4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  1. Tanya G

    Tanya G4 時間 前

    I want to eat all three of those omelettes! Shouldn't have watch this hungry

  2. Harshit Negi

    Harshit Negi22 時間 前

    There would have been three musketeers if the professional chef was frank

  3. Phuong vy Nguyen

    Phuong vy Nguyen日 前

    I love the level 2

  4. Depressed Souta

    Depressed Souta日 前

    finally a lvl 3 chef that says "im a level 3 chef"

  5. Aman Vinod

    Aman Vinod日 前

    *I don't know about y'all but I think after this video I am pretty sure Emily is wifey material*

  6. Carlie Stratton

    Carlie Stratton2 日 前

    It’s confuses me so much, how is it 4 levels of cooking when there’s only 3 ???

  7. Logan Playz

    Logan Playz2 日 前

    Is it just me or does nobody watch the level 4

  8. Claire Brown

    Claire Brown2 日 前

    Lorenzo~#1 ...

  9. j

    j2 日 前

    Adding hot sauce for the saltiness of the ham? No your omelette is bland. Don’t try make it interesting by adding cholula hot sauce.

  10. j

    j2 日 前

    Where did you get the level 3 chef from? Only thing she could cook is a fry up with the amount of grease on that turkey twizzlers head

  11. j

    j2 日 前

    “I’m just going to add the fresh ‘erbs” it’s HERBS WITH A H

  12. j

    j2 日 前

    “Whisking side to side doesn’t really do anything for you” Proceeds to whisk side to side

  13. Emylia Nirwana Putri

    Emylia Nirwana Putri3 日 前

    I love lorenzo

  14. garv khullar

    garv khullar4 日 前

    Level 1 chef: looks like what you will make in hostel Level 2: what you will cook in you home, it is delicious and you won't hesitate to put more of anything in it. Level 3: what you get in a fancy restaurant for a hefty price

  15. Paolo Vincenti

    Paolo Vincenti5 日 前

    and then google Jacques Pepin omelette and see they are all wrong

  16. Ani Maxx

    Ani Maxx5 日 前

    Why does Lorenzo's recipe sounds like a Level 3 chef hahahaha

  17. Jeremiah Sherrill

    Jeremiah Sherrill5 日 前

    All three of you suck at making omelettes. They all look like straight up crap.

  18. Prasetyo Utomo

    Prasetyo Utomo6 日 前

    LOL, i just want to eat my breakfast with an omlet, But i just see the third style omlet, its look more fancy😂😂

  19. Emiliano Adame

    Emiliano Adame6 日 前

    Finally a level 3 chef that says she’s a level 3

  20. abdul rehman

    abdul rehman6 日 前

    Lorenzo,s omelet was looking fire

  21. Sam M

    Sam M6 日 前


  22. PixelHive MC

    PixelHive MC8 日 前

    Gordon watching these videos: well not bad and ugh terrible pro chef: that was mine... Gordon: then... Lorenzo: **Laughs Hysterically**

  23. Leah Nia

    Leah Nia8 日 前

    Level 2 looks the best

  24. ; D

    ; D8 日 前

    Every time I eat an omelette from a pro, they always use mushrooms😬🤢

  25. Rachelle Greene

    Rachelle Greene8 日 前

    They all look dry AF. None looks delicious, but the last one looks best.

  26. Hunyuan

    Hunyuan8 日 前

    6:52 Me in class secretly playing Fortnite during a lecture about the stone age:

  27. ChloeBx

    ChloeBx9 日 前

    w-wait emily didn't use ketchup *I L L E G A L*

  28. MAGS GamingXD

    MAGS GamingXD9 日 前


  29. Chopin Nocturne

    Chopin Nocturne10 日 前

    I love Lorenzo, he just enjoys his cooking so much that its inspiring.

  30. ReyX1991

    ReyX199110 日 前

    am i the only one who dices the ham, peppers and muschroom to very small peaces, cook them all up and then add the egg to mixture? i mean Emily's peppers looks pretty raw XD

  31. Shobana Iyer

    Shobana Iyer10 日 前

    Omg the way the level 3 chef cooked the omelet, mind blown 🤯

  32. Amets Johnston

    Amets Johnston10 日 前

    Nance I think I found Barb!

  33. The Beyonder

    The Beyonder10 日 前

    Am I the only who puts ketchup on 'em 😅. Ok I will leave *Cries in corner**

  34. Edwin Atwell

    Edwin Atwell11 日 前

    Did she really just say that egg yolks have carbs in them? Tf food scientist? 😂

  35. Regina Billotti

    Regina Billotti10 日 前

    They do have a small amount of carbs. (Average 0.6g per egg yolk)

  36. Kiel Gatchalian

    Kiel Gatchalian11 日 前

    I love the food scientist

  37. Misho Mishèv

    Misho Mishèv12 日 前

    The level 1 should be level 0

  38. Mr. Tomato

    Mr. Tomato12 日 前

    Is lorenzo filipino?? I guess so cause of his attitude so happy and he keeps on laughing

  39. JuLeX

    JuLeX13 日 前

    As soon as I saw Lorenzo i knew there were going to be red pepper flakes involved

  40. Furrane

    Furrane13 日 前

    I like how all those 3 guys are not even lvl 1 cooks. Pathetic.

  41. TB_Gamer101

    TB_Gamer10113 日 前

    Notice how she said I’m a level three chef. Almost all of the pro chefs don’t say that

  42. Phudge

    Phudge13 日 前

    I hate that my "level" of omelette is like a 1.5. But I cook a damn good omelette!

  43. Error Møønshiñe

    Error Møønshiñe14 日 前

    Legend says Frank is breeding chicken for the perfect omelette

  44. Noah Stepheson

    Noah Stepheson14 日 前

    who else skips the science level

  45. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama14 日 前

    The level one food always looks messy and the level three always looks way to plain. Level 2 is perfect always no matter who is cooking it

  46. James Reyes

    James Reyes14 日 前

    The god tier trio is almost complete, where is frank? Still raising the chicken which will lay the egg that he will use for omelette?

  47. Noah Miller Vlogs

    Noah Miller Vlogs14 日 前


  48. Gabriel Howell

    Gabriel Howell15 日 前

    "Hi, I'm Emily, and I'm a level 1 chef." "Hi, I'm Lorenzo, and I'm a level 2 chef." Hi, I'm Barb, and I'm a level 3 chef." *"Hi, I'm Xx_NoobSlayer69_xX, and I'm a level 99 boss."*

  49. Ray Black

    Ray Black15 日 前

    Emily didn't cook her peppers, not impressed

  50. It’sIzz

    It’sIzz16 日 前

    Is it me or did lorenzos omlet look the best?

  51. gsb

    gsb14 日 前

    You've never ate an omelette in your life

  52. ImperfectlyBri •

    ImperfectlyBri •16 日 前

    Tried to make the level three omelet and made level 2... IMA LEVEL 2 CHEF!!!! 🤣

  53. SCP 049

    SCP 04916 日 前

    Emily’s and Lorenzos look like omelets but the pro chef hers look like a Mc Donald breakfast burrito

  54. Cocktails & Consoles

    Cocktails & Consoles17 日 前

    I thought adding salt to eggs before cooking was a no-no because it causes them to become watery?

  55. Shivansh Tripathi

    Shivansh Tripathi17 日 前

    Where is level 4???

  56. Rishi

    Rishi18 日 前

    lorenzo gives off big uncle iroh vibes

  57. Bonnie Belmondo

    Bonnie Belmondo18 日 前

    Funny competition

  58. Anastazia Stiglitz

    Anastazia Stiglitz18 日 前

    now I understand why they hit cooking schools filled up, even a forth level don't know how to do excellently. Third omelet luck in second under layer of fresh tomatoes basil dill base!!! goodies, it is so obvious by taste!

  59. Red Phoenix

    Red Phoenix19 日 前

    The last chick made French omelette, AFAIK.

  60. HYHCOOLguy - Does Roblox and stuff

    HYHCOOLguy - Does Roblox and stuff20 日 前

    Every level 1 : hi im level 1 chef Every level 2 : hi im level 2 chef Every level 3 : so im basically a god of cooking

  61. Raghu Autar

    Raghu Autar20 日 前

    why is it 4 levels when 1, there’s only 3 dishes, 2, it only says up to level 3, and 3, the food scientist doesn’t even have a level thing

  62. 5K Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    5K Subscribers With No Videos Challenge20 日 前

    Level 2 and 3 should be swapped

  63. Panzerkampfwagen IV

    Panzerkampfwagen IV11 日 前

    shainii They made different styles of omelette. Lorenzo made an American style omelette, while Barb made a French omelette which is quite hard to do. But of course, it’s all about personal preference.

  64. moloko824

    moloko82420 日 前

    When scientist part started literraly everyone: *next video*

  65. Mira Tuleu

    Mira Tuleu20 日 前

    Lorenzooo, I can watch videos with him 24/7😻😻😻he should start his own channel

  66. The_Nights_Watch

    The_Nights_Watch20 日 前

    Level 1: A college student trying to impress their friends. Level 2: A BBQ dad you'd find at family events who enjoys cooking and spends way too much time on Facebook looking for recipes. Level 3: A professional chef that Gordon Ramsey would still scream at.

  67. Patience Wallace

    Patience Wallace21 日 前

    Who is this scientist I’ve never seen her

  68. Michigan Morningstar

    Michigan Morningstar18 日 前

    She's a librarian. Nothing to do because of stay-at-home order. The producer panicked when the food scientist called in sick so he called his cousin. So since she wasn't busy...

  69. tayya

    tayya22 日 前

    i cant with the “Level 3” chefs name 💀

  70. Funnyfresh420

    Funnyfresh42023 日 前

    ew... I guess id haave to go with 1 but no cheese? Hell no on the level 3

  71. Priscilla akosua Kyei

    Priscilla akosua Kyei23 日 前

    If it's not lorenzo berth or frank I just exit

  72. Hasna Salsabila

    Hasna Salsabila23 日 前

    i just dont understand emily. i think i can cook better than her

  73. Jerry’O

    Jerry’O23 日 前

    I’ll go with Lorenzo’s omelette 💪

  74. Aurora Sera Unal

    Aurora Sera Unal23 日 前

    Is it me or is lorenzos food looks more delicious and edible? Cuz the chefs is too gourmet and almost like vegetarian but lorenzos always got my back with them bacon 🥓

  75. magic pony9

    magic pony924 日 前

    Idk, i feel like this is a personal preference. There is no, like, “levels”.

  76. Адхщба ¿

    Адхщба ¿15 日 前

    With every level it kinda gets more complicated and fæncy

  77. Адхщба ¿

    Адхщба ¿15 日 前

    If someone gave you these omelettes, you would probably guess which one is which. Imho levels are comprised not only of personal preference (although it def plays a role) but also technique and, like, education? I’m not native I don’t know the word for what I’m trying to say lol

  78. Quynh Dao

    Quynh Dao22 日 前

    Well "perfection" in cooking is just the most accepted technique, both personally and scientifically.

  79. ben nassimi

    ben nassimi24 日 前

    Lorenzos love of food is amazing

  80. PotatoDog

    PotatoDog24 日 前

    This is how many times the level 3 chef said “Generous” | | v

  81. #JodeeBrokeIt

    #JodeeBrokeIt24 日 前

    I love level 2

  82. ziyad hunter03

    ziyad hunter0325 日 前

    what's the food scientist name?

  83. bill belly

    bill belly25 日 前

    that chick just made scrambled eggs

  84. Riyadh

    Riyadh25 日 前

    2:52 Double chiiiiinnnn😂

  85. Leyla Rustamova

    Leyla Rustamova25 日 前

    Lorenzo definitely won

  86. Nathaniel Herbert

    Nathaniel Herbert25 日 前

    why does the level 3 chef at 3:30 say eerbs like just call the herbs bro

  87. Hamza Ibrahim

    Hamza Ibrahim16 日 前

    oh in the US it's pronounced "erbs"

  88. symetik

    symetik26 日 前

    First girl made the best omelet... fite me