4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  1. GeloSlash 21

    GeloSlash 21時間 前

    Im level 0

  2. Hari Venkat

    Hari Venkat時間 前

    Level 1 topping not boiled and not combined. Level 2 and 3 looks good

  3. Dark Horse

    Dark Horse2 時間 前

    I was waiting for the dishes to be rated and a winner to be announced 🍳🍳

  4. Advyth

    Advyth6 時間 前

    Lvl 1 chef: tastes like garbage but okay Lvl 2 Chef: Looks and tastes good Lvl 3 Chef: Looks like my horses vomit and tastes like..... dogshit

  5. Daniel P

    Daniel P7 時間 前

    Level 1: *makes ordinary food* Level 2 *same thing but a little bit fancy* Level 3 m a k e s w h o l e d I f f e r e n t m e a l

  6. Justin Shivrattan

    Justin Shivrattan8 時間 前

    Level1:big sister Level2:big brother Level3:transgendered mother

  7. Jaden’s Shoes

    Jaden’s Shoes9 時間 前

    Guess this is what barb is doing in the upsidedown becoming a level three chef

  8. siddharth panchal

    siddharth panchal9 時間 前

    I never knew that one could do a Thesis on an omelette.

  9. Jessica Ooi

    Jessica Ooi9 時間 前

    Tbh........ I really don't like Lorenzo..... He is too attention seeking to me

  10. Cherry Angel

    Cherry Angel10 時間 前

    Yolks have some fat in them, too. It's why you don't want any yolk in your egg white if you're making meringue.

  11. min may Ngo

    min may Ngo11 時間 前

    please do tacos next

  12. Lizzy krueger

    Lizzy krueger11 時間 前

    Lorenzo’s looks the tastiest tbh

  13. EPMD Films

    EPMD Films11 時間 前

    1 honestly goes hard with the hot sauce

  14. James Smith

    James Smith12 時間 前

    That food scientist is cute af. 😍😍😍💕

  15. Erik Garcia Romio

    Erik Garcia Romio12 時間 前

    Lorenzo's for sure

  16. Blanca Rodriguez

    Blanca Rodriguez12 時間 前

    Idk why but i don’t trust this food scientist

  17. SimplySarah

    SimplySarah12 時間 前

    Level 3: I like to whisk my eggs with a home made wooden fork

  18. Sumomo momomo

    Sumomo momomo15 時間 前

    Level 2 always has the most appetizing looking

  19. Chow ?

    Chow ?15 時間 前

    i love emily she’s the best

  20. Jonathan Betz

    Jonathan Betz17 時間 前

    Put Ketchup and Cheescake in there.

  21. Emagns

    Emagns18 時間 前

    She might be an expert but I would not eat that 🤢🤮

  22. SuperNovaJinckUFO

    SuperNovaJinckUFO19 時間 前

    Why do the level 2s always look the best. Like, the level 3 is always trying to show off and make something "alternative"

  23. Dylan Reed

    Dylan Reed19 時間 前

    Level 3 over here over handling it

  24. Molly Demetria

    Molly Demetria20 時間 前

    I feel like the Level 1 prolly taste the best

  25. Unknown

    Unknown20 時間 前

    Why is a 12 year old explaining everyone's dish to me

  26. Avenexful

    Avenexful20 時間 前

    they reduced the moisture from food to make it less moist... every 60 seconds a minute passes in africa...

  27. Sebastian Vargas

    Sebastian Vargas22 時間 前

    Minus the veggies, Lorenzo’s looks the best, but level 2 always makes the best

  28. Yeah Buddy

    Yeah Buddy23 時間 前

    Salt desolves proteins? I need my proteins!!!

  29. Shalini Rana

    Shalini Rana23 時間 前

    Why are the level one chefs always so unconfident? Maybe level one means “I cook twice, maybe three times a week”

  30. PurplewolfyXD gachagirl

    PurplewolfyXD gachagirl23 時間 前

    level one:I bought the eggs from the grocery store level two:I got these eggs from uncles my farm level 3: *As a professional chef i raised my own chicken*

  31. Benjamin Liang

    Benjamin Liang日 前

    Barb uses hen of the woods mushrooms (I think)

  32. FelisTerras

    FelisTerras日 前

    Hands down, Lorenzo wins. You can't go wrong with bacon.

  33. Crisu20

    Crisu20日 前

    Lorenzo looks more pro than anyone over there

  34. ej velono

    ej velono日 前

    Im weirded out out of lorenzo cause he laughs that it is not funny

  35. غادة ثائر

    غادة ثائر日 前

    Lorenzo is something 😂 He is so energetic❤

  36. Cameron Arredondo

    Cameron Arredondo日 前

    Lmao I love the level 1 chef’s personality Pro chef: I am going to use wild mushroom and goat cheese Level 1: I got precooked ham

  37. I N S E C U R EE

    I N S E C U R EE日 前

    emily actually did ok for once

  38. Bevis Wu

    Bevis Wu日 前

    Dang the new food scientist is kinda cute

  39. Matheus Vidoti

    Matheus Vidoti日 前

    that piping bag was so useless

  40. Dodger

    Dodger日 前

    Lorenzo’s omlet looked fire 🤤

  41. SangYoon Park

    SangYoon Park日 前

    i honestly don’t understand why people complex dishes like this, an omelet is just like supposed to be an easy thing to make for like breakfast. I mean no hate no shade🤠

  42. Alex S

    Alex S日 前

    I’m like a 2.75 chef. Weird in between chef.

  43. lisa.stan101

    lisa.stan101日 前

    Food scientist: hopefully you can incorporate some of these elements and techniques to your recipe Me: yeah, hopefully(but ended up boiling the eggs because im too lazy)

  44. Recheyungel Obeketang

    Recheyungel Obeketang日 前

    I wish there was a japanese omlete oin this video

  45. Kelsey S

    Kelsey S日 前

    Why is no one talking about the raw peppers?!? 🤮

  46. Jay

    Jay日 前

    Say whatever but Emily's Level 1 omelet is the best

  47. Sylvester Ogletree

    Sylvester Ogletree日 前

    I thought I was a level 2, but I'm clearly a 1

  48. Cody Garcia

    Cody Garcia日 前


  49. NotFBI

    NotFBI日 前

    Level 3 looks the worst

  50. Mithi

    Mithi日 前

    She really needed that piping bag. Made things so easier

  51. Dave H.

    Dave H.日 前

    2:05 But there's nothing else in your mixing bowl dude. You can just check for shells in there.

  52. July Myers

    July Myers日 前

    They always use the level 2’s food for the intro picture like at 0:35 but then they act like level 3’s is better... lol okay

  53. Bob Joe

    Bob Joe日 前

    I love watching Lorenzo cook

  54. J_genesis

    J_genesis日 前

    The level 3 one looks soulless

  55. Alla Reinfeldt

    Alla Reinfeldt日 前

    I loved how they all said butter at the same time at 3:43

  56. Fresh Hetai

    Fresh Hetai日 前

    Level 1: hi im ______ and im a level 1 chef Level 2: hello im ______ and i am a level 2 chef Level 3: Hello my name is ____ and ive been cooking for 5.5 trillion years.

  57. l31zon2

    l31zon2日 前


  58. Nathan Berton

    Nathan Berton日 前

    to make emily appear more unprofessional, they only let the music playing with Lorenzo and Barbe




  60. waniwani chu

    waniwani chu日 前

    Gabut anj

  61. Niraj R

    Niraj R日 前

    Level 2 rocks

  62. Patrick CJ Medina

    Patrick CJ Medina日 前

    This video has the best comment section ever LOL!

  63. mochi monster

    mochi monster日 前


  64. Nakkita Schaffer

    Nakkita Schaffer日 前

    Lorenzo is my fave lol

  65. Germán de Valcárcel

    Germán de Valcárcel日 前

    I don like either of the omelettes

  66. byeolkimbap

    byeolkimbap日 前

    im #1 but i love the #2 almost like my mom

  67. Sly Gaming

    Sly Gaming2 日 前

    Didnt gordon ramsay said dont season the eggs before cooking it

  68. Shruti Iyer

    Shruti Iyer2 日 前

    Hey I am a level 2 chef😊😊😊...

  69. Mr TJM

    Mr TJM2 日 前

    But.... but Ramsay says to season eggs during the cooking to prevent grey eggs...?

  70. Potato Bomb

    Potato Bomb2 日 前

    Don’t like omelette. Scrambled with toppings are better Wait wtf that is just scramble. Omelette is with milk and it takes a while to make and you cover the lan with a lid. Americans are strange.

  71. zulaikha zaini zainuddin

    zulaikha zaini zainuddin2 日 前

    I would always. Always eat level 2’s

  72. Rakib Rajin

    Rakib Rajin2 日 前

    Why do I feel like I am learning cooking and chemistry at same time.

  73. Jimmy Lucas

    Jimmy Lucas2 日 前

    funny that it says 4 levels when theres only 3 not the 1st time you guys made this mistake.

  74. Atominge

    Atominge2 日 前

    level 1: just eggs whisk, THEN add salt level 2: add eggs then salt and whisk level 3: just let the eggs out for 24 hours to get air in our omelette then another 48 hours with salt to let it taste better

  75. Nick Lusnia

    Nick Lusnia2 日 前

    I like putting half a cheesecake in my omelet

  76. Khadijah Muhammad

    Khadijah Muhammad2 日 前

    I whisk like the guy. If being a professional means whisking like the chef did then that'll never happen.

  77. oof

    oof2 日 前

    I want Lorenzo to beat me like he beats his eggs.

  78. Savannah Harville

    Savannah Harville2 日 前

    The level 3 one looked fancy but level 2's looked more appetizing

  79. raZZorAM

    raZZorAM2 日 前

    level 1: so i'm going to use pre-made omelette level 2: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA level 3: personally i like to grow my own eggs and season them at the beggining of the fecundation

  80. Andrew

    Andrew2 日 前

    Level 0.5: me cutting up some hotdog and mixing it with 2 eggs and putting ketchup on it