2 Chainz Checks Out $9K Floating Foam Clouds | Most Expensivest | GQ & VICE TV


  1. Pbi Butcha and Bubba

    Pbi Butcha and Bubba4 時間 前


  2. Birch Damon

    Birch Damon7 時間 前

    lol lol lol

  3. Bhoxzc Kenneth

    Bhoxzc Kenneth17 時間 前

    rip nip 🛐

  4. Qwerty And Friends

    Qwerty And Friends2 日 前

    Poor dude, you can tell he is trying to figure what people would pay for this.

  5. Briana D

    Briana D3 日 前


  6. Mordecai

    Mordecai4 日 前

    2 chins hahaha

  7. Mike Dean

    Mike Dean5 日 前

    Guy: “two chainz, *will you marry me?* Two Chainz: “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...”

  8. Mike Dean

    Mike Dean5 日 前

    “Who chins” joke was the The dad joke of the year’

  9. Mohammed Miah

    Mohammed Miah18 時間 前

    You mean 2 chinz? 😂😂

  10. Caden Krueger

    Caden Krueger5 日 前

    2 Chainz seems like a really fun guy to hang out with

  11. Alfred Ashkir

    Alfred Ashkir7 日 前

    They did the meme edit for their acc video

  12. w g

    w g7 日 前

    3:38 price for him is 666 as well 😊😊

  13. w g

    w g7 日 前

    0:35 it's like what elites doin 24/7 but this one not killing the air & population 😊😊

  14. Sh G

    Sh G8 日 前

    That samurai routine was dope tho not gon lie lol

  15. sparcut

    sparcut8 日 前

    This video is more than a year old????

  16. Boolysse W

    Boolysse W8 日 前

    RIP Nip we love you!

  17. Gotta Make It Work

    Gotta Make It Work9 日 前

    That's a dope machine

  18. Jay Mack

    Jay Mack9 日 前

    Yoooo the editing be funny asl 😂😂😂💀

  19. J.s .n

    J.s .n9 日 前

    What is this editing

  20. Jay K

    Jay K9 日 前

    I like it how he holds a blunt on the other hand while using his wand to cut it ☁️

  21. Clarisse D'Costa

    Clarisse D'Costa10 日 前

    I really skipped through the whole vid just looking for the horse on the video title...but turns out it was just clickbait 💀💀



    i wanna eat it

  23. Tall Skinny Mike

    Tall Skinny Mike10 日 前

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  25. RiceBrothers

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  26. Echo Camp

    Echo Camp12 日 前

    Get a real hat you look stupid!!

  27. B Montone

    B Montone12 日 前


  28. XxiamelmoxX

    XxiamelmoxX13 日 前

    4:23 exe.2 chainz has stop working

  29. Joseph Masamba

    Joseph Masamba13 日 前

    didn't nipsey die in March of 2019



    Dat was so perfect 🤣

  31. Itzyaboiijonny !

    Itzyaboiijonny !14 日 前

    Long Live Hussle 💙🏁

  32. Imahri Johnson

    Imahri Johnson14 日 前

    The editor needs a raise bih😭

  33. Serena Serrano

    Serena Serrano12 日 前

    I was thinking the same thing. They do they edits so good lol

  34. Soso Sanchez

    Soso Sanchez14 日 前

    Lookin like sho Nuff...

  35. Avannavee Summer

    Avannavee Summer14 日 前


  36. reefuno1

    reefuno115 日 前

    R.I.P. Nipsey Icons never die

  37. Acc_ God

    Acc_ God15 日 前


  38. Michael Franz

    Michael Franz15 日 前

    Weird production

  39. That Man

    That Man16 日 前

    Black people never had parents to blow bubbles with so this must be fascinating to them.

  40. Andrew Martins

    Andrew Martins16 日 前


  41. Unknown RXZE

    Unknown RXZE16 日 前


  42. remixer any

    remixer any17 日 前

    Most of these are not necessary for ur existence

  43. A_A G

    A_A G17 日 前

    RIP Nipsey tha Great

  44. FoVic

    FoVic17 日 前

    I like how they copied “muchdank” style of editing lol

  45. KashXO

    KashXO14 日 前

    What if he’s the editor?🤔

  46. brooklyn wang

    brooklyn wang18 日 前

    2 chainz blunt b kickin in hard

  47. Marcus Martins

    Marcus Martins18 日 前

    2:10 let. me wipe yow wand off.. lol

  48. Nubian Emporer

    Nubian Emporer18 日 前

    Watch over us Ride with us King Nip The Crip

  49. Nubian Emporer

    Nubian Emporer18 日 前

    Vice did it again. Do another time. Make another one

  50. Kristofer Burger

    Kristofer Burger18 日 前

    I didn’t like this 😂😂

  51. DrawingDead88

    DrawingDead8819 日 前

    IDGAF about how some wealthy person experiences wealthy things. Fk off. 2 Chainz might be aight but I still don't care. Stop making this bs

  52. Noah

    Noah19 日 前

    There is actually a Donald Duck comic where Gyro Gearloose invents this thing.

  53. scarlett dunn

    scarlett dunn19 日 前

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  54. jahpeeks jahpeeks

    jahpeeks jahpeeks19 日 前


  55. Nicco Wolf

    Nicco Wolf19 日 前

    XD I could make that my self and it is Not going to cost 9k who wants one... In honor of 2 chains. I will sell for 2k

  56. Cynane

    Cynane19 日 前

    This something out of Eric Andre lol

  57. John Kittleson

    John Kittleson19 日 前

    The edits kill me everytime😂

  58. sonny farrington

    sonny farrington19 日 前

    Where you think colored folks should live 2:46

  59. sonny farrington

    sonny farrington19 日 前

    How did you react when you 👀 my ancestors? 0:55

  60. Weld your shit Dro

    Weld your shit Dro20 日 前

    Rip Nipsey

  61. Antonio Lee

    Antonio Lee20 日 前


  62. Teri Davis

    Teri Davis20 日 前

    😂 I’m crying, this shows u the government can control the weather lowkey

  63. Ninguini

    Ninguini20 日 前

    Bruh this video reminds me of one of much danks videos

  64. sativaLee Kamara

    sativaLee Kamara20 日 前

    2 chainz walkin out wiv da blunt 👍🏽

  65. Bridge Norton

    Bridge Norton21 日 前

    I wonder if this guy does kids parties. The guy dressed like a clown, I mean.

  66. Ty Williams

    Ty Williams21 日 前


  67. Jack Vaughn

    Jack Vaughn21 日 前

    The man literally admitted to cultural appropriation 😂

  68. BossTech

    BossTech19 日 前

    In what way? Which "culture" did he appropriate? He took the idea, but this concept has nothing to do with Asian culture.

  69. Dan The man

    Dan The man21 日 前

    9k for some bubbles?

  70. Sarif

    Sarif21 日 前

    Rest in power Nipsey 🕊

  71. finessin pharoah

    finessin pharoah21 日 前


  72. moomoo !!

    moomoo !!21 日 前

    why is this editing hilarious

  73. N69

    N6921 日 前

    That box cost like 100 dollars to make what a rip off

  74. Hugh Spitzack

    Hugh Spitzack21 日 前

    It's just box with soap water a air pump and a stencil

  75. MBGODZ

    MBGODZ22 日 前

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  76. Vinz Beñosa

    Vinz Beñosa22 日 前

    Yo idk about ya'll but I want more 2 chance

  77. Kyle Campbell

    Kyle Campbell22 日 前

    they act like nipsey hustle just died lmao

  78. Mutombo

    Mutombo21 日 前

    depends on when this was shot

  79. Zak Srdanovich

    Zak Srdanovich22 日 前

    9k seems like abit much. Like fr, it’s a box with tubes on the bottom of it


    STREY BEATS22 日 前

    The editors got no respect

  81. HisNameIsLondon

    HisNameIsLondon23 日 前

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  82. xuncav midoriya

    xuncav midoriya23 日 前

    this was real, got real dark in the middle ha

  83. Skyirah

    Skyirah23 日 前

    Why are GQ’s editors actually funny what

  84. Quincy Owens

    Quincy Owens23 日 前

    2 chins

  85. Luke Powers

    Luke Powers23 日 前

    They need to make pink bubbles or something

  86. J Mac

    J Mac24 日 前

    hanging out in Asia, no white man is up to any good in Asia hanging out at bubble parties

  87. TheUnknownVenix

    TheUnknownVenix24 日 前

    RIP yo boy 🙏🏾

  88. tobyjug83

    tobyjug8324 日 前

    editing is on point lol

  89. Xavier Niko-Kaimo

    Xavier Niko-Kaimo24 日 前

    When 2 chains wear 5 chains and 2 chins got 4 chins...

  90. aidan

    aidan25 日 前

    Who edits these videos? They need a raise fr fr

  91. Whitney Williams

    Whitney Williams25 日 前

    Do you know what arugula is? 👀 👎 smh

  92. Craig Lewis

    Craig Lewis25 日 前

    Respect to his cousin Nipsey doe 👌💯

  93. Mo Mxrda

    Mo Mxrda25 日 前

    2chainz im steve LOL

  94. 12 20

    12 2025 日 前

    love this like oo, what expensive sh*t 2 chainz gone look at next

  95. Profound

    Profound25 日 前

    This was recorded a year ago?

  96. Varghese George

    Varghese George25 日 前

    "when you say biodegradable you mean touchable?"

  97. The Geek Freak

    The Geek Freak25 日 前

    Rip August ames

  98. Jus

    Jus25 日 前

    Editing improvement with this episode has came enormous

  99. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson26 日 前


  100. Ricardo Jones

    Ricardo Jones26 日 前

    Man....this episode was real.

  101. Liam Gallagher

    Liam Gallagher26 日 前

    Honestly these two are the duo we didn’t know we need..

  102. Stanton thorne

    Stanton thorne26 日 前

    Make it glow in the dark 😁

  103. Shawn Ellis

    Shawn Ellis26 日 前

    SHE CAN'T READ IT SHE AIN'T WORTH IT! Lol. RIP Hussle. Too soon, WAAAY to soon 🙏🙏🙏🙏. Stay Safe, Stay Strong my friends 💪✌

  104. Chris Luethje

    Chris Luethje26 日 前

    I see a lot of useless , non sense stuff on here, but this is actually awesome, and the guy is saving the environment !

  105. Jeffrey Lieberman

    Jeffrey Lieberman26 日 前

    Two what's? Who is this clown? Is he part of the LGBT community or something? Fruity color choices make me think that he is. Hmnnn.