100 Eggo Waffle Challenge DESTROYED


  1. Clint Dayzie

    Clint Dayzie9 分 前

    My son said do a olive garden challenge! Lol definitely some chicken alfredo

  2. Funny_ Vines

    Funny_ Vines25 分 前

    Actually how are u still skinny

  3. WrAiTh _U_S_M_C

    WrAiTh _U_S_M_C時間 前

    What is that shirt thooo???? I want it

  4. Harry Potter fan

    Harry Potter fan2 時間 前

    How is he not fat I- Come on he eats so much and is a stick I eat nothing and I’m a ball of fat lol

  5. Mia Lopez

    Mia Lopez2 時間 前

    **Eleven wants to know your location**

  6. Fandub Da Salada

    Fandub Da Salada3 時間 前

    EAT 100 HOT DOGS

  7. dark god

    dark god3 時間 前


  8. Splat Zooka!

    Splat Zooka!3 時間 前

    11 would be so proud of you

  9. Mrs. Duckalot

    Mrs. Duckalot4 時間 前

    Waffles are like my favourite thing ever..

  10. hi, so my name is [dan]

    hi, so my name is [dan]5 時間 前

    Meanwhile I cant finish 4 waffles

  11. h0ka_m

    h0ka_m5 時間 前

    Eat the diamond playbutton

  12. Black Hole

    Black Hole6 時間 前

    You're parents taught you well to eat all you're food

  13. Oliver Ta

    Oliver Ta6 時間 前


  14. mari flow

    mari flow6 時間 前

    do 125 Christmas little debbie cakes next

  15. ممم ممم

    ممم ممم6 時間 前

    تره اني arbk

  16. Poet Times

    Poet Times6 時間 前

    What if Matt Stonie ate a gingerbread house or something like that for Christmas?

  17. Zoya Khan

    Zoya Khan6 時間 前

    am i the only one who watches him when i am hungry😜😜

  18. Achilles CR

    Achilles CR7 時間 前

    I eat 100 EGG WAFFELS and you think that of me. No doctor I dont get diabetes. Oh nooo. I Am the DIABETES!

  19. Unicorn.

    Unicorn.7 時間 前

    Eleven: What do hell ?

  20. Roman Ginzburg

    Roman Ginzburg8 時間 前

    Matt stonie :Bought 100 ego waffles Eleven:Why you bulling me😒

  21. Shori Itsuka

    Shori Itsuka8 時間 前

    You make eating look painfull.....

  22. yanli zhu

    yanli zhu9 時間 前


  23. Terri Gloudemans

    Terri Gloudemans9 時間 前

    I am hoping you read this as I am writing it on behalf of my son. He is 4 and has Autism and discovered your show by his love for random youtube browsing. He even subscribed to your videos on his own. He loves watching your challenges and hearing him giggle as he does really has been a nice thing to see since for a long time he has been nonverbal. Thankfully due to his therapies his communication has come a long way. Whenever you post a new video it has become something I am able to bond with him over to watch. I just wanted to let you know you have a 4 year old fan named Dexter who really loves to see these eating challenges you do. I do believe this one is his favorite so far since he loves Eggos. Thank you :)

  24. Haydog1254 Gg

    Haydog1254 Gg10 時間 前

    I thought it said 100 Lego’s instead of eggos 🤣

  25. Roy Williams

    Roy Williams11 時間 前

    Hey Patrick, my son Logan Loves your videos buddy, (loves to see people ride the Lightening lol) He wants to be a youtuber and began a youtube channel last night!! Its Called "Logan Tries" it was inspired by youtubers Badlands Chugs, Matt Stonie and Randy "Atlas" Santel!! Give his video a watch, hes a great kid and wants to entertain you good folks!! jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-c1yk0mVf2NA.html

  26. Fun time with Parth and shaurya

    Fun time with Parth and shaurya11 時間 前

    Health left the chat Heart attack is now typing

  27. xd clan

    xd clan12 時間 前

    10 millllll

  28. Aura leo

    Aura leo12 時間 前

    Collab with #tanboy Kun Indonesia

  29. RW163

    RW16312 時間 前

    10 million subs and all you can give nowadays is 1 video per month??? You've completely forgot about your JPreporter fans!!! Bit of a piss take really count me in as unsubscribed 👍🏻

  30. WolfGamingDev Premium

    WolfGamingDev Premium12 時間 前

    Eat a 1 Chip Challenge Really Much if your dare

  31. Xasan Qaliif

    Xasan Qaliif13 時間 前

    When no one comes to your party

  32. mr. poprovolski

    mr. poprovolski14 時間 前

    *_a matt stonie a day keeps the cholesterol away_*

  33. George White Not Brown

    George White Not Brown14 時間 前

    see how many gogurts you can eat in 5 mins

  34. Giyuu x steven

    Giyuu x steven15 時間 前

    I have challenge For you PAQUI ONE CHIP CHALLENGE!!!!

  35. HELMOONKAZELink Mons

    HELMOONKAZELink Mons15 時間 前

    EAT Italian Lasagna 12

  36. The global Ninja

    The global Ninja15 時間 前

    11 wants to know your location

  37. Tairo_ Yamaha

    Tairo_ Yamaha15 時間 前

    T chỉ xem ôg này mỗi khi t đói thôi

  38. Yêu Pháp

    Yêu Pháp15 時間 前

    Chắc chỉ có mỗi mình là người việt coi

  39. Bayn Boyn

    Bayn Boyn16 時間 前

    Penge daw si rachelle

  40. Saeed Javed

    Saeed Javed16 時間 前