#1 Vegas BRUNCH Buffet, BEST Ramen Noodles & TACO TRUCK in Los Angeles


  1. Bhubaneswari Routray

    Bhubaneswari Routray15 時間 前

    How much is Buchanal's buffet?

  2. Amber F

    Amber F日 前

    I would so love the buffet. My wish for you Mikey is that you never feel lonely.❤

  3. Rooby Guerra

    Rooby Guerra2 日 前

    Mikey!!! I want to go out and eat with you! I really want to try authentic Japanese and Korean food! You are my guy to do it!! come to NC again!! watching this video in December catching up on all your videos!!! 😍👌🍜🍱

  4. Jean Paula Franco

    Jean Paula Franco2 日 前

    Jackie Chan × Mikey Chen

  5. Jean Paula Franco

    Jean Paula Franco2 日 前

    Loveeeeeeee this two 💗

  6. Sesrin

    Sesrin2 日 前

    Omgggg its Joeeee Love when i know the youtubers that pop up haha

  7. Marsha BEMA lebenz GUADANIA

    Marsha BEMA lebenz GUADANIA5 日 前

    Mikey the last girl in the video, is she the one?

  8. T bone

    T bone6 日 前

    9:29 “Ouuuu”

  9. Daphne

    Daphne7 日 前

    I would die to see mike get into cooking and starting his own cooking show or something

  10. Agnes L

    Agnes L7 日 前

    The friend you brought to the szechuan place seems so down to earth and willing to try new foods that's so awesome to see!

  11. Helen Ellis

    Helen Ellis9 日 前

    How many stomachs do you have Mikey :-) :-) :-) :-)

  12. Mimi Breezii

    Mimi Breezii9 日 前

    Where does all this food gooo! 🤯😬😱

  13. Dana Leigh

    Dana Leigh10 日 前

    Extra love for liking cats!!! Black cats and tuxedos are the best to adopt ❤❤❤

  14. Rich L

    Rich L12 日 前

    Love you Mikey. But you gotta get rid of the hipsters. They undercut your authenticity, one of your biggest strengths. Bring Jsasmina back.

  15. Cherry Nasser

    Cherry Nasser12 日 前

    Mikey shakshoka is original from Arabian country not from Israel at all

  16. vce

    vce13 日 前

    That white girl is cute

  17. Melissa Leilua

    Melissa Leilua13 日 前

    Am I the only one who thinks he doesn’t look like Jackie Chan?? I mean I love them both but I have to wonder if that’s just a generalization someone made of him 🤔

  18. K Adnan

    K Adnan14 日 前

    How can someone eat so much food 😅🤣

  19. 202chilly

    202chilly14 日 前

    This guy has bare bitches

  20. ninja

    ninja14 日 前

    I wana know how you can eat so many carbs and still look amazing. So u have to do a lot of cardio? Cant see u burning that much off with just weights

  21. zazzalo

    zazzalo15 日 前

    Hey Mike, any way you can have the name of the restaurant displayed in video while eating there? For us folks watching on TV, it's not easy to access the description... And we might not always catch the moment you say the restaurant name. Thank you!

  22. Michelle Palmares

    Michelle Palmares15 日 前

    Food is the best companion but eating with someone who shares same passion is bonus point! 😁

  23. GazzaGaming93 GazzaGaming 93

    GazzaGaming93 GazzaGaming 9315 日 前

    I thort you was chackie Chan son

  24. Mrs. OM

    Mrs. OM16 日 前

    "It's never too Matcha" needs to be made into a t-shirt!

  25. Gail Escobar

    Gail Escobar16 日 前

    What was the name of the taco truck you visited, and where in LA is it located? I live in LA, would like to try this truck. Thank you!

  26. Chris Menor

    Chris Menor16 日 前

    Next time in Los Angeles you gotta try the Tsukemen at Silverlake ramen

  27. Peyton Jones

    Peyton Jones16 日 前

    10:29 is my life

  28. Bill Holt

    Bill Holt17 日 前

    hahaha, you fogged up the camera on the ramen scene

  29. Hi Im James

    Hi Im James17 日 前

    you can be sad when you have tacos

  30. Random Rachael

    Random Rachael18 日 前

    I wanna see his workouts :)

  31. Craig N

    Craig N18 日 前

    Did anyone catch the name of the Schezuan restaurant? I couldn't understand what Mikey said.

  32. pensive69

    pensive6918 日 前

    Mikey! The creme brulee pie with fresh berries is my choice. F'ing YUMMY. You didn't look too lonely munching. Safe travels.

  33. kas5tro662

    kas5tro66218 日 前

    There is a tsukemen ramen place in Seattle called Menya Musashi. It's located in Capitol Hill.

  34. Rudy Ruiz

    Rudy Ruiz19 日 前

    you should go to gardena California to tacos el antojito the best tacos hands down. they sell everything there. tacos, seafood, aguas frescas, horchata etc... paletas, ice cream, cueritos, chicharrones. 168th st and figueroa. i used to live next door there. i was they're first customer

  35. MsAutie

    MsAutie19 日 前

    Thanks for the HONEST reviews, Mikey! We love you!

  36. gamingmetmark delft

    gamingmetmark delft19 日 前

    Whenever i go and see another video of Mikey eat, i always make sure to have something myself to eat cause damn, after one of these videos you get hungry.

  37. Philipp Maqs

    Philipp Maqs19 日 前

    Mikey being sad and lonely on the first scene but dating girls left and right on the other scenes hahaha

  38. yuminemmy

    yuminemmy19 日 前

    Mikey needs a mike!

  39. Ranee Kao

    Ranee Kao19 日 前

    awws, today is the day when you realized that is this worth it? Yes, it is Chen! Ive seen so many places alll over this country. These people really love watching you go to these places while being their 8-5 job. You should stop for a while and make a family or meet someone.

  40. stac shilton

    stac shilton19 日 前

    When are you coming to Canada? Specifically Toronto area?🌬🇨🇦

  41. LiquidCastle

    LiquidCastle20 日 前

    If hes not railing stephanie then whats her number?