박진영 (J.Y. Park) "FEVER (Feat. 수퍼비, BIBI)" M/V


  1. Yihan Qin

    Yihan Qin6 分 前

    Who realized that JYP was playing 'Feel Special' by Twice???

  2. Kim Youngmin

    Kim Youngmin16 分 前

    Let's be honest, you were listening to "When we disco" and in the recommendations you got this song

  3. Kim Youngmin

    Kim Youngmin18 分 前

    Am I the only one who thought that the one who danced with JYP was Bibi? Yes, okey...

  4. marielle salazar

    marielle salazar時間 前

    I love how everything started with rice cake

  5. Joy S

    Joy S時間 前


  6. Sally Thang

    Sally Thang2 時間 前

    JYP and his expressions ....👀😂

  7. Maria Ortiz

    Maria Ortiz3 時間 前


  8. Ku zibun

    Ku zibun4 時間 前

    진짜 너무한다

  9. 박Jun

    박Jun5 時間 前

    when we disco 듣고 순회중인데~ 캬~ 다시 들어도 좋다~ 조여정씨 캐스팅이라니~ 대박~쇼파위에 이선균이 아닌 진영이와 여정이~ ㅎㅎ

  10. K- POPER

    K- POPER5 時間 前

    Is it just me or the building where JYP lives is the same building where #Alive was filmed? + the same apartment Joon-woo lived in

  11. 알버트아인슈타인

    알버트아인슈타인6 時間 前

    spuer bibibi

  12. Shei Bignotea

    Shei Bignotea6 時間 前

    the FEEL SPECIAL chordssss sheett🥺😍

  13. Ayo! Ladies and gentlemen

    Ayo! Ladies and gentlemen7 時間 前

    LoL imagine the younger bands like itzy and skz watching this like👁️👄👁️ And the bands who already know like got7 and twice be like : nothing new😑🤷🏻‍♀️✌🏻

  14. 한국인

    한국인7 時間 前

    매인? 여자 댄서분 아우라 단장 댄서분이신가요?

  15. ゆうにこ

    ゆうにこ7 時間 前


  16. Ella

    Ella8 時間 前

    BIBI is 21... and jyp is 48 it’s a bit weird the moves and stuff they do..

  17. sycho P

    sycho P8 時間 前

    시작 할때 그 노래 트와이스 노래 아님?

  18. soyeon's potato

    soyeon's potato8 時間 前

    Remember to check BiBi out guys, she's actually amazing.

  19. little bean

    little bean8 時間 前

    *Jackson Wang has left the chat*

  20. できたてクッキー

    できたてクッキー8 時間 前

    えっ ラップすごすぎない!?社長ぉ

  21. Duyen Phan

    Duyen Phan9 時間 前

    he use the same apartment in 'Alive' movie acting by park shinhye

  22. 김옥수

    김옥수9 時間 前

    조여정은 섹시하다

  23. Hazélizm ღ

    Hazélizm ღ9 時間 前

    Feel special

  24. keke

    keke9 時間 前


  25. fake_ pcyeol

    fake_ pcyeol9 時間 前

    He is great at playing Feel Special, better than me of course...

  26. Alia Zanae

    Alia Zanae9 時間 前

    Jyp oppar really popped off with this on🥰🥰🧚‍♀️

  27. asmr hhh

    asmr hhh10 時間 前

    So,he's singing to his bed?😂

  28. cordelia noire

    cordelia noire10 時間 前

    It’s like a K drama

  29. sukanya chakrabarty

    sukanya chakrabarty10 時間 前

    He's korean Bappi Lahiri 😍

  30. Zahira Lubna

    Zahira Lubna11 時間 前

    Wait, it that the same girl from parasite????

  31. Orly Entertainment

    Orly Entertainment11 時間 前

    let me just talk how JYP promoted Feel Special in the beggining tho...

  32. Saori Zamudio

    Saori Zamudio12 時間 前

    Ayudando a nuestro viejo JYP:)

  33. 나신

    나신12 時間 前


  34. CutiePie Ella

    CutiePie Ella13 時間 前

    Brooo I may be stupid but I just realized it’s the girl from parasite 😂

  35. bibi xoxo

    bibi xoxo13 時間 前

    Why's no one talking about bibi💓

  36. Interior Dezign

    Interior Dezign13 時間 前

    is she the one from the PARASITE movie?

  37. 김정한

    김정한13 時間 前

    아니 ㅋㅋ 외국인들 떡치는거 뭔뜻인지 이해못하는거 꿀잼이네

  38. サワヤンデスター

    サワヤンデスター14 時間 前


  39. just army

    just army14 時間 前

    When does he stop this and give twice a strong concept? Really hh.....

  40. Just I'm a little Alien :3

    Just I'm a little Alien :317 時間 前

    JYP nice nice nice 💕

  41. ちゃんなー

    ちゃんなー17 時間 前


  42. ksg cult

    ksg cult17 時間 前

    i threw up

  43. Uncle K

    Uncle K19 時間 前

    마지막 미소에 반했다 ^^

  44. 안녕하디

    안녕하디20 時間 前

    사장님 너무 윾쾌해 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 개조앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  45. Is Sana Gay?

    Is Sana Gay?20 時間 前

    If you analyze the video seriously it is really weird and uncomfortable. A man who has fantasies about his neighbor he met and when it really happens that the elevator gets stuck It is when it seems that he plans to do everything that happened in his fantasies, A video that really makes you uncomfortable when you discover the meaning

  46. rezargamer

    rezargamer19 時間 前

    How ironic that you are triggered considering your username ("Is Sana Gay?" in case you change it)

  47. MOME A.M

    MOME A.M23 時間 前

    Se dieron cuenta que la canción del principio que toco en el piano es la de feel special de twice?

  48. Luly Jazz

    Luly Jazz18 時間 前


  49. TheFoaobd

    TheFoaobd日 前

    The Korean Godfather of Soul! He still got it, too!

  50. Kaddouri Tarik

    Kaddouri Tarik日 前


  51. Celestia Yashida

    Celestia Yashida日 前

    so, is this like Parasite sequel ? After her husband died, the wealthy lady and her kids moved to an apartment and found jyp 💀 lmaooo, this lady can't catch a break

  52. Lone Countess

    Lone Countess5 時間 前

    Lol I knew it was that lady. Watching Parasite I was like she looks familiar. 🤔🤔

  53. Mai Jaar

    Mai Jaar日 前

    After "when we disco"🤣

  54. Shalom W

    Shalom W日 前

    I love Big Band music and this is such an awesome song. I can see Lindyhop dancers jiving you this. I’ve been bouncing away to the chirpy melody all evening haha.

  55. Sara Sara

    Sara Sara日 前


  56. Tae Kookies

    Tae Kookies日 前

    Sorry but he looks serious yet funny at the same time😂

  57. Mónica Mackenzie

    Mónica Mackenzie日 前

    Here After when we disco😎

  58. 새별TV

    새별TV日 前


  59. kim lily

    kim lily日 前


  60. Zhanibek Nugmanov

    Zhanibek Nugmanov日 前

    Aaaaah kazakh ornaments...😬😬😬

  61. Choi Yujin Bangs

    Choi Yujin Bangs日 前

    This is what jyp does in his free time

  62. q q

    q q日 前


  63. Kiraku

    Kiraku日 前

    Why is this honestly a bop

  64. megan bordios

    megan bordios日 前

    He just spoiled feel special in the start and a little he kinda played JYP NATION SONG.

  65. Yoong Earl

    Yoong Earl日 前

    I feel so special on the intro part hehehe who noticed?? Me!

  66. Ggukwrites -

    Ggukwrites -日 前

    The best song I've ever heard

  67. Omar Adem

    Omar Adem日 前

    Seriously this guy has more comebacks then blackpink

  68. Gaeul Park

    Gaeul Park日 前

    빅밴드 재즈 장르랑 박진영은 찰떡 궁합인듯!

  69. ツL O V E L E Y

    ツL O V E L E Y日 前

    I can't see his eye

  70. ツL O V E L E Y

    ツL O V E L E Y日 前

    🤧 here I am crying Because Jyp's Children are Grown up.. 여기 Jyp의 아이들이 자라서 울고 있어요

  71. hit man bang

    hit man bang日 前

    can we talk about jinyoung playing feel special. we stan

  72. emilio

    emilio日 前

    but is she the actress from parasite???

  73. seth

    seth日 前

    im forever mentally traumatized

  74. fireguy 92348

    fireguy 92348日 前

    BIBI: flirts with JYP JYP: *confusion*

  75. MICHELLE Samano

    MICHELLE Samano日 前

    Lol he was trying to play twice feel special in the beginning!!❤️🤣

  76. Jeon Soft

    Jeon Soft日 前

    Alch todos vinieron después de ver When we disco

  77. Shinhee

    Shinhee日 前

    떡 ㅋㅋ

  78. 【紅魔族随一の爆裂魔法使い】 Megu min

    【紅魔族随一の爆裂魔法使い】 Megu min日 前

    日本人いるかな? コメントしてくれたら嬉しい

  79. non mu

    non mu19 時間 前


  80. yoongs leftnips

    yoongs leftnips日 前

    but like why arent any of yall talking about superbee-

  81. Edwind Benavente

    Edwind Benavente日 前


  82. Milena Ruiz

    Milena Ruiz日 前

    Yo viendo que estaba tocando Feel Special de Twice 👄👀

  83. Brendon BAE

    Brendon BAE日 前

    wow, J.Y.P still alive... Come on J.Y.P. You are our hero of Middle age.

  84. Cry Baby

    Cry Baby日 前

    Nadie lo sabe pero mi bias es J.Y.Park.

  85. Maria Kang

    Maria Kang日 前

    ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 아이고 😓 떡 먹고싶어용

  86. jisungkore

    jisungkore日 前

    honestly he scares me..

  87. Nick holiday

    Nick holiday日 前

    Amazing...lol....love it ..this Korean swing OMG

  88. Vanoa2717 Bts

    Vanoa2717 Bts日 前

    0:23 that iconic song will never get old

  89. Deceased

    Deceased2 日 前

    Mr. Mohammade Bin Salman Al Saud's father is the words Sugar and Cube copyright holder on Earth. 한국영토안에는 각설탕이 사업으로 인해서 사우디아라비아에서 한국영토안으로 들어온적이 있었다고 오붕년집에서는 주로 긴설탕막대봉지가운데에 절취선표시 빨간줄을 찢어서 이렇게 자세한 소식들을 아실려면 박진영씨가 Sealant 연구소에서 40년간 일을 한후에야지만이 박진영씨가 말을 알아듣고 박진영씨가 군대를 안갔기때문에

  90. jeongi kooky

    jeongi kooky2 日 前

    لا و الله باقي غير تبوسها اسي محمد

  91. Ra Chichi

    Ra Chichi日 前


  92. Username

    Username2 日 前

    Any idea what his fandom name is called? I'll gladly join it

  93. Madafaca C

    Madafaca C2 日 前

    Lol here after "When We Disco"

  94. Benhur Atluri

    Benhur Atluri2 日 前

    The actress in this video is the one from the Parasite. Right?

  95. Ra Chichi

    Ra Chichi日 前


  96. Hastix_x youtuber *하스티*

    Hastix_x youtuber *하스티*2 日 前

    I like how he's CEO who keep showing his love for music! Things I like about his songs are alot but one of them is how interesting it sounds!!!!

  97. leon robby

    leon robby2 日 前

    Nobody nobody but jyp is one of the best



    I am sorry..Mualaf, Korean, Ayana Moon OFFICIAL : jpreporter.net/title-AyanaMoonvideos

  99. ImmaBeAPotato AndYouFinnaLikeIt.

    ImmaBeAPotato AndYouFinnaLikeIt.2 日 前

    nobody: the girl: want some rice cake? JYP: ahem.. imma say this once but...... *YA LIKE JAZZ????????*

  100. Be Yourself, Love Yourself Haters gonna hate.

    Be Yourself, Love Yourself Haters gonna hate.2 日 前

    It feels like yesterday that FEVER came out... damn the time Is flying...

  101. soo ya

    soo ya2 日 前

    Wait the first sounds feel special

  102. peachyyuqi _

    peachyyuqi _2 日 前

    it took me so long to realize jyp kinda gave away a small bit of Feel Special i-

  103. Alvin Chew

    Alvin Chew2 日 前

    watching this after when we disco

  104. 上條康弘

    上條康弘2 日 前


  105. Adinia Amaliah

    Adinia Amaliah2 日 前

    This song keep playing in my head.

  106. うい小島

    うい小島2 日 前

    なんていってるか さっぱりわかんないよ