14 BEST & WORST Changes in Disney's THE LION KING (2019)


  1. Flicks And The City

    Flicks And The City4 ヶ月 前

    Which is your favourite Lion King movie? 😃🦁 *NEW Video just uploaded! The DARK TRUTH about SCAR in The Lion King (2019)* ► jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-P5xQYlRuL6k.html

  2. Irene CamargoMacedo

    Irene CamargoMacedo23 日 前

    The 1994 one

  3. Nataly Galvez

    Nataly Galvezヶ月 前

    I just really like the new lion king I watched it in the theatres

  4. M H Trotter

    M H Trotterヶ月 前

    I like the original better.

  5. Sana Chudhary

    Sana Chudharyヶ月 前

    @Aurelia Tomasiewicz you spelled lion king wrong

  6. Sana Chudhary

    Sana Chudharyヶ月 前

    🦁👑 guess this movie

  7. Life with Shay Vlogs

    Life with Shay Vlogs16 時間 前

    They messed up the whole movie😶🤦🏽‍♀️🙄😭😕😟😔😑

  8. thulani mfeka

    thulani mfeka日 前

    I like the new one

  9. thulani mfeka

    thulani mfeka日 前

    Can i have the simba and scar

  10. elizabeth miller

    elizabeth miller日 前

    Simba: "Hey Uncle Scar! Guess what?" Scar: "I despise guessing games!" Such a great and hilarious scene 💕

  11. Pigeon

    Pigeon3 日 前

    They probably could’ve used more of the original cast.

  12. Kcandy land

    Kcandy land3 日 前


  13. BoltFandom T

    BoltFandom T4 日 前

    Rip in pepperonis Mufasa 1994 - 2019

  14. Richard Lee

    Richard Lee5 日 前

    Who the heck is pumber?

  15. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana6 日 前

    The comedy which was virtually absent in the new one was like half the reason what made the original so good. When rafiki was doing kung fu on the hyena is missing. When simba was calling for help when his father died, the original made me choke up and still does to this day. New one was like...meh. If the original lion king never existed, no one would of cared at all for this movie and would of thought, what the hell was Disney thinking.

  16. Muhammad Riza Hariadi

    Muhammad Riza Hariadi6 日 前

    The new one is visually stunning, but flat. i miss the stupidness of hyenas, scary voice of scar and his slickness appearance, and mr bean zazus voice.

  17. Kiyo Pi

    Kiyo Pi8 日 前

    This movie, minus a slight adjustment to the interaction and hierarchy between Scar and the Hyenas, has the exact same original story, progression, character development and plot. So they wanted to make the characters feel more natural and realistic to mirror the new look, thus the slap-stick style was removed. Which in itself is fine, but to remove emotion form the characters entirely makes the movie boring and unrelatable. The comparison to the Jungle Book doesn't even make sense. The human actors aside, you can see emotion in the animals. You cannot in Lion King at all. Every emotion looks like a blank stare. Humans for millennia have been sharing emotions with domesticated animals that is clearly visible and take joy in recognizing those same emotions in their wild cousins. Animal expression is not just in the face, it's also shown in the position of the ears, the animals stance and tail position. Which again, blank stares, ears forward, tail in relaxed position, stance normal, but no big deal, his dad just died and he's being accused of murdering him. Just a normal Tuesday in the savanna. Sadly, I couldn't tell Simba just lost his father by looking at him nor hear it in his voice, and THAT is where is movie fails.

  18. Lavanya Rahul

    Lavanya Rahul9 日 前

    What is the new names of bonsai and ed

  19. Martin Grey

    Martin Grey9 日 前

    la la poo poo

  20. Lavender Ink

    Lavender Ink9 日 前

    I'm so glad the hyenas aren't as annoying as they were in the 1994 version. They were always my least favorite part. Timon and Pumbaa were also rather... irritating, but they were also mostly separated from the more serious elements. I'm pretty bummed about how much hate the new movie gets, but I do understand. Nostalgia and all that. Regardless, I do appreciate the seriousness of the new film. I mean, objectively, it doesn't make a terrible amount of sense for it to be as lighthearted and goofy as it is, seeing as it's literally just Hamlet with lions.

  21. Ethan George

    Ethan George10 日 前

    7:45 there’s a cub

  22. BrontoSmilodon1

    BrontoSmilodon111 日 前

    Actually the jungle book had a few moments where the animals had some slight ticks that made them feel and sound more expressive wile at the same time relatively emotive

  23. NON league trend

    NON league trend11 日 前

    How makes 2019 Be prepared should be payed a lot less because they took a fantastic song to like eating a last weeks gone off dinner

  24. Carrie Turner

    Carrie Turner11 日 前

    I love the lion king movie

  25. Jeff Davis

    Jeff Davis11 日 前

    I grew up with the original so yes I will I’m a wee bit biased. However, *THE NEW ONE DOESN’T HOLD A CANDLE TO THE ORIGINAL* it was actually rather cringe-worthy. Just another way Disney felt it could exploit the nostalgia outta people like me for an easy buck.

  26. Joey Xavier

    Joey Xavier11 日 前

    I miss Rowan Atkinson's voice as Zazu

  27. thecuber21

    thecuber2112 日 前

    They did the human emotions on Garfield

  28. comparisons are stupid

    comparisons are stupid14 日 前

    Funny and mencaing hyenas >>>>>>> menacing hyenas

  29. Nikkii Blackwell

    Nikkii Blackwell14 日 前

    I have to admit, I like both the new and old. For those in our generation, we grew up with the animation. Now and days CGI is beginning to be popular with the new generation. The 2019 is showing the realism of all animals, as the 1994 will always be the favorite because the order generation grew up with that version. Therefore I appreciate both versions, and I appreciate The Lion King on Broadway as well. Very good.

  30. Ainsleigh Gray

    Ainsleigh Gray16 日 前

    Its pombaa not pumbaa

  31. Emma Jahner

    Emma Jahner17 日 前

    I love sim a when he’s a kid

  32. Tom-crazzzy

    Tom-crazzzy17 日 前

    What did the Lion King tell Simba when he was walking too slow? Mufasa! 👍 V

  33. BMR Tour&Travel

    BMR Tour&Travel17 日 前

    love u guys i like the lion king can i have the figure i dont have a figure yet so im going to wait

  34. The Enygma

    The Enygma20 日 前

    Original: no one ever meeeans for these things to happen (voice changed completely pointed and matter of fact) but the king IS dead. and if it weren't for YOU he'd still be alive. New one: flat-ass delivery.

  35. chubeviewer

    chubeviewer20 日 前

    They made scar so ugly

  36. Carl Deaton

    Carl Deaton20 日 前

    the jungle book gave the animals a bit of more human movement in the face with their expressions.

  37. Amanda Griffin

    Amanda Griffin20 日 前

    I loved the newer version! I want them to remake the second one as well, give more in depth story behind Zira and her pride.

  38. Auda Cruz

    Auda Cruz21 日 前

    I love the 2019 one XD

  39. Wrath 7sins

    Wrath 7sins21 日 前

    I love the original

  40. Nik Ramma

    Nik Ramma21 日 前

    It was on my birthday

  41. Charlie Wilkinson

    Charlie Wilkinson22 日 前

    Love it like the end fight.

  42. Cheuk Ying Lau

    Cheuk Ying Lau22 日 前

    Love both versions, especially Simba and Nala

  43. Nagi

    Nagi22 日 前

    With all the differences still better than twilight

  44. Jason Voorhees

    Jason Voorhees22 日 前

    Lion King (2019) it like watching a Nature documentary on Animal Planet

  45. Jason Voorhees

    Jason Voorhees22 日 前

    The original Scar is kinda like the tiger from Jungle Book

  46. Montana OTTB

    Montana OTTB23 日 前

    I really miss Edd

  47. Francisco Rivas

    Francisco Rivas23 日 前

    Eating bugs wouldn't sustain a lion or even a boar

  48. shotgun612

    shotgun61223 日 前

    Even if you don’t think the new Lion King lived up to the classic, you have to admit, but my remake standards it’s a masterpiece

  49. Official Mus-B

    Official Mus-B23 日 前

    Those of you that keep saying you prefer the original,move the fuck on please..This is 2019 for God's sake..Sick and tired of your comments.

  50. Matt Stone

    Matt Stone24 日 前

    Jon malkavich wouldve been perfect for Scars new voice

  51. Laima Wolf

    Laima Wolf24 日 前

    I am still a fan of the old one than new one Cause scar is awesome and scary at the same time And just the graphics were better

  52. Damocles178

    Damocles17825 日 前

    Visually the film is very impressive but going all out on realism doesn't fit in a setting that wasn't meant to be entirely realistic in the first place.


    DEFIANCE NOW26 日 前

    They cut out m. Busa song when simba returns.


    DEFIANCE NOW26 日 前

    Miss cheech marin lol

  55. Maria Casorla

    Maria Casorla26 日 前

    I think the 1994 lion king

  56. Hugo Taylor

    Hugo Taylor26 日 前

    The movies great but I'm not going to spoil

  57. FUB Lz

    FUB Lz25 日 前

    I watched the movie, it was good! But the original is yet still the best!

  58. TexasNightmare210

    TexasNightmare21027 日 前

    They didn’t sing Be Prepared, should be said 14 times on this video! Fuck this movie!!

  59. Ben Maier

    Ben Maier27 日 前

    I love giveaways.

  60. Oschino Cobb

    Oschino Cobb27 日 前

    2:35 so they help you

  61. Tech guy

    Tech guy27 日 前

    I thought Timon's voice (Billy Eichner) was the weakest performance in the movie. It sounded like he was reading the script several times and didn't feel genuine at all.

  62. Dorian Arnoldus

    Dorian Arnoldus28 日 前

    This was so informative 😊

  63. Tyler Dinky Doo Amusement Madness Fun 123

    Tyler Dinky Doo Amusement Madness Fun 12328 日 前

    1994: Simba It’s to die for 2019: it’s a gift he will never forget

  64. Cosmic Lps

    Cosmic Lps28 日 前

    Can you please enter me into the giveaway also I love your videos and this movie

  65. Rafael

    Rafael29 日 前

    The 2019 film is a good remake but no animation can ever beat the original "THE LION KING"... ever

  66. Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial29 日 前

    *NO... NO... NO!!!* They've destroyed a classic. It looks and sounds horrible. All the warmth is gone. This seems like a remake for adults to feel a little nostalgia and see some fancy graphics. Kids want to see silly characters being silly, not something they'll only really get when they're older.