• 2020/06/02
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  1. Kirby Epic Gaming • 69 years ago

    Kirby Epic Gaming • 69 years ago日 前

    Sonikku and tails.

  2. sonic gamer 2500

    sonic gamer 25002 日 前

    Can u remake sonic x-treme?

  3. ゆう太郎

    ゆう太郎2 日 前


  4. Omer Bar

    Omer Bar3 日 前


  5. JJ Williams

    JJ Williams2 日 前

    Not cool. It looks like trash just Sonic these days. No offence man.

  6. Sonic Phish

    Sonic Phish3 日 前

    Start over.

  7. The Tiefling Fox

    The Tiefling Fox4 日 前

    Fuck off with this shit. God. Why are game companies getting worst and worst? The only one I can respect is Nintendo. "Sega does what Nintendon't" is true cus this is becoming shit.

  8. Pika Blue Bear

    Pika Blue Bear4 日 前

    Now there's hopes that a Saturn mini or a Dreamcast mini would be better

  9. Braden Hogan

    Braden Hogan4 日 前

    Sega can suck my micropenis

  10. 89 plusgaming

    89 plusgaming8 日 前

    Sega, I have Game gear cartridges that want to be played with an updated modern game gear. But you yet again ignored your fans and created another cash grab piece of junk. This is why you discontinued making consoles, because you don’t listen to your fans. Listen to your fans for once. The ones who still hold on to their dream casts, sega saturns, game gears, mega drives, nomads, etc. Listen to the fans that want a proper revival of modern sega consoles, not this junk. Thank you sincerely

  11. Mayor Yoshiboy

    Mayor Yoshiboy8 日 前

    I already found one in a kinder egg the other day.

  12. Hikmori7

    Hikmori79 日 前

    Sega, for out of all game consoles that you had that might had high potential mini treatment for 60th Anniversary, why choose this? That attached magnifying glass on them is like holding camera on front. I don't get this.

  13. Kleiner Helfer

    Kleiner Helfer9 日 前

    Ok, I now understand why Sega has failed in the console business. The Dreamcast was good, but all the massive screw ups were too much and the image had been damaged beyond repair and now you are reminding people of why they should stay away from Sega products. Whoever is responsible for this release should be fired and made to pay a hefty fine. You cannot possibly be serious about this. I mean, are you as a company even taking yourselves seriousely anymore? This is a desaster and it should have never happened. You have now become the laughing stock of the industry.

  14. cliz305

    cliz30510 日 前

    Actually I kind of want it. If it is just cheaper...

  15. リョウマサカモト

    リョウマサカモト10 日 前

    前作のメガドライブミニに比べるとどうしても損な内容💦 しかし、ゲームギア当時の価格に比べて4本入りで液晶画面と考えればお買い得な気もする✨

  16. rndm utube user

    rndm utube user10 日 前

    I would probably buy this if one of them had castlevania bloodlines and if it wasn't so small.

  17. 縁睦

    縁睦10 日 前

    アタリ、コレコ、インテリ等のフラッシュバックシリーズに代表される、海外のソフトバンドル系クローン機を見習うべき。 40〜100タイトル程度が1台で遊べて当然なところ、たった4タイトルとは…コレはセガっ子、セガ人、セガマニアでもそっぽ向く仕様。 高評価より低評価が多い事が其れを裏付けて居る。

  18. Jeruel Sanchez

    Jeruel Sanchez11 日 前

    No hablo taka tala XD

  19. SMSFF7

    SMSFF711 日 前

    Is this a game system for ants? Because no human can play anything that small.

  20. Hussain Mudasir

    Hussain Mudasir11 日 前

    What a fucking joke.

  21. Soldier for Christ

    Soldier for Christ12 日 前

    You could've at least added 5 games, $10 for every game...

  22. 10fuji maunn

    10fuji maunn12 日 前


  23. Justinross Payawal

    Justinross Payawal12 日 前

    Pros and Cons of the Game Gear Micro Pros: It's pocket sized, has micro usb to power externally. Cons: too small to play it, 4 games included, screen is too small, $45/¥4980 is a ripoff. ゲームギアマイクロの長所と短所 長所:ポケットサイズで、外部から電力を供給できるマイクロUSBを備えています。 短所:プレイするには小さすぎる、4つのゲームが含まれている、画面が小さすぎる、$ 45 /¥4980は詐欺です。

  24. Ember Scorpio

    Ember Scorpio12 日 前

    I still hope this is some sort of marketing ploy.

  25. palonero

    palonero12 日 前

    Somewhere, in some building, an important meeting was held and an overpaid executive gave the go on this project.

  26. Kleiner Helfer

    Kleiner Helfer9 日 前

    This fool deserves the boot and should pay a massive fine for such a decission.



    Lol fuck this shitty company

  28. Bemi Atto

    Bemi Atto13 日 前

    Um chile-

  29. Regrocks81

    Regrocks8113 日 前

    SEGA, if you're trying to repeat the same kind of mistakes that drove you out of the hardware business, you're doing a bang up job.

  30. Grish

    Grish14 日 前

    But why? Why would you do that? Why would you do any of that?

  31. susan

    susan14 日 前

    評価糞笑ったwww セガはこれが売れると思って作ったのか?

  32. Re Nard

    Re Nard14 日 前

    sega troll sega

  33. レイン-罠蔵

    レイン-罠蔵15 日 前

    Apocalipse coming!!

  34. AngelDemon

    AngelDemon15 日 前

    I guarentee that if it was made just like an actual Game Gear with these games on it for $50, it would sell better than this.

  35. 富田林のヤベー奴

    富田林のヤベー奴15 日 前


  36. Rusty el Lego y su Amiguito

    Rusty el Lego y su Amiguito15 日 前

    *If this thing comes out of Japan, I want them to improve the size, the amount of games and the price...*

  37. ZtgKuuto ざつがクート

    ZtgKuuto ざつがクート15 日 前

    DisplayPortはあるの…? 4色はいいけど、ゲーム内容違うとか、バリエーション増やす意味あったの…。 在庫偏ってヤバくないか…。遊べるアクセサリーかと思ってたのに…。

  38. Aussie Annie

    Aussie Annie15 日 前

    Come on sega, what is this?! Do you not have a testing team?

  39. Glowing Kirby

    Glowing Kirby16 日 前

    Why this tiny? You could’ve just taken a centimeter off of the original Game Gear, put all the games you shown onto it, and called it a day.

  40. Bird Brain

    Bird Brain16 日 前

    Is this some kind of twisted joke?

  41. Blue Talking To Red

    Blue Talking To Red16 日 前

    Sega why why are you Screwing Everything up Is this why that nobody like Sega #1 Making crapy add-ons #2 Make the worst fighting game #3 Sega Saturn has 6 games in launch #4 You made Sega nomad suck #5 You made Zelda clone #6 Nintendo buy u #7 Sega game gear You made Poor battery life Of Cost the brightness #8 Making bad decision #9 You got a little bit of a subscribers #10 SEGA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Mochiduki Ko

    Mochiduki Ko16 日 前


  43. steve美麗人生

    steve美麗人生16 日 前

    Do have a English subtitles on the micro game gear?

  44. Luis

    Luis17 日 前

    Please tell us this is a joke

  45. Hajime Asano

    Hajime Asano17 日 前


  46. Cheesy Poofs

    Cheesy Poofs17 日 前

    It's hard for me to feel nostalgia when greed and absurdity obscure what could have been an outstanding product. I own every sega rom on a sd-card and I would have actually bought this if it felt like a true homage. This.. idk what this is sega.

  47. CoffeeMan

    CoffeeMan18 日 前


  48. MikeStarBladerRB

    MikeStarBladerRB18 日 前

    Nintendo: *has Game Boy Micro* Sega: I'm gonna end this mans whole career. *Sega Game Gear Micro Exists* Sega: Game Over

  49. Abi

    Abi18 日 前

    I hope it’s better be a joke.

  50. AMP

    AMP18 日 前

    What is this? A console for ants?

  51. MattDeRac

    MattDeRac18 日 前

    Nobody asked for this.

  52. TheNewRobotMaster

    TheNewRobotMaster18 日 前


  53. Pruth

    Pruth18 日 前

    SEGA is dead to me from now...

  54. Mu Jones

    Mu Jones18 日 前

    J - Black O - Blue K - Yellow E - Red Congratulations, SEGA. What a stupid hardware. Just 4 games each, that you can't even play. Only if you're Ant Man. - _ -

  55. Mu Jones

    Mu Jones18 日 前

    Game Gear Micro. Sega Big Joke.


    MNCEIISCTY19 日 前

    I feel pity for every person who had to make this commercial


    MNCEIISCTY19 日 前

    すげえw 世界中からの酷評の嵐に日本人であることが恥ずかしいレベルw

  58. ryu channel

    ryu channel19 日 前


  59. Julio_ DaGamer

    Julio_ DaGamer19 日 前

    How is it that when nintendo released the GameBoy Micro, it got lot of love, but when SEGA releases the Game Gear Micro, it gets hate?

  60. Tidepool Clipper

    Tidepool Clipper18 日 前

    Didn't the GameBoy Micro flop in sales; especially since unlike the other GBAs, it couldn't even play Gameboy and Gameboy Color games? Either way, the GB Micro was back in the 2000s. Players outside of Asia do not want handhelds THIS tiny these days.

  61. Ali Naqi

    Ali Naqi19 日 前

    This is for asians with tiny thumbs

  62. Raptor Dave

    Raptor Dave19 日 前

    What is this? A Game Gear for ants!?

  63. mclaine33

    mclaine3319 日 前

    So who are Sega actually though this was a good idea? Was the engineer or designer smoking crack when they came up with this idea? And charging $250 USD for all four with the Big Window magnifier is INSANE!

  64. bastol

    bastol19 日 前

    Terrible for the west, but in japan they're gonna go crazy about this.

  65. Mrtyler13x

    Mrtyler13x19 日 前

    C’est une blague ou pas ??? 4 console 4 jeux et une loupe pour pouvoir jouer !!! Sortez une dreamcast 2 où megadrive !!

  66. SkipBullsht

    SkipBullsht19 日 前

    A bit late for April fools


    TREMPER CHAN19 日 前

    Westerners who never understood that this was just a collectible, not a console to compete with nintendo or playstation. Sold out the day it went on sale 🙄 only Japan for a reason 😒

  68. Anto RetroGamer

    Anto RetroGamer12 日 前


  69. The Fugles

    The Fugles19 日 前

    Sega does what Nintendont... they fail

  70. Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites

    Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites19 日 前

    What the fuck is SEGA doing??

  71. Kromiball

    Kromiball20 日 前

    I could just download an emulator and download the ROMs for the games, but why would I get the Game Gear ROMs? I would rather get the ports for the Genesis or for the other consoles of the time.

  72. GodKingVivec

    GodKingVivec20 日 前

    Is this a fucking joke? Way to do another Dreamcast, Sega.

  73. Nano64

    Nano6420 日 前

    what next, the gameboy micro micro?!

  74. ぱぺあ - Papea

    ぱぺあ - Papea20 日 前

    ちっさすぎる。Big Window Micro付けるならもう前のサイズでええのに。それにしてもバリエーションが少ない。1機に4タイトルはすぐ飽きる(個人差)せめて16タイトルは入れてほしい。

  75. MyRegardsToTheDodo

    MyRegardsToTheDodo20 日 前

    It would have been soooo easy. Reduce the size of the original Game Gear by 1/3 or so (simply remove the battery compartments), put a few good games on that device and KEEP THE GAME SLOT. They'd sell like crazy, even to people who normally don't buy mini consoles (like me), because I wouldn't have to worry about failing caps on the original Game Gear any more. And yes, I came up with that in less than five minutes.

  76. Oscar Alvarez

    Oscar Alvarez20 日 前

    What the actual heck? This is awful

  77. MunkeyChips

    MunkeyChips21 日 前

    If you had made it about the size of a Gameboy Advanced, included all 16 games in one and charged $75, you might have had a winner.

  78. MunkeyChips

    MunkeyChips21 日 前

    This has to be a joke, right? Bring back the days of replacing AA batteries every two hours. It would be preferable.

  79. 黄色い帽子のおじさん

    黄色い帽子のおじさん21 日 前


  80. michael ong

    michael ong21 日 前

    It's too small ..why sega why

  81. Radeo

    Radeo21 日 前

    Remember everyone, when you are worried about your next paycheck --- the people who thought this was a good idea will still have jobs tomorrow. If these idiots can find work, you can too.

  82. Radeo

    Radeo21 日 前

    セガが海外で販売するつもりだったとしても、グローバルに考えることはできねえ。 これ海外じゃ販売されぬし、日本でも売れるか、疑いがある。

  83. Kade

    Kade21 日 前

    2 months late to april fools guys

  84. players classic 348

    players classic 34821 日 前

    Just play this with phone okay?