100 Years of Swimsuits (GAME)


  1. Ramyaa Rajarajan

    Ramyaa Rajarajan4 時間 前

    Oval and owaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Uma Vinay

    Uma Vinay3 日 前

    The whole straight guys thing in the title of the game only made me ship Rhett and Link more

  3. Logan S.

    Logan S.3 日 前

    "Hey Link can you do the intro?" "Of course, give me a countdown." "Ok, go." "HEWWO?"

  4. T Stormer

    T Stormer4 日 前

    Please bring back the monokini OmG

  5. Isaiah Marcel

    Isaiah Marcel5 日 前

    I’ll be getting my gf a monokini

  6. avery rios

    avery rios5 日 前

    Man, I love rhetts style

  7. Erica Hill

    Erica Hill5 日 前

    Omg I just love y’all

  8. stacia2016

    stacia20165 日 前

    Wow... and here I thought that bikini and bikini atol were just named similarly by coincidence

  9. Maria Tomine Longum Hansen

    Maria Tomine Longum Hansen6 日 前

    I love that shayne was the woman😂

  10. Luciano

    Luciano8 日 前

    Can anyone tell me where Link got his shirt from?

  11. Becca Morris

    Becca Morris8 日 前

    I live for the names of their games

  12. Carly Rose

    Carly Rose9 日 前

    Lmao carly 😂

  13. Parker M

    Parker M11 日 前

    Omg loved this video lmao

  14. Pretty Peepers

    Pretty Peepers12 日 前

    who taught link owo speak

  15. Jason Taylor

    Jason Taylor13 日 前

    Who takes these swimsuits home?

  16. Lauren's Wild-Life

    Lauren's Wild-Life7 日 前

    👒 👱‍♀️ 👙 👡

  17. Tsush Hehehe

    Tsush Hehehe13 日 前

    I havent been to this channel for 3 years, and somehow you both look exactly how I remember you

  18. Alex More

    Alex More15 日 前

    Anyone else wish they lived in the 60s lol

  19. Michael Tiller

    Michael Tiller15 日 前

    wait, seriously? String Bikinis became a thing in the 40's?

  20. Celine Hendricks

    Celine Hendricks17 日 前

    The first swimsuit reminds me of the superhero from SpongeBob... I can't remember his name but yea 😹

  21. 19mackay92

    19mackay9217 日 前

    Mermaid man or barnacle boy?

  22. Chinnea MLC

    Chinnea MLC17 日 前

    I can't believe you blurred a mannequin

  23. OlliOlliOxenFree

    OlliOlliOxenFree18 日 前


  24. Konrad Białek

    Konrad Białek18 日 前

    Somebody in GMM crew is a Disturbed fan

  25. Steve O'Boyle

    Steve O'Boyle18 日 前

    They should make an analytics vid 😂

  26. Al Kai

    Al Kai19 日 前

    0:13 is that you Kripke?

  27. Ale Arvizo

    Ale Arvizo19 日 前

    I'm always rooting for Link to win cuz he hardly wins at anything on this show 😩

  28. zakky wakky

    zakky wakky19 日 前

    Disturbed reference

  29. GroenFan

    GroenFan19 日 前

    Ahoyhoy There, Fellow JPreporterrinos! Okay dudes, where the frack 🚿did you get these vintage ☎️💾📺swimsuits👙🏊‍♀️🤽‍♀️?

  30. Jana Stewart

    Jana Stewart19 日 前

    love, love love Link's shirt!

  31. Pandora Beatz

    Pandora Beatz19 日 前

    I need links shirt

  32. can u fix the broken

    can u fix the broken20 日 前

    I think if the 40s bikini was more accurate to how they were shaped back then they coulda got it, instead it was just your average target set from the 90s

  33. emma._. rose

    emma._. rose20 日 前

    ... My sister asked why didn't they just look at the "picture" to see the answer.

  34. Bob

    Bob20 日 前

    I NEED Link's shirt! What is it? Where can I get one!?

  35. Lexie Rodden

    Lexie Rodden20 日 前

    Love Link’s outfit

  36. Crayon

    Crayon21 日 前

    Why did I just get this notification?

  37. Catisy Ellen

    Catisy Ellen21 日 前

    How in the world do people wear thongs and actually feel any comfortable in them? I can't stand it! No thanks, I'll pass on clothes going up my backside.

  38. SpankBuda

    SpankBuda21 日 前

    Please bring back Peter "the sad ghost boy who was lost at sea" back on again". lol

  39. sports_girl

    sports_girl21 日 前

    13:32 where's her belly button

  40. Quantos Games

    Quantos Games22 日 前

    whoop whoop Gatlinberg

  41. Footprints of a Kiwi

    Footprints of a Kiwi22 日 前

    *wears glasses* "are you a reader?" lol

  42. *shruges shoulders* 101

    *shruges shoulders* 10122 日 前

    You guys should switch seats and see if links chair is actually cursed

  43. Jack Bard

    Jack Bard22 日 前

    Shayne and Courtney?

  44. Slyro

    Slyro22 日 前

    The outfits are too trendy for two 40 something dads rolf

  45. Theo Roosevelt

    Theo Roosevelt23 日 前

    wished emily was the doll

  46. Theo Nuss

    Theo Nuss23 日 前

    I want Link's shirt.

  47. gopher001

    gopher00123 日 前

    the theme song has great bass

  48. Deanna Singleton

    Deanna Singleton23 日 前

    I love that Link is turning into a grandpa before any of his kids hit their 20s.

  49. I IS ME

    I IS ME23 日 前

    link should Dy his grays pink

  50. Viper

    Viper23 日 前

    We uhhh...ahem...we should bring back the Monokini. You know...for fashion purposes....and science!

  51. Violet James

    Violet James23 日 前

    Link: dos lil dangly dangly things Rhett: TaSsELs are..... Wow would you look at that Rhett being all fancy.

  52. bbhere2002

    bbhere200223 日 前

    One million. Suprised?