1. Sophia Aquino

    Sophia Aquino58 分 前

    The guys ripped off their pants and my only thought was why did they zoom in on that dude's junk?

  2. سيلينا سيلينا

    سيلينا سيلينا4 時間 前

    عرض بجنن 😍😍😍😍

  3. cocaTb

    cocaTb6 時間 前

    What's name of this type of song #1

  4. Dan Arcena

    Dan Arcena10 時間 前

    Is David Gay?

  5. Laveena Manu

    Laveena Manu11 時間 前

    All were amazing but I was amused at around 25:00 mins !😳how the hell!

  6. Travis Lebron Shiraishi

    Travis Lebron Shiraishi12 時間 前


  7. Gacha Star

    Gacha Star16 時間 前


  8. Tanay Kewalramani

    Tanay Kewalramani16 時間 前

    "Matter can neither be created nor be destroyed." 24:35 This guy: Hold my pigeon.

  9. Jac Vlr

    Jac Vlr19 時間 前

    I really love david

  10. Eva Santana

    Eva Santana21 時間 前

    Quién ese tal David? es tan lindo🥺 so cute

  11. Sasha Moral Vlog

    Sasha Moral Vlog21 時間 前

    Ang bakla na judge gustong gusto naman hahaha

  12. Aló Ale

    Aló Ale22 時間 前

    Wait... el primero se parece un montón al wey del tráiler de dead island y casualmente es la misma canción del tráiler xd, es alguna referencia?

  13. noot noot

    noot noot22 時間 前

    Everybody be saying that the golden buzzer is a janitors nightmare but what if the floor opens and there falls the confetti into a deep hole and no one has to clean it?🧐

  14. Nahato K

    Nahato K日 前

    2:02 it´s so so fanny!

  15. Jesse Rodriguez

    Jesse Rodriguez日 前

    I loved every 49mins of this Awesome!!!!!

  16. Claudia Ayala

    Claudia Ayala日 前

    Min.17 eso si es contorsionismo del bueno🖒👏

  17. 𝓅ℯ𝓉𝒶𝓁𝓈 ✞

    𝓅ℯ𝓉𝒶𝓁𝓈 ✞日 前

    I was there at the stormtroopers XFactor moment. One of the best ones, ever.

  18. Влад Н

    Влад Н日 前

    31:13 сек чтооо перевело О-О

  19. Piscession

    Piscession日 前

    I can't believe Simon hits the golden buzzer haha.

  20. Daniela Johnson

    Daniela Johnson日 前

    Me.....! My talent is making cup cape and eat it all in one time..!and sleep and doing nothing

  21. wabbit

    wabbit日 前

    Why tf was this recommended?

  22. Avery Colthan

    Avery Colthan日 前

    these... are the top viewed? okay

  23. Mario ferraz

    Mario ferraz日 前

    nojo com a falta de empatia de algumas pessoas da plateia com o Jonathan.

  24. Enchanting Moon

    Enchanting Moon2 日 前

    Wow these kids are more talented then me an adult lol

  25. -`, nami

    -`, nami2 日 前

    i think the one tweerking trooper is a girl, because it's smaller. but i really want to think it's a guy.

  26. Tressa Jenson

    Tressa Jenson2 日 前

    Ok them two boys singing about bullying were amazing.

  27. Tressa Jenson

    Tressa Jenson2 日 前

    Oh my gosh when Simon smiles he looks like a little boy. He's so cute.

  28. BrOken D

    BrOken D2 日 前

    Calum Scott 💖

  29. Mari443Garrett1

    Mari443Garrett12 日 前

    Is David gay?

  30. Yaa Afriyie

    Yaa Afriyie2 日 前

    The last boys made me cry

  31. Ikmalnasir

    Ikmalnasir2 日 前

    What gold buzz means? I did not get it

  32. Garima Holani

    Garima Holani2 日 前

    I love David.

  33. Michelle Ferreira

    Michelle Ferreira2 日 前

    Homem elástico existe...

  34. Rock'n roll

    Rock'n roll2 日 前

    24:00 songs name please

  35. Rock'n roll

    Rock'n roll2 日 前

    Whats is that names song from his performence?

  36. resha oke

    resha oke2 日 前

    Simon is low key freaky

  37. AMAB Charat

    AMAB Charat3 日 前

    I am here for Jonathan and Charlotte, real talent 👏👏👏👏👏

  38. khadija cherkam

    khadija cherkam3 日 前


  39. khadija cherkam

    khadija cherkam3 日 前


  40. khadija cherkam

    khadija cherkam3 日 前


  41. Mahmoud Elsayed

    Mahmoud Elsayed3 日 前

    اوك جدا

  42. SkitVids

    SkitVids3 日 前

    2:13 why did they zoom up on that lol

  43. Karoline Pinkau

    Karoline Pinkau3 日 前

    The parents in the end so sweeeeeeeeeettttttt ❤️😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ And David said that so well. They are so incredibly brave . They are giving them a chance to raise their voice and us to feel like we are not alone .... so thank you to you two boys😊❤️

  44. allmylovexwdw

    allmylovexwdw3 日 前

    40:55 BARS AND MELODY!😍😍 I love them 🔥

  45. isabella h

    isabella h3 日 前

    Those two kids give rap a good name. They are way better than everyone ekse toppimg the charts in the same genre.

  46. yo pues :v

    yo pues :v3 日 前

    Como se llama la canción del primer acto?

  47. isabella h

    isabella h3 日 前

    That first act went from 0 to 100 lol

  48. j b

    j b3 日 前

    I think that David guy is gay?

  49. Elen Brandão

    Elen Brandão3 日 前

    OMG these people really took my breath away they deserve to be so famous

  50. Fresh Demon

    Fresh Demon4 日 前

    9:00 R.I.P Dec's soul I little bit cringe

  51. _Voo Doo_

    _Voo Doo_4 日 前

    Я хочу чтоб вы сдохли) Включи субтитры

  52. Augustė Pauliūtė

    Augustė Pauliūtė4 日 前

    I'm so angry that people looking cringey when a bigger person comes in. It frustrated me SO much

  53. Kiran Budhraja

    Kiran Budhraja4 日 前

    Dec: shut up man Me watching: Dec nobody is talking to you

  54. Reni Ecca

    Reni Ecca4 日 前


  55. Susanne Claxton

    Susanne Claxton4 日 前

    Hilarious!!! Gotta love David's reaction

  56. man Empty

    man Empty4 日 前

    ليته قلع الشورت

  57. Trace Russell

    Trace Russell4 日 前

    Is that r2 d2 in the back at 8:16 behind Simon

  58. Gacha Queen Scarlet Angel Of Darkness

    Gacha Queen Scarlet Angel Of Darkness4 日 前

    I always wished to be on agt because I want to show everyone I'm not what they think I get bullied in fifth grade and it upsets me

  59. sathish noone

    sathish noone4 日 前

    Who is watching video with comments

  60. Charles Marion M. Marcera

    Charles Marion M. Marcera4 日 前

    Song appears: Judge: hello Random girl at the background: 0:07 *AHHHHHHHH*