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  1. Shawn Craigo

    Shawn Craigo10 時間 前

    Can you plz do 107 facts about the seven deadly sins. It's a anime on netflex

  2. gamergirl1045

    gamergirl1045日 前

    I always wanted to create a super high - shcool level thrillseeker. I even came up with a name.

  3. Despair Bunny

    Despair Bunny日 前

    Anyone else bothered by how he says Monokuma? Like it's pronounced Mo-no-kuu-mah

  4. Yukko

    Yukko日 前

    What if we got nobuyo oyama to play monokuma ? Haha jk ... Unless ?

  5. Spear Breaker

    Spear Breaker2 日 前

    Say it with me... MO-NO-KU-MA

  6. Suniclu

    Suniclu2 日 前

    *Danganronpa bongo dongo*

  7. Archeon The neverchosen

    Archeon The neverchosen3 日 前

    Sakura is perfect oke?

  8. Mortis’

    Mortis’3 日 前

    Ah yes, classic Mo-mooh-kma, aren’t I right?

  9. creeper girl

    creeper girl3 日 前

    Pin me

  10. Ak venture

    Ak venture4 日 前

    Wow so basically Nagito and Makoto have the same Japanese and english voices actors.. .. *wow*

  11. roninwarriorsfan

    roninwarriorsfan4 日 前

    I feel like Monokuma was the basis for Sora's Des-toy archetype in Yugioh Arc-v

  12. Rika Artsy

    Rika Artsy6 日 前

    I hate the way you say monokuma

  13. Mariel 05

    Mariel 056 日 前

    hair *antenna*

  14. Ethan Webb

    Ethan Webb7 日 前

    I thought it was an anime show.

  15. Wawawa

    Wawawa8 日 前

    I shouldn’t have come here... I’m just a novice and wanted to learn spoiler free but I guess I’ll just have to play it myself.

  16. Kirishima Shitty Hair

    Kirishima Shitty Hair8 日 前

    moh no kma

  17. curseeed. cosplays

    curseeed. cosplays8 日 前

    New title for your video: Pronouncing everything wrong for 25 minutes

  18. Nanook Winter

    Nanook Winter10 日 前

    “Not all supers made it into the game...” “..a musician and even a robot!” Me from years after this game: hMmMmMm K1-B0 and literally every music related girl ever intensifies

  19. s e e s a w e f f e c t

    s e e s a w e f f e c t3 日 前

    kaede, sayaka, ibuki, and leon(?): *sad minor chords/notes* k1-b0 and nekomaru: *angry robophobic noises*

  20. B o b a t e aボバティー

    B o b a t e aボバティー11 日 前

    The best character is the ultimate supreme leader kokchi

  21. babypanda

    babypanda12 日 前

    Thank god for this My friend won’t kill me for not getting her references

  22. Nintentoad125

    Nintentoad12515 日 前

    It wasn’t a hint that there multiple monokumas, it was literally confirmed in the game

  23. Spork Cutlet Bowl

    Spork Cutlet Bowl17 日 前

    H A I R A N T E N N A

  24. Jack Toomey

    Jack Toomey19 日 前

    Who else got annoyed that he said monokuma wrong

  25. Scrummy64

    Scrummy6419 日 前

    "The V in Danganronpa V3 is short for victory" P E R J U R Y

  26. 『Ghost』! [ 『Sr Pelo』! ]

    『Ghost』! [ 『Sr Pelo』! ]19 日 前

    Monokuma: **States the only way out is by killing** Me: That seems easy enough.

  27. huskylover10392

    huskylover1039219 日 前

    14:55 nice

  28. Popfe

    Popfe21 日 前

    when he said fifteen I cringed. ITS 16 I SWEAR TO GOD.

  29. l e x i e

    l e x i e21 日 前

    the pronunciation in this video.....

  30. idiot

    idiot22 日 前


  31. Angela Verhine

    Angela Verhine22 日 前

    my joke name for this masterpiece:dang it ronpa,

  32. Angela Verhine

    Angela Verhine15 日 前

    P E R F E C T

  33. oh hello there

    oh hello there15 日 前

    Dang it grandpa

  34. Boku No Anime Theories

    Boku No Anime Theories23 日 前

    Monokuma. Me: Mon- oh- ku-ma Him: Moe-no-ka-ma.

  35. ツAxolotl

    ツAxolotl24 日 前

    Mon-oke-mar (what?) it’s mono-ku-ma

  36. [REDACTED] OwO

    [REDACTED] OwO25 日 前

    Genocide jack-off

  37. Lucas Liam

    Lucas Liam25 日 前

    The anime was so good

  38. vicky

    vicky27 日 前

    coming from someone who has never seen the anime nor played the game, why didn’t they just stomp on Monokuma and get the hell outta there

  39. vicky

    vicky25 日 前

    @[REDACTED] OwO :)

  40. [REDACTED] OwO

    [REDACTED] OwO25 日 前

    @vicky no problem.

  41. vicky

    vicky25 日 前

    @[REDACTED] OwO that makes sense, thanks! :)

  42. [REDACTED] OwO

    [REDACTED] OwO25 日 前

    As someone who has watched the anime - he's basically immortal, having back-ups. He kills himself in multiple executions, and comes back. So stomping on him would have no use.

  43. rideaway1

    rideaway128 日 前

    spoilers for v3 or ultra despair girls?

  44. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda9 日 前


  45. smansilhabranco

    smansilhabranco28 日 前

    The way he says the names... It triggers me

  46. sailxr sxturn

    sailxr sxturn28 日 前

    why is it that any youtuber who has never seen anime always pronounce the names weird. that’s the one true despair

  47. Junko Enoshima

    Junko Enoshima28 日 前


  48. Susan Stanfield

    Susan Stanfield29 日 前


  49. Lydia Burns

    Lydia Burnsヶ月 前

    22:54 It's too bad the text covers the video cause what happened? Do Komaeda stab him or something? I dont remember this in the game...

  50. chiaki nanami

    chiaki nanamiヶ月 前

    i...thought there were only 4 dangan games..

  51. NightcoreRin

    NightcoreRinヶ月 前

    Tip for : *NEVER* have a favorite character. Like, *NEVER.*

  52. Little Oreorita

    Little Oreoritaヶ月 前

    OMG you pronouced Monokuma's name wrong! It's pronounced MON-O-KOO-MA, not Mon-oak-in-ma, you dummy!

  53. Jayden Schroeder

    Jayden Schroederヶ月 前

    Lol hope

  54. zosan

    zosanヶ月 前

    “At one point the designers intended to include the likes of a dog trainer, a musician & a robot-“ Kodaka Kazataka: *....*

  55. rideaway1

    rideaway1ヶ月 前

    is there spoilers in this vid for dr 2 i only finished the first game so far

  56. Kris_ _Flame18

    Kris_ _Flame18ヶ月 前

    H,,,hair antenna... H a i r antenna..

  57. Nicole M

    Nicole Mヶ月 前

    Oh god I remember reading SDR2 on the SomethingAwful forums

  58. Gina Junio

    Gina Junioヶ月 前

    Excuse me but it is pronouced *AHOGE*

  59. Dewi Shinta P

    Dewi Shinta Pヶ月 前

    V from V3 means victory?? *ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT*

  60. Your Mans Smasher

    Your Mans Smasherヶ月 前

    I dont like that these people don't know how to pronounce character names before making videos like this

  61. Gibbs Deus

    Gibbs Deusヶ月 前

    I feel like this has been said but it’s pronounced mono Kuma not moenokuma or how ever this dude has said it

  62. Brian D

    Brian Dヶ月 前

    Danganronpa 2 is just a better Lord of the Flies *WELL YES,BUT ACTUALLY NO*

  63. Dee Fresh

    Dee Freshヶ月 前


  64. Maddie Jones

    Maddie Jonesヶ月 前

    i couldn’t finish this video bc of the pronunciation of monokuma

  65. Sephy animates

    Sephy animatesヶ月 前

    moh- nak- umah? no its mohnohkuma

  66. minecraft llama

    minecraft llamaヶ月 前

    *h a i r a n n t e n a*

  67. This is my profile pic now. No hate please.

    This is my profile pic now. No hate please.ヶ月 前

    I like the closing arguements,and executions

  68. Sydgotsomenice Sweetnutz

    Sydgotsomenice Sweetnutzヶ月 前

    DAMMIT I haven't finished V2 yet and got spoiled the hell out of. oof