🔴Lucky Roo The TRUE Right Hand?? - One Piece Official Databook Chronicles Ep 1


  1. Bex Clue

    Bex Clue年 前

    First of all: Why is it so hard to believe that someone who died in a backstory is actually dead. Like...y'all believe that Bellmere is alive, too? Kuina is dead. Get over it. Secondly: Of course you can die by falling of stairs! There was a famous German Opera Singer who was drunk, fell of stairs and died. If you break your neck or w/e you dead. Shit happens when you fall. Dunno what's so ridiculous about it...

  2. JamesonD. Ferguson

    JamesonD. Ferguson年 前

    I need him to confirm who died in punk hazard

  3. King James' Marj

    King James' Marj年 前

    Y'all niggas worrying me bout Zoro's origin. HE BETTER BE OF WANO ORIGIN YA HEARD... No way Oda would waste all that foreshadowing and make his origin the East Blue.

  4. Gon Burgundy

    Gon Burgundy年 前

    more than 1,000 people die every year after falling down stairs new figures reveal stairs are the place where most deaths and serious injuries happen in the home

  5. Cheddah Slammer

    Cheddah Slammer年 前

    Many people when Usopp unlocked Haki, didn't even notice and just thought it was his awesome sniper skills.

  6. Reborn Legend

    Reborn Legend年 前

    Shanks bet on Luffy when he lost his arm so Luffy can see how dangerous a pirate's life can be. At least that's how I see it

  7. Brandon Arnold

    Brandon Arnold年 前

    some people here don't understand supportive theories solely based on portrayal and actual tangible evidence based off feats. They're 2 sides of the same coin neither side is right or wrong just different ways of explaining things. No need for haki in a conversation like this one would think.

  8. Miguel Cruz

    Miguel Cruz年 前

    I been following one piece since it began, and the only emotional moment that I can remember that really got me is when ace dies. And even with that I got excited because it was the first actual death in one piece.

  9. Fobeo Potent

    Fobeo Potent年 前

    This lady by my house slipped and died on the bottom stair it do happen I think it's just rare

  10. Kurokami Najimi

    Kurokami Najimi年 前

    Oda didn't say Sabo was dead, the book that says that was made using info from the series. When asked if Sabo was really dead Oda said he'd let fans decide.

  11. Hansel John

    Hansel John年 前

    This proves that zoro is finna be the worlds greatest swordsman on pure hard work alone

  12. D1a1 Vibes

    D1a1 Vibes年 前

    i love it....stream is so lit

  13. Commodore Laz

    Commodore Laz年 前

    Lucky Roo is the TRUTH

  14. V

    V年 前

    Shanks vs The SeaKing is a plot hole #NoExscues

  15. North Ayase

    North Ayase年 前

    If you have Haki to a "maximum extent" it doesn't mean that devil fruit is the only thing that puts you over. 2 people with max Haki fighting would come down to technique/skill & intellect... Though in one piece it'd really just come down to will to win because meh...

  16. harry_the_ Gillett

    harry_the_ Gillett年 前

    Kawena is dead as a person but she changed her name🤔

  17. L L

    L L年 前

    You can die from stairs 😂 hit your head, haemorrhage your brain and boom.

  18. kaki langit

    kaki langit年 前

    coming zoro fan get triggered... get one and counting

  19. kaki langit

    kaki langit年 前

    in OP world you will likely to survive nuclear than fall from stairs... damn logic

  20. kaki langit

    kaki langit年 前

    oke, so lucky roo is like zoro... thats mean lucky roo the 2nd strongest in shanks crew or zoro is the third guy this whole time??? damn shade oda

  21. Sandro

    Sandro年 前

    If y'all wanna use this databook as cannon than you need to use the others as cannon as well. Which means zoro is confirmed on par with luffy and the vice captain

  22. Rocks D Boat

    Rocks D Boat年 前

    Oda and the rest of the world uses cm when talking height, it would be nice if you could too (instead of the illogical measurement feet)!

  23. Rocks D Boat

    Rocks D Boat年 前

    Also, Matt seems to think that when he assumes something he knows something xD and he hates gays.

  24. Solomon Stovall-Ceja

    Solomon Stovall-Ceja年 前

    Just because kuina is dead doesn't mean she was killed by falling down the stairs

  25. Kugan Sivasakthy

    Kugan Sivasakthy年 前

    +Brago D. Ace Where did you find those height comparison images for Katakuri, etc.?

  26. Aristotle

    Aristotle年 前

    Zoro is not from Wano? Damn Oda, you better have some good backstory for Zoro!

  27. Dxrk Zoom

    Dxrk Zoom年 前

    Zoro has enough

  28. WhatCanBrownDo4U

    WhatCanBrownDo4U年 前

    You guys need to check out Artur. He has the databook and translated everything

  29. WhatCanBrownDo4U

    WhatCanBrownDo4U年 前

    @Jamal_Haki R&R I don't think he put it on his website just yet. But he's been tweeting about all morning. Some of this stuff is alittle different. Like the part of shanks being a yonkou more than 13 years ago. It's more implied not out right stated. Not only that. The timeline is more clear. Shanks was like 12 or something when he was with Roger.

  30. Jamal_Haki R&R

    Jamal_Haki R&R年 前

    Where’s the link at?

  31. Justin Alexander

    Justin Alexander年 前

    Yonko level stairs 😂

  32. Capricorned 18

    Capricorned 18年 前

    NOTE; not all top tiers, vice captains, or commanders has King Haki

  33. Capricorned 18

    Capricorned 18年 前

    People said Oda won't make character die, but all theories RIP. Kuina was dead

  34. Capricorned 18

    Capricorned 18年 前

    The reason why Oda do not classified Yasopp as a Haki User because without it (observation haki), Yasopp is already far stronger than Usopp or Van Augur in sniping.. Yasopp dont need Haki, his sniping skill is already incredible

  35. ZEEK 5146

    ZEEK 5146年 前

    Matt B just comes in and ruins the stream

  36. seyyed amir reza sadeghi

    seyyed amir reza sadeghi年 前

    if Shanks became a Yonko level 15 years ago (when he is not even on his Prime) it means Mihawk too where on this level Shanks & Mihawk are only top tiers with no help of DF or being born as a freak so they are most skilled ones that there is so if there were Yoknko level 15 years ago .... how fucking Strong are they NOW ...

  37. Derek Of Rivia

    Derek Of Rivia年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3450">57:30</a> Matt got salty as fuck.

  38. Mohammad211

    Mohammad211年 前

    opforum.net/threads/vivre-card-databook-summary.90135/ This Page is Full of Fake Information Shanks DB Info: [Shanks] Shanks "Come on, we'll be your opponents!" First appearance: Manga Volume 1 Alias: Red Hair Devil Fruit: N/A Haki: CoC, CoA, and CoO Affiliation: N/A [Red Hair Pirates / Leader] [File / Profile] Sex: Male Ship: Red Force Birthday: March 9 Age: 39 years old Height: 199cm Constellation: Pisces Blood type: XF type Origin: West Blue Favorite Food: Kimchi fried rice, Lobster Voice actor: Ikeda Shuichi [History / History] 25 years ago: Roger Pirates disbanded ? Years ago: Red Hair Pirates were established ? Years ago: Became one of the "Four Emperors" 13 years ago: Docked in Windmill Village 12 years ago: Entrusted his straw hat to Luffy 2 years ago: Ended the war You can See True Info in this Page orojackson.com/threads/one-piece-vivre-card-databook-released-on-4th-september.53821/page-21

  39. The Doctor

    The Doctor年 前

    Is this recently released or one of the older ones?

  40. RoZ

    RoZ年 前

    Wow. Zoro couldn't protoect Otama from getting captured and now we learn that he couldn't even save Kuina from stairs?! Loro been taking L's his whole life

  41. Sandro

    Sandro年 前

    Sanjis name wasn't even mentioned in the databook and yet oda decided to dedicate space for koshiro and kuina even though this databook is only for east blue which introduced like 20 characters Sanji took the biggest L then by your logic

  42. Red Sniper

    Red Sniper年 前

    The entire Databook was Oda giving Zoro L's

  43. Clifton Thomas

    Clifton Thomas年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1435">23:55</a> #EpicTroll

  44. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    What does waifu mean?

  45. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    How do the vinsmokes smile and get exited especially when they see nami, if they don’t have emotions?

  46. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    Remark maybe the translation I read said emotion, empathy would make a lot more sense.

  47. Dxrk Zoom

    Dxrk Zoom年 前

    Reread the chapter. They lack empathy, not emotions all together

  48. Angba

    Angba年 前

    abuaseel01 they do have emotions

  49. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    Shanks lost his arm because he was flustered and worried about luffy

  50. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    Jamal_Haki R&R i most absolutely and definetly am. Its my head cannon to be honest. After all, how the hell dies a god damn yonkou lose to an eadt blue sea king that luffy took out in one punch? Its not like he was fighting kuina's stairs or anything.

  51. Jamal_Haki R&R

    Jamal_Haki R&R年 前

    abuaseel01 can you even prove this? You can’t. You reaching like luffy

  52. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    Tashigi is Not a master swordswoman

  53. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    Kuina could have fell and landed on her head

  54. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    Shanks has no devil fruit

  55. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    Maybe benn Beckmann is the navigator, a really strong one. That won’t fight anyone unless they bring at least a navy warship

  56. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    “Zeff is on crutches and he’s a crutch" lol

  57. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    I really don’t care about zeff

  58. Toni Valentin

    Toni Valentin年 前

    we knew zoro was from east blue , in an SBS oda gave all the birthplaces of the strawhats and zoro was in east blue not grand line , only one in grand line was chopper i think

  59. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    Zoro will definitely acquire Kings haki.

  60. Toni Valentin

    Toni Valentin年 前

    wait Roo isn't the chef?

  61. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    I think any fight involving shanks will be off screened.

  62. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    Bravo is stupid, he says, well the data book says shanks has advance observation haki does that mean he has no armament haki? That’s a stupid conclusion, it also didn’t say he has Kings haki but we know he does, also how did he clash with whitebeard and sakazuki? Brago u should pay more attention

  63. abuaseel01

    abuaseel01年 前

    It is impractical for oda to give every single haki user their own specific way of using haki, so stop saying you don’t like how oda wrote it into the story but you don’t offer up ideas for how it could have gone. You’re just saying you don’t like it.

  64. Angba

    Angba年 前

    abuaseel01 what’s wrong with doing that?

  65. Imperial Lion

    Imperial Lion年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2105">35:05</a> Stairs are lethal man, don't underestimate them.

  66. Strawhat Papi

    Strawhat Papi年 前

    the Lucky Roo being the Zoro equivalent is interesting. My thought is that even though Beckman is the Vice captain, his role is more as an advisor to the captain rather than the 2nd strongest; as we've seen with most crews previously. We sawJinbei kinda take that role in WCI where he was giving Luffy advice and leading the crew in his absence. It makes sense that not all first mates/vice captains in the verse just happen to the 2nd strongest. Crews are structured differently.

  67. Eiichiro Oda

    Eiichiro Oda年 前

    Watch me reveal the one piece and Matt B be like “I already knew what it was” Lmfaooo

  68. Angelo Alexandre

    Angelo Alexandre年 前

    FCK I missed the stream 🤦

  69. Eston Jeffries

    Eston Jeffries年 前

    Lucky Roo caught the first body in the series put respeck on his name

  70. Eiichiro Oda

    Eiichiro Oda年 前

    I was mostly trolling throughout all of this lmfaooo

  71. kaki langit

    kaki langit年 前

    thats disrespectful to OP.. MHA fan need to stfu...and OP clown who downgrade OP and praise MHA need to quit and reveal himself.. its shameful

  72. Zeezoldyck

    Zeezoldyck年 前

    Mha is garbage

  73. Shiro Yacha

    Shiro Yacha年 前

    i know right they are talking about the mha characters development like its fucking meruem

  74. Miles 707

    Miles 707年 前

    You sound like a pathetic triggered fanboy, grow the fuck up people can like what ever they want.

  75. kaki langit

    kaki langit年 前

    one piece become Wsj symbol/logo.... deal with it...

  76. Eiichiro Oda

    Eiichiro Oda年 前

    Characterization is how the character currently IS, either physically or mentally Character Development is how a character changes throughout the story, mostly mentally but could also be physically as well. This also applies to how much we know about a character, aka Character Depth.

  77. Zeezoldyck

    Zeezoldyck年 前

    Red Sniper No Characterisation is what the character is. Development is the changes a character goes through. Progression is just another word for development,same shit.

  78. Zeezoldyck

    Zeezoldyck年 前

    Red Sniper No Characterisation is what the character is. Development is the changes a character goes through. Progression is just another word for development,same shit.

  79. Zeezoldyck

    Zeezoldyck年 前

    Red Sniper No Characterisation is what the character is. Development is the changes a character goes through. Progression is just another word for development,same shit.

  80. Zeezoldyck

    Zeezoldyck年 前

    Red Sniper No Characterisation is what the character is. Development is the changes a character goes through. Progression is just another word for development,same shit.

  81. Red Sniper

    Red Sniper年 前

    Development is part of characterization which is the whole package. Most people confuse character development with character progression

  82. Aaron Boddie

    Aaron Boddie年 前

    This man lucky roo is the goat #Top5LuckyRoo

  83. Iceaiden

    Iceaiden年 前

    hey as a fan of both series. I also see a lot of one piece fans slandering my hero all the time. I think both series should be respected it because they have done amazing things in there own way

  84. Iceaiden

    Iceaiden年 前

    @Zeezoldyck im the type of person that believes all series should be respected even if they have some bads to them. And even brago agrees with me

  85. Iceaiden

    Iceaiden年 前

    @Zeezoldyck im the type of person that believes all series should be respected even if they have some bads to them. And even brago agrees with me

  86. Zeezoldyck

    Zeezoldyck年 前

    My hero deserves slander

  87. Edrude

    Edrude年 前

    So when Shanks met Luffy he already was an emperor that knew how to swim. I doubt Shanks has a devil fruit now unless losing an arm changed his mind on having a devil fruit.

  88. Chaos D. Emperor

    Chaos D. Emperor年 前

    Instead of making a title: Wich one is better MHA or One Piece? It should have been more like: what can MHA do to be better than One Piece and surpass it. Its a totally wack title in the first place. And then on top of that they really acted like MHA could even stand up to it. What did people think about chapter 200s ish of Naruto? Bleach? Fairy Tail? They thought it was fucking awesome. But then they couldnt stand the test of time like One Piece does. It was a pointless video. But because most JPreporterrs know much about OP, they ofc had to compare it to MHA. Wich is very overrated right now and a less of a masterpiece than Naruto, AoT, HxH, FMA. Let alone fucking OP. Stop acting like everything can be compared to OP. These JPreporterrs have no sense of reality when it comes to this. Its stupid asf lmao and its the main reason I dont watch the livestreams you guys do. Still love your live reactions tho! But the conversations and discussions always have to be about OP. Why not just have discussions about other anime/manga? Rogersbase made a stupid title and intended to target OP and make OP fans salty.

  89. javon davis

    javon davis年 前

    its the internet u can get baited by saying girls suck

  90. Plus Ultra

    Plus Ultra年 前

    i think there only doing this cause one piece hasnt really had much content in the chapters nobody would care otherwise i dont know how people get baited like this

  91. Danteangelo15

    Danteangelo15年 前

    We just gonna ignore the fact mihawk was having duels with a yonko

  92. MrDragonkarp

    MrDragonkarp年 前

    Observation Lvl 1 Basic ala Usopp Lvl 2 Presence ala Sanji dodging Jellybean Lvl 3 Future Sight ala Katakuri Armament Lvl 1 ala Pekoms vs Caribou Lvl 2 Hardening Lvl 3 ala Katakuri block mochi Conquerors Lvl 1 Uncontrollable burst Lvl 2 Luffy vs 50000 Lvl 3 Shanks on Moby Dick

  93. Derek Of Rivia

    Derek Of Rivia年 前

    You dont NEED panels. We can just go back and look at the chapter. Also most of us here reread it multiple times. No need to risk it.

  94. Chris the Chilled

    Chris the Chilled年 前

    If Lucky Roo second strongest, why he didn't pull up on Kizaru at Marine Ford???

  95. Chris the Chilled

    Chris the Chilled年 前

    @Capricorned 18 lmao

  96. Chris the Chilled

    Chris the Chilled年 前

    How bout if Yassop so much of the amazing sniper, why didn't he snipe Blackbeard from killing Whitebeard???

  97. Blakaveli X

    Blakaveli X年 前

    Cause the God Lucky Roo sent his pawn Benn Beckman to fight Kizaru. Kizaru is fodder to him why would he get his hands dirty? 😂

  98. Capricorned 18

    Capricorned 18年 前

    The logic of the question is so damn fuck up, it's like asking; If Zoro is Luffy's right hand man, why didn't he join Marineford War? Or If Zoro is Second Strongest Person in Straw Hat, why didn't he fight Diamante? The logic is so fuck up man

  99. Hansel John

    Hansel John年 前

    Cuz he was lookin for imu

  100. Craig Justin

    Craig Justin年 前

    just hire me, i'll redraw all the panels .

  101. Aaron Boddie

    Aaron Boddie年 前

    Kata taller then a Mf that nigga wears size 30s

  102. Shiro Yacha

    Shiro Yacha年 前

    i agree with matt b they were like " we need to put mha again a legend to put him on that lvl " but i am not buying that shit

  103. Pell Fanboy

    Pell Fanboy年 前

    That deep breath in the beginning had me weak for some reason 😂

  104. Superevil4Ever

    Superevil4Ever年 前

    Shanks lost an arm to fish as a Yonko. Lololol

  105. Terrell C.

    Terrell C.年 前

    mihawk confirmed to be yonko level. he gave up on the duels when shanks lost his arm. 13 years ago

  106. H Ozman

    H Ozman年 前

    @Terrell C. mihawk has always been superior he is the strongest swordsman

  107. Dxrk Zoom

    Dxrk Zoom年 前

    @Capricorned 18 IMU is probably Admiral lvl

  108. Capricorned 18

    Capricorned 18年 前

    Mihawk is God, he can even beat Imu sama

  109. Terrell C.

    Terrell C.年 前

    Mihawk being on the same level as shanks was a debate for a long time im just happy its confirmed officialy. And im glad zoro is not from wano

  110. alfonso White

    alfonso White年 前

    W, hopefully these shanks fanboys stop with the bs, him and mihawk are equal

  111. Shiro Yacha

    Shiro Yacha年 前

    brago really good stream man

  112. ParadoxAttax

    ParadoxAttax年 前


  113. ElfenLiedLucy

    ElfenLiedLucy年 前

    Next time when you're doing your power-scaling, the stairs better be in #top5 because they Yonko level CONFIRMED!!! Lol

  114. Plus Ultra

    Plus Ultra年 前

    what the one piece youtubers are doing is weird its like to deflect from a chapter being mid they either make up a fake part of the community thats talking about wano is trash or deflect to my hero at this point i like reading the chapter better on my own i think my hero gets more hate in a one piece stream if u mention it for two seconds rather than the part of the fanbase thats saying wano is trash

  115. Plus Ultra

    Plus Ultra年 前

    javon davis well ya thats what im trying to say i have no problem if your a fanboy of my hero or one piece but if u are stay i. your fanbase theres no use criticizing a show when u cant critic your own but yes i want this phase to fucking stop too

  116. javon davis

    javon davis年 前

    nah im not mad im indifferent to mha but roger stream was just so uninteresting could barely listen to dustan

  117. Plus Ultra

    Plus Ultra年 前

    javon davis i dont know how my hero gets u this mad for one piece sake u type for a reply f my hero

  118. javon davis

    javon davis年 前

    fk mha

  119. AnimeFanTalk

    AnimeFanTalk年 前

    I have never felt this level of Haki from Brago and MattB. Bruh I pulled a Luffy, I ran from this stream faster than Luffy could run from Kizaru! Damn!

  120. PresidentDio D

    PresidentDio D年 前

    "You know what's so fascinating? Oda Didn't reveal the enemy ship..." Oh ok... LMAO!

  121. MasonS9980

    MasonS9980年 前

    Thanks for the opening bit I wasn’t aware thanks bda 🤙🏽