【5人で】Alice in N.Y.【歌ってみた/ホロALICE】


  1. Traps Are Gay

    Traps Are Gay日 前

    I wish I was able to download this song

  2. dennim

    dennim日 前

    I dont know if this is from a game or a vtuber thing but this slaps

  3. Giant Dad

    Giant Dad2 日 前

    The most idol-like of Hololive.

  4. Syed Syafi

    Syed Syafi2 日 前


  5. Emilia Natsuki

    Emilia Natsuki4 日 前

    Yagoo is dancing in the back stage at them being an "Idol"

  6. Michindas Play Games

    Michindas Play Games4 日 前

    Rabbit Sora looks like Amiya 🤣😍

  7. バラモスゾンビ

    バラモスゾンビ4 日 前


  8. Kei Kiyoshi

    Kei Kiyoshi5 日 前

    I love suisei's hat so much and everybody's outfit.. IS TOO CUTE

  9. Joshua Abonales

    Joshua Abonales6 日 前

    I like how flare sang in this song I felt kinds surprise and really happy!! :)

  10. 男チートン

    男チートン7 日 前


  11. ユウヤ

    ユウヤ7 日 前


  12. Toriaezu

    Toriaezu8 日 前

  13. Aer Threepwood

    Aer Threepwood8 日 前

    Suisei being the Hatter makes sense.

  14. Just Nobody

    Just Nobody10 日 前

    Sora: Bunny girl. Cute as always. Flare: Got her tail plugged in. Kanata: How can my PPTenshi Gorilla be this cute? Marine: Yo y'all know I can move for like 5 seconds right? Give me that chair. Suisei: Don't worry I got da teetee tea.

  15. drshifu

    drshifu11 日 前

    the time to learn japanese is now.

  16. detective duck

    detective duck11 日 前

    sora grabbed one from every gen and just mash em up

  17. ZeroToHero

    ZeroToHero13 日 前

    Hey you,yes you i know Its not you first time for coming here...

  18. U. Gay

    U. Gay13 日 前

    kanata vocal range is something else.

  19. Ghostly One

    Ghostly One日 前

    And even that's an understatement. She goes from adorable high notes to all out "my PPTenshi can not be this ikemen".

  20. クリィミィー

    クリィミィー14 日 前


  21. Tia Gen

    Tia Gen15 日 前

    Susei/kana stand out tho 0o

  22. Tia Gen

    Tia Gen16 日 前

    They all so gud

  23. Kenter S. Joseph

    Kenter S. Joseph16 日 前

    This music is soooooooo


    NEEE VIRUS16 日 前

    Everybody else's silhouette: *normal* Marine: *"Haha I am c h a i r"*

  25. Kei Kiyoshi

    Kei Kiyoshi5 日 前

    Chair marine

  26. Faathir Arsa

    Faathir Arsa8 日 前

    hmmm who could that be

  27. arthur

    arthur17 日 前

    I somehow thought this was saga jihen and searched this song for over 10 mins

  28. はっとくん

    はっとくん17 日 前


  29. Jay D. Cee

    Jay D. Cee17 日 前

    Congrats to 2M viewss

  30. ki i

    ki i17 日 前


  31. Hinata Ch。 星野 ひなた

    Hinata Ch。 星野 ひなた17 日 前

    Marine be like lazy boomer

  32. Y'shtola Rhul

    Y'shtola Rhul18 日 前

    Sooo..... Where's the next song?

  33. CatMillennium

    CatMillennium18 日 前

    So... are we getting any more ALICE soon?

  34. Cain

    Cain19 日 前

    i got goosebumps

  35. Heika

    Heika20 日 前

    Is it just me or do they all look like Pokemon trainer art work?

  36. Mentos desu

    Mentos desu20 日 前

    2m view here we go

  37. thealphapanda_

    thealphapanda_21 日 前

    I can't gush enough about how amazing this is. From the visuals to their voices and how their character matches their personality. Sora really never makes a mistake when it comes to these things.

  38. 陰茎Emperor

    陰茎Emperor22 日 前

    *Yes yes yes yes YESSSSS.*

  39. KamoGaming

    KamoGaming22 日 前

    oh yh forgot they could sing really well. jokes aside, kanata and marine surprised me with their voices

  40. あおい

    あおい22 日 前


  41. Kyla Dimaculangan

    Kyla Dimaculangan23 日 前

    Woah, is this what an idol group looks like?! They're killing it with the Alice in NY style. Everyone's roles are completely perfect. Mad Hatter Sui-chan in particular. Kanatan's voice going from cool onee-san to 1:37 was hnggg........ 2:27 feels kinda empty without Nqrse's rapping tho. It's a great character showcase anyway.

  42. I'm not a Weeb Maybe

    I'm not a Weeb Maybe7 日 前

    Should've added the rap god Watame 😂

  43. Faathir Arsa

    Faathir Arsa8 日 前

    lmao imagine nqrse feat hololive or they can use watame?mori for the nqrse part

  44. Gintoki

    Gintoki24 日 前

    This is way too good.

  45. Earl Cedric Nuque

    Earl Cedric Nuque24 日 前

    Why is this so good?

  46. GLM

    GLM25 日 前

    ALICE in New York?

  47. おもち

    おもち26 日 前

    1:491:54のすいちゃんの低音好きすぎる…🥺🥺 みんなめっちゃ可愛いけど特にフレアとすいちゃんのイラスト好きです!

  48. Pijar Sakti Nugroho

    Pijar Sakti Nugroho28 日 前

    British Suisei. What could she putting on her tea?

  49. フレンチス

    フレンチス29 日 前


  50. 佐々木航

    佐々木航29 日 前


  51. Bruno Giovanna

    Bruno Giovanna29 日 前

    Why marine always looked so horny?

  52. Alonso AP

    Alonso AP18 日 前

    Because always is.

  53. Goddess Redina

    Goddess Redinaヶ月 前

    Wait... Marine as the mad fashionista? But her fashion sense is terrible! :D

  54. Faathir Arsa

    Faathir Arsa26 日 前

    More like a mad fashion sense

  55. Goddess Redina

    Goddess Redinaヶ月 前

    In this case, the mad hatter is... mad in a different sense. What a sharp axe you have.



    Tokino Sora knows how talented Suisei is as a singer. Suisei brought Kanata along 'coz she is the other person who's closest to Kanata besides Coco & not to mention that Kanata can change her voice to a manly voice. Flare asked to join probably after spending most of the days with Shirogane Noel. Flare had nothing left to do so she joined the group. However the Senchou Marine was dragged by Suisei & Flare on the command of Sora the boss & Kanata must've said all you have to do is to sing while sitting on a chair. Marine must've been like eh?? Sora : Yes Suisei : Now you won't have any problems right?? Asks Suisei with her psychopath personality on. Thanks to Kanata she was able to control herself otherwise Sora had to stop her. Marine (mumbling under breath) : Yatta!!!!! Everyone glares at her.

  57. Ariq Syauqi

    Ariq Syauqiヶ月 前

    Marine lookin T H I C C

  58. Regey Nicole

    Regey Nicoleヶ月 前

    Just came from the original MV of the song and the roles of each members is quiet uncanny. I can see why they'd give (K)Canata the role of Alice and Sora as the Rabbit/Hare. Story aside though, I need more of Alice. This makes me wanna make a fanart of Alice

  59. Elf-Inflicted

    Elf-Inflictedヶ月 前

    Ka... Kanata? Is that you? I know she's like, 19 or something but dang what a voice. They're all fantastic but Kanata surprised me.

  60. ExDragonMaster

    ExDragonMaster16 日 前

    Yeah, you might want to check out her covers on her channel. Or that cover/duet that she has with Suisei on Suisei's channel

  61. T R

    T Rヶ月 前

    As expected from Sora, this formation is amazing

  62. 夏雪海天✩ 藍さま

    夏雪海天✩ 藍さまヶ月 前


  63. Pau Zambrano Mendoza

    Pau Zambrano Mendozaヶ月 前


  64. かなやわ

    かなやわヶ月 前




    That feel when you're watching too much of their streams you forgot they are idols

  66. Baal

    Baalヶ月 前

    Suicopath as the mad hatter. Makes sense

  67. ハリー

    ハリーヶ月 前


  68. Moores S.R

    Moores S.Rヶ月 前

    Still slapin even after 2 month

  69. PirateSurgeon

    PirateSurgeonヶ月 前

    Marine's voice is so cute and full of her personality. I can listen to her all day.

  70. Alestor101 King

    Alestor101 Kingヶ月 前

    I need the English lyrics

  71. そんちょう

    そんちょうヶ月 前


  72. Nilak

    Nilakヶ月 前

    bass appreciation post

  73. しわしわビニール

    しわしわビニールヶ月 前

    もし出来るならこぶしファクトリーのCome with me をこの五人で歌って欲しい…!カッコいいし最高に合うと思うんだ…

  74. にゃんがりあんZ

    にゃんがりあんZヶ月 前

    カッコよすぎるんだが… 鼻血止まらんw

  75. Sebastian Palivoda

    Sebastian Palivodaヶ月 前

    Nice song

  76. TOMIZAWAリーフ

    TOMIZAWAリーフヶ月 前

    この衣装のそらちゃんと高校の文化祭で出し物したい人生だった… この衣装の船長とお部屋で東方(しか共通の話題がないけど)について語りあいたい人生だった… この衣装のフレアとテーマパークとか遊園地とかではしゃぎたい人生だった… この衣装のかなたんとお出掛けしていろんなお店を回りたい人生だった… この衣装のすいちゃんとちょっと大人な雰囲気のお茶会をしたい人生だった… 要するに最高です! 歌も最高すぎてもう数十回は聞いた気がする

  77. 坂上麗

    坂上麗ヶ月 前


  78. Kora_AC

    Kora_ACヶ月 前

    i love this wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. UselessBoi420 _

    UselessBoi420 _ヶ月 前

    The 182 dislikes are my sister and the girls

  80. Unicode

    Unicodeヶ月 前

    Good lord if Marine doesn't look sexy in that outfit ! ! !

  81. ً

    ًヶ月 前

    My 40 year old pirate can't be this cute.. (Psychopath Suisei, 40 year old pirate, Angel PP Tenshi, Elf, idols, looks a good material for a Light Novel)

  82. Gin Ryu

    Gin Ryuヶ月 前

    Am I the only one who notices Kanata using both her deep and high toned voices.Damn sui-chan and sora -chan tho.That voice.Marine and flare too.The right type of husky voice.Damn im speechless

  83. hebo031999

    hebo031999ヶ月 前

    this actually needs a lot more views. Its just too good

  84. hebo031999

    hebo031999ヶ月 前

    DAMNNN THIS SONG IS SUCH A HIT, their voices are so deep and cool!!

  85. Lucas Leiva

    Lucas Leivaヶ月 前

    This song is amazing

  86. もしかしたら牛乳。

    もしかしたら牛乳。ヶ月 前

    初見です。X〇Zさんに映像とかがなんとなく似てるなぁって思いました() 水色の髪の毛でサイドテールにしてる子の声すこです。

  87. i Ribes

    i Ribes20 日 前


  88. 卓球好き

    卓球好きヶ月 前


  89. Andika Miharja

    Andika Miharjaヶ月 前

    Oh my god. I dance without i know 😐

  90. しゅうminげーむず

    しゅうminげーむずヶ月 前


  91. Jyuratodus

    Jyuratodusヶ月 前

    *Suisei Dying While Kanata Singing*

  92. Poi Poi

    Poi Poiヶ月 前

    Mad hatter suichan makes my nose bleed

  93. Melancholy Modo

    Melancholy Modoヶ月 前

    Ahoy !

  94. KiraAsakura14

    KiraAsakura14ヶ月 前

    1:44 maaan, O really thought they'd call that Hololive and Co. in this cover. :3

  95. αフルーツバスケット

    αフルーツバスケットヶ月 前


  96. sirius 9

    sirius 9ヶ月 前


  97. Tuong Thai

    Tuong Thaiヶ月 前

    Lost count of how many times I watched this but Kanata's deep voice at 0:29 will always surprise me

  98. Chocon Mainatsu

    Chocon Mainatsuヶ月 前

    Wait...marine doesn't sound lewd? Senchou: *AHOY*

  99. rafi noor

    rafi noorヶ月 前

    i'm still listening to this lol

  100. Nitoke

    Nitokeヶ月 前

    Can we talk about how good Suisei looks with big hats? And Kanata with that dress Everyone looks super cute on this video!

  101. Dereshishi shishi

    Dereshishi shishi6 日 前

    It really suits her and the context of this song about a coutryside girl wanting to be a model in a big city, like how kanata give that country girl vibe ofthen time



    My pptenshi can not be... wait yes godam yes My Tenshi can be this Cute alice. But my queen of hearts is perfect XD. All along she was the red queen of hearts.

  103. Jose Ricardo Lopez Trejo

    Jose Ricardo Lopez Trejoヶ月 前

    When you have 3 cannons and 2 barrels of fuel its hard not to start a fire.

  104. ryhluen

    ryhluenヶ月 前

    Sui-chan is spilling the tea on the horni

  105. かんのかんの

    かんのかんのヶ月 前


  106. Lloyd Japan

    Lloyd Japanヶ月 前

    Suisei is my favorite~!

  107. Louiji

    Louijiヶ月 前

    I think the reaspn why Yagoo is fine with whatever they do is because when they do Idolish things, its a hit

  108. LF Animes

    LF Animes10 時間 前

    @K. Willow Cost: Hachaama!

  109. A Man of Culture

    A Man of Culture13 時間 前

    @K. Willow HA⬆️HA↙️HA➡️HA↗️HA⬇️

  110. K. Willow

    K. Willow14 日 前

    Yagoo : I've won but at what cost?



    Tbh most people mostly westerns don't like idol stuff if they are acting idol-like they are not gonna be as big as they are now overseas, probably for JP viewers taste only

  112. Niq Ice

    Niq Iceヶ月 前

    Louiji Hmm, yeah I guess so

  113. イカヒカル

    イカヒカルヶ月 前


  114. ShroudedWolf51

    ShroudedWolf51ヶ月 前

    Wow, Kanata is positively adorable as Alice

  115. めろん

    めろんヶ月 前


  116. Seres Róbert / woodoo

    Seres Róbert / woodooヶ月 前

    Wait so they are all idols?? Always has been

  117. LF Animes

    LF Animes10 時間 前

    @Bruce Tong Suisei: Psychopath Kanatan: PowerPoint Sora: Yep! Idol! God himself right after YAGOO!

  118. Bruce Tong

    Bruce Tong12 日 前

    Only Suisei, Kanatan, and Sora count. The others are like %10 idol and %90 memes.

  119. Nobody • 1 year and

    Nobody • 1 year and12 日 前

    Marine sitting on a throne..

  120. Iryu

    Iryuヶ月 前

    I mean this is Sora channel, what do you expect

  121. The Gaming Guardian

    The Gaming Guardianヶ月 前

    🎤 they're all idols? 👨‍🚀🔫👨‍🚀 Always have been *BANG*