1. CrazyKitty Cat

    CrazyKitty Cat10 時間 前

    That 11 year old girl, when she was introducing herself she sounded like a little b***h just saying but she had an amazing voice

  2. Canadian Summer

    Canadian Summer11 時間 前


  3. Krystal Alexandra

    Krystal Alexandra13 時間 前

    that 11 yo kid cant sing

  4. Onosina Roko

    Onosina Roko16 時間 前

    Who is cutting onions ?????? Me: cries under the table after watching Jonathan and Charlotte 😭

  5. Renildo Renildo Santos

    Renildo Renildo Santos17 時間 前

    alguem do brasil ?

  6. un pocotaku

    un pocotaku19 時間 前

    22:57 ya se mojo x2 v:

  7. un pocotaku

    un pocotaku19 時間 前

    2:26 la chica ya se estaba mojando como las demas

  8. Leo boo

    Leo boo23 時間 前

    Does anyone else wonder when is david walliams going to come out??

  9. Dominique Wilson

    Dominique Wilson日 前

    39:57 damnit want his albums already!

  10. Micah Pape

    Micah Pape日 前

    Who knew dancing storm troopers would get the gold buzzer

  11. Dominique Wilson

    Dominique Wilson日 前

    So that is what storm troopers do when Darth Vader isn't around

  12. Panos Theoharis

    Panos Theoharis日 前

    What does crafty means?

  13. Phillip Lindsay

    Phillip Lindsay日 前

    your toooooooo slow lozer

  14. winnie

    winnie日 前

    david, david, david.

  15. Itz_voyage Kyøt

    Itz_voyage Kyøt日 前

    I feel bad for jonathan😭😭😭😭😭😭😕😕😟😟😟😞😔😔 why is simon rude??!!!....

  16. Hieke Poesse

    Hieke Poesse日 前

    Itz_voyage Kyøt same ...

  17. RandomRam

    RandomRam日 前

    Didnt know that Trixie Mattel was a judge here omg!! Yaaass 🥰🥰

  18. Marco Garcia

    Marco Garcia日 前

    booooooooooooooooooooooooooo loser

  19. Flashplayz 17

    Flashplayz 17日 前

    David like stay professional stay professional I can’t help it 👀👀👀👀

  20. Steven Carbone

    Steven Carbone日 前

    simon: you have the best smile i have ever seen. me: have you ever smiled in a mirror? Dude ur smile is ICONIC.

  21. Weekly Noobe Gamer

    Weekly Noobe Gamer日 前

    Jonathan that gay is amazing

  22. Shi Shi Jung

    Shi Shi Jung日 前

    36:25 I' m in love.

  23. SnowNanai

    SnowNanai日 前

    6:35 - 7:20 goose bumps!

  24. Serega Sergeev

    Serega Sergeev日 前

    Sunder so butufull, I'a your fun)))

  25. Mia Neo

    Mia Neo2 日 前

    23:17 is man is hansome owsome

  26. deer lee

    deer lee2 日 前

    why am i crying at 4:05 am in the morning.

  27. iDan

    iDan2 日 前

    When you expect someone being good but he's even better *O*

  28. Gary Cooper

    Gary Cooper2 日 前

    13:16 why golden buzzer?? for what ?? Simon thought these guys were brilliant. 05:55 This child better than these guy 13:16

  29. Minty_ Gacha

    Minty_ Gacha2 日 前

    Tbh that 11 yr old wasn't that good at the beggining. She kinda acted a bit bratty. But I guess she was pretty good.

  30. stranger danger

    stranger danger2 日 前

    Support my channel please

  31. Paula Blas

    Paula Blas2 日 前

    When jonathan starts singing I just was crying🥺😭🖤

  32. Павел Пашковский

    Павел Пашковский2 日 前

    Они тоже диградируют

  33. matthew askew

    matthew askew2 日 前

    Oh 2016 was a sad year.......

  34. katisclean

    katisclean2 日 前

    120 times I've had this pop up on my recommended and I keep watching it XD Edit I feel like it's a bit degrading for men who look good to go on stage and to be hollard at and whistled at like objects >~> it can be flattering but even I would be like what??

  35. Franco Gorosito

    Franco Gorosito2 日 前

    oooomay good.....

  36. Skylar Playz

    Skylar Playz2 日 前


  37. Mobile Foxyna!

    Mobile Foxyna!3 日 前

    simon dosnt want to be there on the first one XD

  38. Chris Wilkinson

    Chris Wilkinson3 日 前


  39. XxXpastelcraftzXxX

    XxXpastelcraftzXxX3 日 前

    Hello future people of 2020 I hope enjoyed 2019

  40. hetgrowtopiakanaal gt

    hetgrowtopiakanaal gt3 日 前

    First one was good cuz he was dancing and singing at same time thats what a star needs That made micheal jackson, elvis and many more good

  41. The Cosh

    The Cosh3 日 前

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  42. Yrutnecy

    Yrutnecy3 日 前

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  43. Alba luz Flaco hizabare

    Alba luz Flaco hizabare3 日 前

    Esté video lo ví Enel 2019 por sierto cuando estés buscando esté esel comentario en español que quieres leer y no encuentras 😘 bendiciones para tú vida

  44. finalflash84 763

    finalflash84 763日 前

    Grax igualmente :D

  45. Skye Medcraft

    Skye Medcraft3 日 前

    My fav was Bars and Melody I loved them since this audition ❤️💚💜💗💖❣️😂🧡💙💘

  46. amar kito quito

    amar kito quito3 日 前


  47. Gremlin Child

    Gremlin Child3 日 前

    6:07 I don't feel comfortable watching a 11 yr girl moving in those ways ;-;

  48. Название по умолчанию

    Название по умолчанию3 日 前

    А кде - У моей дэвъшки день рожденее

  49. Apolo Is Here

    Apolo Is Here3 日 前

    Watching the 1st one with my family was awkward and cring as hell

  50. Apolo Is Here

    Apolo Is Here3 日 前


  51. super pup

    super pup3 日 前

    9:00 REJECTED

  52. 3rd Rate

    3rd Rate3 日 前

    the kid in 29:00 acc made me to wanna listen to opera

  53. Claudia Galvan

    Claudia Galvan4 日 前

    yes yes,y am doing english but i am argentine tranlating by google i dot not know if y wrote well like please

  54. xy ♡

    xy ♡4 日 前

    2:04 that girl is so me lmao

  55. 3rd Rate

    3rd Rate4 日 前

    Fucking hell that was the team of stormies that was meant to guard the plans of the death star

  56. syazwanie ikram

    syazwanie ikram4 日 前

    its colum scott!!!!



    Charla and Jonathan.....amazing..I m without a word...



    wow junor ...



    wow...11 year girl...what a voice...omg...

  60. purple gamer 88

    purple gamer 884 日 前

    You are lucky when simon hit the golden buzzer

  61. bizzleblue38

    bizzleblue384 日 前

    I'm sorry but stripping is NOT a talent!! GET OFF THE STAGE!!!!

  62. bizzleblue38

    bizzleblue38日 前

    @Atahlia Berrios look, first of you're nothing but a stuck up bitch!!! Second you obviously can't read, because if you could you'd see that I said I don't like stuck up superficial cheerleaders!!! And also I grew up in the 80's. Don't know what crawled up your ugly ass and died but you seem very stuck on your self!!!

  63. Atahlia Berrios

    Atahlia Berrios日 前

    bizzleblue38 soooooooo....in short, yes, you were. You also apparently went to an 80s coming-of-age movie high school 🍿

  64. bizzleblue38

    bizzleblue38日 前

    @Atahlia Berrios Turned down? Hell no I just didn't care for stuck up, shallow and superficial people like that.

  65. Atahlia Berrios

    Atahlia Berrios日 前

    bizzleblue38 Sweet, but no. I’ll bet you were turned down by the cheerleaders in high school.

  66. bizzleblue38

    bizzleblue38日 前

    @Atahlia Berrios I bet you were a cheerleader in high school

  67. GTA V Gaming

    GTA V Gaming4 日 前

    Ant: your leaving me hanging Mother: *walks off*

  68. Aysha Roberts

    Aysha Roberts4 日 前

    2:17 definitely gay