1. kostis malliaropoulos

    kostis malliaropoulos4 時間 前

    And the heist begins

  2. Fan

    Fan日 前

    Damn if i was there i must be so nervous because it's a stranger and one of them are possibly a.... MURDER,MOMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

  3. Raymond Irani

    Raymond Irani日 前

    War between countries doesn't have to reach it's people. Let it be between it's politicians and not it's lovely citizens.

  4. Jaeric Balaba

    Jaeric Balaba日 前

    The best video ever made by human race 💖

  5. Rashmil Rajagopalan

    Rashmil Rajagopalan2 日 前

    You guys are beautiful people. ♥️

  6. Rayen Fahlouchi

    Rayen Fahlouchi3 日 前

    I love your vids aghh

  7. Random G

    Random G3 日 前

    What up my Egyptian buddies

  8. Random G

    Random G3 日 前

    There is a sigh that says sex shop😅😂

  9. Bhavana Ganugula

    Bhavana Ganugula4 日 前

    You guys gift such a beautiful and memorable experiences to strangers ...with the money and work u have.... U guys are such a inspiration to spread luv... I aspire to become like u guys.. ! . . Please come to Southern Part of India for amazing time... Would luv to see you guys capturing it beauty and doing some fun & kind stuff !

  10. Emma Malave

    Emma Malave4 日 前


  11. Maple Yuri

    Maple Yuri5 日 前

    I tried this I work for ISIS

  12. Von Carlos

    Von Carlos5 日 前

    I want to be part of your adventures! Please visit us here in the Philippines! Hehe

  13. Sai Ram

    Sai Ram6 日 前


  14. TheMaster327

    TheMaster3276 日 前

    Basically Big Brother, but only for 24 hours, and you can leave before all the slandering starts.

  15. Hkm Saharan

    Hkm Saharan6 日 前

    Fly someone from right here in the comment section to LA! To meet you guys. Pick me!! I wanna goto LA, it’s my dream 😭

  16. Allview User

    Allview User6 日 前

    that was soooo COOOL . I LOVE YES THEORY

  17. Chewsy

    Chewsy8 日 前

    Im goin hungary next year

  18. Perperlita

    Perperlita8 日 前

    I'm a real fan of Yes Theory because you're still proving that HUMANITY IS STILL ALIVE! I hope one day I can met you here in the Philippines!!

  19. Coolkid0715

    Coolkid07158 日 前

    4:16 the guy got caught in the act

  20. Lynel Colina

    Lynel Colina8 日 前

    Are they gonna have an orgy hahahahahaaha

  21. Juan Acosta

    Juan Acosta9 日 前

    I started following this channel today and I’ve already watch a large handful of videos and by far this is my favorite. Great job guys

  22. David kwon

    David kwon9 日 前

    Wished they'd gone and done it this year when I was backpacking XD.

  23. Tigi Vlogs!

    Tigi Vlogs!9 日 前

    4:15 where have they been

  24. Cuarcs Mentality

    Cuarcs Mentality10 日 前

    I love Yes Theory ❤️❤️

  25. Yizzy YT

    Yizzy YT11 日 前

    *everyone just wants human connections * 100 people in the country Hi No

  26. Ram Menghrajani

    Ram Menghrajani11 日 前

    Hey guys im a new subscriber your channel is awesome if you guys ever go to the philippines lemme know ill show you around.

  27. Todd Laramie

    Todd Laramie11 日 前


  28. jamriver

    jamriver12 日 前


  29. Kier Bear

    Kier Bear12 日 前

    Still watching this video 😊

  30. Giada Di Paola

    Giada Di Paola13 日 前

    6:27 me too mann

  31. rudra ghosh

    rudra ghosh13 日 前

    4:34 Aishwarya Rai everywhere

  32. Bane Naumovski

    Bane Naumovski13 日 前

    6:40 when the weed hits like motherfucker :D

  33. Ciara Calungsud

    Ciara Calungsud14 日 前

    Adopt me haha

  34. Lark_btw

    Lark_btw14 日 前

    Big brother 2.0

  35. Naveen Kateghar

    Naveen Kateghar15 日 前

    This channel should be named stranger theory

  36. Emerson Rose

    Emerson Rose15 日 前

    I wish life was always like this where people are just kind and happy and seek to have the best time ever you know.

  37. Gardo Dayandante

    Gardo Dayandante16 日 前

    i think they had a great sex on that mansion

  38. Young Sandwich

    Young Sandwich16 日 前

    This is reverse clickbait.You get more than you were promised!

  39. bartas varneckis

    bartas varneckis17 日 前

    4.45 this handshake is making me cry 😂😂😂

  40. axeleter

    axeleter17 日 前

    Sometimes I hate living in a third world country

  41. BlahBlah Blah

    BlahBlah Blah19 日 前

    This is one of the coolest video I've ever watched on you tube, so beautiful.

  42. Frank Soucek

    Frank Soucek19 日 前

    LOVE THIS!!!

  43. magafonosuper

    magafonosuper19 日 前


  44. Grace VS

    Grace VS19 日 前

    This is my third day straight binge watching your videos, I put my back out on Friday and I've been stuck in my bed since then. Watching you has made time pass by just a little bit quicker. Hands down best youtube channel out there!

  45. Akeem Vaih

    Akeem Vaih20 日 前

    JPreporter need to pay them double.. y'all hear me JPreporter?

  46. Eek_Nibiru

    Eek_Nibiru20 日 前

    Damn this is touching

  47. Hadi Moussa

    Hadi Moussa21 日 前


  48. Nina Noemi montoya

    Nina Noemi montoya22 日 前

    I want to them to fuck me as a trio just to seek discomfort

  49. bob jr

    bob jr22 日 前


  50. greeno 458

    greeno 45822 日 前

    Cant say anything but RESPECT

  51. Tess

    Tess24 日 前

    This gives me hope in humanity and faith for the future 🙏🏽

  52. Cat

    Cat24 日 前

    Honestly, ever since Grant Thompson stopped making videos on his channel, and then passed away a few months after, I have been looking for a channel with similar themes to sort of fill that gap that was left by his passing, and let me be clear, Yes Theory isn't replacing Grant or anything, but it is definitely an amazing channel that I instantly subscribed to. Keep up the great work guys!!

  53. Gem Fost

    Gem Fost25 日 前

    Reminds me of experiences I've had staying in hostels in Europe. Nice to see :)

  54. Moisty Man

    Moisty Man25 日 前

    Travel using $$ is better for a more relaxing and nice vacation. Travel without much to gamble and risk staying in terrible motels and being completely uncomfortable.

  55. Fridolin Müller

    Fridolin Müller26 日 前

    0:35 It's in Switzerland? I recognize the beer (Feldschlösschen) :D

  56. Rishi Raj Shukla

    Rishi Raj Shukla26 日 前

    14:13 Did anyone notice Aishwarya Rai ?

  57. I3ayIey

    I3ayIey27 日 前

    Lot's of shagging done that night in that mansion, Heigh Hooooo.

  58. FiFa Kings

    FiFa Kings27 日 前

    had similar experiences when going around europe, love the yes theory mindset, yes mindset

  59. Gs Tv

    Gs Tv28 日 前

    Just give them task to do and made yourself made a mtv show

  60. Shalli Clarke

    Shalli Clarke28 日 前

    3 u have visitors