1. Hilda Fauziah

    Hilda Fauziah16 時間 前

    Omg i can't stop listening this song... Really really love Daisy.. Pentagon n Univers fighting..

  2. ptg unis2018

    ptg unis201819 時間 前

    pentagon saranghae~ ♡♡

  3. Fiorentina Ramadani

    Fiorentina Ramadani2 日 前

    The best 💙💙💙

  4. egg soo9

    egg soo93 日 前

    I love you😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  5. Lisna Dia tibian

    Lisna Dia tibian3 日 前

    Love you kino

  6. s w

    s w4 日 前

    you are all doin such a great job! I love y'all so incredibly much

  7. imyoungmin

    imyoungmin4 日 前


  8. Kayzel Isabelle

    Kayzel Isabelle4 日 前

    I still can't get over the fact that Hui isn't that tall 🥺 but it's okay sweetie, you'll always be taller than me lmao

  9. Teresa C

    Teresa C5 日 前

    Congratulations Pentagon!!! ❤️

  10. Guimar Pereira Vagner

    Guimar Pereira Vagner5 日 前

    Linda canção ...... 🎶🎵🎼❤❤😘😘😘

  11. Guimar Pereira Vagner

    Guimar Pereira Vagner5 日 前


  12. Raina Dellani Johanna

    Raina Dellani Johanna5 日 前

    I listen to this song religiously

  13. dieddDian Eka Pratiwi

    dieddDian Eka Pratiwi6 日 前

    I love this song so much... makes me want to hear more and more..

  14. wooseoksstar

    wooseoksstar6 日 前

    I want more wiiiins. Let's do all we can for them!!

  15. Caskit G

    Caskit G6 日 前

    I don't know why but this is probably my favorite ptg comeback ever, it's such a great song

  16. may mnkko

    may mnkko7 日 前


  17. Angela Curtidor

    Angela Curtidor7 日 前

    I love you💕

  18. siti nur syafiqaa

    siti nur syafiqaa7 日 前

    I'm an ahgase but i fall in love with this song and i really cant count how many time i've heard in this week.. they really need a win

  19. Nana Yuri

    Nana Yuri7 日 前

    Universe, let's v0te for Pentagon on Id0l Ch4mp and Mn3t! We are too low! ToT

  20. rapha 29

    rapha 298 日 前

    들을때 마다 이 벅차오르는 감정은 뭔가요??? 저 멋진 무대는 감동이네요🌼

  21. park24 chim

    park24 chim9 日 前

    Selalu nunggu mereka cb dgn member complete, wlpn kurang oppa jihno 😭 dan bulan Desember akan di tinggal oppa Hui juga 😭 ditunggu semua member kumpul ❤️


    SERENA PAN10 日 前

    I’m so proud of Pentagon!!! They worked so hard for so long and they finally got their first win

  23. Qurrotul Aini Almumbaits

    Qurrotul Aini Almumbaits10 日 前

    Hui's voice!!!!!!!

  24. MX You ́re

    MX You ́re10 日 前


  25. Miss A seksi

    Miss A seksi10 日 前

    Wow, perfect end Coll ❤️💘🤗

  26. 박하영

    박하영10 日 前

    펜타곤 논란 많이있던데 정리좀 해주세요ㅠㅠ

  27. 김희연

    김희연10 日 前

    와~~ 노래 너무 좋네요^^

  28. Adelin Koagow

    Adelin Koagow11 日 前

    Unis fighting! Unis fighting! Unis fighting!Unis fighting! Unis fighting! Unis fighting! Unis fighting! Unis fighting! Unis fighting!Unis fighting! Unis fighting! Unis fighting! Unis fighting! Unis fighting! Unis fighting!

  29. Nam Nam

    Nam Nam11 日 前

    WE: 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼... th.

  30. zBTS211 Streamer

    zBTS211 Streamer11 日 前

    Nice one for me♥®®

  31. Бэлла Хван

    Бэлла Хван12 日 前


  32. Diem Doan Ngoc

    Diem Doan Ngoc12 日 前

    I read a comment that tmr is gonna be The Show and we need to download Starplay to vote for them in the live broadcast (6PM KST). Please spread this to everyone we need to get them their 1st win they have been working so hard

  33. Nabi Ella

    Nabi Ella12 日 前

    20M Pentagon promise ^-^ • Yuto & Hui: Open a live show under the starry night • Kino: Taking 100 polaroids • Hongseok: Doing 100 chin-ups with Shinwon • Yeoone: Dress up as a movie character • Wooseok: Hold a dumbbell • Yanan: Eating meat together • Shinwon: Reading a 200 pages english book intensively Fighting Universe! ^-^

  34. 응석이

    응석이12 日 前

    최애 다섯장 회택님이 소속된 팬타곤 응원합니다 후이님 최고에요

  35. Fany Farhan Kh

    Fany Farhan Kh12 日 前

    Who guy with silver hair?!!!

  36. Amalia Hasanah

    Amalia Hasanah12 日 前


  37. Sofia Fadel

    Sofia Fadel12 日 前

    The best song ever !!!!

  38. Katherine B. Gadaingan

    Katherine B. Gadaingan12 日 前

    Got curious of this song bc of DARA's tiktok Daisy dance challenge!!!^^ Song is good. I Like it!!! Fighting!!!

  39. zack _

    zack _12 日 前

    0:13 the height difference is hella cute

  40. JJ K

    JJ K13 日 前

    펜타곤은 듣다보니 메보 목소리 자체가 장르네

  41. xpolarisx

    xpolarisx13 日 前

    They returned looking more confident this era

  42. pradipta theryna

    pradipta theryna13 日 前

    omg, i'm crying and very excited because yanan is back

  43. darbyknows

    darbyknows13 日 前

    This is the first Pentagon song I have heard and I can’t stop listening!!! Such a jam! Anyone wanna suggest what to check out next? Thanks!

  44. Mar Mar

    Mar Mar13 日 前

    Arte 😭😭💓💓

  45. VeliaCorail

    VeliaCorail13 日 前


  46. 정희선

    정희선13 日 前

    와우~~ 안무도 너무 멋지고 노래도 중독성있게 좋아요.

  47. eternally bts 7

    eternally bts 713 日 前

    Not a pentagon stan, but this is absolutely insane, DAISY deserves a WIN



    This video:6 days ago My JPreporter notification:9 seconds ago Me: *holy f*ck my JPreporter is drunk*

  49. Amy Zing

    Amy Zing13 日 前

    Deserves first win

  50. fly fly2607

    fly fly260713 日 前

    If I ever get the chance to meet them, I'm gonna bring a bunch of daisies with me

  51. Dingo Salazar

    Dingo Salazar13 日 前

    Pentagon in white suits with a killer choreography yes, I'm here for that!

  52. Roses Metanoia

    Roses Metanoia13 日 前

    Yan an is a piece of art 🥰

  53. Anita C

    Anita C13 日 前

    Bruhhh, i swear i can't stop listening to Daisy, it's a whole new genre, Pentagon is raising the whole kpop music industry standard!

  54. nur basyirah

    nur basyirah13 日 前

    This song makes me wanna cry

  55. Catherine K

    Catherine K13 日 前


  56. Sheila Zalsabilla

    Sheila Zalsabilla13 日 前


  57. Yohana Caballero

    Yohana Caballero14 日 前

    TEMAZO!, La canción es súper adictiva, la coreografía está hermosa,y los miembros ni qué decir, Perfect!!!!

  58. Bigbangboo 28

    Bigbangboo 2814 日 前

    Oh my gosh... Yanan is back!🤗

  59. Annie P.

    Annie P.14 日 前

    Estoy muy agradecida con el algoritmo de JPreporter el día de hoy por traerme hacia esta canción. Me encantan las margaritas (de hecho son mis flores favoritas), así que el título fue muy llamativo para mí, pero la letra, la música, la coreografía, todo en esta canción es ARTE 😍😍😍😍 Ya la añadí en este momento a mi playlist 😍🌼

  60. Annie P.

    Annie P.14 日 前

    I am so grateful to the JPreporter algorithm today for bringing me to this song. I love daisies (actually they are my favorite flowers), so the title was very striking to me, but the music, the lyrics, the choreography, everything in this song is absolutely ART 😍😍😍 Added to my playlist right now 😍🌼

  61. Ivannah Sacal

    Ivannah Sacal13 日 前

    thank you for appreciating daisy

  62. Nuriiqr

    Nuriiqr14 日 前

    Really missing Jinho :(

  63. بــانــغ نـ.ـونـي

    بــانــغ نـ.ـونـي14 日 前


  64. jin shou

    jin shou14 日 前

    please continuing v*ting on StarPlay universe!! this is our chance!! FIGHTING

  65. D.a Little Kitchen

    D.a Little Kitchen14 日 前

    😍😍😍 i really like this song

  66. Blueberry Smoothie

    Blueberry Smoothie14 日 前

    If Kino is not the definition of being ethereally beautiful, I don't know who is anymore. Just sayin.

  67. Ethany Shayne Almacen

    Ethany Shayne Almacen14 日 前


  68. Nica Villareal

    Nica Villareal14 日 前

    Let's give them their first win. They deserve it.

  69. Nica Villareal

    Nica Villareal14 日 前

    This group is legendary.

  70. Nica Villareal

    Nica Villareal14 日 前

    This is so good. I swear!

  71. Sri Hardyanti

    Sri Hardyanti14 日 前

    And Love Yenanie So Much..

  72. quinlan

    quinlan14 日 前

    I’m new to PENTAGON, I foundout about them through a music show with Daisy (which is a song I love) Can someone help me learn more about them? My Twitter is: @yqentertainment, follow if you like :)

  73. Lemon

    Lemon14 日 前

    노래 안무 라이브 안 완벽한게 없다ㅠ

  74. 유들유들

    유들유들14 日 前


  75. Eye Swip

    Eye Swip14 日 前


  76. Abby

    Abby14 日 前

    Been checking out PENTAGON because Hui is ASTRO MJ's member in SUPERFIVE and this song is soooo good 😭 im dropping my votes to them in THE SHOW. I hope they get their win!

  77. M!lk

    M!lk11 日 前

    @Abby hopefully today!! >.

  78. Abby

    Abby11 日 前

    @M!lk im surprised they never had their win. I hope they get it this time

  79. M!lk

    M!lk14 日 前

    Thank you so much!!! 😭💕

  80. IffahIrdina Zoul

    IffahIrdina Zoul14 日 前

    Please, l hope this song will win. They deserve it, but even if they don't win, they still Slayed it. l also love the choreo and the music/voices..my ultimate bias is Yanan, l'm happy he's back.

  81. Emm Dee

    Emm Dee14 日 前

    Love it !!! But who is Daisy?

  82. Magfirah Husain

    Magfirah Husain14 日 前

    Suka bangett lagunyaa

  83. Joze Santos

    Joze Santos14 日 前

    Lindos ❤️❤️ demais que deus abençoe sempre suas vindas 😻😻😻💓😻 as vois sau lindas😻😻😻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹

  84. noov nim

    noov nim14 日 前

    No matter what, for me, this song already win.

  85. Jennifer Ramirez

    Jennifer Ramirez14 日 前

    I love you, i hope we meet again

  86. Miftakhul Jannah

    Miftakhul Jannah14 日 前

    I think I'm going to stan Pentagon 🥺

  87. Надежда Сухова

    Надежда Сухова14 日 前

    The best group for me!

  88. luffy luff

    luffy luff14 日 前

    They deserve win!! Omg its so catchy..although have listening to it many times Its still feel liked i heard it for the first time

  89. 예진

    예진14 日 前

    이번 노래도 그렇고 전에 앨범들도 그렇고 코디미친듯

  90. Bang Rayong

    Bang Rayong15 日 前


  91. Zlatina Petrova

    Zlatina Petrova15 日 前

    Успех 펜타곤

  92. Jannela Mae

    Jannela Mae15 日 前

    I've been experiencing so many problems these past few weeks and I'm really drained with everything. But you know what, your comeback saved me. Daisy saved me. I almost lost my hope in everything, I wanted to take a rest... and this comeback gave me the healing I needed. Pentagon, your album is so wonderful. I hope I can purchase one soon. Maybe I still need to save money since I had so many expenses lately. But nevertheless, I want to say that you gave me the strength and will to move forward. You gave me a new reason to continue. Not a lie.

  93. Alesom PuDin

    Alesom PuDin15 日 前


  94. C3ATE

    C3ATE15 日 前

    Anyone know who’s the writer and producer for this song?

  95. C3ATE

    C3ATE15 日 前

    @M!lk thank you, this is pretty goong that highlights their talents.

  96. M!lk

    M!lk15 日 前

    Lyrics by Hui and Wooseok (both pentagon members) Composed by Hui, Wooseok and Nathan (a composer friend)

  97. Valeria de la Rosa

    Valeria de la Rosa15 日 前

    La canción es preciosa. 🥺💕

  98. Alina Du

    Alina Du15 日 前

    闫桉回来啦啦啦啦 Thank you for giving him the first shot Now we can look at his face and talent and listen to his beautiful vocal 🎉🎉🎉

  99. JJ rnmd

    JJ rnmd15 日 前

    Song for totga hahaha

  100. maria teresa suarez ninasivincha

    maria teresa suarez ninasivincha15 日 前

    This is the best song 💙

  101. 양다은

    양다은15 日 前

    펜타곤 역시 중독 아 왜이리 잘생기고 잘불르고 매력철철 대박이다 다음노래도 이렇게 좋게 열일하시네여

  102. Anita C

    Anita C15 日 前

    Damn how do you make a masterpiece like this

  103. my name is really daisy

    my name is really daisy15 日 前

    Hey ! Sorry for the spxm but if you want to support them don't forget to vote on starplay too !

  104. Tiara Kim

    Tiara Kim15 日 前

    I didn't realised it a different choreo at earlier part in this stage.... I prefer the one they did in mcountdown and mubank 🥰 BUT BOTH LOOK COOL

  105. my name is really daisy

    my name is really daisy15 日 前

    @Tiara Kim oh sorry if it sounded insistent :') thank you a lot, we need more people like you!

  106. Tiara Kim

    Tiara Kim15 日 前

    @my name is really daisy yeah will vote for it... don't worry, I'm Universe too 😉

  107. my name is really daisy

    my name is really daisy15 日 前

    Hey ! Sorry for the spxm but if you want to support them don't forget to vote on starplay too !

  108. Jennifer Pérez Sánchez

    Jennifer Pérez Sánchez15 日 前

    Daisy en you is ART, I LOVE YOU PENTAGON

  109. Laura Rose

    Laura Rose15 日 前

    Before people complain about Hui getting so many lines, Jinho their other main vocal has just enlisted, so Hui is having to take more lines on. Hui has 40 seconds right now but split between two main vocals, Jinho and Hui, it would be 20 seconds each which is reasonable. Plus Hui is soon enlisting so it’s nice to let him have the spotlight for his last comeback.