10 Magic Products Magicians Don't Want You To See!


  1. DOPE or NOPE

    DOPE or NOPE5 ヶ月 前

    It’s like our last magic video, BUT STRONGER. Hope you guys like. Luv u. -Tan

  2. Melany and Nina Channel

    Melany and Nina Channel4 日 前

    Love you too

  3. Harry Law

    Harry Law6 日 前

    DOPE or NOPE Roses are red

  4. SpindlierNose 53

    SpindlierNose 5310 日 前


  5. *Strawberry Chan*

    *Strawberry Chan*14 日 前


  6. Julian Ashbrook

    Julian Ashbrook15 日 前

    roses r red violets r-- well violet i- *INNER DEMONS BEING RELEASED*

  7. Little Lad

    Little Lad8 時間 前

    Roses are red, My magic is true, Imagine me turning this comment, into a big bald dude!

  8. Mimi P

    Mimi P18 時間 前

    6:15 sorry to burst your bubble but £ is ponds not euros €

  9. Cryosteel Gaming

    Cryosteel Gaming22 時間 前

    Nobody: LiTEraLLY NobODy: Matthias at 2:49 :

  10. Skating God

    Skating God日 前

    Roses are red

  11. Dndndn Ndndnd

    Dndndn Ndndnd2 日 前

    WIN or DIN

  12. T Man

    T Man2 日 前

    Roses are red

  13. AlphaKiller_PR

    AlphaKiller_PR2 日 前

    Violets are blue

  14. Pickles

    Pickles3 日 前

    Blue fire is cold

  15. RoyalPixel Official

    RoyalPixel Official3 日 前

    Hearts Are Red Some Flowers Are Blue This Comment Is Two

  16. Defined AMV

    Defined AMV3 日 前

    Roses are red

  17. Aidan Hickson

    Aidan Hickson3 日 前

    Roses are red

  18. Jessica Lauerman

    Jessica Lauerman3 日 前

    Roses are red, violets are blue I was born pretty what happened to you!?!

  19. Jessica Lauerman

    Jessica Lauerman3 日 前

    Roses are red

  20. Onni Illingworth

    Onni Illingworth3 日 前

    roses are red

  21. Emily Mclean

    Emily Mclean3 日 前

    Roses are red 🌹🌹🌹

  22. Shadow Aizawa

    Shadow Aizawa4 日 前

    Does anyone knows RobertIDK? Just a question....4:45

  23. Young Midoryia

    Young Midoryia4 日 前

    the £ is not a euro its a pound just letting you know for if you see it again not trying to be rude I love you guys your funny and amazing

  24. Lavendy-chan Redway

    Lavendy-chan Redway4 日 前


  25. Lavendy-chan Redway

    Lavendy-chan Redway4 日 前

    Roses are red

  26. MrPhilnolan

    MrPhilnolan4 日 前


  27. SeanAndre Nabarte

    SeanAndre Nabarte5 日 前

    Robby? From messyourself!?

  28. NRA Lover87

    NRA Lover875 日 前

    Roses are purple

  29. Just a random person

    Just a random person5 日 前

    roses are red

  30. Txmper Chris

    Txmper Chris5 日 前

    Is tanner gay

  31. Roxytron 6000

    Roxytron 60005 日 前

    Matthias says the majority won’t buy it always loses

  32. Big Boy Mike

    Big Boy Mike5 日 前

    "Roses are red" Violets are blue I like your videos cause im one of the views!

  33. Charlee Roseberry

    Charlee Roseberry6 日 前

    2:49 the "wow" sound from fairytail

  34. ScorpioNov212019

    ScorpioNov2120196 日 前

    They really just ripped a 100$ bill 😭😭

  35. CARDO Tv

    CARDO Tv7 日 前


  36. Joshua Blogger man

    Joshua Blogger man7 日 前

    Roses are red Violets are blue my heart is dead I’m such a fool

  37. cheese curds

    cheese curds7 日 前

    Change your playback speed to .25x on this time stamp 18:51 you can see the thumb

  38. Melinda Archuletta

    Melinda Archuletta7 日 前

    Roses are red

  39. Rachel Henson

    Rachel Henson7 日 前

    roses r red booiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. UwU

  40. Ingrid Illescas

    Ingrid Illescas8 日 前

    Roses are red

  41. Ingrid Illescas

    Ingrid Illescas8 日 前


  42. VictorMuniz

    VictorMuniz8 日 前

    It's a thumb!

  43. Stanley Jarvis

    Stanley Jarvis8 日 前

    How has man confused a pound symbol for a euro symbol, uncultured Americans phaha haters gonna skate

  44. Funky Fam

    Funky Fam9 日 前


  45. Wacky.F.R

    Wacky.F.R9 日 前

    Roses are red Turtle is green I love machick Like if u do

  46. Wacky.F.R

    Wacky.F.R6 日 前


  47. Viraj Ghadge

    Viraj Ghadge6 日 前

    why there isn't any like yet?🤔

  48. sonyas948

    sonyas94810 日 前

    Roses are red pickles are green I love your legs and what’s in between