10 Things You Didn't Know About GORDON RAMSAY


  1. Eurainna Bass

    Eurainna Bass日 前

    That he and his wife only cross paths once a week .also that he doesn't spoil his children.

  2. Kacper Czarnecki

    Kacper Czarnecki日 前

    Hes scottish

  3. Jasmine Ebora

    Jasmine Ebora2 日 前

    3:42 I am pretty sure matilda got that part and is gordon's heir in the culinary industry

  4. retro aesthetic

    retro aesthetic2 日 前

    5 ads god damn

  5. Brad Redford

    Brad Redford2 日 前

    I like his wrinkles.

  6. padma salam

    padma salam3 日 前

    Jack is handsome, but he didn’t inherit his father’s height, unfortunately! Oh well!

  7. padma salam

    padma salam3 日 前

    I love Gordon. He is authentic, and a a straight shooter. What you see is what you get, fortunately! 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂. Cheers mates!

  8. Thee Droner

    Thee Droner3 日 前

    Gordon is scottish

  9. Shakeera Hernandez

    Shakeera Hernandez3 日 前

    Yeah Jake look like him because he came from balls

  10. Oscar Hoad

    Oscar Hoad4 日 前

    If you are a boy you can’t have an identical twin that is a girl they are parasitic twins

  11. Liezel Ezreal

    Liezel Ezreal4 日 前

    Gordon is not a strict parent if you are really following you should not spread fake news. He was nice and funny around his family

  12. That Mask I Wear

    That Mask I Wear6 日 前

    "Gordon is actually a living not a god" "What!!!!!"

  13. Mr Gunslinger

    Mr Gunslinger6 日 前

    He is also a blackbelt.

  14. Mejane Mazano

    Mejane Mazano7 日 前

    Llp Ll .uvmnn

  15. Maidryl

    Maidryl7 日 前

    isn`t Gordon Ramsay Scottish?

  16. MTUll AM

    MTUll AM8 日 前

    Wow had me at Plastic surgery...man...

  17. jaleecia

    jaleecia9 日 前

    Is his wife’s name Tah-nah or Ta-na because I swear it was said both ways

  18. Ricardo Diaz

    Ricardo Diaz9 日 前

    damn right, you dont spoil your kids

  19. Leia Cariappa

    Leia Cariappa10 日 前

    How can he have an identical twin sister?

  20. ArabFootballHD

    ArabFootballHD10 日 前

    He’s Scottish and British

  21. fresh sans

    fresh sans10 日 前

    I wish I was in gordon ramsay kids

  22. Parker

    Parker11 日 前

    Can sumone tell me how gordan manages doing renovating kitichens in kitch night mares? does it all come frm his own account or does he charge the owners???

  23. Lindsthestudent

    Lindsthestudent11 日 前

    I don’t blame you Gordan, plane food is terrible.

  24. Veronika Benešová

    Veronika Benešová12 日 前

    He is amazing. I love him

  25. Chandra Kala

    Chandra Kala13 日 前

    He is a good parent too.....😍

  26. Gabriella Xoxo

    Gabriella Xoxo13 日 前

    Did Simon and Gordon practice screaming at each other

  27. gllo gle

    gllo gle14 日 前

    His son looks more like him than himself :D

  28. deekat3279

    deekat327914 日 前

    You obviously didn't read the book Gordon wrote about his life... He specifies he's Scottish, not British; his kids can eat at a family restaurant he owns; and so on.

  29. Johnna Morris

    Johnna Morris14 日 前

    They just had another baby

  30. krithik sankar

    krithik sankar16 日 前

    Isnt he Scottish!?

  31. KT Wapenyi

    KT Wapenyi16 日 前

    fun fact! Gordon Ramsay is successful!! bet you didn't know _that_ did you???

  32. elmeromero999

    elmeromero99916 日 前

    Lmao he is not British you donkey

  33. Rachel Lancaster

    Rachel Lancaster17 日 前

    The amount of people that don't understand the difference between the UK and Great Britain and that Scottish people are still British and that you can't have IDENTICAL twins if one is a female and the other a male scares me

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    ASMR pet videos18 日 前

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  35. Luz Barajas

    Luz Barajas19 日 前

    Gordon isn’t British hes scottish

  36. Dude65

    Dude6522 日 前

    Oh ok, so Gordon is a girl gotcha.

  37. blatant cheater

    blatant cheater23 日 前

    6:50 is gordon ramsay gay? just like HERRRRR dad

  38. ThatsTooBad

    ThatsTooBad23 日 前

    I thought the food he’d never eat was going to be pineapple on a pizza. He really hates that. Lol

  39. Isa Roussou

    Isa Roussou23 日 前

    0:13 he’s actually scottish

  40. psyquizlabor64

    psyquizlabor6424 日 前

    the best of the complete Video is when she stop talking at the end! That voice and constant bla,bla is torture for real!

  41. Vitalij Ingaunis

    Vitalij Ingaunis25 日 前

    "Tana Ramsay has intense love for money"... What a ridiculous assumption! Only americans could say something disrespectful like that.

  42. KOOKIE Empire7

    KOOKIE Empire725 日 前

    4:04 ummmmmmm I'm pretty sure u can't have an identical twin if they're not the same gender as u??? Or am I mistaken???

  43. A Team

    A Team26 日 前

    I highly doubt his kids won’t inherit his fortune! Not buying it!

  44. escape time

    escape time26 日 前

    Gordon’s SON has an *identical twin* SISTER? I think you meant to say fraternal twin sister mate.

  45. escape time

    escape time26 日 前

    Identical (one-egg) twins, meaning the they’d have to be the same sex!!! And fraternal (two-egg) twins are far from the same

  46. XII_ MutezZ

    XII_ MutezZ26 日 前

    Hes Scottish lol

  47. rishav kumar dubey

    rishav kumar dubey26 日 前

    0:13 correction..He ain't british.. he is Scottish 🤷‍♂️

  48. rishav kumar dubey

    rishav kumar dubey18 日 前

    @CSF1307 too bad, the next time chef ramsay says that he is Scottish, imma throw your words at him😂lol

  49. CSF1307

    CSF130718 日 前

    rishav kumar dubey correction SCOTLAND IS IN BRITAIN

  50. Amanda Martin

    Amanda Martin27 日 前

    Twins can’t be identical if they are the opposite sex 🙄 My TWIN GIRLS however are identical

  51. yeah its John

    yeah its John28 日 前

    I'm gonna give him raw chicken so he can roast it for me

  52. Gennivive Celeste Eklund

    Gennivive Celeste Eklund28 日 前

    He's not British, he is Scottish

  53. Francisca Philma

    Francisca Philma29 日 前

    I feel as if his kids should get some of the wealth cause at the end of the day that’s yo blood 🤷🏾‍♀️

  54. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith13 日 前

    @Francisca Philma I would agree if only there wasn't such a likelihood that they would become corrupted by the wealth. Wealth that is given or gained too easily really seems to, most of the time, sour a person, especially an impressionable youngun. He's protecting then really.

  55. Francisca Philma

    Francisca Philma14 日 前

    Emily Smith I get where you’re coming from, but what if his kids can’t get it themselves? Cause not everyone has potential to get it themselves. Those millions would benefit his kids and maybe even his grandchildren

  56. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith16 日 前

    It's millions, they don't need that much, he's teaching them to get it themselves, he just doesn't want them to go all sour and evil like almost everyone who's born into money.

  57. usually fiddle

    usually fiddle29 日 前

    He is Scotch

  58. Mugdha Vipra

    Mugdha Vipra29 日 前

    "The resemblance is uncanny".. Umm he's his son..

  59. Jared Dinges

    Jared Dinges29 日 前

    A set of make and female twins can't be identical only fraternal

  60. basha G

    basha G29 日 前

    and nothing on his other 2 kids??

  61. FABIANSfabian

    FABIANSfabianヶ月 前

    U already got 1 fact wrong by calling him british hes Scottish.

  62. FABIANSfabian

    FABIANSfabian18 日 前


  63. CSF1307

    CSF130718 日 前

    FABIANSfabian Scotland is in Britain

  64. Leonardo Morales

    Leonardo Moralesヶ月 前

    Cooking in the jeans 👖

  65. Yeetus Peetus

    Yeetus Peetusヶ月 前

    Bruh He scottish not brittish

  66. Nelson Muntz

    Nelson Muntzヶ月 前

    HA HA ... I like Gordon & his Family becouse they look normal

  67. Maurice Del Taco

    Maurice Del Tacoヶ月 前

    all lies!

  68. Salina Ahmad

    Salina Ahmadヶ月 前

    Hold on

  69. Salina Ahmad

    Salina Ahmadヶ月 前


  70. Salina Ahmad

    Salina Ahmadヶ月 前


  71. Anonymous

    Anonymousヶ月 前

    i think you just mean twins :)

  72. Alex Chan

    Alex Chanヶ月 前

    Now i know I know singapore food is from gordon haha I as a Singaporean always take singapore airlines haha

  73. VictorTori :

    VictorTori :ヶ月 前

    He’s like the whole kardashian family, but in the culinary world. 😂😂😂

  74. VictorTori :

    VictorTori :ヶ月 前

    EuroBlade Yeah,

  75. EuroBlade

    EuroBladeヶ月 前

    But his family has talent

  76. Julie Xiang

    Julie Xiangヶ月 前

    Im sorry but for some reason i think airplane food is really good

  77. jason everette

    jason everetteヶ月 前

    The Bruce Jenner comparison was obviously not correct. Has he had plastic surgery? 🤔

  78. Crab Rave

    Crab Raveヶ月 前

    I mostly know him for his arousal around olive oil

  79. Jasper Duetz

    Jasper Duetzヶ月 前

    He’s Scottish lol

  80. Night Hawk

    Night Hawkヶ月 前

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  81. ClapynX YT

    ClapynX YTヶ月 前

    This video is RAW

  82. Michael Desanta

    Michael Desantaヶ月 前

    Naah, it's bland..

  83. Douglas Butt

    Douglas Buttヶ月 前

    HE FUCKED AROUND ON HIS WIFE .......... With the nanny...

  84. I am broke

    I am brokeヶ月 前

    What does she mean by mini restaurant

  85. Holly Rosser

    Holly Rosserヶ月 前

    My name is called holly as well

  86. Sithara Suresh

    Sithara Sureshヶ月 前

    Gordon is not that serious parent

  87. Yram Nadlor

    Yram Nadlorヶ月 前

    Things you don't know about Gordon's kids.

  88. Daisy.

    Daisy.ヶ月 前

    Gordon isn’t even a strict parent..plus he’s nice to like every kid he meets.

  89. Zeetex

    Zeetexヶ月 前

    his Scottish.

  90. Dans Mans

    Dans Mansヶ月 前

    What's with the thumbnail?

  91. Adam Wasiluk

    Adam Wasilukヶ月 前