  82. Runjiazhang Gaming

    Runjiazhang Gaming日 前

    Gordon Ramsay has joined the chat

  83. Natalie Muñoz

    Natalie Muñoz日 前

    I love Lorenzo!!

  84. FLUX

    FLUX日 前

    This video made me really want an omelette

  85. Ricky Roma

    Ricky Roma日 前

    Level three omelet looks like dog sh#$

  86. Ricky Roma

    Ricky Roma日 前

    Hi I'm a level three chef, and a hard core Lesbion.

  87. John Currie

    John Currie日 前

    I just commented and my text was hijacked

  88. Sagn C

    Sagn C日 前

    But ultimately it's 11g protein per omlete.

  89. Hamburgerboi 18

    Hamburgerboi 18日 前

    I’m probably the only person here, but I wanna try Barb’s omelette

  90. Xpertality

    Xpertality日 前

    Hey Epicurious, I watched your 50 people try to make a pancake and thought that you could do a 4 levels of pankakes.. Anyway it's just a suggestion. I love this series so keep up the good work

  91. Ippiki Õkami

    Ippiki Õkami日 前

    But it's only three levels of chef... To say the science is the fourth is a sham, science isn't cooking... Not that it can be considered science either, as it's just discussing what's good with each one and cooking isn't a science, it's an art style and not because of the colours, but everything from presentation to taste palettes to even how it makes you feel

  92. I Don't Suck

    I Don't Suck日 前

    Nobody Absolutely nobody Level 3 Chef: At 3AM I like to grow my table because it’s more fresh

  93. Jayin gee

    Jayin gee日 前

    Then i make my own plates because Then i dont need to peel Then(?)

  94. Abdullah Al Sefat

    Abdullah Al Sefat日 前

    Lorenzo is the best

  95. habibtanos

    habibtanos日 前

    Level 3 is wrong on whisking, side to side is better .. its proven

  96. D Jaquith

    D Jaquith日 前

    Personally don't like my omelettes to taste like a bowl of potpourri. Worse the first thing in the morning I don't need exotic concoctions messing up my stomach.

  97. elias rolfsman

    elias rolfsman日 前

    is it only me that always think that the level 2 look the best?

  98. Bibsquid 707

    Bibsquid 707日 前

    I like that Barb’s omelet is vegetarian

  99. DDoms99

    DDoms99日 前

    Level 3 is pure unnecessary show off because nobody in their right mind would look for wild mushrooms and goat cheese for their breakfast omelette.

  100. May Day

    May Day日 前

    Finally a level 3 chef that doesnt say "I have been a professional chef for 4 years". at the beginning.

  101. utubesuxalotofazz

    utubesuxalotofazz日 前

    These videos are crap. There is almost nothing separating the cooks but ingredients and the top chef is pretentious. Most of the choices they make are based on personal taste and have nothing to do with food quality. The herb omellete has far too much herb in it. There is no way you can even taste the egg. The second guy would be fired from any breakfast place because he likes runny eggs. you know who doesn't like runny eggs? especially omelletes? Almost everyone. Also I am 99% sure the top chefs omelette is actually scrambled eggs. None of these actually look good and I would be upset getting that in a restaurant. The first one is fine as its a home chef. The second one is a mess as most of the ingredients were thrown on top for whatever reason. The third is scrambled herbs with egg. I only have a decade of experience but I have seen better omelettes at denny's

  102. New sub

    New sub日 前

    These are cool, but, I don't know how to *bold* letters in comments. Who knows?

  103. Shark Arnivore

    Shark Arnivore日 前

    Second one sounds the best. The "best" one probably tastes the worst. ha.

  104. angery dogger

    angery dogger日 前

    Emily's awesome, I bet it tasted great!