1. im a microorganism

    im a microorganism19 時間 前

    Crowded limo looks like a jeepney

  2. Aaditya Yadav

    Aaditya Yadav日 前


  3. Mustafa Alzaibak

    Mustafa Alzaibak日 前

    Oh god just watching this made me happy , how about living it!!!! I wish i could live this experience in my life

  4. Anna j

    Anna j日 前

    If my introverted ass would be more social, then this could be me

  5. Mad A

    Mad A2 日 前

    God damn. Ammar’s speeches get me every time.

  6. Just Me

    Just Me3 日 前

    You could have picked up some better chicks, would be even better 😁

  7. Rob Esposito

    Rob Esposito3 日 前

    Behind the scenes: They all lost a kidney that night..

  8. Rodrigo Uchôa

    Rodrigo Uchôa3 日 前

    Very presumptuous to assume only people travelling on a budget “accumulate the best experiences”. Travelled to Monaco on a Yacht once and I bet I had more fun than all you losers.

  9. Gembol alfatih

    Gembol alfatih3 日 前


  10. Debleena Burman

    Debleena Burman3 日 前


  11. Erik Lee

    Erik Lee3 日 前

    4:55 Vsauce just walks by in the background

  12. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson4 日 前

    I’m 17 and nearly 18, when I finish my education at 20 I’m going traveling and I literally can’t wait

  13. A B

    A B4 日 前

    4:15 there’s a s*x shop behind them 😂😂😂

  14. carlo mas

    carlo mas4 日 前

    You guys are sooo cool!!

  15. Jurado

    Jurado4 日 前

    Care to visit Mexico, especially Queretaro

  16. Bec H

    Bec H4 日 前

    Wow this was just a “feel good” kind of video. Made me smile

  17. Keith Contessa

    Keith Contessa5 日 前

    They all put on bikinis & swim trunks and all of the guys start smiling

  18. Shildun Cross

    Shildun Cross5 日 前

    im just imagining how happy that was, cant afford this type of doings

  19. Har LeY

    Har LeY5 日 前

    My heart melts after seeing this😭

  20. Highkey Potaeto

    Highkey Potaeto5 日 前

    *that is some united nations assembly right there*

  21. Sharkbait0728 XD

    Sharkbait0728 XD5 日 前


  22. Jana B

    Jana B5 日 前

    I am also from Egypt and I have been living in Australia for 3 years now it was my dream now I am living it of course I still have so many places that I still want to visit. But yea.😂💕😝

  23. salma sigad

    salma sigad6 日 前

    Ammar is such an amazing speaker, he is so good at words lol

  24. shenelle nelson

    shenelle nelson6 日 前

    Every time Ammar speaks, I cry.

  25. Bendi Timár

    Bendi Timár6 日 前

    Was it any hungarian in the group?

  26. Muhammad Marzuqi

    Muhammad Marzuqi6 日 前

    4.99 million

  27. Artur Alves

    Artur Alves6 日 前

    Best video ever bro

  28. Matthias

    Matthias6 日 前

    I am Hungarian but I live in the USA

  29. Jacob Rist

    Jacob Rist6 日 前

    That pool scene reminded me of the one from gossip girl..

  30. majmone

    majmone6 日 前

    You guys are amazing greetings from Gothenburg 👏🤙

  31. Shadow Spoon

    Shadow Spoon6 日 前

    I have never heard of this porno

  32. roman pia

    roman pia6 日 前


  33. B R

    B R7 日 前

    This may actually be irresponsible. I can imagine some scammer exploiting the messaging here and dragging a group of girls to some horrible dungeon or something.

  34. greygreenbrown _

    greygreenbrown _7 日 前

    Why does this look like a $50 hotel it looks bad

  35. Me n I

    Me n I7 日 前

    Good vibes!!!

  36. mariah c

    mariah c8 日 前


  37. Legend Clan

    Legend Clan8 日 前

    I’m from Hungary

  38. T' N' T Films

    T' N' T Films8 日 前

    Who else thinks that some of the people hooked up that night and had sex?

  39. giffish84

    giffish848 日 前

    Yep, this is by far my favorite experience you guys have put together. Cheers to saying yes. What an awesome way to bring open minded people together. It seems inherent that a group will get along if all have said yes to an unknown experience, agree?

  40. Pulse Gaming

    Pulse Gaming8 日 前

    My far my favorite video made by you guys, shows how much random people can connect for completely different backgrounds... You should totally make another video like this in another country you travel to

  41. As 0109

    As 01099 日 前

    Ammar and his speech skill is another level of hot

  42. Jehezkiel Maelissa

    Jehezkiel Maelissa9 日 前

    Ammar... What a guy!

  43. MrChomen

    MrChomen9 日 前

    Make a longer duration

  44. fishy stix

    fishy stix9 日 前

    and thats on taken

  45. Wael alhanayan

    Wael alhanayan10 日 前

    This isn’t seek dis comfort This is seek comfort

  46. Musa Hussain

    Musa Hussain10 日 前


  47. adri p

    adri p11 日 前

    i was binge watching yes theory videos and i clicked on this one.. im from hungary and when i saw they filmed this in budapest i was like HUH?

  48. Chooong7

    Chooong711 日 前

    Is the rest on pornhub?

  49. iWONDER

    iWONDER11 日 前

    that was epic af

  50. AhmedTheWeeb

    AhmedTheWeeb11 日 前

    Lol ammar asked “are you Egyptian or what?”

  51. SUMS

    SUMS11 日 前

    Mitzi was wow

  52. Eli

    Eli11 日 前

    Man I can’t wait til I’m an adult I won’t to travel the world and do fun things like this.

  53. Sirlunchalot

    Sirlunchalot8 日 前

    Its not that easy, costs a lot of money

  54. Eli

    Eli11 日 前

    They always find the hottest women

  55. Eli

    Eli11 日 前

    Did anyone smash?

  56. Eli

    Eli11 日 前

    So many beautiful girls

  57. Elton Domingo

    Elton Domingo12 日 前

    ANd then you play a game... that involves a locked soundproof room and medieval weapons. :)

  58. Podtrash Radio

    Podtrash Radio13 日 前

    I see people getting depressed about their own lives watching their videos. Can we confront the reality here that a lot of these experiences wouldn't happen if people didn't know they were a large JPreporter channel with millions of subscribers carrying around cameras? If you were to go up to a stranger normally most of the time they would sense danger and be smart about it and say no. You NEVER know if someone is preying on a tourist and will kidnap, rob, murder, or take advantage of you. A lot of tourist scams actually start out with people offering some sort of experience. So don't feel bad that your life isn't like this. Start a JPreporter channel and you can probably do the same thing. However, I think the MESSAGE here is to do things that make you uncomfortable on a smaller scale. If you have social anxiety (like most people today), you should just try to talk to strangers as much as you can and face your fear. Spark up a conversation with someone at a store or wherever you are in public. You may get rejected many times but eventually you'll find that one person that wants to have a conversation with you. From that you'll gain positive reinforcement and possibly an experience you didn't expect. That's what will tell your brain that you may be rewarded if you approach this uncomfortable situation in the future until it's not longer uncomfortable. What's the worst that can happen? They don't want to talk or you're embarrassed for a few moments? Embarrassment is just an illusion. Just keep forcing yourself to do it and eventually you'll start to be comfortable speaking to people. A lot of us in this generation have social anxiety because of the internet relieving us from the necessity for real world conversations. So everyone is enclosed in their little bubble and afraid to step out of it. You can totally see the anxiety in the faces of the strangers in this video, but you can tell they are so happy they said YES and probably will remember this for a long time. They may have even met their future friend or love interest doing something like this! If someone seems outgoing it's only because they worked at it and confronted their fears until it was no longer scary. Good luck!

  59. Podtrash Radio

    Podtrash Radio13 日 前

    Why do the end of these videos always make me choke up!?!? God damn you. It's so true that everyone is just looking for human connection if you strip away our differences we are all looking for the same thing.

  60. This Izit

    This Izit13 日 前

    Waaa my country xD they were there :P

  61. Clariz Gumila

    Clariz Gumila14 日 前

    Come to the philippines 🇵🇭