100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut


  1. ryloh on sticks

    ryloh on sticks29 分 前

    they should prolly let it go bcuz it already happened

  2. kendyl shaughnessy

    kendyl shaughnessy時間 前

    “ how could you leave these titties “ Wow that’s it, that’s my life’s quote.

  3. Ok zoomer -

    Ok zoomer -2 時間 前

    “I threw a burrito” lmfao.

  4. Yee yee Yee

    Yee yee Yee3 時間 前

    5:22 for thumbnail

  5. Demp

    Demp4 時間 前

    Step 1 : Get A Girlfriend

  6. May04bwu

    May04bwu6 時間 前

    Being ghosted was the worst for me

  7. Thara Reddy

    Thara Reddy6 時間 前

    Girl: "He left in the middle of the night" Boy: "I left in the middle of the night" Did anyone find that at least a tiny bit suspicious?????? 🤔🤔🤔

  8. gabrielacakees

    gabrielacakees7 時間 前

    100 people in this videos and like 95 are gays 🤯😂

  9. praise peaches

    praise peaches8 時間 前

    "how'd you get over it" "SMOKED SOME WEED"

  10. Adrienne de Villiers

    Adrienne de Villiers8 時間 前

    I'm going through a heartbreak at the moment ex basically left me for a bisexual cow that I thought was a friend guess I was wrong... Was only a month and then boom relationship official but they were already together before that but they denied it they both planned it I know they did... because she left her girlfriend after he broke up with me...

  11. Jennie Claesson

    Jennie Claesson9 時間 前

    Why is nobody talking about the woman at 3:55? Her hair is fabulous!

  12. Agrima Mathur

    Agrima Mathur11 時間 前

    Never been in a relationship checkkkk

  13. Simply Chaniya

    Simply Chaniya11 時間 前

    "how did u get over it?" nobody: not a single soul: that one guy: "smoke some weeeeeeed"

  14. Alistair van der Westhuizen

    Alistair van der Westhuizen11 時間 前

    Are there full versions of these clips?

  15. Analee Alford

    Analee Alford12 時間 前

    Bless the mom who was ready to kick Jared's ass

  16. Tim Trahan

    Tim Trahan14 時間 前

    Is that a miles davis t shirt?

  17. Youtube_ Lyxz

    Youtube_ Lyxz18 時間 前

    The dog tho man 😭

  18. zr gaming

    zr gaming21 時間 前

    3:25 my fckn man😂

  19. GaBrIeLA7X12

    GaBrIeLA7X1223 時間 前

    “I threw a burrito”

  20. Caitlyn Pattillo

    Caitlyn Pattillo23 時間 前

    Why is no one talking about how the guy almost got ran over by a car?!?! That’s concerning😂

  21. Darnell Morgan

    Darnell Morgan日 前

    1:04 WTF IS THAT

  22. Arielle

    Arielle日 前

    "i just started dating someone for like the first time ever" "what do you think it's going to be like?" "tHe bReAkuP" WTF LMAO WHY GET INTO A RELATIONSHIP IF YOU WANT SHORT TERM AND NOT LONG TERM lol

  23. Alex Pham

    Alex Pham日 前

    "How could you leave these TITTIES?!"

  24. Kim-Kelly Dang

    Kim-Kelly Dang日 前

    *"I threw a burrito"*

  25. Jonathan Samborski

    Jonathan Samborski日 前

    6:04 my mans lookin like Freddy mercury

  26. Klee Elizabeth

    Klee Elizabeth日 前

    5:08 NICE

  27. Ozzy Cortes

    Ozzy Cortes日 前

    Relationships never last!

  28. Sabrina Belt

    Sabrina Belt日 前

    FUCK YOU WAYNE! 4:49

  29. TASconfidential

    TASconfidential日 前

    It’s just best to be single... sheesh....

  30. bubbles

    bubbles日 前

    this guy is a piece of art.. I'm almost sure I saw a drawing that looks exactly like him somewhere

  31. Frenzy Gacha

    Frenzy Gacha日 前

    I found these two stories someone told me 1. Their boyfriend never loved them And 2. They were not “mentally stable.”

  32. Trashy Gamer

    Trashy Gamer日 前

    80 percent of the guys are gay

  33. Icyyy Babyygirl

    Icyyy Babyygirl日 前

    Keep it 100 when I throw these 100’s”

  34. SpideyPoops

    SpideyPoops2 日 前

    Wait a minute.. so a girls bf left in the middle of the night. Then the next boy left In the middle of the night..

  35. Myah TV

    Myah TV2 日 前

    Why is this getting recommend to me when I just got broken up w😑

  36. Michael Diehl

    Michael Diehl2 日 前

    Sigh....demisexuals cannot relate to this stuff

  37. Emanie Gordon

    Emanie Gordon2 日 前


  38. m a r i s x a .

    m a r i s x a .2 日 前

    0:40 0:44 WE HAVE A MATCH

  39. Cup* Cake*

    Cup* Cake*2 日 前

    "everybody breaks up with you?" "yeah" Lok, thats me.

  40. Mikhail

    Mikhail2 日 前

    My worst one was because she got in a fight with my sister and spat on my 1 and a half year nephew... I legit loved her, she was my best relationship, 5 years, we shared many thing together, even was thinking to propose, I think the problem was we were always doing coke only together and when she decided to take that shit outside with her friends and all, it started to transform into an invitation to other problems, cheating, more mental violence, she started to fight my fam, which I was very very very patient cause nobody should disrespect my family but I considered her part of my family and so did mine, when she didn’t attend my dad’s funeral while she went on the same day on a trip to Monaco with her friends! It was the edge of the breaking point! And the moment she attacked my baby nephew who means the world to me after the passing of our baby (miscarriage)! I lost my shit, I threw her out, I am ashamed of this but even slapped her (lost my shit), I donate all her designers cloth lol Balmain, LV, Balenciaga to a Syrian refugee camp! And never spoke to her! What’s lame I already bought her a Cartier Ring, kept it for a year to propose thinking she would get better, when my dad passed I left that idea cause I didn’t want to get married whiteout him as my witness! Well now I know she got her shit together and tried tt reach contact but it’s impossible...I decided to only focus on my Finance and mathematics PHD, built up a career as a digital risk broker or something, quit Paris to forget about her and for now just hooking up with a bunch of girls, trans or few dudes depends!!! Well anyways I lost faith in romance

  41. Alexis Zamora

    Alexis Zamora2 日 前

    “Everybody break up with u? yea” same

  42. Flore Pensaert

    Flore Pensaert2 日 前

    Going through it right now. Two weeks after the breakup, he already dated another using Tinder. He blocked me everywhere and told me he would go to the police for stalking if I would get my stuff at his house. It torns my heart. I loved him for 2,5 years and he’s incredibly cold.

  43. psycho for red velvet

    psycho for red velvet2 日 前

    "wound out he was talking to a girl while we where still dating" ??? he cant talk to people while u are dating or what

  44. ImprobableHumanity

    ImprobableHumanity日 前

    Gaurantee she means he was romantically or sexually talking too another girl

  45. Tawsif Mahi

    Tawsif Mahi2 日 前

    1:04 I identify myself as a binary robot juice thing.

  46. zac bigham

    zac bigham2 日 前

    Welp guess ima go try heroin

  47. Daddiii_Sam

    Daddiii_Sam2 日 前

    The boi who threw a burrito tho

  48. Yvie Morales

    Yvie Morales3 日 前

    “iM gUnNa Go tRy HeRoIn”


    VINYL SQUAD3 日 前

    Funny parts 5:14 LMFAO 😂😂😂😂😂 6:07 😂😂😂😂 4:08 Don't ask 😂🍔

  50. Ashley Ajayi

    Ashley Ajayi3 日 前

    The lady that said her ex wanted her to chose between her kid and him, exactly what my mom husband wants her to do chose between me or him . it so terrible how so men behave😡😡

  51. Ngân Huỳnh

    Ngân Huỳnh3 日 前

    1:04 I'm so impressive with that man 😀

  52. Kate Weissenberger

    Kate Weissenberger3 日 前

    The woman with the purple hair made my heart break. She looks like she just needs a hug.

  53. Samel

    Samel3 日 前

    Imagine being on one of these and telling your whole story only to be cut down to your „uhhhh“ in the beginning

  54. Giacomo Bolognesi

    Giacomo Bolognesi3 日 前

    3:27 i feel that



    That dude dressed like a robot look dumb

  56. Dhamayanti Setiadi

    Dhamayanti Setiadi3 日 前


  57. sofia bella

    sofia bella3 日 前

    6:38 the realization kicked in

  58. Goli Rulikira

    Goli Rulikira4 日 前

    1:03 I-

  59. coco's life

    coco's life4 日 前

    Is anyone noticing something with two of them, they said he left in the middle of the night then he says that

  60. Gaunter O'Dimm

    Gaunter O'Dimm4 日 前

    4:50 Zack Warner: you’re a fucking idiot

  61. emiplayz

    emiplayz4 日 前