🔴THIS IS INSANNNNNEEEEE - One Piece Chapter 923 Live Reaction/Discussion


  1. Ali Baba

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  4. ThatFlyPigeon

    ThatFlyPigeon年 前

    Sauce is the GOAT 😂😂😂

  5. PushinSince93

    PushinSince93年 前

    Killer & Zoro are gonna team up to break Kid & Luffy out of prison while Kaido is away.

  6. Saitama

    Saitama年 前

    Them Jinbei bits were fucking killing me XD

  7. D1a1 Vibes

    D1a1 Vibes年 前

    I don’t know how to feel about this chapter my guy luffy gets up when he falls though so🤷‍♂️

  8. Another Pedro

    Another Pedro年 前

    What if the reason was so sad, wet and loud when they were mourning Lord Oden Death, and after the time lapse was revealed come back a debunk theory that Oden had Ace's devil fruit, and why they were so devastated cuz Dragon Kaido put Oden in a giant pan submerge so his Fire can't save himself, and was extremely painful and shocking for those who knew Oden(that could relate to how Kinemon learn to cut Fire), him getting kill by Fire and Heat(when Oden was introduced he said I was born to fire up* ''don't know how to translate'' chpt.818). And if you could read a second thought. Kaido wasn't born a dragon, cuz we have Moria's bond and the fact Vega Punk replyed a devil fruit almost certain from Kaido's. And the race Kaido belongs I think, already send this to You and Drizzt, I think is Kaido is the same race as Rocks, and he will be his Son, my point is like Oars and Oars Jr, we have Rocks and Kaido. And Kaido and Shanks from the same era, so for me Big Mom was one of The Rocks wifes and not Kaido related(just Stepmother), Oven(similar face to Kaido) Katakuri(could have his teeth explain there) Daifuku(couldn't find any reason), so they could be the outcome of the Big Mom and Rocks relationship(like a half brother to Kaido). That's why Big Mom seemed with the little edge when happened the big discussion in chapter 907(seemed for me! more experience and the Ace novel support that). So the memo is 2.Luffy already defeated Kaido's half brother, and 1. Oden death was a terrifying appeal because of his own original devil fruit power

  9. Pole8222

    Pole8222年 前

    Lightning is the physical electric form we understand- while Thunder is the SOUND that lightning makes before dropping down. So when he hit Luffy, it was SO LOUD that it sounded like Thunder. That’s how I read that

  10. Balu

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a>:40

  11. Max Almonte

    Max Almonte年 前

    Its not bs , in the anime they show that when the monster trio angerly attacks the franky house his arms glow and steam a bit like gear 2nd and he kinda motices and then i believe he implies he stumbled upon it when he talks to blueno about it as for gear 3rd idk on that but he does use balloon so not that far of a stretch

  12. JosRey 74

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    He needed the baby shake to wake his ass up! Gear 5, conqueror haky mastery, and Awakening next stop!

  13. JosRey 74

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    I cannot wait for next chapter! One Piece is the best!

  14. JosRey 74

    JosRey 74年 前

    The plan would not had worked!🤣🤣🤣 This is the best thing to had happened, because Luffy needs to get stronger! Shit maybe another time skipped may be needed! 😂 Luffy is the King, he had the balls to swing on Big Mom and Kaido!

  15. Benjamin O'Shane

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    Feeding Jinbe to Doffy 😂😂😂

  16. Terrence Golding

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    @Brago D. Ace 8.15 "OH ma gaaawwdd loooool

  17. Stephen Lucas

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    When Luffy awakens this form that holds this property, "Sorbothane " Kaido will meet another Yonko that could possibly beat him with brute strength lol. (jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-FNwIc_RNOHs.html

  18. Ben baller did the chain

    Ben baller did the chain年 前

    also calling it . D will devil fruit users can use 2 devil fruits luffy takes marco's fruit after his death ^_^ x) XD ;P im high

  19. Ben baller did the chain

    Ben baller did the chain年 前

    luffy is the same as mcgregor......... tap all the time, talks shit all the time, thinks he can take on the world

  20. malik mcclain

    malik mcclain年 前

    I really hope tama is dead because that would make the story go dark

  21. Bakedsaiyan

    Bakedsaiyan年 前

    so the marines never tried to drown kaido ? lol

  22. Kalenz

    Kalenz年 前

    Big Mom one shot Luffy too.

  23. Eamon Quinn

    Eamon Quinn年 前

    Time to get out the JoJo playbook. Yeet Kaido into space cuz he is too dam strong.

  24. Justyn Hill

    Justyn Hill年 前

    You know I read this comment about Luffy losing because of the curse sword. So what if it was because of that sword it caused all the bad things to happen to Luffy and basically the reason Luffy lost and I’m not saying that Luffy would have won I’m saying all this craziness wouldn’t have happen.

  25. Bruce King

    Bruce King年 前

    Luffy doesn't have immunity to Magellans poison, his body constantly creates new poison. Luffy ain't no zoldyck out here or he wouldn't have got poisoned by that fish he ate.

  26. Clifton Thomas

    Clifton Thomas年 前

    Always with the classic vids my guy!!

  27. winchel philemond

    winchel philemond年 前

    Lol. Luffy found One Piece.

  28. GRB

    GRB年 前

    Kaido sighing is like zeref sighing when natsu tried to kill him

  29. Gérard Lelouch

    Gérard Lelouch年 前

    I just remembered Moria wanted to take Kaido with his "ultimate zombie" good luck with that bro , good luck with that...

  30. Crab in the Tophat

    Crab in the Tophat年 前

    Guys what if the devil fruits retain memory of their previous holders and as such the new eater are able to recieve the inate instincts of the last ones.

  31. Azor Ahai

    Azor Ahai年 前

    Luffy power is his luck ...

  32. Justyn Hill

    Justyn Hill年 前

    Azor Ahai nope skills.

  33. Balu

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a>:20

  34. Kevin Dang

    Kevin Dang年 前

    luffy got knock the fuk out lol pirate boy

  35. Cristian Cruz

    Cristian Cruz年 前

    Garps old partner became the fleet admiral, garp pretime skip is minimum admiral lvl

  36. Cristian Cruz

    Cristian Cruz年 前

    Luffys not immune to Magellan. Luffy just now has a high resistance to poison, which I think will come into play later, there’s gonna be a strong poison at the end that won’t phase him at all OR he dies by the end because of all the times his been poisoned and his lifespan shortened

  37. Bello Gee

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  38. B B

    B B年 前

    Kaido let Luffy get the shots in. The moment we see Kaido dodging, he will be fighting a real opponent. He is going to tank every hit thrown at him. Its like when a noob fights Sephiroth in KH1 their first time. His life not going down is mentally tough to handle. Luffy still my guy too but...nah, he’s not ready. Legit only another Yonkou can handle Kaido. Luffy is not confirmed their strongest character but he is likely their top 3 on the alliance.

  39. Cristian Cruz

    Cristian Cruz年 前

    Gear second was inspired by Bellamy, luffy mentions someone the first time he used it and it’s inferred to be Bellamy

  40. Eamon Quinn

    Eamon Quinn年 前

    I’m callin it now y’all. I’m calling it now. Aokiji is pulling up to Wano. Aokiji will take care of and befriend Tama. In the legends, Momotaro befriended a pheasant. This is happening

  41. somethingtodiefor1

    somethingtodiefor1年 前

    Plot armour to the rescue :)

  42. Free Wifi

    Free Wifi年 前

    The fact that Shanks can clash with Kaido and hang with Big mom is crazy.

  43. Marcel Tăut

    Marcel Tăut年 前

    Jinbe was one shot be Mihawk in Marineford LOL !!!

  44. daniel ajibode

    daniel ajibode年 前

    Luffy took the massive L. He got speed blitzed and one shotted damn.

  45. Artur Witt

    Artur Witt年 前

    Brago is overhyping this admirals so much. Kaido and Shanks are beating 2 admirals. Big Mom probably too. Luffy and Blackbeard will beating two admirals middiff at eos. Whitebeard was so weakenend at the fight with Akainu and he was still stronger.

  46. Kodlak Corey

    Kodlak Corey年 前

    If you think luffy has six arms you also think they go through each other... because that's exactly what they're doing in this chapter

  47. Adi TheYoungTopboy

    Adi TheYoungTopboy年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2230">37:10</a> is hilarious

  48. skye grace

    skye grace年 前

    seeing what happen with tama and strawhats, if friendship power up 's applied here, in his rage mode.. luffy should have become 10x stronger. unfortunately luffy doesnt have sealed monster/demon inside his body to come out..

  49. Justyn Hill

    Justyn Hill年 前

    not all heroes wear capes he got a devil that’s hasn’t awakened yet.

  50. Chaos D. Emperor

    Chaos D. Emperor年 前

    King doesnt have anything to do with being powerful. Kaido is the wrong king. Thats why he wont succeed

  51. Mohammed Khalil

    Mohammed Khalil年 前

    IM DEAD YOO <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a>:07

  52. Gerard w.

    Gerard w.年 前

    Luffy just got hit in the face so hard sabo felt it

  53. mark ariola

    mark ariola年 前

    It's like my 7 years old bro pissed the shit of me and punch out of nowhere then i cameback with the slap the shit out of him

  54. KumaPaws376

    KumaPaws376年 前

    Yonkou will be yonkou

  55. _Monty97

    _Monty97年 前

    Can someone please give me a website to read the manga .. pleassseee

  56. Dxrk Zoom

    Dxrk Zoom年 前

    @_Monty97 Jaminisbox

  57. _Monty97

    _Monty97年 前

    Miguel Angel Cadavid Parra if I could just google it i wouldn’t be asking dumbass .. obviously I can’t find a good website

  58. Miguel Angel Cadavid Parra

    Miguel Angel Cadavid Parra年 前

    Just Google it

  59. Stephen Lucas

    Stephen Lucas年 前

    What if in order to reach a level that your devil fruit becomes God like, you have to meet two requirements. The first is the will power to give your spirit to the devil himself which in turns opens a contract similar to the summoning jutsu. Then once the devil's fruit spirit is summoned, a contract is made to which the user's spirit will awaken a power that goes beyond reality. I believe this also comes with a negative as whatever the user's weakens is when it comes to things they like the most becomes an addiction that can never be cured..

  60. Devil

    Devil年 前

    Kaido > Thanos

  61. Romão Bandarra

    Romão Bandarra年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="86">1:26</a>:59 for the best part of the video Sic 'Em Girl

  62. AlphaLycaon

    AlphaLycaon年 前

    Kaido hit that Drake "Duppy" sigh on Luffy

  63. M.I.A.

    M.I.A.年 前

    How did luffy gut hurt by devine thunder? I thought he was immune to electric attacls

  64. M.I.A.

    M.I.A.年 前

    You know whats strange? I listen to brago's livestreams while working out

  65. Trippyhippie 28

    Trippyhippie 28年 前

    Kaido definitely haki'd up his divine thunder that's why it had lightning obviously

  66. Craig Justin

    Craig Justin年 前

    Luffy gotta train for 2 weeks with douji

  67. Bapa Vlogs

    Bapa Vlogs年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a>:08 😂😂😂

  68. randy magic dindy

    randy magic dindy年 前

    Sanji will make the tastiest bottle of hennessy that’ll make kaido faint

  69. J Hayes

    J Hayes年 前

    it looked to me like the club didn't even hit luffy, more like the swing itself was enough, and the crackling looked like whitebeard's power and continues into the next panel. i think Kaido's swinging emperor's haki

  70. Manny Gonzalez

    Manny Gonzalez年 前

    I think hes gonna meet like another’s of rogers crew and hes gonna master like awakening devil fruit and thats gonna be his upgrade

  71. Sirro Minus

    Sirro Minus年 前

    Oda has mastered Calm b4 the storm. Brago was Neutral last week.. Not any more

  72. gary scott

    gary scott年 前

    People are sayin luffys will train become stronger and defeat kaido ...I say OK ...then kaido will transform in his hybrid form and its one hit KO again

  73. TheCrumpington

    TheCrumpington年 前

    Those are definitely after images. Luffy cant just sprout more arms. If he legitimately could, it would have been outright stated. It’s just his G4 equivalent to gattling gun. There’s just no way to logically portray it like that though.

  74. Kodlak Corey

    Kodlak Corey年 前

    So now luffy has future sight and 6 arms... Somebody stop these fools

  75. The Truest

    The Truest年 前

    Kaido speed blitzed Luffy lmao

  76. Shanks Dragon

    Shanks Dragon年 前

    it's ⚾ time 😅😅😅

  77. KumaPaws376

    KumaPaws376年 前

    Kaido: "Divine Thunder" Luffy: "I'm unaffected by lightning..."

  78. Hollow Feedback

    Hollow Feedback年 前

    Zoro > Luffy

  79. Prince G

    Prince G年 前


  80. AndyLeeNR

    AndyLeeNR年 前

    This is one of my favorite channels because of their conversations lol

  81. hayshizz

    hayshizz年 前

    Luffy definitely doesnt have 6 arms. They are going faster than the fps you can possibly see and this is how Oda depicts it.

  82. Lead Feather Productions

    Lead Feather Productions年 前

    hawkings is pulling doctor strange reading the future that's why he stepped forward mentioned where they are hidding

  83. Skaasi

    Skaasi年 前

    luffy got taken out faster than vice admiral ronse lmao

  84. marvin harvey

    marvin harvey年 前

    Luffy the man known for eatin punches Slept after just one hit LMAOOOOO Man gotta love Kaido bro gg

  85. Shawndre 3000

    Shawndre 3000年 前

    if oda wanted to show tama dead he would have had the apple she was holding become her devil fruit.....that would have had us shook lol

  86. Gauntlet

    Gauntlet年 前

    Lets' be honest. Gear 2nd was an asspull.

  87. Dxrk Zoom

    Dxrk Zoom年 前

    @Gauntlet Firstly, what I have noticed with Oda's writing. That he never does training arcs. He does this maybe because he wants to create a hype moment etc when the power up shows. Also known as a suprise factor. Examples of these are Luffy's Gear 4 or Blackbeard eating two devil fruits. Now. What defines an asspull. There is no drawbacks. It came out of nowhere and was not foreshadowed at all. Luffy saw the Soru from CP9 in Galley La, while fighting them. Before this, He fought Aookiji and knew that he had to get stronger, *but he did not know how* *Foreshadowing:* While they were on the Sea Train thinking about their plan. Luffy said that he wants to try out a new move. This is the basis that he saw CP9's soru.

  88. Gauntlet

    Gauntlet年 前

    @Dxrk Zoom Let's have a discussion then. How is it not one? And don't use headcanon.

  89. Dxrk Zoom

    Dxrk Zoom年 前