2 Year Old Controls Our Lives For A Day! Ft. Elle


  1. Victor Martani

    Victor Martani9 時間 前

    17:33 I CHOCKED 😂😂😂

  2. Mark Mcfadden

    Mark Mcfadden9 時間 前

    Elle is so super cute

  3. Akanksha Mitter

    Akanksha Mitter10 時間 前

    Is she their niece?

  4. Furry Adventures

    Furry Adventures17 時間 前

    She was right activator is tide

  5. J9list1

    J9list122 時間 前

    L is not two years old

  6. Elise and Elizabeth

    Elise and Elizabeth22 時間 前

    the kid id do smart

  7. Dylan Gacha

    Dylan Gacha日 前


  8. Mariela Hernandez

    Mariela Hernandez日 前

    Bed time story 😝😂👌

  9. Amalia Saikii

    Amalia Saikii日 前

    Elle is soooo sweet and Beautiful 😍

  10. Alisha Rai

    Alisha Rai日 前

    Love u elle 😘😘ohh...u r so smart, adorable 😍😍

  11. Calandra Woodman

    Calandra Woodman日 前

    The jugs of glue were bigger than Elle 😂

  12. valerie short

    valerie short日 前

    I hate when youtubers wate stuff lile im not trying to be mean but what do you do just dump it down the toilet/outside killing the environment

  13. Angelina Zink

    Angelina Zink日 前

    *Elle and Grayson chilling and having fun* Ethan: *high pitch hurt squeal in the back*

  14. Carmen Marie

    Carmen Marie日 前

    I love you guys! Subscribed, post notifications on! & liking all the vids! (: 💕



    I’m gonna scoop it cause it’s kinda frozen I mean you would hope so...

  16. babyshai gang

    babyshai gang日 前

    -ethan: like my outfit? -grayson: it's actually better than the outfit you picked out for me for Coachella -ethan: You don't have to bring that up again Grayson 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Saniah Marie

    Saniah Marie日 前

    I’m 13 and don’t know how to paint nails but she’s 2 and should have her own Nail Solon And Imma be honest I expected her to slather the nail polish across their hands🤣

  18. Missie YouTube Journey Success VLog

    Missie YouTube Journey Success VLog日 前

    Elle is tooo, stinkn cute.

  19. Victor Figueroa

    Victor Figueroa日 前


  20. Harman Singh

    Harman Singh日 前

    why is this video copied

  21. Anika Dileep

    Anika Dileep日 前

    18:04 is gold 😂 😂

  22. Shannon Seymour

    Shannon Seymour日 前

    So cute! Xx

  23. kel willy

    kel willy日 前

    ... well now that I started making youtube videos I understand why people say "nEw yoUtubEr" but like im new and made a video trying on new ALL my new back to school clothes... check me out?

  24. kamella guthrie

    kamella guthrie2 日 前

    elle is the best 😂😂💖💖

  25. Bee W

    Bee W2 日 前

    she is soooo cute.

  26. Rogelio A. Gandon

    Rogelio A. Gandon2 日 前

    I felt like this was staged.

  27. Alivia Clemons

    Alivia Clemons2 日 前

    You can use laundry detergent as activator

  28. Hannah Styles

    Hannah Styles2 日 前

    I want this bedtime story published so i can buy it and read it to my children and their children.

  29. First Name

    First Name2 日 前

    I don't think Ethan noticed that ice cream has dairy in it 😂

  30. Sofia Britton

    Sofia Britton日 前

    it was dairy free ice cream

  31. Lana Fareh

    Lana Fareh2 日 前

    I fell bad for ethan not getting enough ice cream

  32. naenae

    naenae3 日 前

    Elle made Ethan her bitch 😭😭

  33. Edie&Carmen vlogs

    Edie&Carmen vlogs3 日 前

    who else ships gray and Elle lol

  34. lanadelreybaby

    lanadelreybaby3 日 前

    Yeah I totally ship a 2 year old and 19 year old because age doesn't matter

  35. Friendlyneighbor Dude

    Friendlyneighbor Dude3 日 前

    Story time is so cringy

  36. keila soto

    keila soto3 日 前

    My friend Grace Good says her aunt is your guys family friend

  37. cuyler kolethe

    cuyler kolethe3 日 前

    at the beginning she looked like she was thinking “why is there two of the same person” 😂

  38. Bunny Cupcake

    Bunny Cupcake3 日 前

    Why is no one talking about Elle, she is adorable. I love her 🥺🥺

  39. abby hinojosa

    abby hinojosa3 日 前

    Omg the dog noise 😂

  40. Indi The German Shepherd

    Indi The German Shepherd3 日 前

    Elle is so cute ♥️

  41. Sama Alammari

    Sama Alammari3 日 前

    Elle is the cutest

  42. Ruby Saunders

    Ruby Saunders3 日 前

    Grayson: well I’m obviously her favourite Ethan: aM i JuSt A jOkE tO yOu Elle’s mind: Slime

  43. Ruby Saunders

    Ruby Saunders3 日 前

    Can we just talk about how freaking cute Elle is

  44. Ruby Saunders

    Ruby Saunders3 日 前

    Omg when they were painting their nails and gray was just in the back blowing on his nails.Im DeAd!

  45. Ruby Saunders

    Ruby Saunders3 日 前

    I know like Ethan and Grayson are 19 and Elle is 2 I just want to point out the size comparison between her and the twins

  46. Nika Sabic

    Nika Sabic4 日 前

    Elle's so cute and well raised🥰😭 But Grayson and Ethen are so nice with her🙏

  47. OfficTodoroki

    OfficTodoroki4 日 前

    She needs to make a react video to this when she is like 13 years old. Lmao.

  48. Shalona Altenor

    Shalona Altenor4 日 前

    3:32 literally me at home

  49. Monica Salim

    Monica Salim4 日 前

    Is that Elle from the ace family it probably is

  50. King Charan

    King Charan4 日 前

    At 20:46 , anyone noticed lord krishna's idol ....in Grayson's room decor

  51. King Charan

    King Charan4 日 前

    If it's real I am really impressed by him😊

  52. Jasmine Masters

    Jasmine Masters4 日 前

    17:11 wow he is even acting like he's a 65 year old man

  53. Jasmine Masters

    Jasmine Masters4 日 前

    No one: Not a single soul: Ethan:DiD sOmEoNe SaY cHeEsE....gEt AwAy FrOm Me I'm DaIrY fReE 16:21

  54. Emily Grace

    Emily Grace4 日 前

    She got the activater right but they said its cleaning supplies

  55. Emelie Castellanos

    Emelie Castellanos4 日 前

    13:07 “you want a bag miss” 🤣

  56. i want to become famous

    i want to become famous4 日 前

    6:07 Grayson:sorry I got vicious there Ethan:don’t get vicious Me:replaying it and dies each time

  57. Amanda Hill

    Amanda Hill4 日 前

    Ethan is wearing the necklace sister James gave him ❤

  58. Fisoh Shabangu

    Fisoh Shabangu5 日 前

    She is the cutest thing ever 😍😍😍

  59. Allison Elizabeth

    Allison Elizabeth5 日 前

    is it wrong I was expecting puppy to get hit by a bus lol

  60. Júlia Leal

    Júlia Leal5 日 前

    So cuteee

  61. XFuzzyPandax

    XFuzzyPandax5 日 前

    3:36 EXCUSE ME are you complaining?? Ypu lucky you got icecream! Lol Ellie's face though!! 💕🌻

  62. Emily Lovell

    Emily Lovell5 日 前

    She is just so cute tho is it just me???

  63. a Kiewhuo

    a Kiewhuo5 日 前

    So quiet and discipline she is❤️❤️

  64. Auzanaye Harris

    Auzanaye Harris5 日 前

    I feel bad for you guys because u guys got your nails painting by a cute 2 year old

  65. MiaMushroom

    MiaMushroom5 日 前

    It looks like cottage cheese - did someone say cheese? - yea - get away from me zig dairy free 😂

  66. Kylie

    Kylie5 日 前

    I love that Elle’s favorite is Grayson because same 😂

  67. Lilly Smith

    Lilly Smith5 日 前

    18:15 i wish i could stand on the sink like that... 😂

  68. Lilly Smith

    Lilly Smith5 日 前

    She paints their nails better than i paint mine... 😂😭 i love elle

  69. SGM creations

    SGM creations6 日 前

    Me upset because a two year old does nails better than I do 😢

  70. Allie Graham

    Allie Graham6 日 前

    2 years old and completely ready for motherhood

  71. Itsyagurlnatt Baby

    Itsyagurlnatt Baby6 日 前

    Elle is to cute

  72. YOAI Queen

    YOAI Queen6 日 前

    I remember something and I wasn’t even alive yet I was still inside my moms stomach

  73. Music Videos

    Music Videos6 日 前

    Grayson: Elle am I your favorite? Elle: **nods head** Ethan: 👁 👄 👁

  74. Josh henry

    Josh henry6 日 前

    That's Elle from the ace family

  75. Josh henry

    Josh henry6 日 前

    You guys are a part of episode "falling for the Dolan twins"

  76. Star Hans

    Star Hans6 日 前

    One day Elle will say this vid when she’s 20 or something lol

  77. Carmen Mazanene

    Carmen Mazanene6 日 前

    The fact that a 2 year old has "gucci bag" in her vocabulary is realy sad 🙄😒😒😒

  78. Kayla P

    Kayla P6 日 前

    *Elle’s head is the littoral same size as Gray’s bicep* ... ... OMG

  79. ZD gang

    ZD gang6 日 前

    that bed time story was lit

  80. Unicorn LIFE

    Unicorn LIFE6 日 前

    Grayson:breathe Ellie: HAHAHAHAHHA Ethan:sneezes Ellie:EWWWW

  81. Sofia Britton

    Sofia Britton日 前

    it's elle

  82. Anaya Khan

    Anaya Khan6 日 前

    Yeah this is fun

  83. Emerson Chenalloy

    Emerson Chenalloy6 日 前

    Ethan looks like a traffic cone.lmao

  84. Madison Wright

    Madison Wright6 日 前

    Aww Elle’s Gucci sounds like joo joo