“WHERE’S ANTHONY?” - SmoshCast #2 Highlight


  1. A & H Cooper

    A & H Cooper日 前

    Idk, but Ian comes across as the colder more business like one out of the two. Growing up my favourite was always Ian, but after Anthony left I realised the magic was missing and how amazing he was. Smosh is still good, but it's not the same without Anthony. No disrespect to the rest of the current Smosh cast, but they come across as quite insecure when they're talking about Anthony and how successful the brand was.

  2. mimiga

    mimiga2 日 前

    Anthony, Ian's mom, Stevie where go

  3. Yayen

    Yayen2 日 前

    bring back anthony and ian mom

  4. asian dude

    asian dude2 日 前

    Stevie is so funny

  5. Nicholas LeBlanc

    Nicholas LeBlanc2 日 前

    I like that all the new people are here in smosh thet are funny an nice

  6. Chill and Game

    Chill and Game2 日 前

    i think people complain because its SO MUCH MORE DIFFERENT, theres no shut up intro, no anthony, their videos arent as crazy anymore, thers like no ians mom, and the jokes are way more different now.

  7. Sofia Tiama

    Sofia Tiama2 日 前

    Guys Calm down.... They are still friends they just breakup

  8. Samy Arora

    Samy Arora2 日 前

    just accept that they're not gonna change back to what they used to do, people change and grow.

  9. Kilarth MAC

    Kilarth MAC2 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="166">2:46</a> Shayne brings up a good point about those comments tho

  10. Joel Smith

    Joel Smith2 日 前

    Remember when Smosh wasn't a company it was just two best friends making videos on the internet

  11. Lorie lulu

    Lorie lulu4 日 前

    We just want to bring back the memories i dunno why you do something you are having fun and just end it?

  12. NeverFade

    NeverFade5 日 前

    I like the new smosh but I love the old Smosh more like if u miss the old Smosh aka Anthony :(

  13. Michael Archer

    Michael Archer5 日 前

    anyone remember when it was just the two and ian's mom, and not all the idiots packed in? good times.....

  14. PikleMyNikel

    PikleMyNikel6 日 前

    Honestly what I want is for both Anthony and Ian to still be best friends and be happy in their lives.

  15. Joe

    Joe7 日 前

    this ain’t smosh anymore. Whoever gives this garbage likes doesn’t understand true smosh.

  16. Kaden Clips

    Kaden Clips9 日 前

    Get rid of the other people and only have Ian and anthony 😡😡

  17. Jesserioo

    Jesserioo9 日 前

    Even after Anthony's departure from Smosh, I'm still proud of him and he's doing really well as an independent creator. It's alright if Anthony won't be as active in Smosh anymore, but what matters to me is that he's still in good terms with the rest of the team p.s he should be a guest in try not to laugh or anything, i just want to see him happy with them again

  18. HaloMate Kuwait

    HaloMate Kuwait9 日 前

    yet I STILL have hope for you guys to come back. Try to adapt with what the community needs, after all, you guys are doing this for the community not for yourselves.

  19. Arkana Yudha

    Arkana Yudha11 日 前

    I want Anthony back

  20. Kimoto Studio

    Kimoto Studio11 日 前


  21. Broken Gamer YT

    Broken Gamer YT11 日 前

    I mean, smosh was GREAT 2007-2013 until they sold smosh in 2013 to defy media. Really ruin smosh and torn the Bestest friends I have ever seen apart. Then the smosh family was born and Anthony continued on with smosh until he couldn’t be controlled anymore, and he quit. The 2 bestest friends uploaded on separate JPreporter channels and then the company died out of nowhere. There are 3 options now with the future of smosh. 1 Smosh can continue with the smosh family without Anthony. 2 Ian and Anthony can go back being fricking awesome with the old cast. And 3, The old smosh are recreated with Anthony, but they also upload the same videos now for example, Every ___ Ever. I personally pick 2. But 3 would be awesome too

  22. mechadoggy

    mechadoggy4 日 前

    False, Anthony and Ian already made the decision to sell of Smosh as early as 2011 to Alloy Digital which renamed itself as DEFY in October 2013.

  23. RJ tv

    RJ tv11 日 前

    The day I will always remember Pewdiepie plays TTT with smosh

  24. M1CH34L_ 88

    M1CH34L_ 8812 日 前

    I noticed that Ian isn't becoming like the main charcter in videos and he is always the extra

  25. lindon arundel

    lindon arundel12 日 前

    Anthony should come back

  26. Maricar Villalobos

    Maricar Villalobos12 日 前

    New smosh boooooooo

  27. ZappyPlayz

    ZappyPlayz13 日 前

    Anthony? What about Ian’s mom?!

  28. Calvin picard

    Calvin picard13 日 前


  29. PEEN_bOt69

    PEEN_bOt6913 日 前

    I have not watched smosh since 2010

  30. McKomet _17

    McKomet _1714 日 前

    I miss the old smosh,but it has grown into something grater ✌️

  31. I do stuff.

    I do stuff.14 日 前

    We all love and miss old smosh and the golden years, but we can’t travel back in time to the good years. I realize we all want the shut up intro or Ian’s mom or Anthony but we can’t. The new smosh isn’t the same as the old one, but it has its own strong points. What I’m trying to say is we can’t go back in time.

  32. Ceci Morae

    Ceci Morae15 日 前

    Just bring back Ian's Mom and Antoinette

  33. James Campbell

    James Campbell15 日 前

    Where’s Stevie and Peter?

  34. Eggs Benedict

    Eggs Benedict16 日 前

    Calm Ian sounds oddly like Mr. Beast

  35. Evan Davis

    Evan Davis16 日 前

    Shayne: I'm sure he loves what he's doing right now! Anthony meanwhile: *sobs* Why did I leave them?!

  36. Flying Crab

    Flying Crab16 日 前

    I want to see more skits, you can’t bring back 2012 but right now, we’ve got Every Blank Ever.

  37. Ang Ka Seng

    Ang Ka Seng16 日 前

    Ian plz have u seen the old u U were amazing with anthony

  38. Loster Apuia

    Loster Apuia16 日 前

    Sh** company taken over smosh

  39. randomized

    randomized18 日 前

    Where the hell is Peter Peter?

  40. dl hotels

    dl hotels19 日 前

    Where's Anthony

  41. Oliver Sinimäe

    Oliver Sinimäe19 日 前

    i want Anthony back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  42. Burhan Baig

    Burhan Baig19 日 前

    The original and true smosh was Ian and Anthony

  43. ali fatso

    ali fatso20 日 前

    I just want food battle and OG stuff back and I also want the new people

  44. Jacob Marlow

    Jacob Marlow20 日 前

    I do wish Anthony would come back but I do respect that he’s doing his on thing and is happy with it but it would be cool if he came back for a episode or a try not to laugh.

  45. Fabian Deulofeu

    Fabian Deulofeu21 日 前

    I change Shane, Olivia, and the others for Anthony any time :(

  46. Markus Elyandre Medina

    Markus Elyandre Medina21 日 前

    What you guys were talking about right now is my brother

  47. Zaj Zaj

    Zaj Zaj21 日 前

    Get rid of these new guys

  48. Spaceconquerer 9000

    Spaceconquerer 900022 日 前

    Make sure shayne never leave bc he’s hecking funny bro

  49. André Yair Correa Salgado

    André Yair Correa Salgado22 日 前

    You have to evolve as content creator

  50. Fez skull

    Fez skull22 日 前

    If they bring the official guy of smosh then they will be more hype about it because Anthony and Ian was best in the old smosh

  51. Mordechai R.

    Mordechai R.22 日 前

    Shayne, (sorry dunno how to spell it), no... Thats... thats not what they meant in the comments man. It's the obviously censored content as compared to the old stuff. I'd love to see you guys all be like old smosh in your own way. But this... This isn't smosh. Its Buzzfeed 2.

  52. just Call me Stan

    just Call me Stan23 日 前


  53. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast23 日 前

    Smosh was funnier and better at the time back then but now it’s not as fun like it’s still fun to watch the new vids but it’s not as enjoyable

  54. Memotube56

    Memotube5623 日 前


  55. K-bro

    K-bro23 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a> If you went back, Smosh would compete against PewDiePie, and NOT trash.

  56. anime godz 69

    anime godz 6923 日 前

    C'mon guys Smosh gaming was the death of Smosh and the birth of *botched*

  57. MajorAwesomeness

    MajorAwesomeness24 日 前


  58. biscuit buddy

    biscuit buddy24 日 前

    who are these people?

  59. HazardGamez

    HazardGamez24 日 前

    Ian does have a point in this video. If he tried replicating videos from the 2010-2014 era people would find them unfunny and dated. Those were great times but people do change. I love the old Smosh but I do respect what they enjoy to create nowadays

  60. mr z0mbeman

    mr z0mbeman25 日 前

    Anthony from SMOSH

  61. Utube Fren

    Utube Fren25 日 前

    I really wish anthony joined the gang coz its so much fun with all of them!!

  62. GelidWolf

    GelidWolf26 日 前

    Anthony was Smosh he created it.

  63. Smarty Arty Pants

    Smarty Arty Pants12 日 前

    Was Leonardo da Vinci the Mona Lisa? Was Van Gogh starry starry night? No. They are not their creation, they are their own person

  64. Hector Gamboa

    Hector Gamboa26 日 前

    Thia is how much I miss old Smosh. Even this guy explains it how boring it is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="40">0:40</a>

  65. Indronil Roy

    Indronil Roy26 日 前

    why anthony left can anyone tell me

  66. Sad Nny

    Sad Nny26 日 前

    Food Battle

  67. Imbopam

    Imbopam26 日 前

    are ian and anthony still BFFs

  68. Mypowerbob

    Mypowerbob26 日 前

    I want Boxman back

  69. Minh Nhan Phan (Tony)

    Minh Nhan Phan (Tony)26 日 前


  70. Red T

    Red T27 日 前

    I believe it's still possible for Anthony to work on videos on his channel and the Smosh channel

  71. Mau Master1693

    Mau Master169328 日 前

    Ian’s mom

  72. Mac Is underrated

    Mac Is underrated28 日 前

    Stop making every blank ever

  73. Brightwolf Seres Ákos

    Brightwolf Seres Ákos28 日 前

    I think not just Anthony is smosh. Smosh is Anthony and Ian. look guys, if Ian had gone, he would be missing like Anthony is missing now. And I'm not saying the new guys are bad! I love them too. But without Anthony one part of smosh will be always missing for me. I lost my best friend one year ago. we had a big argument. I miss him so mutch, but he don't needs me... That's what I wanted to express, Ian and Anthony lost each other, and that's upsetting for me. I hope they're just going to remember these times, and never forget them. Thank you for reading if you read it.


    NYI YAN MOE HTET28 日 前

    There are like 666 dislikes.

  75. John Dave Revin Cortes

    John Dave Revin Cortes28 日 前

    When i saw this video it has 666 dislikes the devil disliked this video

  76. King Haiden

    King Haiden29 日 前

    Anthony is my favorite but I like the new people I have been watching since food battle number 1

  77. Jayden Yeap

    Jayden Yeap29 日 前

    I hope Anthony can come back😔

  78. Cesar Vera

    Cesar Veraヶ月 前

    Anthony’s never coming back deal with it

  79. Robin Lagae

    Robin Lagaeヶ月 前

    I was just shocked that anthony was gone

  80. CopBabyCombo

    CopBabyComboヶ月 前

    I miss Anthony. Please do a cameo.

  81. andrei llana

    andrei llanaヶ月 前

    Anthony and ian were awesome.

  82. GoofyAngelBoy360

    GoofyAngelBoy360ヶ月 前

    smosh armpit