100 Eggo Waffle Challenge DESTROYED



    HUGO TIEE2時間 前

    i don't understand how he pulls such a skinny body holy, i'm here strugling, the worls ain't fair :c

  2. Xx Moon shine Xx

    Xx Moon shine Xx時間 前

    Porque siempre tienen fotos ridículas como Q W E R T Y U I O P A S D F G H J K L Ñ Z X C V B N M Ahhhhh no se crean mentira ✌😂❤

  3. Rainyy_ Dayz

    Rainyy_ Dayz8 時間 前

    Eleven who?

  4. Requicsta amomymous

    Requicsta amomymous9 時間 前

    no one cares about you’re “eleven comments” no one cares about that show

  5. Rowan Locke

    Rowan Locke9 時間 前


  6. Avatar Anng

    Avatar Anng9 時間 前

    It’s 96 waffle 😂😂

  7. Ian Santos

    Ian Santos10 時間 前

    Eleven would beat this challenge in less than 10 seconds

  8. Z0NE

    Z0NE13 時間 前

    RIP aunt jemima

  9. Clay

    Clay14 時間 前

    Aunt Jemima.. racist

  10. Z0NE

    Z0NE13 時間 前

    Go back to Facebook and get your head out of your ass

  11. Berliner

    Berliner17 時間 前

    Whats that music 4:45 starts ??

  12. Kameron Anderson

    Kameron Anderson18 時間 前

    There 96 waffles

  13. jacob huynh

    jacob huynh18 時間 前

    Dude he was eating like spamming 🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇

  14. jacob huynh

    jacob huynh18 時間 前


  15. jacob huynh

    jacob huynh18 時間 前

    Dang he said holy shit ass

  16. LifeWithoutBigBrother

    LifeWithoutBigBrother20 時間 前

    Be careful with that aunt jemima syrup. Might get labeled a racist lol

  17. Tai Tran

    Tai Tran20 時間 前

    does matt ever get full

  18. Epic

    Epic21 時間 前

    me when im late for school:

  19. Ciro Di Napoli

    Ciro Di Napoli22 時間 前

    Random person 100 years ago: “In 100 years, we will do great things. We will break our limits.” 100 years later Matt: “today I am going to try and beat me old record by eating 100 eggos in less than 36 minutes.”

  20. Tamilselvan D

    Tamilselvan D23 時間 前

    Matt: 50 eggo in 4 min Me: Please Matt eat slowly.. I worried

  21. GamingWithKev

    GamingWithKev23 時間 前

    Eleven where do you live

  22. WyattG_ 26

    WyattG_ 26日 前

    Eleven has entered the chat

  23. eesa

    eesa日 前

    How does he not have type 2 diabetes

  24. Honda Civic

    Honda Civic日 前

    Thats alot of toasters

  25. Reuben game

    Reuben game日 前

    C une honte. Ya pleins de gens qui meurt de faim et tu fais des vidéos ou tu bouffe comme un gros porc. Honte à toi

  26. besl batchs

    besl batchs日 前

    5:12 me when i suck dick

  27. Katalin Varga

    Katalin Varga日 前

    Eleven:EGGOOOOOOOS GIVE MEEE (stranger things)

  28. Neka Mire

    Neka Mire日 前

    Oh no he ate them with his bare hands I can feel how sticky it is eewwwwwwww

  29. hzpimp •

    hzpimp •日 前

    Ağzın doluyken çıkardığın sesler öğürme mi yoksa geğirme mi

  30. Google User

    Google User日 前

    This reminds me of the movie cone heads

  31. Marcell Modos

    Marcell Modos日 前

    “Eleven” steals the eggos with her power and beats the reacord

  32. Sophia Ashley Lopez

    Sophia Ashley Lopez日 前

    Eleven would probably mad at you

  33. justine alcover

    justine alcover2 日 前


  34. Gamer Galaxy

    Gamer Galaxy2 日 前

    Matt:Let’s kick some eggo ass “sad Eleven noises”

  35. Wills Workshop

    Wills Workshop2 日 前

    Imagine been his wife having to watch the entire time

  36. Anthony Léonard

    Anthony Léonard2 日 前

    When I saw him put aunt Jemima syrup I was like NOOOOOO put the real stuff it taste better. I know it cost more where he is but it's worth it

  37. тE76-0 6҉

    тE76-0 6҉2 日 前

    I love how he flex’s his toasters in the background

  38. Pizza is here I like pizza

    Pizza is here I like pizza2 日 前

    Not gonna lie the maple syrup on your hands made me uncomfortable

  39. Nicholas Kostyuk

    Nicholas Kostyuk2 日 前

    I have just one simple question ☝🏻 How come you are not gaining any extra weight?? If I would eat so much I’ll be dead already😬

  40. Av V

    Av V2 日 前

    where's the milk. jk

  41. lol no

    lol no2 日 前

    What do eggos tastes like - from a Irish person

  42. Dr. ULTRON

    Dr. ULTRON2 日 前

    I feel bad for him he almost threw up a lot of times

  43. Dr. ULTRON

    Dr. ULTRON2 日 前

    I mean he had a stomach ache

  44. Dr. ULTRON

    Dr. ULTRON2 日 前

    And he felt bad

  45. Matthew Yanik

    Matthew Yanik2 日 前

    They can’t leggo your eggo if here isn’t any eggo to leggo

  46. Stef Versteeg

    Stef Versteeg3 日 前

    *diabetes joined the chat* *stomach leaved the chat* *diabetes is now the admin* *heart attack joined the chat* *heart attack is typing*

  47. A Dancing Artist can also Sing

    A Dancing Artist can also Sing3 日 前

    Others try beating other challenger.. Matt trying to beat his older self challenger...

  48. PlasmiX

    PlasmiX3 日 前

    Stranger things fan of the year :

  49. salamah amah

    salamah amah3 日 前

    You are strong man

  50. Falcon Gaming

    Falcon Gaming3 日 前

    3:39 😂😂😂

  51. Falcon Gaming

    Falcon Gaming3 日 前

    Eleven Want's To Know Your Location

  52. Lydia Cruz

    Lydia Cruz3 日 前

    Did he win the match?

  53. Wacky Liwanag

    Wacky Liwanag3 日 前


  54. Wacky Liwanag

    Wacky Liwanag3 日 前

    Yammy wow ❤ 👌 👇 🎂

  55. Tyrhel Santos

    Tyrhel Santos3 日 前

    When there’s only a little time before school starts and you didn’t have breakfast

  56. TheNewEpic

    TheNewEpic3 日 前

    Eating Waffles with Syrup with his hands is the worst sight to behold

  57. Nero

    Nero3 日 前

    You're telling me his stomach gets bigger?

  58. Mylynne Davis

    Mylynne Davis3 日 前

    Canadians are punching the air because Matt used Aunt Jemimas

  59. Kersoka

    Kersoka2 日 前





  61. Sxnflower. light

    Sxnflower. light3 日 前

    No fork 🚫

  62. Sxnflower. light

    Sxnflower. light3 日 前


  63. Sxnflower. light

    Sxnflower. light3 日 前


  64. T.F.S W.A.P.E

    T.F.S W.A.P.E3 日 前

    Тикида набуротбо керамам метиам хор

  65. Scar ML

    Scar ML3 日 前

    bring key'ush here

  66. Roy Simanjuntak

    Roy Simanjuntak4 日 前

    This is satisfying

  67. LearnMath

    LearnMath4 日 前

    I never tried it

  68. Aditya Agrawal

    Aditya Agrawal4 日 前

    Eleven's meal

  69. JJloManning

    JJloManning4 日 前

    And when I make 3 waffles I feel like I’m going over the limit.

  70. Macen Brooke

    Macen Brooke4 日 前

    and i’m so full that i can’t talk after eating 3 of those..

  71. Dominic Ramos

    Dominic Ramos4 日 前

    Matt ... Them Eggos looked uncooked 😂

  72. Hunter

    Hunter4 日 前

    RIP Aunt Jemima. You will be missed. 🙏🏼

  73. Joshua #24

    Joshua #244 日 前

    Imagine a girl going on a date with this guy

  74. ads

    ads4 日 前

    Matt stonier what do you do with all of your money from YT? Matt stonie: *erm*




  76. Vanesa Tomaj

    Vanesa Tomaj5 日 前

    Can you give me some pls

  77. Mila Karmila

    Mila Karmila5 日 前

    Electric bill:yes

  78. TheCookieJar

    TheCookieJar5 日 前

    Never watch food challenge videos when you're hungry.

  79. No Name

    No Name5 日 前

    bruh those are so raw

  80. l i l a c

    l i l a c5 日 前

    Eleven but if her powers were her stomach.

  81. Dominic Colangelo

    Dominic Colangelo5 日 前

    I'd totally try this! I'm like addicted to Eggo waffles! 😋

  82. Gaara Has No eyebrows

    Gaara Has No eyebrows5 日 前

    Let’s appreciate the fact that he ate 10 eggos in 34 seconds I can’t eat 1 in 10 minutes

  83. ꧁T⃠1̆̈L⃠T⃠ ꧂

    ꧁T⃠1̆̈L⃠T⃠ ꧂5 日 前

    It takes me 15 minute to eat 4 waffles.......... and I’m 11!!

  84. Infinit

    Infinit5 日 前

    Eleven would be proud

  85. Rosanyelik Beniquez

    Rosanyelik Beniquez5 日 前

    You suck matt

  86. Hola Sin nombre

    Hola Sin nombre2 日 前


  87. AS NENE FF

    AS NENE FF5 日 前

    "Legal" mas oque tem no esconderijo?