“WHERE’S ANTHONY?” - SmoshCast #2 Highlight


  1. Doubleman D

    Doubleman D時間 前

    anthony is in the trash he is doing shit content

  2. pedestrian

    pedestrian18 時間 前

    Anthony was said so many times it lost its meaning to me

  3. Stefan 127374857 Cheptanari

    Stefan 127374857 Cheptanari3 日 前

    Can’t Anthony come back please

  4. sodanmilk

    sodanmilk3 日 前

    Them: WHERES ANTHONY Me, an intellectual: where’s the shut up intro

  5. xXExcalibur_ GamingXx

    xXExcalibur_ GamingXx4 日 前

    I still miss Anthony but I still love shayne,Elivia,kieth,and Courtney sorry if I spelt your name wrong

  6. Mitch3ll •

    Mitch3ll •5 日 前

    People always ask where is antjony but they never ask how is anthony

  7. Gregory Bekeredjian

    Gregory Bekeredjian5 日 前

    Anthony and Ian are honestly the Drake and Josh of JPreporter.


    JDM_VOID5 日 前

    I like when u were just Ian and Anthony

  9. Michael Randol

    Michael Randol8 日 前

    I admit i do miss seeing him on the channel and was hesitant of the new cast. Im not now they are great. Id like to see him back on occasion. It can seem disrespectful through certain view points but i subscribed to Anthonys channel so ill say it lol. I think seeing the old and new together making a bigger smosh family would be nice. I know until i watched why he quit i was sad because i though he and ian had a falling out. Do you guys hang out ever?

  10. dEdErP

    dEdErP11 日 前

    I miss Anthony

  11. Christine Villena

    Christine Villena11 日 前

    Oh and bring Anthony back if you bring the back and bring her twin sister of of pretend in-ring Ian's girlfriend back name Angel ridge I can't spell the name but is the best thing and I'm using the mic sorry

  12. Christine Villena

    Christine Villena11 日 前

    Bring Anthony back just for one video surprise

  13. Purple Lobster studios

    Purple Lobster studios14 日 前

    Smosh: Where's Anthony Me: Where's peter


    MINE NIKE15 日 前

    Bring back Charle the alcoholic and the shut up intro

  15. conspiracy theory life

    conspiracy theory life16 日 前

    I love shane hes the funniest

  16. Sky Red

    Sky Red16 日 前

    Old smosh were funny, this is not

  17. JL

    JL14 日 前

    Sky Red both are funny but different

  18. Ethan Downs

    Ethan Downs16 日 前

    Speaking as one of those people I think the problem doesn't lie with these newer folk it. The problem is that most of the newer people in the cast just arent that funny. I'm sorry but Olivia and Noah just don't cut it for, at least, me. I feel like if they could ease back on the whole "random" style of humor and made there joke a little coherent then smosh could be a top tier channel again. But who tf cares what I think lol

  19. Gamersplayer

    Gamersplayer18 日 前

    can anthony back on smosh please

  20. Owen Devine

    Owen Devine18 日 前

    Padeas Padilla + ideas

  21. Darryl Smith

    Darryl Smith21 日 前

    He branched out two different things that's okay you should respect that let the man go and do something else with his life small she's doing just fine in my opinion I miss the game stuff a little bit but it's still great you guys are doing just fine

  22. GorilaZ Gory

    GorilaZ Gory21 日 前

    Them " where antonie" Me as an intelectual "BRING ANTONIETE BACK!"

  23. faga mis

    faga mis22 日 前

    imiss anthony padildo :

  24. andrew gr

    andrew gr24 日 前

    Please just make food battle videos with Anthony

  25. Randy Keller

    Randy Keller25 日 前

    Ha like Ian's blog... olde school! I'm Ian's age so I've seen since before the beginning. I love how far you guys have came. Love Smosh! 😎👍

  26. alyxskyler

    alyxskyler26 日 前

    does smosh have too many projects and employees to be able to manage it largely/mostly themselves like before defy? And thus why it had to be bought up by a second company in order to maintain? Thanks for giving this update Ian! I miss the duo but I understand what you’re saying!

  27. LightningMotionshot

    LightningMotionshot27 日 前

    If it's disrespectful because Anthony has his own channel, then Ian was disrespectful too all of these years when he had his own channel in the old Smosh days.

  28. Rodrigo Wilson

    Rodrigo Wilson28 日 前

    Smosh used to have spark, attitude to be precise. I don’t really know if it’s because of the script, or everyone is just bland without character

  29. Rodrigo Wilson

    Rodrigo Wilson28 日 前

    I do accept change, but... the smosh that i used to watch was FUN

  30. overwatch Minecraft gang

    overwatch Minecraft gangヶ月 前

    Bring back Teleporting fat guy Anthony Ian's mom Stevi

  31. Lol Xava

    Lol Xavaヶ月 前

    Are Ian and Anthony still mates??

  32. MTGzeyadHD

    MTGzeyadHDヶ月 前

    2:02 I think he meant that they all matured

  33. Geri Luis

    Geri Luisヶ月 前

    I want back:Anyhony,Ian's mom

  34. LukeSkyMiner

    LukeSkyMinerヶ月 前

    Maybe it’s not so much Anthony is only good in Smosh, but maybe Smosh is only good with Anthony

  35. Winter Rachelle

    Winter Rachelleヶ月 前

    I just wanna see a TNTL w Anthony. That’s it.

  36. kaedyn gaming and more

    kaedyn gaming and moreヶ月 前

    Anthony is coming back I asked him if he is Brandon Rogers was with him too I asked Anthony if he wanted to join back into smosh he said yes get ready now

  37. Frost winds

    Frost windsヶ月 前

    We need to get anthony to 5 million subs on his channel

  38. JeromiaTownHouse

    JeromiaTownHouseヶ月 前

    What about Teleporting Fat Guy and Boxman?

  39. max _gaming

    max _gamingヶ月 前

    Smosh 2017 is gone

  40. Retro

    Retroヶ月 前

    who else searched smosh ft. anthony padilla and this showed up

  41. Mertlox

    Mertloxヶ月 前

    Sargent Anous?

  42. Green Envy

    Green Envyヶ月 前

    Honestly, I just don't like these other people. Most people want Ian and Anthony, not these 2 other scrubs.

  43. isela brizuela

    isela brizuelaヶ月 前

    Anthony come back

  44. Green Netbear

    Green Netbearヶ月 前

    food battle guy: Ian! you just won the ''i can stay at smosh'' Ticket! what are you gonna do now? Ian: IMMA BE CHILL AND GROW AN BEARD AN HAVE GLASSES! Food battle guy: oh thats *great...* ! Kid (me) : can anthony, Mom, Foodbattle guy and fat teleporter guy come back? Ian: NO SHUT UP! Kid (me): oh and can the shut up intro come back too? Ian:NO! Kid, Anthony, Mom, Teleporter fatman, Shut up intro guy and Food battle guy: *cries*

  45. Said Kulane

    Said Kulaneヶ月 前

    Anthony was a big part of smosh

  46. MP4/6

    MP4/6ヶ月 前

    honestly I just want the old intro back, and 2007. good times

  47. bourgas14km

    bourgas14kmヶ月 前

    I left smosh because i missed anthony

  48. Nick Scott

    Nick Scottヶ月 前

    can you at least do a collab

  49. Lord Fader

    Lord Faderヶ月 前

    Them: *WHERE’S ANTHONY* Me, Clearly The most intellegient person alive: *WHERE’S THE PINK FROSTED SPRINKLED DONUT*

  50. hamza ali

    hamza aliヶ月 前

    Characters I want to come back: Anthony Ian's mom Stevie Dat won lollipop guy

  51. v1tu the visiter

    v1tu the visiterヶ月 前


  52. Explodeman 2006

    Explodeman 2006ヶ月 前

    People remember. Peter Peter.

  53. Matthew Jordan

    Matthew Jordanヶ月 前

    i miss food battles

  54. Cringey Memories

    Cringey Memoriesヶ月 前

    I was wondering if Ian and Anthony is still in good terms?

  55. GreenTube

    GreenTubeヶ月 前

    they are.

  56. The Oscar Nominated A-Hole

    The Oscar Nominated A-Holeヶ月 前

    It’d be cool to have 1 video a month to have Ian & Anthony make an older video format. And do the regular videos all the rest of the time.

  57. ssj3 omni god goku

    ssj3 omni god gokuヶ月 前

    Do you still sometimes hang out with Anthony

  58. Toast with butter

    Toast with butterヶ月 前

    Who's the new guy talking to Shane and Olivia????

  59. Suburban Monkey Lord

    Suburban Monkey Lord12 日 前

    CJ Dantes 😂😂😂

  60. CJ Dantes

    CJ Dantesヶ月 前

    Yea, i think thats a guest

  61. Llama Java

    Llama Javaヶ月 前

    I’m crying after watching this please bring Anthony back maybe once a week when you make videos

  62. kaidan nguyen123 roblox

    kaidan nguyen123 robloxヶ月 前

    What about the power rangers! The mail man pink ranger!

  63. Salah Najib

    Salah Najibヶ月 前


  64. harrisonray tbh

    harrisonray tbhヶ月 前

    You should do a collab with him