10 Products that Got Extreme Upgrades!


  1. evan dotson

    evan dotson6 時間 前

    CC is engine displacement it stands for cubic centimeters

  2. Emiliano Rosales Solis

    Emiliano Rosales Solis6 時間 前


  3. Wolfboy746

    Wolfboy7467 時間 前

    Me and my friends used to stick crushed water bottles in ours wheels although it is pretty bad for the tires

  4. Iconic Leong

    Iconic Leong7 時間 前


  5. Pedr bont Bont

    Pedr bont Bont8 時間 前


  6. Pedr bont Bont

    Pedr bont Bont8 時間 前

    18:00 the tragedy of tanner

  7. Pedr bont Bont

    Pedr bont Bont8 時間 前

    This emoji sums up the vid: 🤣

  8. Celia Parks

    Celia Parks16 時間 前

    To the tune of 2 bros in a hot tub Me: "Three broooos peeling a potatoooo five feet long cuz they can't braid" My husband: *laughs hard* comment that

  9. Joshua Parks

    Joshua Parks16 時間 前

    Heard someone make the bold deal for likes. I instantly hit like for that.

  10. Moto 421

    Moto 42119 時間 前


  11. Corbin Moyer

    Corbin Moyer19 時間 前


  12. Vaughn Barrette

    Vaughn Barrette20 時間 前

    I own one of those dirt bikes took a sharp turn and crashed into a holy bush

  13. Dan G Fishing The Northeast

    Dan G Fishing The Northeast20 時間 前



    GGBOI GAMING23 時間 前


  15. Daboss Dj

    Daboss Dj日 前

    You guys just tell Tanner to stop eating meat sticks!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Lucia Mota

    Lucia Mota日 前

    Did we just ignore the fact that michael was dressed JUST LIKE the kid on the first photo?

  17. Sapetoku1

    Sapetoku1日 前

    18:22 Eddy Wally... F*ck yeah!!

  18. James Crawford

    James Crawford日 前


  19. Garin Cole

    Garin Cole日 前

    No the ball is supposed to go in the pocket of the glove not the web!!!


    JAI GAMES日 前


  21. Jorge Jr. Salcedo

    Jorge Jr. Salcedo日 前


  22. The trials and tribulations of conzacmac

    The trials and tribulations of conzacmac日 前

    why is matthias fasting

  23. Cassidy Starke

    Cassidy Starke日 前

    The trials and tribulations of conzacmac I also want to know.

  24. Wolftitanmask

    Wolftitanmask日 前

    first one not dope just put a plastic bottle in between the tire and a metal bar and ride it make way cooler sound plastic bottle meaing one of those empty water bottle thingys u get from like a 24 bottles of water thingy at like kroger

  25. Trinity Coleman

    Trinity Coleman日 前

    LOL at 14:12

  26. daniel streetman

    daniel streetman日 前


  27. Karley Mumdy

    Karley Mumdy日 前


  28. Mariam Risk

    Mariam Risk日 前

    Supreme brick


    FLOPPER2 日 前


  30. Allie Wallace

    Allie Wallace2 日 前

    I used to put a empty water battle on my bike when I was younger

  31. Hala Atari

    Hala Atari2 日 前


  32. SCS Brooks

    SCS Brooks2 日 前


  33. Mary Beckham

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  34. Banana Cat

    Banana Cat2 日 前

    I only it long socks so when I wear shorts i told my socks... It's ok Michael

  35. Michael Wymer

    Michael Wymer2 日 前

    That’s a lie I am a snowmobiler and I carve

  36. Sheila Apalisok

    Sheila Apalisok3 日 前

    Over a month no were near the like goal

  37. Caden James

    Caden James3 日 前


  38. MKF30

    MKF303 日 前

    Damn these guys must be rich, they spend some serious cash on products lol. Do they work for a studio or regular office job? I mean besides the YT income of course lol.

  39. SparklFort_AP

    SparklFort_AP3 日 前


  40. MarkersGaming

    MarkersGaming3 日 前

    Does anyone care to notice that all their videos are exactly 24:00 long EXCEPT this one? 😂

  41. Rachel Gammon

    Rachel Gammon3 日 前

    the toothpaste things are used to reduce the amount of solid waste reduced

  42. Arthur Williams

    Arthur Williams3 日 前


  43. Hello Friend

    Hello Friend3 日 前

    Lis is sooooooo freakin cute.

  44. Joel Burnham

    Joel Burnham3 日 前

    They should do fan suggestions vs the products

  45. DJwon4

    DJwon43 日 前


  46. MultiPaco06

    MultiPaco063 日 前

    in mexico the bike product was done by putting an old plastic bottle in the wheel haha

  47. Paddymaster AKA cam

    Paddymaster AKA cam3 日 前


  48. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez3 日 前

    You guys used to put cards we used old plastic water bottles 😂

  49. Paddymaster AKA cam

    Paddymaster AKA cam3 日 前

    Look at dese poeple

  50. Daemous

    Daemous3 日 前

    Tanner - "You could make a rope out of this" King of Random - "In today's video, we're going to see if we can peel a potato and use it's skin to make a usable rope."

  51. Mr.HammyStar

    Mr.HammyStar日 前

    Rest in piece

  52. Trav Paul09

    Trav Paul092 日 前

    R.i.p. Grant

  53. Stacy ward

    Stacy ward3 日 前

    Cc is cubic centimeters. It's the volume of displacement inside the cylinder chamber.

  54. Jesse Millsap

    Jesse Millsap3 日 前


  55. PApro

    PApro3 日 前

    how is that skateboard an "upgrade"? its heavier, harder to use and a large amount of tricks you can do on a normal skateboard are physically impossible on that thing. I dont think you understand what "upgrade" means

  56. Twinsfunful

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  57. Clifford- Plays

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  58. Fishstick Playz

    Fishstick Playz4 日 前


  59. anu ranjani

    anu ranjani4 日 前

    you guys know the meaning of SHCOOK?? it is when you are shook by a terrible cooking!! (fyi, that's me!)

  60. Cibrinila's Happy

    Cibrinila's Happy4 日 前

    Why did literally 3 million people not hit like???

  61. Nathan Wisnu Syailendra

    Nathan Wisnu Syailendra4 日 前

    S H C O O K

  62. Aron Patino

    Aron Patino4 日 前

    Us a bottle

  63. KING FANG1

    KING FANG15 日 前


  64. Kent Zacarias

    Kent Zacarias5 日 前

    Matt's head is missing in the background

  65. Jesus Limon

    Jesus Limon2 日 前

    Kent Zacarias yeah it looks like it’s photoshopped

  66. gamer player

    gamer player5 日 前

    iput a bottol on top of the bicycle whelle

  67. Honey Baker

    Honey Baker5 日 前

    I'd put random pieces of plastic in my spoces cause we was broke Idk if that was spelled right

  68. CeeJay Mann

    CeeJay Mann5 日 前

    That 5 friends one cup line killed me because of the reference. And I'm glad that I'm not the only one in the comment section who knows the reference

  69. The legend

    The legend5 日 前

    Baseball nerd

  70. ThunderShock

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  71. ThunderShock

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  72. Xanity Exotic

    Xanity Exotic5 日 前

    Instead of buying the first one get a can and put it between ur wheel and ur frame(top of wheel)

  73. Amaterasu平和

    Amaterasu平和6 日 前

    How long do you stay looking all over the web to find these products?

  74. akshdeep khurana

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  75. Mary haynes

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  76. Draco’s World

    Draco’s World6 日 前


  77. Cr8msonz

    Cr8msonz6 日 前

    i used to put bottles in my tires and it sounded real good

  78. August Leo

    August Leo6 日 前

    Michael: It's after lunch and I'm feelin weeeeirdddd Tanner: * casually calls Michael a kid as he rants *

  79. KittyGamez85

    KittyGamez856 日 前

    matt: why do they always have to do a blue light me: its not blue its white its just the way physics work

  80. ELMNT_M&M /\

    ELMNT_M&M /\6 日 前

    Tanners soooo right about that webbing

  81. pmg57 art

    pmg57 art6 日 前

    guys im shcook.

  82. Jeckles

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  83. Romanian Productions

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  84. Ronald Mcdonald

    Ronald Mcdonald7 日 前