#11 How To Cook “JAPANESE HAMBURGER STEAK ” Japanese Home-Style Cooking / Hiro Mizushima(水嶋ヒロ)


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    娘‥ 喜んでくれた😭

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    Keep practicing in cooking, make your family happy

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    okay! now I wanna see how was your daughter reaction! did she liked it or not!!

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    Oishisou desu ne!

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    CAST OFF....

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    I cooked hamburg steak last night for my wife, based on this recipe & she loved it so much.

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    This is so good. Feels like i’m learning with you

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="164">2:44</a> Lol I mean, no shame. I used to dice onions like this as well😂👍🏻

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    I was looking for hamburger steak recipe and JPreporter gave me Sebastian Michaelis. I'm not mad 😭💕💕 amazing video!

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    i mean, who would miss that legendary Tendou Souji lear to cook? Hahahaha, i expect great videos Sir Hiro!!

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    I never knew that he had the channel👀👀👀👀 subscribing now!!!!!

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a>そうじゃない片手で割ってってことだと思う

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    If I am not wrong I see him in movie...I think he is a famous actor..!..he looks cool..

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="447">7:27</a> ここ可愛いすぎかよ

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    made it. it was a failure because the pan was bigger .. took time to cook until burnt :(

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    ツボ<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="446">7:26</a>

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    Great job Hiro San. I love your videos, simple, shorts & very useful. Thanks a lot💝

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    玉ねぎ切りたくなってきた 切ったことないけど、、、

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    Bless for English sub now I can enjoy my favorite.. hiro n cooking.. 🥰🥰🥰

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    このJPreporterチャンネルが大好きです。 非常に良いビデオ コスタリカからのご挨拶

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    I know this guy from kamen rider kabuto boi what time is it i miss this guy

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    kibutsuji muzan???

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    its so nice to see you try your best in cooking something for your daughter

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    clock up

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    Didn't know jack white can cook

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    Tendo Souji!

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    おばあちゃんが言っていた… 料理をする前はちゃんと手を洗いなさいって…

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    know you from kamen rider,天道san I am also interesting Japanese home-style cooking

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    Que voz!!!!! Que guapo!!!!

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    It's cool but it's not a hamburger C'est cool mais ce n'est pas un hamberger

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    Théo merci

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    @Soleil Levant D'accord merci je ne savais pas. Bon courage à vous aussi !

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    C’est le steak haché à la Japonaise et ici au Japon on l’appel Hamburg. Bonne journée et surtout bon courage en cette dure période

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    So i Kind of try making this, and it didn't go as well as the one he did. Like everything I do :) Anyways, nice video

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    Invite Hidenori Tokuyama, please


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    เทนโด โซจิ ฮ้าฮ้าฮ้า

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    なんでだろう、料理チャンネルなのに癒されるw(男ですが) ハンバーグは手作りが一番!

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    I am so sorry were you actor in thr drama tokyo dogs with oguri shun??

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    初めてヒロさんの動画見たけど、不器用ながらも先生の教えに素直にとりくむヒロさんの姿に好印象。 個人的にはもこみち動画よりもこっちが好きかな。あっちは確かに料理上手だけどカッコつけすぎだもん

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    先日偶然この動画を見つけて今日の夜ご飯はハンバーグを作ろう!!と思い参考にさせていただきました! 高校生の弟が沢山食べてくれてすごく嬉しかったです(´˘`*) 水嶋さんありがとうございました🎶 自分語り失礼しました(*' ')*, ,)✨

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    コメントを見てるの?! あの水嶋ヒロが?え?(歓喜)

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    Oh my God, It's Nanba Minami making dinner! I can't believe what I'm seeing! :D Much love from Poland

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    Tendou Souji

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