10 Unbelievable Confessions From Gordon Ramsay


  1. TheRichest

    TheRichest年 前

    *Any Gordon Ramsay fans?* 🙌 Do you agree with Gordon's favorite fast food restaurant? Or do you disagree? 🤔

  2. Jerry Gibson

    Jerry Gibson2 日 前

    Yes in &out burger is damn good!


    MEME GAMERZ8 日 前

    Alittle bit of both

  4. Rock Chan

    Rock Chan2 ヶ月 前

    *This whole hotel is racist*

  5. Jim Johnson

    Jim Johnson2 ヶ月 前

    Mesophyl not really he is just straight up and no nonsense and tells it how it is you have got to be on point in that trade of work he has met some idiots in his career

  6. Feank Garcia

    Feank Garcia2 ヶ月 前

    Forgive him Gordon.

  7. Hector Jimenez

    Hector Jimenez4 時間 前

    Imagine being known for being picky about what you eat and your favorite food is in and out 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Iver Kræmer

    Iver Kræmer16 時間 前

    Yay norway


    KREWZBLUE18 時間 前

    The background music is terrible and so prolonging

  10. Allan Sanchez

    Allan Sanchez2 日 前

    Yes he fears when a Karen comes or a army of them

  11. Allan Sanchez

    Allan Sanchez2 日 前

    Gordan Ramsey: we are in the endgame

  12. Rachel Herrick

    Rachel Herrick2 日 前

    I now have a whole new respect for this man. Thank you for this video.

  13. TheRichest

    TheRichest2 日 前

    you're welcome!

  14. quadriderkyle

    quadriderkyle4 日 前

    Beef wellington is amazing, somehow every bite is better than the last.



    He can open whatever restaurant he wants, but the claim that his restaurant is based on a Japanese restaurant is laughable.

  16. Donnaphan Washer

    Donnaphan Washer4 日 前

    Back in the day we had a tennis star that had a temper and swore and we loved it... Now we have a chef with a temper and bad mouth and we love it... 😂 Need more of them...

  17. Tom Forbes

    Tom Forbes5 日 前

    Euro, we use pounds in the uk not euros

  18. John M

    John M6 日 前

    If a white chef cant open a Asian themed restaurant then a Asian chef can’t open an Italian or French themed restaurant, stop with this baby racism crying bullshit. It’s ruining the world.

  19. joao carneiro

    joao carneiro7 日 前

    waste of time

  20. Jan Blaszczyk

    Jan Blaszczyk7 日 前

    Ratatouille is way better than this

  21. Andy Morris

    Andy Morris7 日 前

    He probably lost the stars because his food wasn’t caramelized

  22. Alexander Hounsell

    Alexander Hounsell8 日 前

    Someone tell the narrator that in the UK we use pounds (£) not Euros (€)

  23. Sophia Fiddler

    Sophia Fiddler9 日 前

    Bro who gives a frick what race you are, people can open a restaraunt whatever race you are.

  24. Ayla Miller

    Ayla Miller9 日 前

    Gordon with his kids is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. If you haven't seen him interact with his kids you should watch a couple videos 🤧

  25. Raymond Williams

    Raymond Williams9 日 前

    Imagine learning authentic cuisine from a place that your skin doesn't get racially associated with and then being told that it would be racist for you to sell that food. Gotta love racists who've taken a moral stance so they aren't seen as racist

  26. BaileyRuthless

    BaileyRuthless9 日 前

    Definitely not culture appropriation, you have restaurants like Chipotle and Taco Bell that are “Mexican” food

  27. Kris Frederick

    Kris Frederick9 日 前

    I'm sorry, run that back. He was criticized for not having enough Asians in his Asian restaurant? They don't COME with it. Holy hell lady.

  28. Kris Frederick

    Kris Frederick9 日 前

    ........If Gordon sees this, he's going to be really pissed.

  29. Gusion's Dad

    Gusion's Dad9 日 前

    Ramsay: disgusting.

  30. Spit Fire

    Spit Fire10 日 前

    I saw Gordon Ramseye at Home Depot one time because they were buying the store so they could turn it into a filming area

  31. Ed Hammer

    Ed Hammer11 日 前

    Lol anyone else get his masterclass ad watching this? Also he seems like a great guy outside of his shows.

  32. John Kiser

    John Kiser11 日 前

    Gordon is nice to children and even people starting out. It is when people claim to be professional chefs and do horrible that he gets upset.

  33. Christian Guzman

    Christian Guzman12 日 前


  34. Trevion Harper

    Trevion Harper12 日 前

    Imagine being scared of the one thing that is literally inevitable



    it's all a marketing scheme orchestrated by highly paid publicists. ppl are soo easily herded!

  36. Brow The Unbroken

    Brow The Unbroken13 日 前

    I think Asia is much bigger than Japan, China, or Hong Kong and Angela should stick to reviewing fast food and takeaway



    he's a fraud.

  38. Bat man

    Bat man13 日 前

    Culturally appropriating food lol, leftists need to go to the nicest fjord and drown themselves in it.

  39. Victor Daniel Del Burgo Darago

    Victor Daniel Del Burgo Darago13 日 前

    Gordon is right, never do business with family, wise words.

  40. dbsill cockney

    dbsill cockney13 日 前

    So if an Asian opens an Italian restaurant...is that racist? I find racist that an Asian would actually say him opening an Asian restaurant is racist! According that philosophy no Asian is allowed to cook "Western food"

  41. Keston Shook

    Keston Shook13 日 前

    When the restaurant in the London hotel lost its stars Gordon was no longer the sole owner of it. So it wasn’t actually his anymore. Therefore he himself did not lose those stars and was not responsible. Doesn’t make it any less hard on him in sure, but just a clarifications

  42. Lewis McDonald

    Lewis McDonald13 日 前

    Adding 1 euro to the bill in the UK..... Get it right THEY WILL BE ADDING ONE GBP

  43. Omar Ali

    Omar Ali14 日 前

    Chef Ramsay is always right

  44. It’s Flipkikk

    It’s Flipkikk14 日 前

    Why are you all of a sudden talking about gordon ramsay’s life man. Wtf

  45. Nightstalker-04

    Nightstalker-0415 日 前

    It fine to open an Asian restaurant

  46. Dorel Goga

    Dorel Goga15 日 前

    i don't care about this guy, maybe he's a nice person but dude in a tv show either they pay you to be a piece of shit or just literally you are..

  47. JSwailes

    JSwailes15 日 前

    You just stole the video and never used any of his audio which ruined your video just use some actual audio

  48. Waarom

    Waarom15 日 前

    This couldn't be more perfect I got a masterchef ad from Gordon Ramsay

  49. R3pt1le V2

    R3pt1le V216 日 前

    You mean pound not euros 😂

  50. -Castrated Walrus-

    -Castrated Walrus-17 日 前

    Holy crap, you don't have to be Asian to open an Asian restaurant. He can do whatever the fuck he wants with his money

  51. Kate Ispunny :V

    Kate Ispunny :V19 日 前

    *Wheres the lamb sAucEEEEeEEEEE*

  52. YahBoiTJ

    YahBoiTJ19 日 前

    Why do you highlight random words in yellow, like their so important😂

  53. gamer player 555

    gamer player 55520 日 前

    I'm surprised he has a youtube channel.

  54. gamer player 555

    gamer player 55520 日 前

    I loved it My favorite part was when you said he was nice to children

  55. Remi Owens

    Remi Owens26 日 前

    €1? England uses £

  56. bobfredwhatever

    bobfredwhateverヶ月 前

    wasnt exactly from him tho was it some woman talked the whole time. fuck offfff

  57. Den Tar

    Den Tarヶ月 前

    So he fucks over his mentor illegally, after nine years of dragging his name through the mud, he admits it on an interview and nothing happens, this guys a crook and bite the hand that feeds.

  58. enigma cars

    enigma carsヶ月 前

    Blue wild salmon with a crap ton of paprika and tarragon touch of lemon with salad and honey mustard dressing

  59. Lucky Smith

    Lucky Smithヶ月 前

    💕❤ 🇯🇲

  60. anybody606

    anybody606ヶ月 前

    Asian people (especially cooks/chefs) are very particular about their own food! Close shop and move on! If Asian people are saying they don’t like what you’re cooking, take the L and move on

  61. Rob Roy

    Rob Royヶ月 前

    Gordon disliked Shark Finn Soup??!! He made a fucking entire show of its abhorrent trade!

  62. mikah ong

    mikah ongヶ月 前

    The lucky cat cuisine bit was silly. Any race can be good at any cuisine.

  63. thesnubber82

    thesnubber82ヶ月 前

    You mean to tell me Gordon Ramsay is human and does make mistakes!? He was once a novice chef. Amazing!!!!!!!!

  64. Mason Lanius

    Mason Laniusヶ月 前

    I had no idea he lost his stars :(

  65. jamie campbell

    jamie campbellヶ月 前

    So what if there wasn’t Asian people in an Asian themed restaurant? When I go to my Chinese take away the only Chinese people in it are the workers...

  66. Donemo Gonzales

    Donemo Gonzalesヶ月 前

    He is a master chef. If he can cook eastern foods then eastern restaurants he shall mAke!

  67. Adam Watton

    Adam Wattonヶ月 前

    The 1st 1 wasn’t his fault

  68. The Firehawk

    The Firehawkヶ月 前

    Opening any business be it asian restaurants or anything is adding value to society contrary to trying to discorage that, especially, of all things, based on arbitrary criteria such as race. Either the food is the real deal or it isn't.

  69. Nakita Dargan

    Nakita Darganヶ月 前

    I think your an amazing cook 🐼🐼🐼 what inspired you to cook anyways

  70. Nakita Dargan

    Nakita Darganヶ月 前

    I wish I could cook like you🙉🙉🙉🖤🖤 Mr Gordan Ramsay mi chiamo presaes that means my name's presaes I'm learning Italiano

  71. Asian Ito

    Asian Itoヶ月 前

    people are so annoying about cultural appropriation. The people who make remarks about it are just looking for attention. I would find it honorable for people to appreciate and actually like my culture and its food. People nowadays have no backbone and are always looking for ways to put themselves in the victim position.

  72. meengreen52

    meengreen52ヶ月 前

    A chef can cook dishes from different country. Its like a mechanic that can fix many different vehicles

  73. Brian Tryin

    Brian Tryinヶ月 前

    My favorite celebrity ever.

  74. Tyler Powers

    Tyler Powersヶ月 前

    CEO of quote

  75. Aidan Curtis

    Aidan Curtisヶ月 前

    No food is authentic unless you were the very first person to make it

  76. Aidan Curtis

    Aidan Curtisヶ月 前

    Gordon hates all other fast food restaurants beside in-n-out

  77. Wizzy

    Wizzyヶ月 前

    Is that the actor of Waldo at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="301">5:01</a>?😲

  78. Lemon Juice

    Lemon Juiceヶ月 前

    Gordon Ramsay: Get the fuck out your the worst i chef ever seen

  79. blazing blades

    blazing bladesヶ月 前

    Why would it matter

  80. Claire Manning

    Claire Manningヶ月 前

    Surely the people in the UK have the option of adding a pound, not a Euro.

  81. Yohan L.naraidoo

    Yohan L.naraidooヶ月 前

    I mean would you rather go to an unknown Asian restaurant or go to a Gordon Ramsey Asian restaurant... I think know who I'm going to... plus Asian restaurant I went to no matter how expensive they are they mostly use cheap shit... that tastes ok at best

  82. K1L0

    K1L0ヶ月 前

    Kinda true. Like starting a biker gang but not being a biker

  83. Clementino Gilbert Tj

    Clementino Gilbert Tjヶ月 前

    I don't mind him opening an asian restaurants. There are a lot of asian restaurants in America that's own by white people. And they're shit. Soo yeah. I don't even mind if he called the restaurant "Chink's Dynasty". I'm Chinese and not American. Lol. I think people that would complain about the name are white people or Americans. Cuz they can be offended FOR SOMEONE. That's their logic anyways. HAHAHA

  84. Jason Perez

    Jason Perezヶ月 前


  85. Kellie Evans

    Kellie Evans2 ヶ月 前


  86. Josh TheFam

    Josh TheFam2 ヶ月 前

    The only thing i dont like about Gordon is his bad attitude....he better not yell at me like that I wouldn't take it... Other than that hes a good guy

  87. Dee Ess

    Dee Ess2 ヶ月 前

    1998 or 1996 ?