13 Hours in United's POLARIS BUSINESS CLASS (flying standby)


  1. DerpyDuck

    DerpyDuck3 日 前

    I just got upgraded to Business Class on my flight! I’m so excited to board!

  2. Allisson Estrada

    Allisson Estrada3 日 前

    When you said Seoul,I’m like “Take me 😭😭”

  3. DarkLord 7182

    DarkLord 71824 日 前

    I fly on standby too and my mom always books the less full planes so we get the highest chance of getting on business

  4. Turboluke

    Turboluke5 日 前

    Title should be how to abuse friends arport perks (GONE WRONG)

  5. Nommers

    Nommers5 日 前

    So I've always wondered....when flying first or business class, do you get to kee those extras? like the headphones and blankets or whatnot...or do you give those back to the airport ?

  6. thomas

    thomas4 日 前

    u can keep them on certain flights- but most of the time you have to leave them :(

  7. Dana Macleod

    Dana Macleod5 日 前

    Oh my god you guys are so lucky

  8. Thoms Pek

    Thoms Pek5 日 前

    Tsssss UNITED hate it lol I love airplanes and lounge I’m a bit like u guys!

  9. Android Atlantis

    Android Atlantis5 日 前

    Do you get to keep the stuff?

  10. Family on Standby

    Family on Standby5 日 前

    You guys should TOTALLY join us on a trip! You can fly standby with us ANY time :) Buddy passes for the win.

  11. Kevin G

    Kevin G5 日 前

    fun fact the attendant behind you at 10:03 - 10:06 is a cousin of mine havent asked him how business class service is yet as in serving the drinks and meals but i assume its like first and economy class.

  12. Meg _

    Meg _6 日 前

    I love the intro caus ive never seen this Channel before and it summed it all up. Nice job!👍🏻

  13. first ever roblox qlou

    first ever roblox qlou6 日 前

    I wish I could be like you guys but my family doesn't let me they want me to be a baseball player I want to be a baseball player but In One side I really want to travel the world cause if I cant do it when am an adult I want to do it as a kid am just so stressed omg 😔

  14. Uso_685 Kefe

    Uso_685 Kefe6 日 前

    Yous are so lucky your white 🙏🏾

  15. Justin Murphy

    Justin Murphy7 日 前

    #Greatest travel couple

  16. Catiebug MSP

    Catiebug MSP7 日 前

    If I’m being honest seeing the SFO airport is so funny because I live in the SF area and see the airport everyday of my life so its just funny to see people being so exited to be in SF.

  17. Ellyana Wood

    Ellyana Wood7 日 前

    I danced in the Disneyland parade and I was a VIP in Disneyland!

  18. Ellyana Wood

    Ellyana Wood7 日 前

    I went to San Francisco and walked on the Golden Gate Bridge!

  19. Simple Maker

    Simple Maker8 日 前

    If I had billion tons of Trillion dollars (which is more than a single sovereign nation's reserve and wealth lol) I would've make my life a journey... Have dinner in Tibet, China Sleep in Kathmandu, Nepal Having breakfast in Raja Ampat, Indonesia Hanging out with my friends in Aomori, Japan Exploring The Amazon, Brazil

  20. Life of Brynn

    Life of Brynn8 日 前

    Question do you get to keep the stuff you get in Business class

  21. Jonathan Carretas

    Jonathan Carretas8 日 前

    Hi Nate I would like to ask for your advice on what will be the size best to ask for the Pajamas? Is it S/M or L/XL size? I'm afraid if it is L/XL, its too large for me. What do you advise? Thank you

  22. John Bijani

    John Bijani8 日 前

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  23. jaryanis

    jaryanis8 日 前

    i have the perks of stand by too!! my mom works at the airport whenever i tell people they always assume it means i get an automatic seat but in reality we don’t.

  24. Let'sWatchMichelle

    Let'sWatchMichelle8 日 前

    i just came back from seoul! got on united business via standby to and from same route!! sfo to seoul and back!! i felt your exact nervousness when i was back in sfo and in seoul heading home! ahh!! aren’t the standby perks amazing?!!

  25. Family on Standby

    Family on Standby5 日 前

    That nervousness never, ever goes away. Standby life is the best life.

  26. Jungkook Trash

    Jungkook Trash8 日 前

    You get to go to Seoul. You guys are soo lucky !!!! 🤩🤩🤩

  27. Johnny Salinas

    Johnny Salinas8 日 前

    Idk bout behind the scenes but this couple seems incredibly happy!

  28. The Dare Devil

    The Dare Devil9 日 前

    I love San Frisco

  29. kristi dawn

    kristi dawn9 日 前

    i wish i had a life amazing as yours. i don’t know what it is, i just love traveling

  30. Isaak Chen

    Isaak Chen9 日 前

    I love ur vids keep up the good work

  31. Johannes Nikitin

    Johannes Nikitin9 日 前

    Airplanes.... shittiest way to travel.

  32. Maxine F

    Maxine F9 日 前

    Just found your channel today. So jealous. Would love ❤️ to fly business class. Love your channel so far. Subscribed 😊

  33. Nick Haslup

    Nick Haslup9 日 前

    Do you get to keep all of that stuff

  34. Brinley B

    Brinley B9 日 前

    I think we’re related, my last name is Buchanan as well

  35. Nils Bertaloth

    Nils Bertaloth9 日 前

    U have to love flying. Its the most fascinating thing ever.

  36. Arooj Wazir

    Arooj Wazir9 日 前

    i just started watching you guys and literally love your videos so much

  37. ur mum

    ur mum9 日 前

    If Nate don’t stop playing with them sexy ass legs

  38. lookather100

    lookather10010 日 前

    You two live a charmed life! Thank you for sharing your travel adventures via JPreporter! I will be blessed enough to travel the world 🌎 one day. Until then I’ll just watch you❤️

  39. taz man 45

    taz man 4510 日 前

    Johnny English

  40. Vietboy Gamer

    Vietboy Gamer10 日 前

    do you get to keep the headphones?

  41. L and j Vlogs

    L and j Vlogs11 日 前

    I live there in sfo south San Francisco

  42. LPS Cooki E

    LPS Cooki E12 日 前

    Only if you could keep the blankets and pillows

  43. Jessica Tran

    Jessica Tran12 日 前

    Turn the hand blue if you're still stuck in Economy... I I V

  44. Caitlynn Harrington

    Caitlynn Harrington7 日 前

    i fly business and first class😐

  45. Xx amine Kay Xx

    Xx amine Kay Xx9 日 前


  46. My Aviation Addiction

    My Aviation Addiction12 日 前

    3:30 you are already in SFO.

  47. Ellie Snyder

    Ellie Snyder12 日 前

    nate kinda looks like ronaldo!

  48. Adam M

    Adam M13 日 前

    Just discovered your channel randomly. You guys seem really cute. Glad I discovered your travels!

  49. stefflmrk

    stefflmrk13 日 前

    US way of flying stand-by 😳😳😳 UNITED . . . what about dress code for ID passengers? Sometimes it just helps to travel in style, then again it's the non style US. Airline Industry is maybe not what it used to be in the good times!?

  50. Family on Standby

    Family on Standby5 日 前

    We just have to look presentable, really. Just no leggings and no flip-flops. European carriers are a lot stricter, most requiring dress pants and such.

  51. Oslohiker

    Oslohiker13 日 前

    How did you get married to Ronaldo?

  52. Gigi Land

    Gigi Land13 日 前

    You guys are awesome, keep up the good work

  53. Kailyn Nance

    Kailyn Nance14 日 前


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  55. Alex Drescher

    Alex Drescher14 日 前

    how do you fly standby in business class