3 Disturbing True Instagram Horror Stories


  1. Halal_D

    Halal_D4 時間 前

    Note to self all people that have tinted windows could be potentially stalkers

  2. lost boi

    lost boi7 時間 前

    speaking of Instagram, I was banned from Instagram for trying to change my name before I even saw my profile, even tho it gave me the chance

  3. Angelina Chan

    Angelina Chan8 時間 前

    my sis was scrolling insta and looked up

  4. Rosé Goku Black

    Rosé Goku Black9 時間 前

    Story 2 is a re upload i think

  5. BettyBoop DoopDeeDopp

    BettyBoop DoopDeeDopp10 時間 前

    Hand: *signals me to come closer* Me: IF YA DONT SAY SOMETHING I'LL SIGNAL SOMETHING TO THE POLICE🖕🖕

  6. Aklivz

    Aklivz11 時間 前


  7. Scripty Bricks

    Scripty Bricks13 時間 前

    For those who Are Scared right now here's some comforting advice These storys May be fake,So don't believe everything Even if this did happen,Your safe in your home,But always bring a weapon around except in places were those aren't allowed Enjoy your life and try not to be scared. :)

  8. JP Jones

    JP Jones13 時間 前

    11:55 - “I called their parents...” 🤔 our* parents? Hmm

  9. Manuel Pallchisaca

    Manuel Pallchisaca14 時間 前

    You make cool and great scary videos you the best you JPreporterr of horror no offence to other JPreporterr

  10. Lily Grace

    Lily Grace14 時間 前

    Oh heck nooo

  11. Ly L

    Ly L15 時間 前

    Who else dosent post their pic on Instagram????.......

  12. maggie sanders

    maggie sanders15 時間 前

    this dude has really bad luck😂😩

  13. Håppŷ Däŵñ :P

    Håppŷ Däŵñ :P16 時間 前

    Seriously... "I didn't block him I figured why give rid of free follow and likes"

  14. Starkitti

    Starkitti16 時間 前

    The first sign of any type of woods.... RUN BOI, RUN

  15. JR Vargas

    JR Vargas21 時間 前

    Can’t scroll down I’m on the phone watching, but I’m not scared at all

  16. ToyStar Barbies And Squishy Fun! YT

    ToyStar Barbies And Squishy Fun! YT22 時間 前

    Who wants chocolate do be Safe 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫 1 like 1 Chocolate bar (* ̄︶ ̄*)🍫

  17. ETN Ronnie

    ETN Ronnie23 時間 前

    Roses are Red Violets are Blue I am not on insta Also are you

  18. F.B.I Agent

    F.B.I Agent23 時間 前

    Okay this is what I did with my boyfriend when we first met up I would recommend meeting in public and ALWAYS have either a family member or a friend to come with you in case the person is a pedo

  19. ShadowCookieWolf Hall

    ShadowCookieWolf Hall日 前

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Ad: *WhAT If tHe GoVeRmEnT hAd GuNs?!*

  20. Amano Satou Kun

    Amano Satou Kun日 前

    anyone scrolling through the comments like *"Ah shit, I was about to comment that :("* lol

  21. LUCY X

    LUCY X日 前

    So your a girl or a boy ....

  22. Weyline suludin kia

    Weyline suludin kia日 前

    Dangerouse must be block to Our safety.

  23. piya2025

    piya2025日 前

    Why do you recommend me this kind of stuff JPreporter. What did I watch that you do this to me.?😳

  24. Hana Hassan

    Hana Hassan日 前

    Hot guys: no ur ugly Wtf ew Si disgusting Not my type Indian guys in my dms: betufil Pretty Show me bobs 😂

  25. zara kadri

    zara kadri日 前

    bruh ok keep your account public but DO NOT post a picture in front of your house or put the location of where u live



    my 14-year-old friend got a dm by a 50-60-year-old Indian man. She blocked him straight away.

  27. Zach

    Zach日 前

    Story 2 issa white girl 100%

  28. kfoxy36 foxy

    kfoxy36 foxy日 前

    Funny thing :^ I has nO istagram I only has likee youtube Discord And :3 instagram :^ °A°

  29. k1nGzSt3r

    k1nGzSt3r日 前

    always a Nissan. LOL Ghetto people drive

  30. Tyra Amani

    Tyra Amani日 前

    My mom now threatens me with Mr. Nightmare videos if mg grades drop

  31. Bushra Ali

    Bushra Ali日 前

    um holly flax isn’t like that

  32. Julie Xiang

    Julie Xiang日 前

    The one on the thumb nail happened to me but i never responded

  33. Taylor Lilze

    Taylor Lilze日 前

    I'm literally watching this at like 3:00am. devil pls dont murder me. i am also home alone bc my mom and older siblings are at the bar. im scared bruh.. writing this comment bc im terrified that this will happen to me... although I dont have instagram. 😳AHHHHHHHHHHH SCARY PART. EDIT : IM FRICKING SHAKING. SEND HELP.

  34. Alabama Oliva

    Alabama Oliva日 前

    Wait ur a girl

  35. Booga

    Booga日 前

    I don’t understand how in the first story it says “we talked about what high schools we go to” then 20 seconds later said “we scheduled a meet up at a bar for drinks”....

  36. Nviousnatchi

    Nviousnatchi日 前

    That J.P unofficial story though...the account is still there, ummm am I missing something?

  37. Abhishek Sengupta

    Abhishek Sengupta日 前

    *Now I'm deleting unknown people from my social media.*

  38. Zozo Kulwa

    Zozo Kulwa日 前


  39. Spilt tea

    Spilt tea日 前

    Guys I’m rlly freaked out right now cuz those window taps keep happening to me as well almost every night but my window is slanted and I live on the top floor it’s not that high up it’s basically as tall as a normal house I’m freaking scared now

  40. Subscribe to Le patato

    Subscribe to Le patato日 前

    *watches this on the toilet *

  41. Xx_Itz_gachaLizz_xX

    Xx_Itz_gachaLizz_xX日 前

    Thats why i dont post my face on the internet Very often

  42. jaciel rodriguez

    jaciel rodriguez日 前

    I like being scared it makes me horney and jezzy

  43. Anne Corraine

    Anne Corraine2 日 前

    Year ago i have like 1k followers and noticed some creepy guys complementing me and i find it uncomfortable so i made a new account and blocked them tEehE

  44. Lola 9294

    Lola 92942 日 前

    this is why, I never reply to strangers who DM me on Instagram. i either block them or decline all their messages..

  45. Nurvelyn Tang

    Nurvelyn Tang2 日 前

    I don't believe if it's true.

  46. Jinn Say

    Jinn Say2 日 前

    Please don’t put the background music next time

  47. BettyBoop DoopDeeDopp

    BettyBoop DoopDeeDopp10 時間 前

    I NeEd ThE bAckgroUNd MuSiC, I NEED mY SpOOps.....

  48. irish nugg e

    irish nugg e2 日 前

    I see you're scared if you're not then keep watching, here have this uwu (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧🍪🥛

  49. colby brock fam

    colby brock fam2 日 前

    Its Friday the 13th And I oop-

  50. Snowdis

    Snowdis2 日 前

    Has screenshots of comments and dm with the guy, also her: I don’t remember the user

  51. Snowdis

    Snowdis2 日 前

    Lmao cars don’t break down, unless she drives an evo.

  52. Evølutionź Gamingz

    Evølutionź Gamingz2 日 前

    After Watching This Video At Midnight Alone In My Room* Runs To Mommy and daddy's Bedroom*

  53. Kookie luver

    Kookie luver20 時間 前


  54. Shivani Jadhav

    Shivani Jadhav2 日 前

    That jp unofficial account is still there with 12.4k followers

  55. poison yt

    poison yt2 日 前


  56. Edward

    Edward2 日 前

    1st story: creep had a Nissan Altima 2nd story: Creep had a Nissan Maxima I'm starting to see a pattern.

  57. Jolie K

    Jolie K3 日 前

    the only nightmare is that old ass instagram logo

  58. Nay da Goonie

    Nay da Goonie3 日 前

    Whos watching this at night and reading the comments so they dont get scared😂

  59. 5.000 subs without Any videos challenge!!!

    5.000 subs without Any videos challenge!!!3 日 前

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  60. Rachel Ma’Kyra

    Rachel Ma’Kyra3 日 前

    You never take pictures of your house when someone is stalking u 🤦🏽‍♀️ scary movie stuff 101

  61. Rachel Ma’Kyra

    Rachel Ma’Kyra3 日 前

    Lmn Movie 101...

  62. fat mother fucker Penaloza

    fat mother fucker Penaloza3 日 前

    Does every single pedophile drive a nissan or what

  63. Maiah Rodriguez

    Maiah Rodriguez3 日 前

    Indian man: hey baby😘 Me: ummm im only 12 Indian man: that’s okay, send pic😘

  64. Flying pig

    Flying pig日 前

    gianna My FIVE YEAR OLD cousin has a Samsung phone 😌

  65. ava harhay

    ava harhay日 前

    gianna lots of people do

  66. gianna

    gianna2 日 前

    why u got instagram at twelve i

  67. Candy Apple ·3·

    Candy Apple ·3·2 日 前

    Lmao this hit me hard 😂

  68. DPC Industries

    DPC Industries3 日 前

    The third always gives me goosebumps