トップハムハット狂 (TOPHAMHAT-KYO) "Mister Jewel Box"【MV】# FAKE TYPE.



    TOPHAMHAT- KYO3 ヶ月 前

    Thank you all for listening. Everyone seems more interested in the song than I anticipated, which makes me very happy. I just want to say, this story is taking “TOPHAMHAT-KYO’s” real experiences and exaggerating them. An ordinary man, who got a character to represent him, and becomes famous because of it. But, as time goes on, he realizes that the character is more popular than him. It’s a story about him facing that reality which makes him jealous, suffer, and distressed, leading to the end where the tables have turned completely. In reality, I am not dissatisfied or sad about the current situation. In fact it’s the opposite. This is the happiest things that’s ever happened to me, so I’m ecstatic. I’m just so thankful that you listen to and look at my work. As proof, in the song, at around 2:50~ I sing「Being killed by my own creation For artists, that’s our dream」So it’s not at all a negative song. It’s actually one of the main themes. I’m very thankful for everyone who seemed worried about me, but I wanted to let you know the truth, so I am writing this. Furthermore, I love you all for being so passionate and thinking so deeply about this. It’s made me realize once again, that I’m happy I did this project. Sorry it got long, but thank you all for reading. Please continue to enjoy "Princess♂" and "Mister Jewel Box.” ご視聴ありがとうございます。 聞いてくれた皆さんが、予想以上にこの曲に関心を持ってくれているようで、非常に嬉しいです。 まず伝えたいのは、この物語は"トップハムハット狂"自身の経験をもとに、誇張して作られています。 冴えない男が、自身のアイコンとなるキャラクターを授かり、そのキャラクターのお陰で人気になります。 しかし、人気になるにつれて、キャラクターのみが目立ってしまい その現実に嫉妬して苦悩して葛藤して、最終的に立場が逆転するという物語です。 実際に、自分自身がこの事について不満だったり、悲しんだりはしていません。 むしろ逆です、こんなに嬉しいことが未だかつてなかったので、舞い上がっています。 作品を聞いてもらえる、見てもらえる、それだけでありがたいです。 その証拠に、この曲の2:50~あたりで「自分の生み出したものに殺される そんなの芸術家として本望だろう」 と歌っているので、そもそもネガティヴな曲ではありません。 実は根底のテーマでもあります。 心配して下さる声はありがたいのですが、真意を知って欲しかったので、ここに記しました。 そして、こんなにも熱い意見や考察をしてくれている皆さんの存在が愛おしいです。 この音楽プロジェクトをやって本当に良かったと、改めて思いました。 長くなりましたが、お読みいただきありがとうございました。 "Princess♂"と"Mister Jewel Box"を引き続き楽しんでください。 THHK

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    i think you're seggs

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    Dude I don’t speak the language and still love this song good work

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    I really like music

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    Its ok bro we like you too

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    Is no one going to talk about the fact that all the people other than princess and Tophamhat have question mark on their face

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    Help, this song is my vice, I love all the lyrics, the rhythm, all XD I keep listening to her, despite already knowing her is the first time I've commented here, but, at the moment it's been three times in a row that I hear it, I don't know if it will be too much vice- Hahaha, but well, I love this song, thank you!!! Edit: I love your voice seriously 😔

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    the lyrics: Killing bye bye to the scene thats lost sense of danger on its high horse the song: SHISHISHISHISHISHISHISHISHISHI

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    Princess♂ and Mister Jewel Box are songs I have a great affinity for. Started with playing female characters in games and stuff because of the classic "have something nice to look at while playing" to just realizing that's just who I was when it came to being me online. It's a strange thing in my life where, online, I am most comfortable being represented as feminine/a woman and, in real life, I am most comfortable being represented as masculine/a man. I'm not gender fluid or non-binary or any of that critical theory garbage, nor have I dysphoria of any variety; I just have a strange split in my life that I am both comfortable with and accept.

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    This makes me remember when Randy Marsh decides to be Lorde, a famous singer that ironically, is a women ._.

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    its very good >w

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    It's very cool

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    Hello from Spain!! I love this song even If I don't understand the lyrics :D the rithm is SUPER ADDICTIVE!! ^.^

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    初めはブイチューバーとして始めたが あまりの反応に図に乗るにあまり元の自分がどんなのだったのかわからなくなるみたいな感じかな

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    Это классно ,спасибо за русские субтитры

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    the part about this that doesn't add up is he could end that character any time he wants, he'd loose popularity, but at least he would stable.

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    I actually like the animation and song but man it’s sad that he is being forgotten

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    The art-- the animation- im- this dude is so good at communicating feelings and Storytelling,,, as an artist this inspires the ✨hell✨ out of me



    No se porque me gusta tanto el video

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    It's all right, you're cool guy And your music is amazing ✨✨

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    Ok you can take this two ways theses are his feelings or he pulled an amazing move of making a very popular characters then making people hate that character inturn boosting popularity of him and the character

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    Nadie Absolutamente nadie Nadie En serio nadie Subtitulos español: 0:11 P*ne

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    aca buscando al drakeout

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    I feel powerful knowing japanese

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    0:49 1:45 2:33 Dream in the night, Jewel Box, Crack Crack Crack Crack! (Pay attention to their faces!)

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    algien latino por fabor

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    自由気ままにが 銃器満タンに って聞こえました。 それだけです( ˙-˙ )

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    そんなの、(本)望だろう、今夜も とか軽く踏んでるのが流石って感じですよね😶

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    Can I have it's hat?

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    English: The fact he feels like the character is the one controlling him instead is just sad because alot of artist can relate to it. People's Ocs become so popular people forget about the person who made the character :,) Japanese: キャラクターが彼をコントロールしているように感じるという事実は、多くのアーティストも関係している可能性があるため、悲しいことです。人々のオリジナルキャラクターのために彼らはとても人気があり、人々はキャラクターを作った人を忘れます :,)

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    Vtubers its a nutshell

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    Me gusta el pan con queso

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    Dude, the character you given is cool, but the time and effort you put into your music is a timestopper. The creations you give out does give out appreciation towards the eyes of people. I'm glad I found your stuff because seeing different songs you have given- it does bring in different colors and thank you for being this awesome.

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    1:08 I tried rapping this in english so many times and I fucking smashed my table cause I did it like 8 times and mind you I'm someone who's covered Masa works design songs so can someone make the captions more accurate or give me some translation notes?

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    No se como rayos encontré esta canción pero me encanta

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    Oh how the turns have tabled.

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    Why I liked not only music but text too? I cannot rethink it into one of my Universes, so I finally found another track I can just hears without any thoughts about my Universes and other aftermath from maladaptive daydreaming. P.S: Rip, it happened, at least as a reference...

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    i just noticed princess teeth got sharp 0:56 2:38 waowie

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    Me encanto ☺☺☺🐩

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    Who the hell typed "pene" (dick) on the spanish (not latinamerican) subtitles?? Also, I don't remember how, but after listening a very few rap japanese songs I got reccomended one of your songs and I think it had a trumpet as a single image? ILU dude, change your style and do what yout heart tells you to do so.

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    Смысл песни,не придумывайте 2 личность а то шиза проникает незаметно

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    Guess who feels bad for liking Princess now... haha....I’m sorry...

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    Yeah, that's the hell if you're a creator.

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    Since I discovered Vtubers I've always wanted to see a Vtuber that makes cooking videos. This video makes me wanna create it. Alter ego.... is calling me. If I'm going to suffer at least imt gonna suffer from what I want to do. I love this video!! Amazing work!

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    Loved this song

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    coba dikin yang lebih keren

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    ok so its true that i DO get unsubscribed from people because i SWEAR i watched this video on repeat and i was subscribed

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    Holy sht what is this and why do I like this groove

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    Vtubers and hololivers reference

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    (me seeing the danish flag) omg! Were important!

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    God that dancing aniMATION ASJJFFJF I cannot get over the animation at 2:21 like hot damn

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    @The almighty One it’s mesmerizing man

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    It’s so smooth and fluid

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    Vaya ¿alguien que hable español aquí? Psdt: Me encanto la canción

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    I feel so bad for this man. He's only getting popular for his persona, it's so sad..

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    Great work I love the song

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    Why not create another alterego similar to it and used it together with the other alterego?

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    0:20 so is that white haired girl demondice? Cause she does the animation for the songs

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    Awwwww well I feel so bad for you dude but I love you just as much as your amazing work. You are the creator and your the one behind this amazing stuff. Although it seems like it is your life you still have plenty of people who like you for you and not just your persona. After releasing this I'm pretty sure you have even more people who appreciate what you've done even if it does fuel you with jealousy and etcetera. You've done a lot and I wish you could have got the same kind of love back for it. ♡

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    LIVE DAM配信おめでとうございます...(今更)

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    The work is amazing! The style in the animation is impressive, the characters are lovely! But most of all; the vocals and music is fantastic!

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    Sir, do you need a hug?

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    Astro you should watch the first one too, this is a pt 2

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    Creo que soy el unico hispano pero, la verdad me gusto tanto la animacion como el estilo el ritmo y la letra, muy bueno a decir verdad 🐱‍👤

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    No eres el único uwu

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    Well mine was a colonizer. He wants nothing more but just to conquer everything on his path. He is pretty much cruel and yeah, acts like he is the devil

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    Tfw not 0-0 Welp, at least, I already act and as smart as my Alter-Ego from 2016 - Artöm Kölm... And now there are too many of them. At least ~10 from 2019-2020... Maladaptive Daydreaming is a thing. Neither bad or good if you can use it... and not the other way round.

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    Mines the same as me it’s like a devil

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    May I ask, *how broken are your wrists? Seriously. Give yourself a break. The animation is gorgeous, I can't imaging how much time it took*

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    might be a better question for the person who actually animated the video, Demondice

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    Sir Dyann Tophamhat, the creator of this video .

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    Modern people are craving for fictional characters more than the non-fictional ones. Oh, what has the world become? We need to appreciate our own kind too!

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    Is called Princess♂️.

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    heres my translation to romaji below, im no profesional but here yall go! jissai ore wa chittomo saenai men Sour and amai nara kōsha ichi no koshakuna Conscious smile sō nettojō jakya wa ii hime 2 D gyarari- chōda no retsu o nasu chōka no resu sonoue fuxan ga jiyū kimama ni egaitekureru haikuorithi na a-to koshitantan Hunt the chance Ride on web wave , Cowabunga ! hi kirinashi ni Busy with sing Killing ikiri yoi ki ni natta kiki ishiki no nai shi-n ni shisshi Greedy beast ichi hiki mitasenai yō ja ni mo naranai Fishing sore ni kurabea xashi wa Trap no na hoshii mama kokunaigai towazu tenohira de odorasu sainō arisugite ubaiai sareru mi yueni tsuneni aisareru mi- junpū man ho No no no yōyaku hinome abita Older boy Tophamhat from internet 2 D kara 3 D made urouro - HOOK - Dream in the night , Jewel box , Crack ... Invasion to the brain , Stroke your face , Zoom ... Trick and flip , Play ball , Blah ... Alter ego , It s devil , Wicked ... eraku chōshi notchimau hana bin bin no ansa- mada shinshin to chakura ga mijukuyue no pan pa-su chōshi bagu tte mo nōjiru ga afure tōni happun Laid back shiyō ga jōji appude-to kenkyo datta hazu ga omokage mo nai Watch out ore sama toiu ka asamashii Tribe hidaika shita yokkyū All brandnew hissu mikaeri hōshū yashin ga jōchū sonna saichū uso no yōna jijitsu ni usu sura kizukidasu ore to iu ka kyarakuta- ga sukina dake jan kozotte kai fuxan ni naru Spinin the vinyl yori manga animefū Artifact shitto ni iraira ni sutoresu nama no shinjō to iki sama de shitateta doresu kikazaru wa itsu datte ime-ji no hō Another myself sutekina shuryō katamichi kippu no ōdō mo no- bure-ki tsuppashitteru torokko Tophamhatkyo , Mister jewel box sensu naraba bin bin de kōkō - HOOK - Repeat Thhk 2020 dōdō kōdō daitan futekina emi de birei misebirakasu It s manshin ina ō taru fūkaku Let me see , Everybody ready ? hakkachū Rep JP norenakya Loser okkake mawashiteita yume itsushika gyaku ni owareteru Sho-Tokattoshirukuhattobeibe- tejō no yōna buru- ribon Sukebedebiruteki suteki ran pabukyū no inbina go-jasu kūkan sasou mikai no chi e randebu- Like a Stegodyphus lineatus - HOOK - Repeat jibun no umidashita mono ni korosareru sonna no geijutsuka toshite honmō daroukya wana Lover tobikiri hagukumu kon'ya mo You are master , I m slave gyakutensuru Life is Strange

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    I like the fact that Princess uses the dress she made in 2:50 Really nice outfit ngl

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    Does anyone else feel bad for this guy. Everyone likes the character better the creator. This is honestly mood for artist and music producers and Vtubers. People have to realize that there are people who make the content who work just goes to waste where the people like the character more than the person who makes the stuff. Thanks for my ted talk

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    He doesn't mind anymore

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    That's funny you say that...considering when you realize who animated the Music video

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    >>>Vtubers Uh, their creation is the persona. If they want the attention to the actor themselves then don't use a virtual avatar.

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    Yeah his character is a puppet to help the song be popular but it is sad people like the puppet more than the puppeteer

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