「真夜中のドア〜stay with me」/ 松原みき Official Lyric Video


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    字幕をONにすると歌詞が表示されます。 Turn on subtitles, lyrics are displayed. [English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Indonesian, French, Thai, and Korean]

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    Thank you Pony Canyon Music.

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    @ちゃん]•_•[大橋中野美久 こにちわ

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    Thanks from Indonesian

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    Terima kasih

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    I'm from India and I didn't get what she is saying but it really touched my heart

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    松原みき 真夜中のドア STAY WITH ME | Miki Matsubara (To you...yes my love to you yes my love to you you...t o you) 1.I'm me, you're you 私は私貴方は貴方と 2.Did I tell you that last night? 昨夜言ってたそんな気もするわ 3.A familiar coffee stain on his grey jacket. グレイのジャケットに見覚えがあるコーヒーのしみ 4.You're still the same, aren't you? 相変らずなのね 5.Our reflection in the show window ショーウィンドウに二人映れば (stay with me) Knocking on doors at midnight 真夜中のドアをたたき I cried for you to come back 帰らないでと泣いた That season is right in front of me now あの季節が今目の前 (stay with me) while saying the same words ロぐせを言いながら Embracing the time when we were together 二人の瞬間を抱いて I still remember and cherish it まだ忘れず大事にしていた I was told last night that love and romance are two different things 恋と愛とは違うものだよと Is that what you said to me last night? 昨夜言われたそんな気もするわ The second winter came, and your heart left me. 二度目の冬が来て離れていった貴方の心 that's what you meant, because when I look back, I always feel you there. ふり返ればいつもそこに貴方を感じていたの (stay with me) knocking on your door at midnight 真夜中のドアをたたき That season when there was a hole in my heart is right in front of me now 心に穴があいたあの季節が今目の前 Stay with me and drown your sorrows. 一緒に居て、林しさまぎらわして The needle of the record repeats the same melody 置いたレコードの針同じメロディ繰り返していた・・・ (Interlude) (stay with me...) I knock on your door in the middle of the night 真夜中のドアをたたき I cried for you not to leave帰らないでと泣いた That season is right in front of me now あの季節が今目の前 (stay with me...) while saying the same words ロぐせを言いながら Embracing the time when we were together 二人の瞬間を抱いて I'm still keeping it warm in my heart まだ忘れず 暖めてた (stay with me...) I knock on your door in the middle of the night 真夜中のドアをたたき I cried for you not to leave 帰らないでと泣いた That season is right in front of me now あの季節が今目の前

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    listen to this everyday, so gooood

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    My mom, who’s not really into japanese music and always thinks of me as weird everytime she hears my playlist of japanese songs(mostly from animes) blasts this song in her speakers together with the pizzicato five sweet soul revenue song.welp atleast our music choice aligns for once lol. 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

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    I wish she could see how many people were touched by this song even after so many years. Rip, angel :(

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    I mean I love this song and edit. But it doesn’t show the way to say the Japanese words 😭 I wanna sing along too but I can only read English and it’s showing what the words mean but not how to say them 😭😭😭


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    Thanks to TIK TOK I discovered this Jewel of a song. 💖💖💖💖💖

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    Indo mana nih?

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    والله الاغنيه طربب 🤍🤍🤍

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    1Nonly mandou lembranças...

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    ポニーキャニオン公式じゃないですか よく見かけるcity popテイストの動画なので全く気付かず 笑

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    Otaku ????

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    From indonesia i like this song 🌹

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    I was in the middle of Chinese class and I remembered we had an Oral test (making sentences and saying them, which I suck at btw) and next thing you know it I'm singing ""WELL F##K MEEEEEEEEEE"" instead of ""STAY WITH MEEEEEE"", but don't worry, I was muted so no one heard me.

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    oh yeah, I forgot a detail, I HAVE BEEN FAILING AT CHINESE FOR THE PAST YEAR :D

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    👁👄👁💧 💧👄💧 😭✌🔫

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    From malaysia i like this song

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    Simply easy listening.

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    stay 卯ぃ手め

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    よう あれうぉようあれ

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    The music: 💕🙃🌸🍭🦄 The lyrics: 💔🖤😭♥️⛓🔪

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    This song is beautiful.

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    why is every japanese song 5 minutes long like what 🤭

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    この曲好き! 世界でヒットしてるの嬉しいなぁ

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    Lyrics was appeared lately :(

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    I love it sm

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    so aesthetic love the original ver >3

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    brings 80~90s feeling here 😌

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    Obrigado chat por colocar essa música na live do gou!

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    This song is gonna make me accidentally sob in front of Dazai- Someone help- T__T

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    They should have songs like this for anime intros and ending credits.

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    Gara² nonton indonesian idol barusan koq closing nya lagu ini, jd nyariin lagu ini seakan bikin jiwa 90an ku travelling

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    シティポップが流行っていた頃、私はまだ高校生くらいで、 なんだか軽い音楽だな・・・と聞き流していましたが、 いろんな音楽を聴いてきて、今になってようやく「軽い」と私が思っていたのは 実は「洗練」されていたからそう聴こえていたんだとわかりました。 今こうやってリバイバルヒットしているのも、元々の楽曲が素晴らしいからだと思います。

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    nhạc nghe chill quá cho tui tên nhạc với :D

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    Ringing back

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    rip to this queen

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    imagine, u just got dumped on your birthday, on the streets of japan, crying and finding a small shop to get drunk in and as you are walking this song is playing around the streets

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    And unless if i understand Japanese (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻

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    @Yuna Coffey i mean it could be am nywhere if you want, i just liked it to be in japan for that sad 80s street vibes

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    lol why does it have to be japan tho

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    Chibi naoto dancing

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    I only understand stay whit me but i reallllllly loooovvvve this song

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    What my mom hears at 3am:

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    She is death :(?

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    is it already in Spotify too?

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    I remember that time. I remember the movement of my heart when I was young. Even if I listen to it now, I remember myself at that time.

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    Old anime song?

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    N o

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    Everybody here with remembers fake of the 80's Hahhah Greeting to all from Argentina 😎🎧

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    Grayno jacketo

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    はじめて聞きました😀👍良いですね✨ 真夜中のドアたたき 世界中のドア開きましたね

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    actually I prefer the same on the cover of Chris Andrian。◕‿◕。 Our tastes are different, right, so I just said what I wanted to say Our tastes are different, right, so I just said what I wanted to say And I hope you are always healthy, greetings from me, I'm from Indonesia🇮🇩

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    Soooo amazing👻

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    This would be a good anime op

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    Yep i agree!

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    i didnt know that she died in 2004 because of the decease i think shes life is like an anime like the i want to eat your pancreas i hope i see him in heaven so i can sing along with here😥😥

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    @Mas Tad gomenasai

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    Umm... it’s female so she ...

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    I just heard it and I love it😪✨ (but its sad she died)😖

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    This song hit different on one of them days

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    I'm in love with this

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    C quelle animé ?

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    ご本人亡くなっててもオフィシャルとな。 見直されるべき素晴らしい曲だしわからんでもないが、違和感感じるわ。

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    ناقصني سوبرا

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    Trend song

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    It's a song is very sad, I can touch feeling there.

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    طرب 😭💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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    Best song in japan 90s 🥰

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    POV: It’s Saturday at the skating rink.

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    Just imagine listened this song in my (imagination ) Mazda rx-7

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    Futari utsureba stay whit me! Mayonaka no doa o tataki! kaeranaide to naita! Ano kisetsu ga ima me no mae☆•☆

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    Hits boskue, uenakk cookk

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    The bass is so groovy

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