100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]


  1. Floppy Cactus

    Floppy Cactus6 分 前

    Idea: I survive 100 days on hypixel

  2. Rosie Margaret Bellamy

    Rosie Margaret Bellamy8 分 前

    Pls make a part 2 !

  3. Tobias Kalzendorf

    Tobias Kalzendorf8 分 前

    Every 100 Days hardcore you make a Wall by your base

  4. Yey M8

    Yey M89 分 前

    Part 2

  5. PeterTrusty

    PeterTrusty18 分 前

    can't wait for part 2!!!!

  6. Jesus Flores

    Jesus Flores25 分 前

    𝕚 𝕟𝕖𝕖𝕕 𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕥 2!

  7. Ali Khalil

    Ali Khalil26 分 前

    What a noatable video!

  8. Patty Flores

    Patty Flores29 分 前

    Make a mob farm

  9. Femme Funtime

    Femme Funtime37 分 前

    1000 days of superflat plz

  10. Holley Kelley

    Holley Kelley39 分 前

    I’m definitely trying this

  11. Emeraldo Antony

    Emeraldo Antony40 分 前

    mini slimes are harmless.

  12. Leo Is An Idiot

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  13. Treasure Wins

    Treasure Wins43 分 前

    Btw tip if you wanna remake the series If you go to the flat world settings and keep looking through it, you might find the settings for dungeons, caves, villages, decorations, lava lakes, etc You just have to keep look through the settings Edit : and also add a new layer on top of the bedrock, I would suggest 100 layers But you could do any amount you want

  14. Jovan

    Jovan44 分 前


  15. zizogaming101

    zizogaming10147 分 前

    wither boss?

  16. T H Z myint

    T H Z myint49 分 前

    Many people:"Making progress in a super flat world is impossible" or "I'm doing the hardest challenge on the intire world in minecraft" This guy Luke TheNotable:You sure?! Me:*SHOCKED AF*DAMN!!!YOU SURE DID PROVED THEM WRONG!!!!🤣🤣🤣YOU ARE A BLOODY LEGEND😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. wreeper

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  18. Brod1elav94

    Brod1elav9446 分 前

    ok abt what

  19. Raphael Benedict

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  20. andrey 0501

    andrey 0501時間 前

    Boi :) Your PC ned to go IKEA to chill

  21. Elektro Gaming

    Elektro Gaming時間 前

    Your skin should be a Black cape with a hardcore heart and an red siit with a wither textured hardcore heart, a messy hair, blue pants and a texture pack To make Netherite cool on you for hardcore

  22. lucy2330 lucy2330

    lucy2330 lucy2330時間 前

    more!! more!!!!!!!

  23. The Tsar Tank

    The Tsar Tank時間 前

    I tried the same. Day 18, patato, wheat and carrot farm. 2 villages found. Ongoing build of a slime block tower. Also I managed to make a trading center with villagers

  24. Lazar Lazar

    Lazar Lazar時間 前

    I thing that superflat is ez and normalu a bit harder

  25. // SURYA RANJAN //

    // SURYA RANJAN //時間 前

    I want 200 days of minecraft super flat

  26. Karajan Begovic

    Karajan Begovic時間 前

    What about 3 thousand days in normal Minecraft ?

  27. Robert DENNIS

    Robert DENNIS時間 前

    he is working on it

  28. Sky Canez

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  29. SoulKiller BG

    SoulKiller BG時間 前

    superflat u do a lot of PROGRESS nice luke

  30. House Boys

    House Boys時間 前

    He accidently said the word B cuz i cant say it.

  31. Sky Canez

    Sky Canez時間 前

    he said it on purpose

  32. speedruner

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  33. Happy Besay

    Happy Besay時間 前

    He make impossible to possible

  34. Quivver

    Quivver2 時間 前

    Your tone of voice makes everything funny

  35. van helsing

    van helsing2 時間 前

    SuPEr FlAt

  36. Elle Wong

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  37. Ladycuriosity

    Ladycuriosity2 時間 前

    "nothing sinister in there"

  38. Freddy Dimoulis

    Freddy Dimoulis2 時間 前

    200 days plzzzzz!

  39. Hxdi Nxbxbteh

    Hxdi Nxbxbteh2 時間 前

    plz make it to day 1000

  40. Hxdi Nxbxbteh

    Hxdi Nxbxbteh2 時間 前

    idk why but luke makes hardcore soo fun

  41. Hxdi Nxbxbteh

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  42. [GD] Stupidlity

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  43. Hax

    Hax2 時間 前

    Commenting on every video on JPreporter #75

  44. Jesse - Brawl Stars

    Jesse - Brawl Stars2 時間 前

    This is lowkey fun

  45. oysterotter

    oysterotter3 時間 前

    Can’t wait till next month for a new video

  46. Brutus Callaway

    Brutus Callaway3 時間 前

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  47. Salman Saeed

    Salman Saeed3 時間 前

    I like your videos💕

  48. Koen Douwes Dekker

    Koen Douwes Dekker3 時間 前

    Here's that comment you requested

  49. Ramez Hisham

    Ramez Hisham3 時間 前

    Please do 200

  50. Venom

    Venom3 時間 前

    Luke, you can actually make it so some structures spawn in a superflat world so you can actually enable strongholds but then you would just see a lot of strongholds out in the open because of the world

  51. Venom

    Venom3 時間 前

    His emerald house is probably the biggest flex ever

  52. TONK MAN

    TONK MAN2 時間 前

    yeah, but not this emerald house

  53. WeeDyS

    WeeDyS3 時間 前

    100days beyond the game of thrones wall

  54. Tom tablet

    Tom tablet3 時間 前

    How did he kill 4 Vex in a super flat

  55. craftingchicken 07

    craftingchicken 073 時間 前

    raid i think

  56. Doggy Club

    Doggy Club3 時間 前

    No clue

  57. John Dean Kicking Woman

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  58. Doggy Club

    Doggy Club3 時間 前

    I’m sad because I want to get Minecraft but when I got it I realised that’s the new one I want the old one so I can do that :(

  59. Taylor Oneal

    Taylor Oneal3 時間 前

    part 2 pls

  60. Stoixion Bulgaria

    Stoixion Bulgaria4 時間 前

    You should try 100 drops in apex legends

  61. Jevil

    Jevil4 時間 前

    I just love how the video is a perfect 30 minutes long

  62. Matei Baciu

    Matei Baciu4 時間 前

    You ispaierd me to play Minecraft hardcore

  63. Pl moj Yt

    Pl moj Yt4 時間 前

    Can you surive 3000 day 😀👍

  64. YannikRie LP

    YannikRie LP4 時間 前

    I wanted to thank you. Your series inspired me to try my own challenge. I want to see how many useful Redstone mechanisms I can make in hardcore minecraft in 100 days

  65. Im Not Adarsh Solai

    Im Not Adarsh Solai4 時間 前

    Give villagers beds. They can make some PEPES and reload their sellings!

  66. Im Not Adarsh Solai

    Im Not Adarsh Solai4 時間 前

    Get string from spiders. Turn them into wool. Make bed!

  67. Dusan Maric

    Dusan Maric4 時間 前

    Go to 5:50 see what he says ;)

  68. Error 1_0

    Error 1_04 時間 前

    Make a 200 days with tors please the vid has almost 1 M likes

  69. shadowxgaming animations

    shadowxgaming animations4 時間 前

    You should make is. Survived 100 days easy with out getting any achivements

  70. James Lee

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  73. Matt Shelton

    Matt Shelton4 時間 前

    Plz more

  74. klabauter 444

    klabauter 4444 時間 前

    my pc was so bad that i could only play Superflat

  75. nietLars

    nietLars4 時間 前

    I found something for people who want to try this as well. on java if you go to superflat and select presets, there should be a bar at the top. After plains just add “,stronghold” now strongholds can spawn in superflat.

  76. free downloader

    free downloader4 時間 前

    Who just has 100 %free time

  77. mason

    mason4 時間 前

    May i have the seed for this challenge i want to do it like yours

  78. Lucamania

    Lucamania4 時間 前

    no one: luke: i think most of us probably would

  79. Vincent Donohoe

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  81. Nguyen Mai Ly

    Nguyen Mai Ly5 時間 前

    So pro

  82. dorijan puljic

    dorijan puljic5 時間 前

    Why dont you use silk tuch to mine glass from vilege

  83. TONK MAN

    TONK MAN2 時間 前

    because he couldn't get silk touch, he literally tried to get silk touch but gave up

  84. Ricky Collins

    Ricky Collins5 時間 前

    I love to hear your voice it makes me happy

  85. Jasmin Tapp

    Jasmin Tapp5 時間 前

    Not me eating n changing stuff while watching me: it took me 30mins n im not going to bed in the middle of the day

  86. Youtube Trayzz

    Youtube Trayzz5 時間 前

    How does he always get so OP in hardcore worlds and challenges

  87. Riley ARMSTRONG

    Riley ARMSTRONG5 時間 前

    Is this hard

  88. Clapz00 The boss

    Clapz00 The boss5 時間 前

    U just have to be experienced

  89. Clapz00 The boss

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    Not rlly

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  92. Marc Seegers

    Marc Seegers5 時間 前

    Minecraft, but it is in the Netherlands

  93. Diego Maury

    Diego Maury5 時間 前

    not me watching this for 30 minutes without realising

  94. Lucamania

    Lucamania4 時間 前

    realizing what

  95. Jude Lee

    Jude Lee5 時間 前

    If you played on 1.15, you could change the superflat world presets, meaning you can change the biome, the block layers, and exclusive to 1.15 - structures, so you could have made it so there are strongholds. You should have thought and searched up before you tried it out.

  96. TONK MAN

    TONK MAN2 時間 前

    this is not gonna work. why? because he is playing on 1.16, not on 1.15, and swiching would definitly break the nether completely besides, you can't change generation settings of a already created world, and he probally won't make an entirelly new world just so that he can kill a dragon

  97. Jude Lee

    Jude Lee4 時間 前

    @Caitie Doss But it's not - unless you're talking about the biome and block layer presets. Setting the stronghold structure isn't cheating

  98. Caitie Doss

    Caitie Doss5 時間 前

    I see that as cheating it though :/

  99. Rehan Ali

    Rehan Ali5 時間 前

    Luke can you please do 100 days in hardcore rlcraft

  100. Hopezz

    Hopezz5 時間 前

    hi could you do 100 days in terraria

  101. SenshiGogeta

    SenshiGogeta5 時間 前

    Attack On Titan Vibe

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    you are here because it was recommended

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    Wrote a comment

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    Please make 200 days

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  113. Mr Beast

    Mr Beast6 時間 前

    Sure that u had that idea u probably saw someone and said you are the first one to do it in flat world selfish loser

  114. Noah

    Noah2 時間 前

    @legit gaming news i made that back when i was in 9th grade taking a photoshop class yes i stole the koala and the brick background but mashed shit togather and it worked i think

  115. Fat Guinea Pigs

    Fat Guinea Pigs3 時間 前

    Says the fake Mr Beast

  116. legit gaming news

    legit gaming news4 時間 前

    @Noah man I haven't seen the windows 7 koala in a long time

  117. it’s just aiden

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    what did i just read-

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    Valheim next

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    Would love to see more of this

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    Please make day 3000

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    Y’all should sub to me

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    @Fumeina Gema this is my life

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    please get a life.

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    Ohh I thinked i see my classmate in the video when I see superflat

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    Continue the series ;)

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    Bruh you actually sued someone over the “100 days” title

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    LMAO he is sensitive he doesn't want his title to be ruined

  134. Kelsey

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    Im pretty sure the nether used to be super flat in the super flat worlds.

  135. PagmsSilver

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    I was deceived. Dislike