14 BEST & WORST Changes in Disney's THE LION KING (2019)


  1. Flicks And The City

    Flicks And The City2 ヶ月 前

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  2. godfrey rodrigues

    godfrey rodrigues12 日 前

    Very nice

  3. It’s Me Dorant

    It’s Me Dorant13 日 前


  4. Krystal Jones

    Krystal Jones15 日 前

    Are they free


    MARIE EUGENE18 日 前

    the remake one

  6. sweep mania

    sweep mania18 日 前

    Only the 1994 classic

  7. WibblyPigNZ

    WibblyPigNZ5 時間 前

    The original was for children, and rightly so. Why the heck this live action reinterpretation? And any adult interest in it?

  8. tania wilson

    tania wilson8 時間 前


  9. tania wilson

    tania wilson8 時間 前

    I love it

  10. cutie 164

    cutie 16414 時間 前

    I don't think that kimba the white lion would ever beat that movie

  11. Naveena Vice

    Naveena Vice20 時間 前

    This live trash will never be the classic like 1994 animated movie

  12. Carlos julian Yañez ortegon

    Carlos julian Yañez ortegon日 前

    Timon and pumbaa



    I like pumbaa the best I hope to win

  14. Hunt185

    Hunt1852 日 前

    When it was shame in 2019 lion king mufasa didnt appear in cloud. Thats sad iwas hoping to see it.

  15. Stray P. Drace

    Stray P. Drace3 日 前

    Ive been delaying reviewing the 2019 dumpster fire of a remake, somewhat hoping it wont be the dumpster fire, but the "thats propaganda" bit, change of Scar, cuts of many important scenes and beyonce being cast AND given singing numbers *shudders* prove that it is indeed - a burning dumpster fire of a pathetic attempt at a remake of an amazing classic. Sad. You'd think disney, having nailed Cinderella and Beauty in tue Beast in terms of character/plot/song numbers accuracy, would get this one right too. Shame.

  16. Vivienne de Tabris

    Vivienne de Tabris3 日 前

    Original vs Remake. Sorry, but original animation has much will always be better. Scar lost half of his charisma, Mufasas death wasn’t sad at all, ,,Be Prepared”, whitch is my beloved song from Disney, was ruined, and Hakuna Matata was just...meh I know, I’m a hater. That’s my opinion and nobody will change my mind.

  17. Shon G

    Shon G4 日 前

    I like the 2019 and the 1994 on to and I’m surrounded by idiots

  18. James Cecil

    James Cecil4 日 前

    I liked both versions of the movie, although two things I miss from the first were Zazu in the cage, and Ed. I know Ed was essentially there just with a new name. But I still was expecting a more goofy Hynea.

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  20. Saeedat A

    Saeedat A5 日 前

    Spoilers ahead???????? How's that even possible? Everyone knows the story.

  21. hamsterlover and CreamPuff

    hamsterlover and CreamPuff5 日 前

    I don't like how scar's new voice sounds but I still love the lion king

  22. Enzo H. Teruya

    Enzo H. Teruya6 日 前

    This new Lion King is better than the 1994 original movie, because of the behaviour of the Hyenas and also, of Scar, because there were a lot of non-sense behaviour from a real life animal

  23. Loom for you Incorporated

    Loom for you Incorporated7 日 前

    i am 100% the lion kings biggest fan

  24. Deus Vult

    Deus Vult7 日 前

    They ruined "Be Prepared". Don't bother wasting your money on this. Just watch the original and if you really want to see the new one just pirate it.

  25. Some Person

    Some Person7 日 前

    4:00 Really thought he was gonna say I. AM. UR. FATHER

  26. Nintendo Overdrive

    Nintendo Overdrive8 日 前

    THANK YOU!!! This is why I loved the new Be Prepared! The hyenas aren't stupid anymore so this darker version makes sense

  27. I just like to draw gore

    I just like to draw gore11 日 前

    I never knew Shenzi was a girl... *I'm bamboozled*

  28. Pepper

    Pepper11 日 前

    Well, *I* for one liked the newer version of The Lion King, even if everyone else is saying how bad it is. I love how cute the animals turned out and even though it lacks some of the quotes and jokes in the older one I still loved it just as much.

  29. Zachaery Barnes

    Zachaery Barnes11 日 前

    i think both is good its just that scars song be prepared is the best song in both movies

  30. Taj Rasool

    Taj Rasool12 日 前

    I liked the 2019's The Lion King 😄😄

  31. Österreichischer Patriot

    Österreichischer Patriot12 日 前

    0:28 I find your lack of faith Disturbing

  32. Britton Thompson

    Britton Thompson12 日 前

    So much of this movie was just plain drab, muted, and dim. So much flat, grey scenery everywhere. I know lions live in a savanna, but they made it feel like a desert

  33. The pals Kid mode pro

    The pals Kid mode pro13 日 前

    Gibe me a prize!!

  34. The pals Kid mode pro

    The pals Kid mode pro13 日 前


  35. BlackhawkX02

    BlackhawkX0213 日 前

    I didn't really have a problem with their facial expressions. I think anyone who enjoys looking at wildlife in real life won't have a problem either. Problem is when you're used to see it with unrealistic expressions and animations. Of course it gives a different vibe, but it was to be expected. The only scenes when I thought they didn't know how to handle their expressions was in the scene where Mufasa is falling off the cliff and Simba screams, and when Scar is blaming him for it.

  36. Ever Stephens

    Ever Stephens13 日 前

    People upset about a lack of human-like facial expressions must be terrible at reading their own animals.

  37. BlackhawkX02

    BlackhawkX0213 日 前

    Finally a freaking video that shows movie clips in the thumbnail, that are actually used in the video. Not just thumbnail clickbaits so they end up showing only the animated version.

  38. Keyila Lamour

    Keyila Lamour13 日 前

    I hope there's a tiger

  39. Kimberly Roselim

    Kimberly Roselim13 日 前

    The new movie was new they updated the lion king movie and the funny thing is your dinner so funny so cute

  40. Gabbie Ski

    Gabbie Ski13 日 前

    I know that they’re CGI and supposed to look realistic, I know that. But my counterargument for that defense of the animation here is that animals MAKE EXPRESSIONS ALL THE TIME. They aren’t human expressions, but we’ve all see a startled cat or a pissed off one. They could have done those animations for the expressions. But they really had us deal with same face syndrome the whole ass movie

  41. Emma Pena

    Emma Pena13 日 前


  42. Maria Samson

    Maria Samson14 日 前

    I did

  43. Shykeam Bowers

    Shykeam Bowers14 日 前

    Lion king2019

  44. Achmadi Achmadi

    Achmadi Achmadi15 日 前

    I like it 100 cool

  45. Hadican

    Hadican15 日 前

    The animals in the Jungle Book have more human expressions than they do in the Lion King. There is a big difference between the two films.

  46. Gogeta UL Ultimately strong character

    Gogeta UL Ultimately strong character15 日 前

    Very nice video I liked the video



    I liked you video and I subribed and also hitted the bell

  48. Trey Games

    Trey Games17 日 前

    Lol 2:40 killed!!!! Me.........of course by laughing 😈😈

  49. Sam Ball

    Sam Ball17 日 前

    I ❤ lion king ..

  50. Mary May Carps

    Mary May Carps17 日 前

    I was really sad about be prepared, it was one of my favourite songs.

  51. Peeper's Pack

    Peeper's Pack18 日 前

    It is awesome

  52. Meow Meow

    Meow Meow18 日 前

    2019 is better

  53. The_ Classics

    The_ Classics18 日 前

    “...loses some emotion in this remake.” My foot! I was havin’ lots of emotion when I saw this!

  54. Lennin Iraheta

    Lennin Iraheta18 日 前

    Lion king stole kimba the white lion now kimba the white lion is going to make a live action of there movie

  55. Mark Hyland

    Mark Hyland18 日 前

    Are famly loins it😍😋🤗

  56. Mark Hyland

    Mark Hyland18 日 前


  57. Dani Londen

    Dani Londen19 日 前

    To be honest, the emotion was a lot more present in the classic. Because of the facial expressions of the animals. Also the changes don't make the movie better. Imo. It is an absolute feast for the eye and the most impressive cgi I've ever seen.

  58. Krishan Patroo

    Krishan Patroo19 日 前

    Gosh Jon Favreau has really let himself go..

  59. Emily-Johanna Krupa

    Emily-Johanna Krupa19 日 前

    I personally loved the movie. I just didnt like the colors of the lions. I know its Live-Action but they should've kept a slight color. For example, Scar should have had a slightly black mane and brown fur. I was disappointed by the colors, but the movie was great anyway.

  60. Paromita Parbat

    Paromita Parbat19 日 前

    I love it

  61. Jacey And Alana

    Jacey And Alana19 日 前

    I’m surrounded by idiots

  62. gaming with ej

    gaming with ej19 日 前

    My favorite part is when they sing can you feel the love tonight

  63. DragonRider Squad

    DragonRider Squad19 日 前

    I like the new movie but I also like the original I'm a huge fan of both

  64. Gibran Reid

    Gibran Reid20 日 前

    No one's going to mention the way she pronounces Pumba and Simba?

  65. Kal Evol

    Kal Evol21 日 前

    I think the new one is better and I grew up with Lion King so fight me

  66. Shibby120

    Shibby12021 日 前

    Who is pumber?

  67. Shibby120

    Shibby12021 日 前

    I could really tell it Seth rogen and Billy Eichner were improvising. And I found it to be really off putting. And I feel like it broke immersion.