13 Glue Hacks and Crafts / Crafting Life Hacks


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    😎 cool!

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    Wood designs to make

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    Back to school makeup

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    No offense five minute crafts but guys you’re better than them

  11. Addie Soignier

    Addie Soignier9 時間 前

    Teenager: these pins are so bright and adorable! 5 year old: ew these are trashy! Me: Bruh what teenager wears pins that are shaped like dachshunds and houses?

  12. Queen Sis

    Queen Sis10 時間 前

    I love the beginning

  13. Julia Regmi - Fletchers Creek Sr PS (1574)

    Julia Regmi - Fletchers Creek Sr PS (1574)10 時間 前

    4:09 Narrator: These words of love are stuck to my heart Me: And the pages (cuz its glue)

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    Chamy Nava11 時間 前

    That glue is chunky

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    This channel is in JPreporter kids

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    Zoey Love 💐💜💕🦄🌈

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    No one: Troom troom wanna make ur lips bigger use glue lol


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    IPhone 6 for birthday gift... IT'S 2019!!!!!

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    2:10 A phone box has a real phone inside... THATS AN IPHONE 5 THAT ISNT A REAL PHONE. Oh,well,take that back,I use an Iphone 4.

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    Apple phone....as gift to friend....!!!😂🤣

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    I’m doing everything with glitter! Duh

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    I hate the new persons of troom troom where are you the old persons

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    Ur worring about ur Lip Jesus have u seen mine

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    The title should be how to waste glue. (No hate)

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  28. Gacha Person

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    “These words of love,are stuck to my heart” Yeah just like that notebook,you glued it together 🙄 😂

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    Oh what do I do with my life? Thanks for asking. I just sit on my bed, eat Milano cookies and watch stupid Troom Troom hacks that I'll never do.

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    0:17-1:50 Oh wow, she's so beautiful because wearing jewelry 😑

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    9:54 no ur not

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    0:18 smacc attacc

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    You said blue and that was pink

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    Terror 3

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  36. Génesis Arcaine

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    0:15 So everyone is going crazy over a girl with sparkling earrings, Me:hmmmmm.....(goes out wearing the earings)Everyone:(trying not to die of laughter when they see me)Me:(dying inside questioning why i put them on)

  37. Cris Gutierrez

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    Love you TROOM TROOM

  38. little k

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    Sometimes blue stink so if I was you I would do something about it like spray

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    From where do you even get these hacks? ;-;

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    She yeeted

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    Glue is literally the key to everything...

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    i hate you guys

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    The choker mixture looks like henna tattoo

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    before intro use some glue to stop lying troom troom

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    Noخیلی خوشم اومد

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    4:09 well that books never gonna open again...

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    Is sow kut ilove you and thanks

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    Sooo cool

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    I love you dolly and I love you Kristy even you are not in this video

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    3:39 well what is that on ur ear?

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    Starving homeless man.... HOW ABOUT I EAT SOME GLUE !!



    The screen protector do

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    Glue helps with everything

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    Super luzer

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    You cant steal other girls boyfriend ok! (THE GIRLS WILL BE SO MAD!)