1. Desiree Trammell

    Desiree Trammell日 前


  2. Reianah Dueñas

    Reianah Dueñas4 日 前

    I dont care your just a bad mom

  3. Hannah Wilson

    Hannah Wilson4 日 前

    You actually cut your hair

  4. Tonya B

    Tonya B4 日 前

    0:29 to 0:30 lol

  5. Olesya's Life

    Olesya's Life4 日 前

    If you throw it own child away I'll jump off a cliff

  6. Gabriela Franco Becerra

    Gabriela Franco Becerra5 日 前


  7. Moon Light

    Moon Light6 日 前


  8. Austin Powers123

    Austin Powers1236 日 前

    you don't want your kid anymore still counts as a bad mom

  9. Bardomiano Antunez

    Bardomiano Antunez7 日 前

    I wonder if collen is going

  10. David Sokolowski

    David Sokolowski7 日 前

    You’re not serious, you are giving away your child!🤭😮 You are going to miss him

  11. Zaw Oo

    Zaw Oo7 日 前


  12. Nayela Cabrera

    Nayela Cabrera8 日 前

    Your a bad mom stupid

  13. Jade Barber

    Jade Barber8 日 前

    No one every comes to Arkansas

  14. Student Kylie Baugh

    Student Kylie Baugh8 日 前


  15. Kayla Freeborn

    Kayla Freeborn9 日 前

    Colleen: omg i love my baby so much, he is the most perfect child ever, he’s the cutest baby ever to exist ever on the whole plane- Miranda: ew, baby. take it.

  16. Kayla Freeborn

    Kayla Freeborn9 日 前

    anyone else get the talk and translate app for their ad? i’m about to use that at the nail salon to see what they’re saying about me 🤣

  17. Jonathan Yanez

    Jonathan Yanez9 日 前


  18. peppa gamer crabs

    peppa gamer crabs11 日 前

    You are mean

  19. Beatrice Kime

    Beatrice Kime11 日 前

    i am going i am its going to be soso fun

  20. Ziha Parker

    Ziha Parker12 日 前

    I love you miranda all for the best for your tour

  21. Westley Turner

    Westley Turner12 日 前

    Your a bad mom child abuse

  22. Tanya Kiggundu

    Tanya Kiggundu12 日 前

    Love 💗 your Voice

  23. lilzee Games

    lilzee Games13 日 前

    I’m actually # though

  24. lilzee Games

    lilzee Games13 日 前


  25. crazy gamer

    crazy gamer13 日 前

    Love watching this

  26. i love beethoven

    i love beethoven13 日 前

    R u American

  27. i love beethoven

    i love beethoven13 日 前


  28. i love beethoven

    i love beethoven13 日 前


  29. ewa baldyga

    ewa baldyga13 日 前

    , author Ewloe cheeky Miranda singing Zizzi's

  30. Noah Ellingburg

    Noah Ellingburg13 日 前

    When did Janet from friends start singing on JPreporter? 🤔

  31. Nargis Bi

    Nargis Bi14 日 前

    OMgosh she Burped really bad!!!!!!!!!!! //// U Must be a terrible mother to give Ur baby away to a stranger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ///// Miranda sings is the funniest tho!!!!

  32. Magicorn Dove

    Magicorn Dove14 日 前

    Please go to newfoundland please

  33. Aaliyah Mcgrattan

    Aaliyah Mcgrattan14 日 前

    ur ugly

  34. Vespher Etallo

    Vespher Etallo14 日 前

    wheres your child

  35. DelAtTacoBell

    DelAtTacoBell14 日 前

    Wtf is this

  36. YT_soloriaxarry Solaris

    YT_soloriaxarry Solaris14 日 前

    Wow...you are a bad mom

  37. Skye Is-My-Name

    Skye Is-My-Name14 日 前

    Find the 9 88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888889888888888888888888886888888888888888888888888888888888888888888

  38. Ava Crossley

    Ava Crossley14 日 前

    Omg Miranda is going on tour were I use to live

  39. Kopydrishna

    Kopydrishna15 日 前

    Аххахахахахах, господи, ничего не поняла, но очень смешно.

  40. Pamela Brown

    Pamela Brown15 日 前

    Miranda you are amazing👍

  41. Annabella Sanchez

    Annabella Sanchez15 日 前

    Horrible mom

  42. vuxvux gamer

    vuxvux gamer15 日 前

    She is trash bt🖕

  43. vuxvux gamer

    vuxvux gamer15 日 前

    Your channel is not good your name sack and you not cool you have big

  44. AUBRI AJ

    AUBRI AJ15 日 前

    Maranda should get infinite subs like if I’m right

  45. Jill Winters

    Jill Winters16 日 前

    I’m so exited to see the show!!!!!

  46. ramelep

    ramelep16 日 前

    Hahahahaha that burp was HILARIOUS

  47. Hoi Tran

    Hoi Tran17 日 前

    Miranda: Im giving away my baby Other side of Mirandas brain : Adoption center??

  48. Gfam vlogs

    Gfam vlogs17 日 前

    mirinda.i'm not a bad mom I just don't want my kid me.so you are a bad mom

  49. Brauna Kalunga

    Brauna Kalunga17 日 前

    Hey peeps me IS laughing 😂🤣

  50. Cuppycake Unicornzz

    Cuppycake Unicornzz17 日 前

    I would roast you but my mom says I can’t burn trash

  51. Elaine Guerra

    Elaine Guerra17 日 前

    Yes Elaine 💗💗💗🌈😘 xoxoxo love to see you

  52. El AMeriK4n0 C4N4ri0

    El AMeriK4n0 C4N4ri017 日 前

    So annoying.....my son hates her and so do I....most annoying voice EVER¡

  53. xAestheticTacos

    xAestheticTacos17 日 前

    I know right!

  54. ken oriu

    ken oriu18 日 前

    Man I know I'm just hating but your fake accent and thumbnails scare me

  55. Toby P

    Toby P17 日 前

    Dont watch then

  56. Cheryl Ricci

    Cheryl Ricci18 日 前

    That burp was perfect

  57. Really Exotic

    Really Exotic18 日 前


  58. lps kawaii queen cupqake

    lps kawaii queen cupqake18 日 前

    Miranda all was makes me laugh i love it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  59. xAestheticTacos

    xAestheticTacos17 日 前


  60. Sushant Gaikwad

    Sushant Gaikwad18 日 前

    miranda is a contorchonist too

  61. weird person

    weird person18 日 前

    By the way you are a bad mom so by

  62. weird person

    weird person18 日 前

    By the way you're not the awesomest singer or dancer so yeah by the way I'm just going to stop here send you emojis about how bad you are and why you put lipstick all on your face why can't you just put lipstick on outline of your🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  63. dream girl

    dream girl18 日 前

    I wAnt hi

  64. Ren ღ

    Ren ღ18 日 前