3 Disturbing True Instagram Horror Stories


  1. Sumss Privv

    Sumss Privv8 時間 前


  2. Tayla Walton

    Tayla Walton日 前

    Just to say after this video I turned the light on and check around my whole room. Like if you did to.. 🤣

  3. Liam's Epic Playhouse

    Liam's Epic Playhouse2 日 前

    OMG this is one of my fav vids yet

  4. mr flamingo

    mr flamingo2 日 前


  5. Mr Russia

    Mr Russia2 日 前

    Wish me luck, I'm going full screen.

  6. Mia Gomoski

    Mia Gomoski2 日 前

    Ok the 3rd one is seriously freaking me out because the same thing has been happening to me recently. I live on the ground floor of a flat and right outside my window there’s this sort of garden area and there’s a gate attached to the wall of the building most nights I hear the sound of the gate hitting my wall. I know the mailman uses it so I’ve always dismissed it as him leaving it open earlier in the day and the wind pushing it against the wall. I then usually hear it again when I’m lying in bed trying to fall asleep. A few days ago I got sick of it so after hearing it I went outside to close it only to find that it was already closed. It was pitch black so I couldn’t see anyone but I’m pretty sure I heard footsteps. I managed to convince myself I was just being paranoid but now I’m not so sure. Edit: I forgot to mention that I’ve also been feeling weird about my blinds. While It was happening I kept adjusting my blinds because I felt like someone could see me through them

  7. Emma Willman

    Emma Willman2 日 前

    *deletes insta*

  8. M R

    M R2 日 前

    In other words people with Nissan maximas are killers and stalkers.

  9. Jill Amoroso

    Jill Amoroso2 日 前

    Funny I don’t use Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat anymore. Just JPreporter and Facebook

  10. Magic products YT

    Magic products YT3 日 前

    This is why I deleted my instagram



    # mr. nightmare

  12. Rosie Lukianchuk

    Rosie Lukianchuk3 日 前

    HOrSEs 🐎

  13. dude

    dude3 日 前

    2# “I would kill to be with a girl like you” I’m sure you would

  14. Emma Hall

    Emma Hall3 日 前

    Exactly why I deleted my Instagram profiles and the app

  15. Crimson Typhoon

    Crimson Typhoon3 日 前

    Shit i got cat fished by a fat bitch that was scary as fuc

  16. Freddy Stensland

    Freddy Stensland3 日 前

    Nissans are terrifying

  17. Multi Fandom

    Multi Fandom3 日 前

    What the f, my phone started glitching and turning black and gave me a notification on my insta that I already saw (it was a pm from my friend and after her message i replied after) please you cannot be kidding me.

  18. Emma chan

    Emma chan3 日 前


  19. AlexanderAlex Rodriguez

    AlexanderAlex Rodriguez4 日 前

    Ay I see you scrolling through the comments while watching the video

  20. im normal

    im normal4 日 前

    I like to listen to these whilst cleaning my room

  21. Adam Petrokaitis

    Adam Petrokaitis4 日 前

    story 3: now he has no posts, 62 followers and 0 people followed. no instagram picture just a picture of a picture that means he deleted the pictures or he joined instagram recently

  22. QueenMusic4Ever

    QueenMusic4Ever4 日 前

    Plot twist the second story was Joe Goldberg 😂😂

  23. Genevieve Queen

    Genevieve Queen5 日 前

    13:30 a tap on a window that happened to me before

  24. rOzZzY rOdRiGuEz

    rOzZzY rOdRiGuEz5 日 前

    im here bc i was listening to rllly fucking sad music while crying but its okay im here now

  25. ryuno2097

    ryuno20976 日 前

    That J.P unofficial instagram is still up.

  26. Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman)

    Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman)7 日 前

    Watching this while on IG LOL!

  27. Ab the Beaner

    Ab the Beaner7 日 前

    I’m so glad I’m ugly and have a weak ass Instagram

  28. Saul Luis

    Saul Luis7 日 前

    I've got an extra disturbing story: Using the old insta logo on a video uploaded in 2019

  29. Jason Brockman

    Jason Brockman7 日 前

    On number three is when you crab a katana and go crazy on your window

  30. T.M. Will

    T.M. Will7 日 前

    The #1 story. Hot chicks don't do that unless you're a pro athlete. And I'm not going anyplace but the restaurant without at least a video chat. Dude did too much, desperate for ass.

  31. Ashley Miller

    Ashley Miller7 日 前

    I had someone creepy tried to follow me on Instagram and yes. My shit is private and I only accept the person if they're legit. It was a guy who had posted a ton of different pictures and started to message me off Instagram. And kept asking me where I lived. And I asked where do you live? Didn't reply. And then "he" posted some pictures of this bigger girl. Like a cheap photo edit. Nothing like his other pictures. And yea. I deleted and blocked that bitch.

  32. PixeLexy

    PixeLexy8 日 前

    Here’s my Instagram horror story: *My face*

  33. Kobe Nevills

    Kobe Nevills8 日 前

    drop the links!

  34. the ghost

    the ghost8 日 前

    J.p has 12k followers now and tagged horror stories WTF

  35. Kieran Bricker

    Kieran Bricker8 日 前

    Here’s a horror story Parents putting screen time/parental controls on iOS devices

  36. Senpai Artz

    Senpai Artz8 日 前

    *hides in comments*

  37. Adonis Benitez

    Adonis Benitez8 日 前

    It's scary that you used the old Instagram logo

  38. Rap fansince19

    Rap fansince198 日 前

    He kina sounds like KTO, a football youtuber

  39. Lauren Sanchez

    Lauren Sanchez9 日 前

    So what I’m gaining from this is that Nissans are driven by creeps. Alright. Got it.

  40. Evil Brynn

    Evil Brynn10 日 前

    A true horror story I witnessed was the chain mail of a dead girls murder picture being leaked and constantly sent to the dead girls account because the mother now ran it.

  41. Green Beans

    Green Beans10 日 前

    why am i watching this at 2:30 am?

  42. U.S.A Gay Unicorn Toiley

    U.S.A Gay Unicorn Toiley10 日 前

    I'm now so happy to be a loser idiot who uses reddit for memes all day

  43. Janessa Hernandez

    Janessa Hernandez10 日 前

    So like why am I watching his videos at 3am

  44. salvador vargas

    salvador vargas10 日 前

    Get out of here

  45. Raven Stein Croft

    Raven Stein Croft10 日 前

    Thank god my account is just for drawings.

  46. Natalie Lyman

    Natalie Lyman11 日 前

    Tinted windows=terrifying

  47. Two Ohmies

    Two Ohmies11 日 前

    Glad i dont have instagram hahahaha

  48. The League of legends 2020

    The League of legends 202011 日 前

    With he is a girl

  49. havoc nemesis

    havoc nemesis11 日 前

    Bro these stories are from other people right

  50. havoc nemesis

    havoc nemesis11 日 前

    I am watching these way too late so im sorry

  51. mackenzie eastman

    mackenzie eastman11 日 前

    i’m not even listening lol i’m in the comments

  52. Siri Feldmann

    Siri Feldmann12 日 前

    T-the S-second S-story...

  53. holly Prevost

    holly Prevost12 日 前

    My name is Holly!

  54. Kanovac Pavlovic

    Kanovac Pavlovic12 日 前

    God save you and your familly bro. Some people are just mentaly sick!!! Take care...all the best ❤❤❤❤❤

  55. Unicorntyme_xo Its_ME!!!

    Unicorntyme_xo Its_ME!!!12 日 前

    That old class mate is a lifesaver

  56. Natasha ZR

    Natasha ZR12 日 前

    When I tried to block someone on Instagram I noticed that even though the person I blocked should not be visible to me I could still see them. In my google search I found that even though you block someone on Instagram they can still see you and your posts. They just can't follow you, comment or message you. Always set your profiles to private! For me however, I felt unsafe and deleted my account all together.

  57. Shailin Klineline

    Shailin Klineline13 日 前

    The j.p act is actually still a thing

  58. Jessie Luna

    Jessie Luna13 日 前

    Anyone else setting their IG to private before the first story is even finished?

  59. •Little_Lion•

    •Little_Lion•14 日 前

    My phone vibrated as soon as he said my phone vibrated 😫

  60. Jimins Jams

    Jimins Jams14 日 前

    So what did we learn today? Me:TwO oUt Of ThRe CrEpPy StAlKeRs DrIvE “nissans”

  61. Jimins Jams

    Jimins Jams14 日 前

    Them: see their profile read all their comments and their followers Me:Justtt FACE TIME