10 Movie Secrets about The Breakfast Club (1985)


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    why’s there only 6 comments but 1.2 million views

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    i was thinking the same thing🤣

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    Ashley Nicole JPreporter finally re-enabled comments on my channel. So, now I can finally interact with my viewers! 😊 I obviously had many comments before but all of them were deleted.

  4. Micah Bullard

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    So nobody gonna talk about the age difference between Judd and Molly and they are suppose to hook up

  5. Chris martin

    Chris martin日 前

    I love this movie

  6. Jeuell Camil II

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  7. Via Xxx

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    The breakfast club, Pretty woman and dirty dancing are the most iconic movies of all time.

  8. Lee Everett

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    I honestly love this movie!!!!

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    The most iconic movie of all time 🖤🖤