10 ways Windows is just BETTER


  1. Shane Fagan

    Shane Fagan時間 前

    The start of the video is correct

  2. denielt

    denielt16 時間 前

    4:04 ye you can try to do it and make your computer 800% slow

  3. Bob Mason

    Bob Mason22 時間 前

    Microsoft's fantastic Pandora's Box puzzle game doesn't work on modern Windows. And what happened to Media Player???

  4. ThePhysics1234

    ThePhysics1234日 前

    erm, isnt windows machine simply cheaper for the same hardware?

  5. hman287

    hman287日 前

    This ain't it chief.

  6. Ayano's Soul

    Ayano's Soul日 前


  7. Filthy Casual

    Filthy Casual日 前

    Linus: has a titan rtx, mentions it in the video only to make us feel small. XP

  8. Roy Arisse

    Roy Arisse日 前

    Personally I think Windows has become the king of virtualization in recent years. Even though I've used all three OS flavours, none of them beat Windows in that regard. I mean, how awesome is Windows' Remote Desktop Services? Why isn't that mentioned in the video?

  9. Windows 7 Enterprise edition

    Windows 7 Enterprise edition日 前

    I was like what is that crap (X100)

  10. daemon

    daemon日 前

    It "just works"? Tell that to the people whose laptops melted in their bags because of Microsoft's insistence on waking up sleeping laptops at arbitrary times. (Google "7590 sleep melted")

  11. John Adan

    John Adan日 前

    Yep you got right👍 In the home we got IPhones IPads Apple TV but in the office is PC with windows 👉 that’s true in general tasks is better 👍

  12. Nathan

    Nathan2 日 前

    I heavily disagree with the customisation thing. It's basically nothing when compared with KDE Plasma desktops, for instance

  13. Rob Ch.

    Rob Ch.2 日 前

    HAHAHAHA I rather take 5 months in learning how to tweak Linux to run adobe than going back to windows. Is just shit. Takes a lot of resources is chunky and stupid; or rather use hackintosh too.

  14. Full Throttle FPV

    Full Throttle FPV2 日 前

    why was one of the computers a mac with a piece of tape over where it said macbook pro? I recognized the keyboard... I used to have the same computer...

  15. SteamsDev

    SteamsDev2 日 前

    9:21 Mutahar, do you want to challenge this?

  16. Mitch Johnson

    Mitch Johnson2 日 前

    Autohotkeys is a daily deal breaker for me when it comes to using MacOS.

  17. The Best

    The Best2 日 前

    I have a love hate relationship with all macOS Linux and Windows.

  18. Ronald Dumb

    Ronald Dumb2 日 前

    04:06 - did you mean 'Like KDE4 on Linux and *BSD'? ;) All those Spaces/Multidesktop, Appstores was on Linux several years before Mac and Windows start using it. ) How about to switch desktops, hide/unhide/close/open windows, using Compiz with VFX? Draw on Desktop? It is Compiz too. I am curious why those greedy giants did not add such VFX. ) Apple and Microsoft cry. ))))

  19. Joe Danko

    Joe Danko2 日 前

    I answer questions on QUORA, mostly associated with Windows issues. Believe me, 90% of the Windows questions asked of me reveal Windows users unqualified to run a 4 -slice toaster yet they are more or less happily using Windows. The really numb ones seem to live exclusively on smartphones and are convinced their platform is at least as or more powerful than a Windows system. Watch out if they get a Windows system.

  20. iiElysium x

    iiElysium x2 日 前

    Microsoft office kinda sucksd on IOS it's super clunky and saving your work anywhere but one drive is a nightmare and doing basic things like putting tables and copying images is jank af

  21. Shivam Jha

    Shivam Jha3 日 前

    Anyone after "why Linux is just better"?

  22. Thijs Boom

    Thijs Boom3 日 前

    3:10 no it doesn’t I need to delete a lot of ad-apps…

  23. Terry McKean

    Terry McKean3 日 前

    I admit: I was a Windows addict since 1996, but I finally kicked that habit and downloaded Linux and I now and forever use a Linux distro of one kind or another in all my main daily-driver pc's, and I threw all the Windows disks OUT the window... well, not all of 'em, anyway... I still have Windows XP Pro in my Dell OptiPlex 745 desktop PC.... XP is just too friggin' awesome to give up...lol :-D

  24. Tio Nino

    Tio Nino3 日 前

    Fuck you james.

  25. Carson Grover

    Carson Grover3 日 前

    Are Windows games free, huh? Linux games are!

  26. Carson Grover

    Carson Grover3 日 前

    Linux gaming is better. Wine, Super Tux, Steam, and I don't need a giant pc. I have a good thing i686 laptop and Linux games really well. I ran NFS Hot Pursuit 3 (it's old but cheap and fun).

  27. Carson Grover

    Carson Grover3 日 前

    I liked XP, Vista, and 7. Those were my favorite. Yes Vista is actually good, I still use it. 95, 98, and 2000 were pretty good too. But 8, 8.1 suck, and 10 is the Worst OS ever. Overall, Linux beats Windows by far in my opinion. I have used Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Peppermint, Puppy Linux, and Slackware. I have loved all of them. But Windows has some good, some bad. Linux is all good 👍.

  28. ~Kirstin

    ~Kirstin3 日 前

    In a few ways, I would really say Windows is easier, and Linux is more powerful and, by extension, capable.

  29. Danfuerth Gillis

    Danfuerth Gillis4 日 前

    Top 10 reasons why Windows 10 sucks ass 1. Unsigned drivers are a nightmare with Windows 10 2. Disabling system services from management no longer works, must use their crappy control panel crap 3. IT admins are pulling their hair out with update messages on workers workstations screens 4. Number of Services have sky rocketed with useless garbage services spiking your cpu up and down, watch the task manager for this issue. 5. Bit locker is a joke lol LMFAO no IT admin uses it 6. Defrag is on by default on an SSD installation ROFL!!!! 7. Only Windows 10 Enterprise can be used for power users to stop most network calls from the OS 8. Windows 10 is a spyware tool for Microsoft, disabling telemetry being removed from Windows 10 Pro policies is exactly the proof you need. 9. Direct X 11/12 has nothing to do with Windows 10, as was Direct X10 hacked to work on Windows XP, Dx 11/12 could be made to work on Windows 7. 10. Audio Latency is a nightmare on Windows 10 for audio work. I know many musicians still on Windows XP Sp2 recording multitrack audio simply due to less services running and less resources needed for Windows XP. If you want to work on a dedicated task like audio recording stay away from Windows 10. Final notes IT admins hate Windows 10, not one single admin I talk to likes that crap. They were forced to install it on their networks because it was basically FREE for all the corporations to install, Microsoft just gave it away for a few dollars per seat licence lol. Every factory I visit is always the same stupid ass message on the screens "Do you want to update now or later".... SMDH is always what I say.

  30. KaiLikesLinux

    KaiLikesLinux4 日 前

    Where's my Linux video, Linus?

  31. KaiLikesLinux

    KaiLikesLinux3 日 前

    @FlaredAverage I saw

  32. FlaredAverage

    FlaredAverage3 日 前

    It just got uploaded

  33. Leslie Savege

    Leslie Savege4 日 前

    Games on Windoze do work better than on Linux, sometimes. Linux can play Steam, and other Windoze based games. So do they work better on Windoze? Right out of the box they do, because tweaking is often needed, but people don't go to Linux because of games. It's all about security, but I digress. As for old games, Linux can play old games made for Windoze easier than Windoze 10 can, like Mech Warrior 3. I've been playing World Of Warcraft on Linux for some time now, and you can see a slightly better difference in lot being detected and time it takes to do things. For the most part you can't tell the difference between the two. Customization at time stamp 3:56 is just a laugh, because you have NO IDEA how much Linux can be customized. Your very first example could have been done on Linux for some time now, even the Apple desktop, so you're not gaining any points here. 4:27 Windoze exposes the registry editor user to the user, what a laugh! Now I know this is true, but do you have the exposure to your system as Linux does. The answer is in your UA, where Microsoft doesn't give you total control of YOUR OS, but in Linux you can do whatever you want. 4:23 Speeding up system animations. So lets talk about speed, and how much is running in the background reporting back to Microsoft, and compare that to Linux's background. I saw a text on one of the early installation of Windoze 10 that said IE was faster than Firefox, and on Windoze it was, but on Linux it wasn't. If you compared Fire Fox speed on Linux to IE on (it's native OS) Windoze 10, it lost! 5:00 YES, look at that network usage, that is insane!!! 4:58 I love the task manager in Windoze, because it show just how much Windoze does for you, I mean behind your back. Like right now I am using 4 GB of memory with the internet open with 8 windows and 3 OTHER applications without any virtual memory. Lets see Windows do that, even at idle. That's not to mention the constant drive usage and reports to Microsoft over the internet. You don't realize it, but this all slows down your games, and this can be seen as a difference in Linux. Why do you think they came up with game mode? And I doubt that solves the problem either. 5:16 So Linux can't do this? BUZZER, wrong!!! 5:28 I don't know the full extent of this feature in Windows, but this can be done in Linux. I can even set the computer to shut off after the task is done, and the scheduled task are as endless as the imagination. This video is about being "BETTER"? So Linux sees itself as a community. How is the Windoze support base "BETTER" than who? It isn't Linux, and you can pretty much forget Microsoft for those really hard to find solutions on their website. 6:39 Chris Titus claims he has better productivity in making his videos on Linux than on Windoze. 6:53 "Probably?" So even you are not sure of this "BETTER" issue. This is just getting out of hand, so I like you Linus, but you know nothing about Linux.

  34. mazdamx2005nz

    mazdamx2005nz4 日 前

    i made windows 10 look like 7, got given a detention by the teacher smh

  35. holl0918

    holl09184 日 前

    Linux IS better than Windows... it is just that so few people use it that it doesn't get any really development interest. Which sucks. (This coming from a Windows user)

  36. Henry Andersen

    Henry Andersen4 日 前

    :39 why am I the only one that sees a problem with giving a random company all of your passwords?

  37. Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong Un4 日 前

    both os x and windows have good and bad sides. while windows was annoying to use at times, so was os x. but both also do a lot of things right as well.

  38. Shafer Hart

    Shafer Hart5 日 前

    7:30 shortcut keys bro? You sure? Windows doesn't even have a shortcut for changing between windows of the same program only. Loss by default in this department.

  39. Stefan

    Stefan5 日 前

    brace yourselves, arch linux nerds are coming

  40. ablanchi

    ablanchi5 日 前

    Vendor locking is not a benefit.

  41. mz tech

    mz tech5 日 前

    "Need to troubleshoot error, there are plenty of resources....", Yes there are, but barely anything works. Whereas with linux, its alot easier to troubleshoot

  42. KaiLikesLinux

    KaiLikesLinux4 日 前

    I can confirm this.

  43. Jim Pudar

    Jim Pudar5 日 前

    Lol the only valid reason here which isn't equally true for macOS and Linux is the gaming one

  44. Bored Student

    Bored Student5 日 前

    there is customisation :0 :hype: Show me how to exchange the filesystem, desktop envireoment and paket manager and i can play games again, never found away yet

  45. Inadover

    Inadover6 日 前

    Whoever says the Windows file explorer has never used the godly and mighty Dolphin

  46. TheKingLeeroy

    TheKingLeeroy6 日 前

    The only reason anyone has a windows laptop/desktop is purely gaming... that’s all they’re good for...

  47. Majin

    Majin3 日 前

    @TheKingLeeroy they’re good at being damn cheaper than Apple with 120% of the performance

  48. Jeremy

    Jeremy6 日 前

    Did my man literally just list Microsoft office as a reason why windows is better?

  49. JayDee Raymaker

    JayDee Raymaker6 日 前

    Windows: Has better customization and productivity! Linux: Excuse me?

  50. Alur

    Alur7 日 前

    Do the kids even know that DOTA stands for Defense of The Ancient?

  51. Alex

    Alex7 日 前

    Those i-sheep characters in the beginning were spot on.

  52. 󠀡󠀡

    󠀡󠀡7 日 前

    NONE of this is objective.

  53. shaesham

    shaesham7 日 前

    You don't make your videos in Final Cut Pro?????? J/K

  54. Terence Edwards

    Terence Edwards7 日 前

    the thing about windows is that it can be quite hard to find the bottom line,i have bought computers with the bluetooth allways on ,remote conection switched on its like buying a house with the doors wide open

  55. Silver Shine

    Silver Shine8 日 前

    But its not perfect by any means, then again so isnt macos

  56. Exagol

    Exagol8 日 前

    i made windows 10 look like windows 7, if you also want to make windows 10 look like 7: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-eQNE2qB-pa4.html

  57. Exagol

    Exagol8 日 前

    i made windows 10 look like windows 7

  58. Ed Biasi

    Ed Biasi8 日 前

    windows its not better we are forced to tolerate the bloatware 10 it's because programers are LAZY AND GREED

  59. Ryan Carter

    Ryan Carter8 日 前

    2020 will be the breakout year for Linux on the desktop!

  60. Ryan Carter

    Ryan Carter8 日 前

    More like the "Epic" Games Store

  61. John Woods

    John Woods8 日 前

    There is an old saying from when I was young, "Direct X is better than sex". Direct X and the library of programs that require Direct X are the big reason I'm still on Wondows

  62. mark totton

    mark totton9 日 前

    How can you do a "Windows is just better" and then a "Mac OS is just better"? Do you have no opinion of your own?

  63. Daniel Zamir-Zimmerman

    Daniel Zamir-Zimmerman9 日 前

    this video didnt help shit i tried for years to convince my dad to buy windows but he is hardly convinced no matter what i try to convince him

  64. XOp GamerYT

    XOp GamerYT9 日 前