2 Strangers Swap Lives Across the World for 72hrs!!


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    Hey everyone, this is Thomas, I just want to say that the morning I walked out with TD to meet Staffan was so strange. I've been a skeptical of "energy" and how much influence manifesting something can have. But that morning, I decided to approach looking for a stranger differently. I took my time. I wanted to create the most optimal headspace for myself. I went for a run, meditated, felt grateful about the opportunities we have and everyone around us and decided that I was going to walk out the door and change someone's life. Changing someone's life might sound hyperbolic to some of you, but I knew that whatever would happen that day, it would forever alter their perception of the world. Then TD landed that morning and arrived with equally good vibes. But we weren't in a rush. We didn't stress about "finding someone" for the episode, or just filming for the sake of filming. Instead, we went for coffee to catch up before going out, we took our time prepping the gear and making sure we were both in the right headspace. We made a dozen small decisions that morning that pushed us back by 5 minutes each time, then walked out and immediately met Staffan. You might call this luck. But for me, this just showed how our perspective, intention and the energy we bring to everything we do is important beyond measure. You just can't fake it. It's real and fires inside of you. TD was for the longest time one of the most skeptical people I've ever met but through experiences like this, he now fully believes anything is possible. Believing and positive energy can truly go a long way. Much love

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    Yes Theory come to Ireland 🇮🇪 because the the people are so nice and the culture

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    Can't read toooooo lengthy!!! But dope vid

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    Im looking forward to you guys for having another ep like this!!! Much love and Respect!

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    Come to the Pacific NW and see some UFOs. Just say Yes.

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    Yes theory best JPreporter channel no cap

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    Goes up to someone in America , want to go to go to Sweden, The person- I am a illegal immigrant. Rip

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    I am swedish

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    Im from Norway and it only rains here

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    Y'all got me smiling throughout the whole video. This made my heart so warm🥺❤️

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    I'm from Papua New Guinea

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    Simply amazing! Greetings from London.

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    Come uk and experience football hoalgism

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    Men husk at NORGE E BÆST

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    wait why is there so little cray fish at kräftskivan (cray fish party)

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    Anywone wanne swap lifes

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    1:39 Welcome to Scandinavia😂👍🏽

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    pripps blå Yes, but people all over Scandinavia are known to be very introverted

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    Andreas Særsten yes but so is Denmark and norway but they are in Sweden not Denmark and norway its big difference

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    pripps blå You know Sweden is a part of Scandinavia?

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    they are in sweden?

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    I think i smiled threw the entire video! #staffanärking

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    "stay wild for the people" 22:51

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    Do the same video but today since it's fourth of july, And swedes doesn't celebrate that (I'm from sweden) so maybe bring them on their vacation they've wanted ever since they were born.

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    Your videos change my life Seeing all your travels and how you socialize with people make me want to be like you guys. Thank you for your videos

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    America is like land of dreams...said by a Swedish lol

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    That lady saying ,'you were drunk'? Is so funny 😆

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    I cried with this! Loving yours videos

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    You guys are amazing! Helping others dreams come true! I have been binge watching all the videos I haven't seen before for the last 5 hours! So incredible!!

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    "Swedes are so introverted." Finns: Most extroverted people I know are from Sweden

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    Just want to say a thank you to all of yall at Yes Theory man. Love the vibes, love the message that you guys send out, especially at a time like this. I'm originally from LA but I grew up in the tiny island of Taiwan, and I'm now living in London. Would love to show you guys around Taiwan whenever there's a chance :) Sending all the good vibes from across the Atlantic

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    Why does the dude from Austin remind me of borat

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    What hing your videos is literally having an smile on my face all the time. Thank you you make my life ❤️

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    I’m from Louisiana!!! Com visit, obviously LSU knows how to play some football!!

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    Imagine if the guy was a male stripper lmfao

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    i think this guy was at my school

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    Can you say YES to me and help me achieve my goal

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    my country destroy unfortunately i am from Syria :(

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    The swede in this video was at my school a couple of months ago and did like a big emotional speach... Which left everyone in my school basically very emotional or even crying. It's so cool to see him here😁

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    8:28 Can't do that anymore

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    that swedish guy is just enjoying his life to the fullest !! xDD

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    Never ever come to sweden again

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    Mår fan illa av staffan eller vad fan han hette. Inte för att amerikanen var bättre.

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    I dont like americans in Sweden

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    I feel like the favorite English word of people from Sweden is "goosebumps"

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    The co-founder of K9 is the spitting image of Chad Michael Murray.

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    Norway. Visit Norway because there is a lot to do and love everywhere

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    I Love how everything they do in Sweden involves alcohol

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    One of the best videos on this channel! Brings me so much joy!

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    Yes Theory's videos makes me smile as always.

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    What if one of the people was a serial killer?

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    In I way I'm glad that I didn't do this, I get uncomfortable just by watching the american side 😅

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    americaaaaa! (I love life)

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    ive been binge watching all your videos and i have to say you guys inspire me to do so much. it is amazing what you guys do . by far the most creative people on this plat form it is so heart warming to watch each and everyone of your videos, so thank you and please keep up these spontaneous videos!

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    Rumors says Staffan is still shouting AMERICAAA till this day

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    To bad u chose sweden we have private bubbles we are all introverts lmao

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    @Phlapp Been in the swedish countryside outside of Stockholm? So its true

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    Gustavus Adolphus false

  68. Gustavus Adolphus

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    Thats just what the media tells, and the brainwashing propaganda. In reality we are not.

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    Would have been cool if you made the airplanes high five when they passed each other but great idea and video

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    1:38 - as a Swede, I can confirm.

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    I've never been very interested in sports but seeing that college football gave me a new dream - I WANNA EXPERIENCE THAT!!

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    Sweden is one of the most beautiful nations on earth. The nature, the people.

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    Bro the UT and A&M rivalry was so much better

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    I’ve lived in 4 country’s because of my mom’s work

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    Why did you pick America. That is such a bad idea. I’m American and I don’t think it’s a good idea. There are some mean ass people here (I haven’t watched the video yet)

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    I am born and raised in sweden, Yugoslavian parents!

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    why were so many people on their phones during the speech that actually pisses me off

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    I feel obligated to inform you all that this video was recorded before the quarantine

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    Awesome video! When I first heard the idea my thoughts was okay, they would find a u.s person to do this but Swedes are really skeptical for adventures, especially with strangers. I think we all Swedes can agree that most of us isn’t like Staffan.. I would probably say no, then regret it for the rest of my life!! Best regards from the archipelago in Stockholm.

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