🔴Zoro vs Sanji, Kid Slander & Garp & Ace (924+) - D R I V E L #1


  1. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburgヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="148">2:28</a>:40 Quietly 😭😂

  2. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburgヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1585">26:25</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1635">27:15</a> everything you said there was spot on

  3. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburgヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1476">24:36</a> oh the shade

  4. brett Iwejor

    brett Iwejor5 ヶ月 前

    The thing that sucks is that, oda only made zoro look so op is because ppl in Japan thought zoro was weak, because he had such difficulty in his fights and sanji has an easier time. Sanji is strong and fine the way he is it’s just he goes out of his way to make zoro look strong

  5. Zak Poulton

    Zak Poulton7 ヶ月 前

    Too high bro motivation killer 😂 Bun up Brago..

  6. Gin2341

    Gin23418 ヶ月 前

    Lmao, Zoro getting an out of nowhere power up before even fighting a calamity? fucking keks.

  7. Eamon Quinn

    Eamon Quinn11 ヶ月 前

    “Oda wasn’t smart enough...” Drizzt mad tripping

  8. H1ken D. CAesar

    H1ken D. CAesar年 前

    Dis BDA slander on Goatrazon, Doffy is a true G foshoo but dont talk bad about Rosinante

  9. H1ken D. CAesar

    H1ken D. CAesar年 前

    Hiken » Heavenly Demon

  10. HFA

    HFA年 前

    Brago pretending to be kizaru 😂😂

  11. HFA

    HFA年 前

    How can you feed big mom for being hungry when the whole island is made out of food, big mom just shouldn’t be a fussy eater SMH

  12. H1ken D. CAesar

    H1ken D. CAesar年 前

    BDA Da King

  13. Sarayua Rakeem

    Sarayua Rakeem年 前

    new sub also bro👍

  14. Sarayua Rakeem

    Sarayua Rakeem年 前

    yow your a god bro proably one of the best in the one piece community,top five definitely😎

  15. Malum 1

    Malum 1年 前

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="219">3:39</a>:30, Drizzt says that Katakuri's flashback didn't make any sense, if you think about it carefully it really does make sense. Some random people made fun of Katakuri's face and, so Katakuri beats them up, but doesn't kill them. They can't hurt Katakuri, so they attack Brulee instead. Katakuri realizes that Brulee's injury is his own fault. He realizes that the mercy he showed the thugs, by not killing them, was a mistake or a weakness. So, he decides that in order to protect his siblings he must have no weakness' at all. This is how the concept of the "perfect" man comes from. Katakuri doesn't merely "beat them up again". Katakuri kills them, according to Chapter 902, page 13, panel 6. Don't say he doesn't kill them because on that same page Katakuri has a demonic looking face, his trident, and the thugs are already scared for their lives. There's no way you can say he doesn't kill them. This is why when the chefs that bring Katakuri the food in the Mirror World are killed because they made fun of his face. Katakuri realizes that the last time someone made fun of his face his sibling was hurt. He has learned from this past experience.

  16. iLL AL

    iLL AL年 前

    Ace is always sucking off Kidd loool Kidd has conquers haki ...and the same praise WB gave Luffy 2 years ago ..that nigga is garbage ...i'm sick of people complaning ..stop being fans ... Also stop with this gay dudes in the stream ..sitting up asking other dudes gay shit ...that's crazy

  17. ThatFlyPigeon

    ThatFlyPigeon年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="129">02:09</a>:17 Pause

  18. Crisis D. Chaos

    Crisis D. Chaos年 前

    Brago you annoying when you hop on someones dick just because other people dislike them. You can say that they are not trash but don't act like you don't know damn well Zoro would beat sanji in a death battle. Zoro has more feats, sanji has more L's. Sanji is good for other things in the story but when compared to Luffy and Zoro fighting is not it. When you have to look at his L's and grasp for excuses of why it happens. You just believe that is necessary for equals or rivals. Sometimes people are just going to be stronger. A better debate would be sanji or zoro vs jinbei. Maybe im wrong but this arc might expand on that.

  19. brett Iwejor

    brett Iwejor年 前

    I think everyone forgets that during the 2 years sanji defeated 99 new Kama masters while getting those recipes

  20. KaHuld

    KaHuld年 前

    Set me off. I Fucking hate Ussop. Top 5 worst one piece chars.

  21. Generation Sigma

    Generation Sigma年 前

    Zoro is a fighter who trains everyday to ascend to become the best swordsmen, while Sanji is a chef who polishes his cooking daily to find the all blue to ascend his level of cooking even more!...

  22. Muzammil D Waqas

    Muzammil D Waqas年 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-_uF_CD17MU4.html , BRAGO Predicts the future

  23. Dontae Lewis

    Dontae Lewis年 前

    I think garp is part of the revolutionary army that's why he couldn't act irrational and save ace because he needs to keep his position in the navy so that he can relay information to dragon and the rest. although there are a lot flaws with this theory like how garp use to hunt roger religiously I don't think he would be so serious unless he was serious about being a navy officer. The only argument I could use to counter this is that maybe something happen after roger died that made garp realize that the navy is wrong and he decided to join his son to take down the world gov

  24. mafioso D. Crenshaw

    mafioso D. Crenshaw年 前

    When I tell you this nigga brago has the greatest streams I mean that. His streams are like an ex girlfriend, even though I think I want to go and listen to someone else, just keep going back lol. Their needs to be a podcast ASAP!!!! I wish I can give multiple likes... Facts

  25. Sudanime

    Sudanime年 前

    Yo brago, keep up the good work. Really love your videos. I know the Zoro fans are toxic as hell but about the Zoro vs sanji thing, it is really expected that people judging most of the One Piece characters would be affected by their combat abilities since it is a battle manga. Sanji's character is not trash at all but his character arc during whole cake made it look bad. - His inner confliction was similar to Robin at ennies lobby which made it repetitive and unoriginal. - The flashback was engaging and I felt sorry for sanji. The logical plot would be that sanji's will prove himself to his siblings and father. But he didn't. He didn't defeat or save them, the opposite of actually happened he was beaten down by his siblings and got saved by them later on. - Sanji beating down Luffy was disrespectful, he saw the extent that Luffy went through to help Robin and even Chopper and Nami. He must've know that Luffy won't give up. - Baking the cake wasn't a bad thing at all since he's a cheff had it actually done something useful. Big mom came back to kill his family and allies. - The only thing I like was his relationship with budding. I'm worried that it won't be anything serious down the line. * This shows that sanji didn't have good character arc during whole cake. He did have good moments, not enough tho. Zoro is clearly superior from what we saw in terms of combat ability. - Speed is definitely for sanji, but Zoro react and deal with speedy (Kuma) and tricky (Pica) characters. - Zoro has better DC and potencey. ( Cut pica in half with ease several times.) ( Best sanji did was burning warsume which is good but not on the same level as Zoro's feat.) - his durability and endurance are higher. ( He withstood Fujitora's gravity, and stood up first after the explosion to protect Luffy then took all of luffy's pain and stayed conscious until sanji woke up and found him.) - zoro's armament haki is stated to be better. Armament haki is more effective than observation unless you reach to katakuri's level. - he took down Monet with fear alone. Showing his drive and strong spirit. Based on what we saw, Zoro seems a lot stronger but that is just because we didn't see them go all out. I believe they will be close but sanji needs to showcase much more.

  26. Brikil Duhma

    Brikil Duhma年 前

    Zoro's is a great character but his fans make me hate him.

  27. Vongola Fiamme

    Vongola Fiamme年 前

    Brave: 1. ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage. “Luffy and Zoro aren’t brave” These usopp fans wild

  28. Damion Allen

    Damion Allen年 前

    coby can get kings haki

  29. BEYOND 13

    BEYOND 13年 前

    The question is do you believe zoro can Cut sanji Their are some things he doesn’t want to cut

  30. Santos D. Jerra

    Santos D. Jerra年 前

    But we dont know how strong Shiki actually was tho, I dont think he was Kaidou lvl

  31. Santos D. Jerra

    Santos D. Jerra年 前

    @white america's worst nightmare Yeah prime Whitebeard probably defeated Kaidou in the past, he and Roger were the strongest back then, the thing with Shiki was that he had Roger outnumbered since he wasnt beating him 1v1, are we really comparing a guy who got stabbed in the head by steering wheel to a freak of nature like Kaidou? lol

  32. white america's worst nightmare

    white america's worst nightmare年 前

    @Santos D. Jerra Lol old whitebeard was keeping kaidou and big mom in check. shiki wouldve killes the entire roger pirates if it wasnt for a freak accident.

  33. Santos D. Jerra

    Santos D. Jerra年 前

    @Brago D. Ace Im not wyling bro thats what the story has shown, what do u mean when u say Kaidou is not on a tier of his own???

  34. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    @Santos D. Jerra bro you're wylin. Kaido is not in a tier by himself. If you feel that way fine, I don't agree...

  35. Santos D. Jerra

    Santos D. Jerra年 前

    @Brago D. Ace But we cant compare Kaidou to someone that takes damage like Shiki, if ur saying that 2 admirals could beat the average yonkou then yeah i might agree, but Kaidou is looking like the strongest guy in the verse right now, I prefer looking at feats and abilitys and comparing them rather then just going of portrayal

  36. Inverse236

    Inverse236年 前

    So you're tellling me, a cook while he did train before and is strong, is stronger than a mine who does nothing than train, and really only cares about the crew and fighting? Thats crazy lol

  37. Inverse236

    Inverse236年 前

    @Brago D. Ace dont get me wrong i also have gripe with luffy for a list of other reasons too including that. Luffy also has a devil fruit, which helps a bit. For me I really hate the trope of this character is just strong cuz he is. Zoro busts his ass all day, when he isnt sleeping or getting lost lol hes also a super tank as we've seen.

  38. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    When does luffy train?

  39. Santos D. Jerra

    Santos D. Jerra年 前

    Brago please explain to me how 2 admirals could defeat Kaidou, that sounds crazy to me

  40. Generation Sigma

    Generation Sigma年 前

    @white america's worst nightmare Nah you're tripping, Con D.Oriano >>>Shiki and Kaido combined!...

  41. white america's worst nightmare

    white america's worst nightmare年 前

    @Brago D. Ace And shiki>>kaidou.

  42. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    The same way Sengoku and Garp beat Shiki.

  43. Inverse236

    Inverse236年 前

    Ace was wrong, Garp was conflicted, he led a lifetime fighting pirates. They chose that, he didn't have to be a pirate, Garp did what he could. Y'all are really bugging lol Was Garp supposed to throw away his entire life and all his ideals, because his grandkids chose to be criminals? Nah, they had it coming.

  44. Inverse236

    Inverse236年 前

    And no, fuck doflamingo. What Rocinante did was extremely right.

  45. Patrick

    Patrick年 前

    this is nothing like when kol has a discussion on stream, very pleasent to listen to.

  46. V

    V年 前

    KOL's streaming buddies are cancer that's why. They over talk Cole. And are all edgy..

  47. Derek Of Rivia

    Derek Of Rivia年 前

    This is stream was GREAT. Reminds of when I first started listening back in 15/16.

  48. Rocks D. Xebec

    Rocks D. Xebec年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="151">2:31</a>:27 for Brago admitting zoro is stronger than sanji

  49. Sihon Smith

    Sihon Smith年 前

    Imagine Kids power at Admiral level, he b lifting ships up like nothin... dnt play round, if he ain't a best already, he gna be

  50. D1a1 Vibes

    D1a1 Vibes年 前

    I can dig it Man keep on keeping it real🔥💯K

  51. Derek Of Rivia

    Derek Of Rivia年 前

    Yooo Son Wukong. Hadnt heard that name in a long time. You gotta try to get him on to get his latest opinions on the greatness.

  52. David Lai

    David Lai年 前

    The girl in the background? Anyone got source ?

  53. Yurum Fernandes

    Yurum Fernandes年 前

    if we go back to the Reverie, I bet all of the money Oda will show us a conversation between Garp and dragon. It's a fucking must! They are both in the same fucking place for the most important event in the OP world!

  54. Quietly Loud

    Quietly Loud年 前

    KONG ancient zoan SliverBack change my mind

  55. Koby The Hero

    Koby The Hero年 前

    Zoro vs sanji would be the quickest L sanji takes. # SHISHI SONSON 💀

  56. Prince G

    Prince G年 前

    @Generation Sigma yea i said zoro would win lol

  57. Generation Sigma

    Generation Sigma年 前

    @Prince G Sanji would still lose!...

  58. Prince G

    Prince G年 前

    @Generation Sigma Idk man Sanji reaction speed is on point, he was fast enough to dodge katakuri who saw that sanji would dodge, it left a afterimage bro. We also saw daifuku cut multiple ships with just one swing casually, and sanji was able to block the sword with his foot. Its extreme high diff

  59. Generation Sigma

    Generation Sigma年 前

    @Prince G Nah, Sanji ain't getting away from Shishi Son Son after Zoro puts his bandana on!...

  60. Prince G

    Prince G年 前

    Sanji has good observation haki so he should be able to dodge a sword slash, plus he's faster so i think its extreme high diff

  61. Prince G

    Prince G年 前

    @Brago ask that nigga cory wtf he's talking about? Sanji always fights opponents comparable to who zoro fights lol. Why is he so sure zoro will fight calamity, lmao niggas be forgetting they aren't oda.

  62. k7999

    k7999年 前

    Zoro will always be stronger than Sanji

  63. Moses Kuku

    Moses Kuku年 前

    Where is this cursed sword Luffy stole, should have given it to Zoro chapters ago. The suspense is killing, damn Oda

  64. Joshua Scott

    Joshua Scott年 前

    Brago really be on some shit 😂

  65. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前


  66. yuan713

    yuan713年 前

    Conquerors Haki doesn't mean Kids Equal to Luffy, he just happen to have the rare kind of haki, kid Doffy had conquerors haki...we need feats from Kid..

  67. Prototype Vergo

    Prototype Vergo年 前

    Ace blows.

  68. Ebon Flow Media

    Ebon Flow Media年 前

    This Drivel series is gonna be HITTING

  69. Dante Scott

    Dante Scott年 前

    Brago once I get a second I’m going to come back and comment a bunch of reasons why Zoro is stronger than Sanji

  70. Tony2great

    Tony2great年 前

    Smoker getting washed by sanji lol

  71. Javon Green

    Javon Green年 前

    Coby wouldn't beat nami

  72. Dante Giammarco

    Dante Giammarco年 前

    Yo what happened with Dustin? Someone let me know

  73. V

    V年 前

    1) Dustan bugged out and left during the NY/CC trip 2) He called ppl in the community fake , in a video 3) He beefing with AnimeFanTalk on twitter

  74. Fire Fist Ace

    Fire Fist Ace年 前

    Coby washes sanji

  75. Prince G

    Prince G年 前

    Coby is fodder , everytime we see him he gets one shot

  76. Javon Green

    Javon Green年 前

    Did that nigga say fuck Ace? Oh hell no!

  77. Prototype Vergo

    Prototype Vergo年 前

    Lol it's like someone pushes you out the way of the bus, someone talks shit on your father and you jump back in front of the bus.

  78. Javon Green

    Javon Green年 前

    @Prototype Vergo how can you say those things I almost dropped one piece after oda killed Ace I was like wtf lol

  79. Prototype Vergo

    Prototype Vergo年 前

    Fuck Ace

  80. Emmanuel Banjoko

    Emmanuel Banjoko年 前

    King's Haki has to touch a few strawhats and unfortunately, I feel like Oda will "jokingly" give a character I'd get killed for saying, the ability to access King's Haki. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji will be the main users and I can see a BS scenario where I'd have to cope with Usopp getting it as well.

  81. Emmanuel Banjoko

    Emmanuel Banjoko年 前

    However, I hope Oda touches on King's Haki and makes us actually understand it... 924 chapters in, and we have no idea what a power foreshadowed in the first arc does

  82. Ahbel

    Ahbel年 前

    i love how brago is too busy dick riding sanji to put the proper chapter number in the title

  83. Ahbel

    Ahbel年 前

    @Brago D. Ace : )

  84. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前


  85. Roronoa Perona

    Roronoa Perona年 前


  86. Chaos-Chaos-Chaos

    Chaos-Chaos-Chaos年 前

    The Doriki gap between Kaku and Jyabura is where people really started leaning towards Zoro in terms of power scaling. Because it was Oda's way of saying Zoro was stronger than Sanji WITHOUT actually saying it. And this is coming from a Sanji stan.

  87. Sandro

    Sandro年 前

    I agree, I just meant that the fights were not that far apart in length Also yeah you know it's bad when an unofficial strawhat gets a fight with a cp9 agent and the only other straw hat not fighting a cp9 agent is the one you are trying to rescue

  88. Prince G

    Prince G年 前

    *Zoro was fighting kaku longer than sanji was fighting jabra mistyped

  89. Prince G

    Prince G年 前

    @Sandro Listen man Zoro was fighting kaku longing then sanji , there's no disputing that. Also, this has nothing to do with the conversation but after reading and reflecting on these chapters , Ussop looked really bad this arc, Oda had Nami fight a cp9 member but not ussop lol.Then again I guess he's never been potrayed as stronger than nami.

  90. Sandro

    Sandro年 前

    @Prince G I meant they meet at 400, then started fighting 401 where they broke into the place ussop was then that whole handcuff gag happened with zoro trying to defend himself until the keys arrived, only until 413 when zoro was finely free is when they resumed their dual

  91. Prince G

    Prince G年 前

    @Sandro Ok im pretty sure they met at 400 but whatever even so if they met at 401 , than its implied they've been fighting for that long, if we go by your logic than luffy vs katakuri was 3 chapters cause there were like 3 chapters dedicated to their fight which is blasphemy. the characters don't just sit in place when you don't see them lol.

  92. Colton Robison

    Colton Robison年 前

    Ok so theory time, what if the lighting that struck Buggy and Luffy when Buggy was going to execute Luffy was also Dragon saving Luffy, and not plot armor

  93. Hollow Feedback

    Hollow Feedback年 前

    Y’all sleepin on Apoo he top 5 nova Luffy Kidd Law Zoro Apoo

  94. Sushmit Dey

    Sushmit Dey年 前

    Nobody can take apoo Seriously because of his attitude he is the brook of supernovas

  95. Shiryu Rain

    Shiryu Rain年 前

    I've been saying that about Garp for soooooo long. I always hated how Garp tried to play both sides. Either side with the marines all the way or save Ace all the way. The half and half was pure BS

  96. Inverse236

    Inverse236年 前

    Life isnt that simple lol He's a character with both morality and a sense of duty, he has a real emotional struggle. Its the whole point of Garp's position and family in the story.

  97. Pole8222

    Pole8222年 前

    Can’t I just think Zoro is stronger than Sanji but like Sanji more than Zoro? I don’t get the community sometimes lol

  98. Blank Thoughts

    Blank Thoughts年 前

    Gotta bring Son Wukong back

  99. Bigot Show TV

    Bigot Show TV年 前

    I don’t even put zoro in my top 5 swordsman or Sanji on my top 5 fighters

  100. Sushmit Dey

    Sushmit Dey年 前

    Because they aren't top 5.. Judge is

  101. KitcloudkickerJr

    KitcloudkickerJr年 前

    Brago making excuses for a genocidal maniac Lmao

  102. Kurokami Najimi

    Kurokami Najimi年 前

    In the novel it was said that Ace's Haki stopped the snow from falling and this was pre Jinbei fight

  103. Kugan Sivasakthy

    Kugan Sivasakthy年 前

    @Brago D. Ace You read the vivre cards up to this point right?.......Zoro is technically stronger than Sanji

  104. Vongola Fiamme

    Vongola Fiamme年 前

    Also y'all are wrong about how they zeus. Brook speed blitzed Big Mam when asking to see her panties and cut zeus in half and Nami made zeus discharge and thats ultimately how she got full control of zeus

  105. The God of The Red Lion

    The God of The Red Lion年 前

    I think Conquerors haki on the straw hats might just end up being Luffy and Jimbei

  106. Sushmit Dey

    Sushmit Dey年 前

    You probably the first person to say jinbe will have conquerer

  107. Kugan Sivasakthy

    Kugan Sivasakthy年 前

    Kensei from Bleach was an idiot in the final arc lol Shout out to Shinji for being the best vizard.

  108. Kugan Sivasakthy

    Kugan Sivasakthy年 前

    Bleach was great I personally will just say in the manga there were some problems

  109. Kugan Sivasakthy

    Kugan Sivasakthy年 前

    Taka sucks

  110. footyfan53

    footyfan53年 前

    Luffy>Zoro>Sanji. Just that simple

  111. Quevo

    Quevo年 前

    @Generation Sigma I seriously think you don't know how to fucking read. I *clearly* said I believe Zoro and Sanji are rivals and on the same level(doesn't they're equals, there is a difference) and I gave you my reasoning for thinking so. I never even hinted the fact that I believed Sanji was stronger and I never even gave a hint of contradiction. You're just a dumbass for getting shit twisted. Zoro and Sanji been rivals since there first meeting, their opponents are rivals and always mirror their relationship(Mr. 1 & Mr. 2 and potentially King & Queen - kinda obvious Zoro and Sanji will face them) and there opponents are always on the same level(Kaku and Jabra had almost identical douriki) and also believe it was implied that Zoro and Sanji are rivals, and your naive if you think otherwise. You still have yet to prove that it's logical for a right-hand man to be on the same level as their captain. You made points but you didn't bring up a slick of evidence to back up your ridiculous claims, you use your own opinion instead of evidence to back up your own claims, which literally proves you have a huge biased towards your claim thus you're a degenerate zorotard.

  112. Generation Sigma

    Generation Sigma年 前

    @Quevo Well, to a reader and watcher of One Piece who is completely caught up, can clearly identify the fact that Zoro is stronger than Sanji combat wise, based on their opponents and feats alone shown, im not saying "Bleh, fUck yOu sAnji dIck-rIder" cause that would contradict you stating that they were"NOT" equals accordingly to the claim you make about your previous reply, so there's that, and yes the fact of saying it wasn't implied *yet* that Zoro is equal to Luffy can work with in both ways buddy, either he's equal or weaker, so just like you said, only time will tell...in a " *CURTAIN POINT* " ...Lol, sorry I couldn't resist!...

  113. Quevo

    Quevo年 前

    @Generation Sigma I never brought up the possibility of Sanji being stronger than Zoro. I said that Sanji is on the same level as Zoro(not saying they're equals, saying he's on the same level, there is a difference) and I brought up my reasoning for thinking so. I was clearly unbiased yet your calling me out for dick-riding Sanji? But forget about that, point is you can't say Zoro could be as strong as Luffy just because "we haven't seen what he can do yet" *unless* it was implied at a curtain point.

  114. Quevo

    Quevo年 前

    @Generation Sigma It's an unofficial rule clearly implied since day 1. Oda loves his parallels, look at every single crew in the series, *name one crew in One Piece were the right hand man is stronger or even at the very least on the same level as their captain.* Can't name one? Because there isn't any(and One Piece is 928 chapters long and counting)! I'll say it again, *It's completely illogical for someone to be stronger or even on the same level as there captain.* You have absolutely no rebuttal against this. The captain or strongest person in a faction is *always* on another level compared to the #2. I can list dozens of examples, Whitebeard and Marco, Big Mom and Katakuri, Rob Lucci and Kaku, Crocodile and Mr.1, the right-hand mans are *never* on the same level as there captain. You think Zoro is on the same level as Luffy just because "We haven't seen what Zoro can do yet post-timeskip" but you can't use that as an *excuse* to put on on the same level was Luffy unless it was implied in the story. But it was never implied that was was even on the same level as Luffy. Zoro is on the same level as Sanji, not Luffy. Zoro and Sanji always been rivals since there first meeting and their opponents are always on the same level(Mr. 1 and Mr. 2, Kaku and Jabra etc.) Point is Zoro is not on the same level as Luffy and if you think so, I'm sorry but you're a degenerate Zorotard.

  115. Generation Sigma

    Generation Sigma年 前

    @Quevo Lmao, but there's no rule ever saying that the right-hand man shouldn't be equal or stronger than the captain...that's just self convincing bias...besides, it's true when people state the fact that "We haven't seen Zoro using his full power yet"...Pfft, people are simply saying the truth!...

  116. Vongola Fiamme

    Vongola Fiamme年 前

    wait brago brago fam fam you really think Gear 4 Luffy isnt one Shoting smoker? Fam come on now

  117. Sushmit Dey

    Sushmit Dey年 前

    Gear 4 luffy one shots the smoker we saw in punk hazard but i don't know about now..

  118. Vongola Fiamme

    Vongola Fiamme年 前

    @Chalil Syti yea but Smoker and his group are little more rogue than the average marine fleet

  119. Chalil Syti

    Chalil Syti年 前

    No the Marines hardly get better ...Because they have a lot of work to do ..like capturing trash etc. ..Meanwhile Rookies like the Worst Generation go from a challenge to challenge every time to survive...

  120. Vongola Fiamme

    Vongola Fiamme年 前

    @RonnieJayPlays true but based on what we've seen a king kong gun hell a regular kong gun is one shottin smoker

  121. RonnieJayPlays

    RonnieJayPlays年 前

    Vongola Productions he’s not.. smoker will get stronger believe it or not

  122. Ardent Take

    Ardent Take年 前

    The thing with bleach is that it was on a time limit, Tite Kubo never got to truly visualize his story. Even now he's still putting out novels even though hes not the one writing them he's explaining things to the author and still giving out facts about bleach that he wished he could have shown in the story. The new novel coming out is going to explain hisagi's bankai most likely since hes going to be the protagonist.

  123. Ardent Take

    Ardent Take年 前

    @king_Jab27 I agree completely, I was really disappointed when Nanao just so happened to have the perfect zanpaktou to defeat lille. I think itd be safer to say that if he wasnt rushed he would have been able to make a slightly better ending. By novel its more for me the fact that Kubo still has love for the series and is trying to bring it back and redeem it.

  124. king_Jab27

    king_Jab27年 前

    I usually would take your side when talking about bleach because I feel people like to crap all over it because they wanted it to be something it was not or didn't ever read/watch and jump on the bandwagon. But Kubo really dragged alot of the arc out especially the fight with the chicken quincy. Where shunsui used his bad ass bankai and it did nothing. Then he writes in a plot device (a word a hate so much to use right now because I think people complain to much about them, but it is the only way I can put it) to kill it and that doesn't do anything really. I get that he was trying to tie in alot of plot treads with shunsei and nanao and lead in to Kira doing something, but it should have died the second time if not the first. And as hyped as I was to see kenpachi, hitsugaya, and byakuya go in against the miracle it all felt pointless since he got right back up. And to simply say he got rushed as a defense is fine (because I use it alot when defending the series), but when I look back and see that arc was about 200+ chapters and reread I would say about 50 or so chapters could have been condensed if not removed. And if he had did the match set ups more like in fake katakura since there was more then enough of the sternritters for ever major character or those of just intrigued like shuhei to get a fight and showing of skill. Bleach's best attribute was always the art and I'm afraid a light novel or novels just won't cut it. I say this as a bleach fanboy and I'm sorry this is so long lol.

  125. Z Nova

    Z Nova年 前

    The part about watching but not commenting got me. I've been keeping up with the community for years but barely interacted. Since the tournament of power streams I really got into it and I've been watching all your vids, tho I couldn't catch many live. Real talk I've been going through some tough times but I can always look forward to these. It's something that wasn't around only a few years ago, the growth has been insane, but a lot of people don't realise how much effort it can take. Anyone who's serious about you being lazy or late is trippin, appreciate it all my dude.

  126. TheTechEcosystem

    TheTechEcosystem年 前

    Ace's death and how it affected Luffy legit made grown men cry

  127. Ryokugyuu

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  128. Imperial Lion

    Imperial Lion年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="218">3:38</a>:50 LOL, that completely killed the mood of the stream.