1. 僕でしかないという世の中

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    Chinese, Korean and Japanese in 1 hotpot

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    逆に牡蠣動画をもっとアップして欲しいです笑 食べるのはあんまり好きではないんですが、 食べるところを話見るのは好きなので笑 お願いします

  7. リア

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  8. catneep

    catneep8 日 前

    It is so funny watching u hating on cornstarch kkkkk kawaine

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  13. Nevric

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    "unpleasant sound"??? :D

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  15. Pork

    Pork20 日 前

    I think the theme was korean. Just saying

  16. obliu

    obliu22 日 前

    ^ - ^

  17. GHOST killah670

    GHOST killah67022 日 前

    Today I learned that there is phobia for cornstarch 😂🤣

  18. Jonathan Vandagriff

    Jonathan Vandagriff23 日 前

    That is called Bacon my guy

  19. neru mono

    neru mono23 日 前

    テレレテッテレー どーらーえーもーんのーなーべーーー

  20. jamz898

    jamz89823 日 前

    So he took all that precautions with the oyster and than he eats the oyster with a raw egg? 🤯🤯🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  21. Kevin Shim

    Kevin Shim23 日 前

    Raw egg is a very common thing to eat in many different cultures across the world. Done correctly, it adds a lot of rich, creamy flavor/texture to foods. The scare of getting salmonella infection from raw eggs is really only in the US due to different standards of egg production. In Japan, however, eggs are eaten raw or barely cooked with an absolute ton of their foods (such as nabe like the one in the video), and so standards for eggs are very high.

  22. Mycelias

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  23. Stephen B

    Stephen B25 日 前

    Looked sooo delicious I could almost smell it from the USA. until u dipped it into a raw egg.

  24. 平良光亜

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  25. Mervin Lwin

    Mervin Lwin25 日 前

    Kaneko really should hire an english translator just for his videos. Otherwise we have to wait weeks for newly uploaded ones to have subtitles 😓

  26. Paul Choi

    Paul Choi25 日 前

    Your aversion to cornstarch...I feel bad for you but at the same time it’s hilarious watching you react. Funny stuff.

  27. zanesmith666

    zanesmith66627 日 前

    what the heck, dunking it in raw eggs? ://

  28. 汝風

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  29. Maria - hime

    Maria - hime27 日 前

    Hahahaha finally found your channel! Lol! My japanese husband was always watching you but I didn’t know the name of your channel until I saw it in the recommendation.

  30. プロミネ炎

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  31. 安藤大介

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    チゲとは韓国語で鍋、 牡蠣の鍋鍋!

  32. おっとっと星

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  33. ARMY MOA

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    凄いしょうもないんですけど夏輝って書いて「かき」って読むのかと思ったら「なつき」なんですね。。。 漢字って難しい

  34. Jessica Leal

    Jessica Leal28 日 前

    I absolutely adore your oyster videos. They helped me a lot. Thank you for the tips.

  35. Westphalian

    Westphalian28 日 前

    Has corn starch really such a weird texture, especially compared to other starches? I never handled corn starch before and am genuinely curios.

  36. Jonathan Vandagriff

    Jonathan Vandagriff23 日 前

    Yes it's a weird, but real phobia. It's mainly when it's mixed with water. I don't get it though haha.

  37. 大下雪枝

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    僕の名前と同じやー 嬉しー✧*。(ˊᗜˋ*)✧*。

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  39. 片栗粉

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    気持ち悪いって言わないでください 私だって傷つくんだからね!…( ゚д゚)

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  41. Y T

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    鳥取のブランド牡蠣!鳥取のもの食べてくれて嬉しいなぁ といつつ庶民だから食べたことない🥺

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  43. BorkMyLife ;3;

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    Ohhh mah lord I want

  44. Maxime B

    Maxime Bヶ月 前

    Didnt think oysters could get slimier, raw eggs and oysters, that’l do it

  45. Victoria Giuseppina Parisi

    Victoria Giuseppina Parisiヶ月 前

    I've been watching you touch things I couldn't even fathom touching so I was very interested to see your reaction to cornstarch! I understand that it's a phobia though! Love your videos, even the ones without English subtitles! It's nice to finally know what you're saying though! Loyal viewer from Canada

  46. Amanda Teoh

    Amanda Teohヶ月 前

    2:07 Did you fart 😂😂😂

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  50. ShadowTheWolf AJ

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    "add a little bit of miso" Uh, I don't think that's a little bit... 6:58

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  53. Eugenio Nicolis

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    Beautiful video, very tasty dish

  54. 正体不明 [peace_adas]

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    なんか片栗粉を送りつけるファンの気持ちがわかった気がするw 嫌がるかねこさんかわいいw(問題発言)

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    JPreporterで片栗粉恐怖症調べてみたら 片栗粉恐怖症 かねこ ってでてきて笑った

  59. sharksofdoomHD

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    So natsuki literally means “shining summer”

  60. MAD Guy

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    Or "The shine of summer"

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    ドラえもんの鍋可愛い゚+。:.゚(*゚Д゚*)゚.:。+゚ そして美味そう゚+。:.゚(*゚Д゚*)゚.:。+゚

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