10 ways Windows is just BETTER


  1. Hunter Perrin

    Hunter Perrin時間 前

    I haven't used Windows regularly since XP, and now it seems so strange and foreign. It's very hard for me to get something done in Windows.

  2. Hunter Perrin

    Hunter Perrin時間 前

    Plus I can run Unix software that was written in the 70s on Linux, so... about compatibility.

  3. Rob Richard

    Rob Richard2 時間 前

    Windows management is soo much more intuitive and easier on windows than OS X Linux is good at some of that but it’s distro specific and tricky for less tech savvy people

  4. []

    []4 時間 前

    Things I love about Windows as a Mac fanboy: It. Run. Games. That’s enough for me to have at least one windows machine along side my Mac

  5. Felix Neumaier

    Felix Neumaier9 時間 前


  6. Brandon Campanile

    Brandon Campanile11 時間 前

    Was that Skyrim with Thomas the Train replacing Alduin??

  7. Roman Yeskov

    Roman Yeskov13 時間 前

    "Play old games", yep, sure, Fallout 3 and GTA4 still don't works on Win10 :C

  8. Uncinematographable Screenshot Cinema

    Uncinematographable Screenshot Cinema14 時間 前

    would you say Windows had a 'plethora' of piñatas? Hey, nice captain's chair. Nice enterprise bridge. I have never seen that rgb neon bridge before.

  9. jb888888888

    jb88888888816 時間 前

    Windows 1-2-3-4 also works on the Ubuntu-based distro I'm using to type this (Zorin).

  10. Knugen

    Knugen日 前


  11. Akzork

    Akzork日 前

    Why did I watch this whole video?

  12. Skystrike70

    Skystrike70日 前

    wait wait wait what is this fence thing at 4:05 I am doing this right now

  13. AARON

    AARON2 日 前

    This video is completely garbage you didn't even mention linux

  14. Santino Joshua Torre

    Santino Joshua Torre2 日 前

    "DOTA used to be a custom map in WarCraft 3" ...man, i'm old...

  15. Ezaldden Almaghout

    Ezaldden Almaghout2 日 前

    might agree on some points. but taskbar? this is old-fashioned and rubbish piece of the software. I hope they kill it one day

  16. Moritz Poldrack

    Moritz Poldrack2 日 前

    If I can sum it up: it has a lot of Users. Everything else: Linux got you Covered pretty much

  17. Luiz Otavio

    Luiz Otavio10 時間 前


  18. ShadowYeeter

    ShadowYeeter2 日 前

    bruh i think they used windows photo editor to use markers

  19. debeeriz

    debeeriz2 日 前

    as a linux user. i will admit win 10 is pretty dam good, but i still dont trust it not to get malware, so i wont use it for email and exploring the internet

  20. Master Matthew

    Master Matthew2 日 前

    Entire video: top 10 reasons windows is basically a monopoly in the legal definition.

  21. Master Matthew

    Master Matthew2 日 前

    Gaming on windows isn't better. They have the console argument, they have exclusivity. It's not that they're doing better, they're just holding titles hostage unless you buy their platform.

  22. Mark Metzler

    Mark Metzler2 日 前

    There aren’t any good reasons, Windows just plain, flat out sucks, end of excuse or story.

  23. ThatNormalBunny

    ThatNormalBunny2 日 前

    Good job showing how mad you are. It's not too late to uninstall Linux and move over to Windows

  24. Stephen Pierce

    Stephen Pierce3 日 前

    If I had the money for 2 computers my plan was to have my everyday computer be Linux and the other a gaming computer running windows. my every day apps just run better in linux, while gaming can be don in Linux its just better supported in windows.

  25. Stephen Pierce

    Stephen Pierce2 日 前

    @ThatNormalBunny that is what my current setup is. But if I could have 2 computers the Linux would be a powerful low power system, while the gaming would focus on gaming. You would not want to run a powerful gaming system 24/7, that's too much power to be constantly running unless it was in use.

  26. ThatNormalBunny

    ThatNormalBunny2 日 前

    Then why not go for a dual boot solution? To help with the size issue save up for like a 10TB hard drive and dedicate 5TB to each OS

  27. Orion Hellraiser

    Orion Hellraiser3 日 前

    But I have a big question....how about Professional work? one thing is high-end gaming, daily tasks and other completely different thing is Audio production, Video Editing, 3d Rendering where you need all the posible resources available to speed up your work and not being wasted on stupid background processes that you won't even need as a professional. I'm actually hating windows 10 for those reasons. One thing is having amazing technology cheap at our disposal and more available than ever, and other thing that the fact of having 32 gb of RAM doesn't mean that it should be wasted on senseless background processes

  28. alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg

    alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg3 日 前

    Orion Hellraiser agreed that’s why I use Linux

  29. AlecMayhugh

    AlecMayhugh3 日 前

    how are you gonna use shortcut keys like that isn't the backbone of mac os?

  30. Luke-Antra

    Luke-Antra3 日 前

    Windows Customization is garbage.

  31. Luke-Antra

    Luke-Antra2 日 前

    @ThatNormalBunny I'm talking in comparison to Linux. Sure, it can do a decent amount. But it a absolutely pales in comparison to Linux.

  32. ThatNormalBunny

    ThatNormalBunny2 日 前

    To someone who doesn't know what they are doing sure

  33. MrGheller

    MrGheller3 日 前

    After watching this video, I reconfirm why I left Windows after so many years for MacOS. Now, waiting for ChromeOS to "hopefully" be more complete and useful to leave MacOS. In the meantime, MacOS.

  34. alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg

    alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg3 日 前

    MrGheller There is a more complete ChromeOS, it’s called manjaro kde

  35. anthony frank

    anthony frank3 日 前

    TBH, windows 10 is just an improved version of windows 7.

  36. old school diablo

    old school diablo日 前

    @alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg you are right even windows users will.agree that win7 was better than win10

  37. old school diablo

    old school diablo日 前

    @ThatNormalBunny lets see...windows spys on you sells.your personal data....under the hood. windows NT kernel kernel is.unstable. windows updates that rarange your drive letters. updates that brick peoples pc. thats just a few how about forced updates. check out barniclus channle he talkes about why windows 10 is bug as it is today. windows 10 is not an emproved version of windows 7. the other way around. most average win users will tell you win 7 is way better than win 10. win 7 nevet got in your way like win 10 does. i ditched windows because pf this. i want to boot up and not deal with updates. ajd just use my system. btw you do know windows 10 DOES NOT have an in house testing team. you the user are the tester now

  38. Daddy Joe's Pizza

    Daddy Joe's Pizza日 前

    In theory, yes.

  39. some guy

    some guy日 前

    Really!?? -_-

  40. Resale Value

    Resale Value日 前

    anthony frank That's what Windows 10 is supposed to be. Smh

  41. Reap R

    Reap R3 日 前


  42. Reap R

    Reap R2 日 前

    @alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg i checked. It can be read by the pc. Bu wont boot. Diskless client btw. And made sure RAM is installed properly

  43. alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg

    alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg3 日 前

    Reap R rams faulty or ram is not supporyed

  44. Зараб Умаров

    Зараб Умаров3 日 前

    Penis !1111111

  45. Bleak - _ -

    Bleak - _ -3 日 前

    I was going to dislike but that joke at the start redeemed it to a like. lol Windows update is trash and many other things are trash on W10

  46. Oscar Smith

    Oscar Smith3 日 前

    0:26 *tips cowboy hat*

  47. Oscar Barda

    Oscar Barda3 日 前

    Haha the vast majority of these positive points are just "more people use it"... So yeah, of course everything is compatible, more apps, more games more support more drivers more everything... And it also has a Document folder **the crowd goes wild**. But that does not make windows any better inherently, it just highlights the circular nature of being the most popular.

  48. Syntactic Garbage

    Syntactic Garbage4 日 前

    james looks like the pc from the apple mac/pc ads

  49. David Bowerman

    David Bowerman4 日 前

    If only it was a red fedora...

  50. xorkatoss

    xorkatoss4 日 前

    WINDOWS 10 IS THE KING! all others are just little biitches

  51. Victor Francisco Ramirez Benitez

    Victor Francisco Ramirez Benitez4 日 前

    Gaming It just works Customization Toolbox Support base Productivity OS Unity Task Bar Reliability Compatibility 10 Reasons Why (Windows 10 Edition)

  52. Minh Duc Nguyen

    Minh Duc Nguyen4 日 前

    Nowaday BSOD is mostly hardware issues

  53. Kevin Stiller

    Kevin Stiller4 日 前

    came for the video, stayed for the asteras

  54. SuperSandro2000

    SuperSandro20005 日 前

    If you do any software development or server maintaince then windows is just in your way and makes everything way harder and take longer.

  55. Ivan Ramos

    Ivan Ramos5 日 前

    Mac user here... just can't agree with File Explorer. Finder is just better

  56. Bobby Brady

    Bobby Brady5 日 前

    For the vast majority of users, the Mac OS and a Mac is a far, far better experience.

  57. Bobby Brady

    Bobby Brady2 日 前

    alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg Yeah, it is, because the vast majority of users never upgrade their computers. You are obviously not a member of that group. That said, I recently upgraded my late 2012 iMac with 9TB of internal storage (1TB SSD and 8TB HDD) and ac WiFi. And no, I’m not a gamer. The last time I played video games was in 1979, Asteroids. 😊

  58. alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg

    alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg3 日 前

    Far far better experience. Yeah mate I can’t even upgrade my hardware and you are saying it’s a better experience? Ky

  59. Bobby Brady

    Bobby Brady5 日 前

    Why the stupid washed out look?!

  60. PSXMicha

    PSXMicha5 日 前

    why is linus shooting in 2:1 ratio? this sucks so much....

  61. Rylee Strange

    Rylee Strange5 日 前

    Music production, Apple's still best for that It's certainly gotten better on PC, but still, some of the best and most common software/DAWs aren't even available on PC.

  62. KongzTer

    KongzTer5 日 前

    Why use LastPass when I have Keychain ;)

  63. T'Challa

    T'Challa5 日 前

    Hey a lot of people have been having a problem with Windows store not working and apps not updating. So many complaints but Microsoft is not doing anything about it.

  64. Jesse Nijdam

    Jesse Nijdam6 日 前

    Are you not supposed to use synctoy anymore?

  65. Thobiex

    Thobiex6 日 前

    Linus: "Windows and 1, 2, 3, and 4. Go ahead and try it out" Me: **tries it out** Me: **falls off my chair**

  66. Keep mprv

    Keep mprv4 日 前

    Linus : transition to our Part sponsor - still complete explaining

  67. Man BoyBoy

    Man BoyBoy6 日 前

    comments: 99% linux stuff 1% windows stuff

  68. IceCreamJunkie

    IceCreamJunkie7 日 前

    For anyone who thinks Mac is better, just know that most of the computers in the U.S. military run Windows.

  69. Bobby Brady

    Bobby Brady2 日 前

    alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg Well, most people are not interested in building their own computers and/or maintaining a system that will likely break every MacOS update. I don’t know how old you are but if you are young then you will likely eventually reach a certain age where you don’t want to deal with such shit anymore. For me it was around 35, and it came upon me real quick and unexpectedly. Before that I used to be all into building and troubleshooting computer crap. Now my ridiculously reliable iMac sits on my slim desk with zero eye clutter and zero mental clutter. Life is much easier after I got rid of the PC messes I used to have.

  70. alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg

    alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg2 日 前

    Bobby Brady I would only use macOS as a hackigtosh in a world where it was better than linux

  71. Bobby Brady

    Bobby Brady2 日 前

    alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg Depends on what you are comparing. Unfortunately the current lousy keyboard, that is hopefully and supposedly going away soon, is what really hurts the current MacBooks. They are now also too thermally constrained, but that's the case with similar thin Windows laptops. The only Mac I currently recommend *without reservation* is the regular iMac. There is no Windows equivalent and it’s actually an excellent deal. I recommend the i9 version. I still have the late 2012 version that I recently upgraded with a 1TB SSD and an 8TB WD Red HDD, and a current ac WiFi card. It's an i7 version and it still effortlessly does everything I need it to do. The best computer I have ever owned, and I used to build my own way back in the day.

  72. alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg

    alalauiwhiuwhiuw 43tuijhuiaw;leawgl;jg3 日 前

    Bobby Brady agreed, Mac OS is better than windows. But macs are not

  73. Bobby Brady

    Bobby Brady5 日 前

    IceCreamJunkie I'm retired military and Windows was generally trashed in the military. Windows is used by the military for the same reasons most businesses still use Windows. As a personal computer, the MacOS is a far, far, far better computer OS and experience for the vast majority of users.

  74. will charlton

    will charlton7 日 前

    OS Unity?!?! Jesus Christ! MacOS has barely changed since OSX 10.1 and linux has separated the desktop environment and the kernel, meaning that unless you want it to, NOTHING will change.

  75. alsacchi

    alsacchi7 日 前

    DKVK make you play Windows games Just fine on Windows with a really small loss, with only the problem of games with a bullshit anticheat that blocks WINE. All of this are very easy to use with LUTRIS

  76. Neeraj Kungwani

    Neeraj Kungwani7 日 前

    But can windows delete itself ??

  77. ThatNormalBunny

    ThatNormalBunny2 日 前

    With the right know how you can probably make it delete itself and corrupt your hard drive at the same time making it completely useless

  78. Basscat

    Basscat7 日 前

    I feel like this shit was sponsored by Microsoft.. Has he not even *slightly* looked into the fact that half of these "better" features are natively supported on Linux-based systems too? *oH wInDoWs LeTs yOu cHaNgE yOuR TaSkBaR CoLoUr gUyS hOw cOoL iS tHaT*

  79. Amazon Soldier

    Amazon Soldier7 日 前

    "making youtube videos like us" they basically say "windows is better"

  80. Led Zeppelin

    Led Zeppelin7 日 前

    Windows is fiddlesticks after all.

  81. Matinator

    Matinator8 日 前

    If Linus used Linux this would be "10 reasons why Linux is better". If he used a mac this could have been "10 reasons mac is better" Just saying. As someone who uses windows for gaming an Linux for work, it's clear that they all have up and downsides. While Windows is technologically far inferior to both Mac and Linux, Microsoft is good at marketing. It also supports the most games. Mac has style and comfort while not giving up mainline products such as Adobe ones, while being much more robust and reliable. Then Linux comes in having the technical capabilities of an alien spacecraft and a similar complexity if you want the full mileage. Sure the main user interface works just fine for normal users (KDE is great and arguably better than windows interface), but if you are not a software engineer the full power of Linux won't be at your fingertips, because for that you need the terminal. If it was supported by major software, it would be far superior for normal users, but it is not.

  82. Led Zeppelin

    Led Zeppelin8 日 前

    Matinator I absolutely agree with you!

  83. Wombat

    Wombat9 日 前

    Hate FileExplorer... probably the only thing i would change coming from Apple

  84. Mark Nante

    Mark Nante9 日 前

    I liked win7 but win10 is disgusting. It comes with apps and background processes which I don't even want, it wants to force you to register every bullshit, tracing as standard, many unnecessary regulations etc. It's a big gorilla, completely out of control. But yeah, I need it for office and gaming :(

  85. Led Zeppelin

    Led Zeppelin8 日 前

    Mark Nante Windows 10 is shambolic!

  86. Igor Maričić

    Igor Maričić9 日 前

    6:46 LoL xD and woooow win+12345 :o

  87. Dan Cookson

    Dan Cookson10 日 前

    Windows + 1, 2 3 and 4! I feel like I've been living under a rock!!!