2019 Canadian IMP Southwestern Chipotle Chicken Individual Meal Pack Ration Review MRE Tasting Test


  1. GELO

    GELO日 前

    Nice shirt man

  2. Steve Davis

    Steve Davis日 前

    with such a disadvantage over the " water proof " American equivalant mre, why is there so much unwaterproof plastic pouches in the Canadian IMP ?

  3. Jennifer Viets

    Jennifer Viets日 前

    I prefer my hamburgers without pain

  4. MoldySeb

    MoldySeb2 日 前

    The larger HALF?

  5. RandomWalker39

    RandomWalker392 日 前

    PAPER TOWEL??? That, my friend, is a serviette.

  6. Rubix003

    Rubix0033 日 前

    Where do you get these? I want some!

  7. Sour Brothers

    Sour Brothers3 日 前

    That cranberry trail mix looked better than most store bought trail mix tbh. It looked good! Edit: your goatee is lookin fresh btw

  8. Jimmy Graham

    Jimmy Graham4 日 前

    No cashew is raw. They’re poisonous raw.

  9. report clickbait

    report clickbait5 日 前

    About MRE but people's enjoying different things 🐵🙈🙉

  10. howardasternfan

    howardasternfan5 日 前

    No ketchup chips? Bummer.

  11. ken m

    ken m5 日 前

    Canadian KitKats are the best

  12. Chris L

    Chris L6 日 前

    Pain Hamburger, best served with a cold side of revenge. Mmm...

  13. Pyles Tin

    Pyles Tin6 日 前

    Just learned your only 31 , I was surprised . Love mres idk why .

  14. Kristen Ibrahim

    Kristen Ibrahim6 日 前

    You’re actually so adorable.

  15. Max Danger

    Max Danger7 日 前

    8:50 to 9:06 - this period of silence and following delivery was so stand out I’m commenting about it.

  16. BayAreaStreetCarfan102

    BayAreaStreetCarfan1027 日 前

    He got a fortnite shield potion

  17. Nicole Sanford

    Nicole Sanford7 日 前

    Is there a cold weather freeze dried Canadian ration?

  18. SuperAWaC

    SuperAWaC7 日 前

    What exactly does a Canadian think when they hear "southwestern"? Vancouver?

  19. Trigger Dee

    Trigger Dee7 日 前

    Love the commentary lol

  20. Vok250

    Vok2507 日 前

    Find you a man who holds you as confidently as Steve holds his tray!

  21. Chen Lanna

    Chen Lanna7 日 前

    so nobody gonna talk about how good looking he is

  22. Fly Guy Vive

    Fly Guy Vive7 日 前

    The Bob Ross of MRE tasting reviews 🖼

  23. Mike Higgins

    Mike Higgins7 日 前

    Ha that bread roll. When he gave it a pat and it made that noise it made me lol.

  24. Jay M

    Jay M8 日 前

    6:52 Slapa Dem Buns!!!

  25. wesleythomasm

    wesleythomasm8 日 前

    Tactical Lunchbag

  26. Nicholas Schulz

    Nicholas Schulz8 日 前

    top notch as always but jelly before PB? that hurt, steve.

  27. Samson Haze

    Samson Haze9 日 前

    I LOVE how he started out all skeptical and pointing out how superior US rations were in terms of cost/carry weight... until he began to open the Canadian rations & couldn’t help making at least 1 glowing comment on every single item in the ration kit. Half of the ingredients he lists are not “bottom barrel” and he even remarks that some things like the tomato’s don’t even taste canned, and that the bread is about as good as he’s ever encountered 😂🤣

  28. The Canadian Boi

    The Canadian Boi7 日 前

    Samson Haze Canadians treat their soldiers well, that’s for sure.

  29. Blind ASMR

    Blind ASMR9 日 前

    the kit kat with the peanut butter and a bit of rasp jelly..sounds like heaven

  30. Le shrek Donkeh

    Le shrek Donkeh9 日 前

    I hate mukbangs but this man eating is my favorite thing ever

  31. koropokkur

    koropokkur9 日 前

    Agree on the gum... otherwise give them 50 tictacs!

  32. L.A. Rican

    L.A. Rican9 日 前

    18:29 good lord look at those calluses ....you must be a gym rat Steve

  33. L.A. Rican

    L.A. Rican9 日 前

    WTF is a pain hamburger?

  34. JollyOldCanuck

    JollyOldCanuck7 日 前

    It's french for hamburger bun. In Canada all products must be labelled in French and English.

  35. Jennifer Simpson

    Jennifer Simpson9 日 前

    “Nice leaf!”

  36. Schmidt54

    Schmidt549 日 前

    Behold: Normal bread. German legendary Dosenbrot: Am I a joke to you?

  37. alecrizzle

    alecrizzle10 日 前

    Nice leaf hahahah

  38. psammiad

    psammiad10 日 前

    "I always like a nice gusset" Try a double gusset for that extra 'support' 🤣

  39. Hans Wermhat

    Hans Wermhat10 日 前

    Toast the pain bread, welcome to flavor country.

  40. Girthygooslinger

    Girthygooslinger10 日 前

    6:30 I love when he does that lol

  41. Lohberger Pavel

    Lohberger Pavel10 日 前

    not bad.

  42. Steve1989 ParodyInfo

    Steve1989 ParodyInfo10 日 前

    Steve I love you and I've now made my 3rd parody video of you - out of absolute fandom - and people are really starting to catch on. I hope with everything that you catch wind of this and feel honored. May you enjoy a laugh or two of your impersonations. @

  43. BIG DAWG

    BIG DAWG10 日 前

    anybody esle seen that almanac book 1950-2000 lol. doc was right you shoudve destroyed it as soon as you bought it lololololol

  44. accompanyON

    accompanyON10 日 前

    N i c e

  45. Celeborn

    Celeborn10 日 前

    9:15 what do you mean zero bloom ?

  46. sirguy104

    sirguy10410 日 前

    Nice man cave.

  47. xixinan

    xixinan10 日 前

    There is no way the package will survive any serious field combat.

  48. guy name

    guy name11 日 前


  49. Ann Sordo

    Ann Sordo11 日 前

    Sorry but those apples looks disgusting 😳

  50. BirdsEyeView

    BirdsEyeView11 日 前

    You will enjoy this Steve - MRE's in Pripyat Chernobyl jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-Q862kxoTKX0.html

  51. Jake Jones

    Jake Jones12 日 前

    Steve, you are the best MRE reviewer in the world! Well done.

  52. rd4in37

    rd4in3712 日 前

    Hi from Australia.....really enjoy your productions.....done any ww2 German ?

  53. Nick S

    Nick S12 日 前

    Happy 4th of July Stay Safe

  54. Christian R

    Christian R12 日 前

    It makes sense that Canada would be provided with the most food. They are the most generous country🇨🇦

  55. Darkfire1357

    Darkfire135712 日 前

    That maple mix with big ol pumpkin seeds looks fucking de-lish!

  56. SteveVi0lence

    SteveVi0lence12 日 前

    Steve, rub me like that box of MREs

  57. _ Anthony _

    _ Anthony _12 日 前

    Literally no one: Me: At 5AM 7:16 watching steve MRE

  58. Tommygunstudios

    Tommygunstudios12 日 前

    Are you out on a tray Cause you're looking nice

  59. kombuchaa

    kombuchaa12 日 前

    No one has talked about how wholesome his about page is, specifically the apparel, he is only making 90 cents to a dollar per unit, I respect him even more then I did before, if that was even possible.

  60. NRG Kingy

    NRG Kingy13 日 前


  61. Dylan James

    Dylan James13 日 前

    Do you sell things you’ve collected? I’d love to smoke a few old fashioned cigarettes!

  62. Julius The Jew

    Julius The Jew13 日 前

    Canada has a military ?

  63. 123 456

    123 45613 日 前

    They should have just got their mom’s to bring freshly cooked chicken tendies out during the lunch break of the airsoft game like daddy Garand suggested

  64. Freddy Ouellette

    Freddy Ouellette13 日 前

    The pain hamburger... is best served cold.

  65. UltraTaco223

    UltraTaco22313 日 前

    Thank god I didn't end up joining the army out of highschool. I thought school lunches were bad... but at least those were hot.

  66. GERRY B

    GERRY B13 日 前

    Try zimbabwe mre 😇

  67. K Fraser

    K Fraser14 日 前

    Or just chocolate to keep the blues away!

  68. Zeed

    Zeed14 日 前

    Snot covered apples Mmm mmm 🤢🤮

  69. Roland Mendoza

    Roland Mendoza14 日 前

    More modernish MRE coming that it his a kit kat

  70. Zero Waste TV

    Zero Waste TV14 日 前

    I have been watching your videos for three years now so Happy Anniversary to us!


    JAMES CONNOR14 日 前

    Who TF uses TOBASCO SAUCE on a Chipotle Southwest Chicken main?

  72. James Kien

    James Kien15 日 前

    When will you do a room tour to see all your years worth of rations

  73. Tracy ace

    Tracy ace15 日 前

    Just wondering but what is the oldest m.r.e. you've had?

  74. Lexus Rojas

    Lexus Rojas15 日 前

    The way he rubbed and smacced that bun

  75. Andrew van Leeuwen

    Andrew van Leeuwen16 日 前

    He has the best year in his name 1989 FTW!

  76. ShadowAngel

    ShadowAngel14 日 前

    Nothing good happened in 1989 and if you were born there it just means you have to endure the crazy sjw cancer culture longer. Damn, that has to suck :D

  77. Poop69

    Poop6916 日 前

    *PAIN HAMBURGER* (slow death metal playing)

  78. Ursois Arktos

    Ursois Arktos16 日 前

    Now I want a T-shirt that says "Pain hamburger is best served cold".

  79. samantha josephine hunter

    samantha josephine hunter16 日 前

    French right!

  80. samantha josephine hunter

    samantha josephine hunter16 日 前

    Learn to pronounce bread in Fren

  81. Leslee Webb

    Leslee Webb16 日 前

    I have a mre ratinoner Its My MOM

  82. Great Jävän

    Great Jävän17 日 前

    He looks like the older version of ReviewBrah

  83. Alberto M

    Alberto M17 日 前

    HIS XBOX ACOUNT IS TactfulBeatle7