1. sandra cueva

    sandra cueva58 分 前

    When I victory fortnite 0:02

  2. AnIrishPotato Man

    AnIrishPotato Man3 時間 前

    Time saver for everyone here There's no secret map, he never talks about anything even *among the* lines of a "secret map"

  3. spider manfan4578

    spider manfan45785 時間 前

    Well for some reason the game letter me do the secret task in among us

  4. Fatiha Ounzar

    Fatiha Ounzar5 時間 前


  5. Nyla Asamoah

    Nyla Asamoah6 時間 前

    How do you change your date on iPad

  6. Louis Playhouse

    Louis Playhouse7 時間 前

    Butt i play among us on my phone

  7. Commander Iden Versio

    Commander Iden Versio8 時間 前

    Number 14 isn't working, I tried but it won't.

  8. Erwin Velacio

    Erwin Velacio9 時間 前

    i allready know that the room back

  9. Erwin Velacio

    Erwin Velacio9 時間 前

    i allready know that the room back

  10. jddnelson

    jddnelson11 時間 前

    I found one secret it a under water room

  11. noor hafiz

    noor hafiz11 時間 前


  12. achilles lainez

    achilles lainez11 時間 前

    Reply to this comment how can you change the month and the date

  13. kimberly jhoy C. balana

    kimberly jhoy C. balana12 時間 前

    How do you change the date???

  14. zaskia amelia

    zaskia amelia14 時間 前

    yg salfok tulisan indo sini, mri merapat:v

  15. Travis Sta. Rosa

    Travis Sta. Rosa15 時間 前

    um hey I'm not lying ok my map is glitched and I clearly see a white crewmate just standing there. I thought it was a glitched afk crewmate

  16. im coming

    im coming15 時間 前

    If anyone has played fallout New Vegas you can hear a suttle version of the noise when your imposter if you go to the mountain near neil



    My best among us player ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. strawberry tωt

    strawberry tωt15 時間 前

    Ho do u change the date?

  19. xXForro_CsokiXx :3

    xXForro_CsokiXx :316 時間 前

    I think The Christmas hats are only free for pc users..

  20. Moshi Magsanay

    Moshi Magsanay17 時間 前

    At the 15 is I see a glass That's suspicious 🤔🤔

  21. Tadesse Tegene

    Tadesse Tegene17 時間 前

    wait, no one knows about the admin map?

  22. ujang tea

    ujang tea18 時間 前

    this is real secret😱😱

  23. Syed Reaj

    Syed Reaj18 時間 前

    While watching his video I realized that he had 666k subs 😂😂

  24. Mark Looney

    Mark Looney20 時間 前

    U lied bout free hats

  25. Camille Russell

    Camille Russell20 時間 前

    How you change the date :(

  26. Fawn Dewan

    Fawn Dewan20 時間 前

    Does it work on phones ?

  27. Fawn Dewan

    Fawn Dewan20 時間 前

    Wow that was awesome but I can't try it out because I have a phone not a tablet or anything

  28. Autumn all year The 3rd season

    Autumn all year The 3rd season21 時間 前

    1:50 Im still confused if that's suppost to be red velvet the kpop group i stan or just the other one... ???

  29. Christian Ciriaco

    Christian Ciriaco21 時間 前

    How do you do secret number 15 and number 14 on a iPhone?

  30. Christian Ciriaco

    Christian Ciriaco21 時間 前

  31. JT

    JT21 時間 前

    Beta version is also available on Play Store, which actually kinda has

  32. The Goodguy

    The Goodguy21 時間 前

    666 ahhhh

  33. Rehan Ramlogan

    Rehan Ramlogan22 時間 前

    you copied @skipthetutorial

  34. Narwhal Playz

    Narwhal Playz22 時間 前

    U have 666k subs 0_0

  35. dangthatsalongname 2

    dangthatsalongname 223 時間 前

    I new number 2

  36. Aleng Lengleng

    Aleng Lengleng23 時間 前

    that thing that you caled teloccop thingi that was for wepons those little holes was for shoting astroids in the polos map i discovered it when i was playing on the polos map i was a crewmate and i did that task then i saw it thats how i knew it you know its outside wepons in polos do you???

  37. Geckos Bastelwerkstatt

    Geckos Bastelwerkstatt日 前

    Number 12 is no secret but an Updatr

  38. Chelsey Bartlett

    Chelsey Bartlett日 前


  39. Emily Plays

    Emily Plays日 前

    Does this work on iPad?

  40. Jose Axume

    Jose Axume日 前

    I knew all of that not a secret

  41. Matthew Ryan

    Matthew Ryan日 前

    I changed my date to christmas but didnt see the hats

  42. Gavin Osbourne

    Gavin Osbourne日 前

    how the frick do u find these glitches

  43. Nick Doukas

    Nick Doukas日 前

    Why Doesnt it find the among us In my computer

  44. Melanie Leaks

    Melanie Leaks日 前

    The Christmas hats cost money but u can’t buy it cause the purchase isn’t in the game yet

  45. Abel Iglesias

    Abel Iglesias日 前

    Stop the cap

  46. Cherry_blossom69

    Cherry_blossom69日 前

    How do I set my sevice

  47. Reginald Copperbottom

    Reginald Copperbottom日 前




    That April first thing isn't just on April first I got it as a glitch



    it hard to notice while being killed



    it hard to notice while being killed

  51. MilkCarton

    MilkCarton日 前

    ~2 is real~

  52. The Toys Fan

    The Toys Fan日 前

    How did u get the Christmas hats?

  53. Weegee Darklol

    Weegee Darklol日 前

    but the one without touching the bar is awesome

  54. Weegee Darklol

    Weegee Darklol日 前

    ok i used it when i hear of it in another video

  55. Weegee Darklol

    Weegee Darklol日 前

    there is a code i will show it in a [ and ] there is the code [] that means the code is not existing and if you try to enter the server you get free chrismas hats

  56. Weegee Darklol

    Weegee Darklol日 前

    but touch the enter code before touching arrow

  57. Deborah DeGennaro

    Deborah DeGennaro日 前

    3:59 Mira hq: am I a joke to you?

  58. Nishal k s

    Nishal k s日 前

    When I play in a room I got the hack like 15

  59. luna UwU

    luna UwU日 前


  60. pranali patil

    pranali patil日 前

    i get april fool map when i join one game this month only

  61. Alvin Adhikari

    Alvin Adhikari日 前

    make a vid on how to download among us in pc


    F1A 19 CHEUNG CHUN TO日 前

    if u holding the joystick when the game is about to start and when the crewmate/imposter screen (even when the joystick disappears) , u are actually moving at the actual game map.

  63. James Le

    James Le日 前

    I don't even have to watch the whole video to know that there's no secret map.

  64. Lilster &chrly

    Lilster &chrly日 前

    the last secret isn't true its just the crack from the vent cos when ur imp the 'character' is red

  65. Shaun Perez

    Shaun Perez日 前

    I cant get the christmas hats

  66. Christian Kinney

    Christian Kinney日 前

    Dude literally everyone knew about the drake easteregg but the holiday and beta test is cool

  67. power gaming

    power gaming日 前

    I know this secrets

  68. sandhya amogh

    sandhya amogh日 前

    dec 25 is my birthday T5G bro

  69. Marianna Braun

    Marianna Braun日 前

    Jajajaaja hablo español eh igual entiendo

  70. jennifer hanna

    jennifer hanna日 前

    I'm a pro

  71. catkitty9005

    catkitty9005日 前

    Number 15 happed to me but I didnt know what happend

  72. Travis O' Bryan

    Travis O' Bryan日 前

    There’s a spot in shields t

  73. Spider-Man Gaming

    Spider-Man Gaming2 日 前

    December 25th trick to get the hats didn't work for me

  74. Danelia Morales

    Danelia Morales2 日 前


  75. Fatma Gomaa

    Fatma Gomaa2 日 前

    Remember when you said that .... someone behind a chair? Actually they can still report to the dead body because the report body sign is still there

  76. Arden Balzer

    Arden Balzer2 日 前

    Oh! There’s a hiding spot I found, and it’s not GREAT, but it’s still good. If you stand at the refuel engine task, then walk up, you’ll go into the engine. Your legs still show though, but not your name, surprisingly.

  77. Arden Balzer

    Arden Balzer日 前

    Yaaaaah... it just stopped working for me

  78. Arden Balzer

    Arden Balzer2 日 前

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah, da April 1st map flip.... saw a funny video with the map flipped in among us, so now I know why.

  79. Millie Robloxian

    Millie Robloxian2 日 前

    No.15 happened to me once by accident! Idk how bc i didn't do the things u had to do

  80. Katricia's Coding Channel

    Katricia's Coding Channel2 日 前

    How do you change your date in mobile-

  81. WhistlerRoblox

    WhistlerRoblox2 日 前

    where is the secret map in the thumbnail?

  82. itz copy ilo

    itz copy ilo2 日 前

    I already know how to do number 13

  83. Sarika Shah

    Sarika Shah2 日 前

    15 among us secrets you *probably* missed! You know, the word probably is important

  84. Kyra Valentine

    Kyra Valentine2 日 前

    On among us join a sever and then on the chat I'm it but don't send it it and then when it starts you have a chance to be imposter

  85. Safiyah Mohammed

    Safiyah Mohammed2 日 前

    I just know everything is NOT TRUE its all FAKE im sure if i go and try to change up the map or get free christmas hats it won't happen BULLSHIT


    PRINCESS CYRILLE Catahan2 日 前

    R. I. P that u use laptop mine is I phone 😂

  87. JuicyGaming

    JuicyGaming2 日 前

    The hiding spots are really useful when you have no name...I made a video on it..If you want to check it out..Then here you go jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-OBh-XuabGkA.html

  88. Marilia

    Marilia2 日 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-ig1Lw-Bu25M.html ..gg

  89. Arhaan Kesheriya

    Arhaan Kesheriya2 日 前

    I tried like that but it is not like that

  90. Zero _675

    Zero _6752 日 前

    lol i knowed everything

  91. Amy Grace Koa

    Amy Grace Koa2 日 前


  92. Ginny Brister

    Ginny Brister2 日 前

    You lied about the Christmas hat thing

  93. Fishy fortnite bot

    Fishy fortnite bot2 日 前

    This is more fake than sams leaked fortnite skins on top 5 gaming

  94. Bibhooti Moktan

    Bibhooti Moktan2 日 前


  95. Liv.e and Jelly

    Liv.e and Jelly2 日 前

    My friend has the Christmas hats

  96. Dimi God

    Dimi God2 日 前

    This is great watch Among Us reaction video by Dimi God here on You Tube it's hilarious 😂 and no clickbait

  97. SomeRandomIdiot

    SomeRandomIdiot2 日 前

    The thumbnail might be clickbait but the video is epic

  98. Micah Esguerra

    Micah Esguerra3 日 前

    * - *

  99. Micah Esguerra

    Micah Esguerra3 日 前


  100. Micah Esguerra

    Micah Esguerra3 日 前


  101. big grape Gaming

    big grape Gaming3 日 前

    all of them work

  102. Richard Duran

    Richard Duran3 日 前

    Christmas is soon xoxo